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  1. Huddersfield


    I live in an area that is in the 10% slowest in Britain (no cable supply, just ADSL from a local exchange a mile or so away) so my experience may or may not be helpful depending on your circumstances. I used to use a company called Zen Internet, who were always decent, especially their customer service. I moved to Sky a few years back to save a few quid, which was a big mistake as they just kept putting up their prices & customer service was non-existent. I moved to EE a few weeks ago. I haven't needed to use customer service so no idea if it's any good, but I did notice an immediate improvement in speed & reliability. It definitey is all affected by your own specific circumstances & connections though.
  2. Huddersfield


    That's not a bad spot really; you're more or less midway between Piccadilly & Victoria, with a fair few tourist spots in walking distance - National Football Museum, the Lowry, Turing memorial, etc. If you're at all into politics (left-leaning anyway) The People's History Museum is brilliant. You'll have no trouble finding eating & drinking spots. Just like I say, be aware you can easily end up paying big money in that part of the city.
  3. Huddersfield

    English football

    If it was a penalty then we should have had at least 3 (oddly none of which appear in any highlights in case they upset ex-Spurs tw@t Lineker) & your average football match would have about half a dozen.
  4. Huddersfield

    English football

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or on the 'Get it off your chest" thread, but yesterdays game p1ssed me off beyond belief. None of this crops up on the TV highlights (of course) but the referee (Craig Pawson) showed such stunning big club bias it was beyond belief - laughing & joking with their players, even allowing coaching staff from Spurs to walk halfway around the pitch to talk to their players. Their first goal came from a break after the sort of challenge on us that they were being given all afternoon, then he ignores a clear foul right on the line of the penalty area on our lad to go unpunished, Spurs break, Danny Rose (at best) gets farted on in the box, at worst dives...penalty. We only started getting any sort of decision when it was obviously game over. I'd never actively want my team to get relegated, but there's a big part of me thinks that at least back down in League 1 you got crap decisions because the referees were crap, not that they were actively behaving in favour of a particular set of teams.
  5. Aside from the odd one or two, I have a programme from every Huddersfield game I've ever been to, which is a fair few considering I've hardly missed a home match in 20 or so years, rarely missed a match home & away before I moved away for a few years, have seen them on over 130 different grounds & so on. I have a dedicated cupboard (well, 2 tbh) for them. My wife tries to persuade me to get rid every so often but I remind her that divorce is a lot more expensive than £3 every week or two.
  6. Huddersfield


    As with any big city, it depends a bit what you're into. The area around Picadilly has loads of restaurants but a lot of them are trendy & pricey. There's a few cheaper spots near Victoria station - right opposite the National Football Museum is a centre called The Printworks which has half a dozen or so chain-type places. That's my usual stopping off spot for a fry-up & early morning ale on Manchester away trips. Some of the pubs that serve food in the central area are good but don't half overcharge. At the risk of sounding like a typical Yorkshireman, I've heard that the Gay Village area is supposed to be a good spot for a night out, but I've never actually been there 😶 I know quite a lot of people who have though - there's a memorial to Alan Turing there anyway.
  7. Huddersfield


    I can't add much to the tourist/nightlife suggestions, but if you're looking for a pre-match pub, I went to the Flat Iron last season which was decent enough. If you prefer a more traditional approach, about 100 yards down the road there's a petrol station & around 50-60 lads necking Carling on the forecourt.
  8. Huddersfield

    English football

    Millwall are generally a bit of a parody of what they used to be these days, although their 'boys' will show up for certain games, Leeds no doubt being one of them. I've seen us win league games down there & get away trouble free. The old place was a totally different story - really horrible, nasty place to go (1980, 2-1 defeat, is currently I think about number 3 in my list of near-death experiences) I went down there for a play-off semi 2nd leg in 2010 & (not just because we lost) it was bloody awful. We spent about an hour on the coach having the windows banged, cockernee boys coming up giving it large, all the fun of the fair. It was genuinely a scary experience as you never knew if one of them might just go that bit too far. There'd been a load of trouble a few weeks before at the league match at our place as well:
  9. Huddersfield

    Ad Blockers

    Are you looking for one for a phone or laptop? Ghostery works well for me with Firefox (but be aware that some sites like Sky Sports cannily put ads in front of their videos, so if you block the ad you can't watch the video). There's an app called AdBlock for iPhone which I'd say is about 95% successful, just occasionally stuff gets through.
  10. Huddersfield

    English football

    I need to stop watching it. It's not good for my soul, my mental wellbeing, or my pocket. Why the f**k have I just forked out a fortune for tickets to see us get gubbed at Leicester, then gubbed at Burnley? It's a good job we've got Spurs at home in between otherwise I don't know where we'd find a point from.
  11. Huddersfield

    Edinburgh night out?

    I used to go up to Edinburgh a lot at one time & generally stopped at a place called the Links Hotel which (I think) is pretty close. It had a good bar/restaurant which wasn't too pricey. Just looking it up though it seems to have been rebranded as the Black Ivy so I don't know whether it's better or worse or what they might have done with the prices. I once went up there with some family members & decided to take them to some trendy spot just North of the Meadows...I wish I could remember the name, but I ended up spending about £50/head & had to get a bag of chips afterwards to fill me up.
  12. Huddersfield

    Beckham speeding

    We are told that we’re all equal under the law. That justice is blind. Total crap. Antoine France famously said, “In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.” If the likes of him can buy his way out of justice (and his lawyer has said clearly that he was speeding) then there is no justice.
  13. Huddersfield

    Servalan RIP

    Zen the computer was number 7 as I recall.
  14. Huddersfield

    Servalan RIP

    That’s sad. Blake’s 7 is one of my all time favourite programmes. I remember me & my dad used to watch it together. Makes me feel old!
  15. Huddersfield


    I tried to have a look out as it came dark here but we have a fairly cloudy sky at the moment. Insofar as I can get a view, I reckon maybe if the Plough is to your left, your bright star might be Capella (constellation Auriga). It would be SE from the Plough but is a very bright & easy to spot star (in fact it's actually a set of stars). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capella