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  1. I do have some, completely objective analysis. Whenever we play Leeds, I always find myself shouting or singing such songs/phrases as “dirty cheating b@stard”, “same old Leeds scum-always cheating”, “you dirty Leeds b@stard” etc significantly more than the equivalents when we play (say) Brentford or West Brom. Given that my analysis of what is happening is always 100% correct, that suggests there is something in it.
  2. It’s still worth remembering that UK White is the ethnicity of (depending on your source) 90-92% of convictions for sexual abuse of children. It’s probably slightly higher for the ‘lesser’ offence of possession &/or distribution of child pornography. The Muslim ‘problem’ of grooming gangs is really just a particular aspect where they have operated in a particular way & used racism as a defence to get away with it. Internet-based grooming gangs are still, in terms of numbers, a far bigger problem.
  3. That kind of post is everything that’s wrong with modern football. I have a perfectly good prejudice that’s been brewing and festering in my brain for half a century & you want it backing up with stats & analysis. Start of a slippery slope this. It’ll be VAR on the TAMB before you know it 👀 😉
  4. I lived in the block of flats you can see to the left of this place (Bromley-by-Bow) for just short of 3 years. My first real exposure to a properly rough as hell pub. There was an old Irish couple ran it who operated an 'open all hours' policy...& had no end of dodgy dealings with local Police & wrong-uns. We'd sometimes be in there at 2 or 3am & get chucked out by a shedload of the local plod, who would then lock the doors (with themselves on the inside of course). Like something out of Minder at times. It was the first time I ever saw someone get clattered so hard that they flew backwards & smashed a table.
  5. I was in the Blind Beggar just the other week (down for a midweek game at Charlton), it looked on its knees. Back in the 80s you'd often see some old Cockernee "me, Reggie & Ronnie, we woz like that - show crossed fingers; he nivver shot you wivaat shakin yer 'and first" type. They'd look out for newbies in the pub, tell them they were "sat in the actual seat wot George Cornell woz sat in" & offer to regale them with tales of the old days...in return for booze of course. Still one of my favourite pubs down there. This was a good one as well, although it's very trendy now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Widow's_Son,_London
  6. Looks like it shut down for a while recently but has opened up again as the Cock Tavern. This is how I remember it more or less: I spent most of my time there further in the East End (Bromley-by-Bow)...I was never a fan of London beer but there were some fantastic old London boozers around, some that had amazing histories. All either gone or turned into gastro pubs these days.
  7. Just out of interest & given we’re about the same age, when we’re you in Walthamstow? I spent a few months in dump of a bedsit there in 1982 (Erskine Road). There was a pub I frequented fairly regularly on the High Street called The Cock, which was a massive Spurs pub, walls covered in scarves & memorabilia as I remember.
  8. It was indeed. We must be the same age. I remember by that point in life being an avowed Leeds hater already (not helped by being in a school full of glory-hunting Leeds & Liverpool supporters). I got an absolute roasting off my mother who couldn’t understand why I was supporting Germans over a Yorkshire team. The ref (I think) being a smart guy took an instant dislike to the brutal tactics Leeds employed in those days (covering the period 1350-present day) & gave a world-class display of shafting them. Cue Leeds fans destroying as much of Paris as they could squeeze in before the trip home.
  9. You are spot on - A quick look at Wiki & 11v11 shows Man Utd at home to Derby that same day (the last game of the season), with a given attendance of 10,000. The Stockport game finished 0-0 so it was worth missing your tea for.
  10. Ah right, that explains it. I always thought it was a bit weird as it's not like the grounds are a vast distance apart & even in 1921 presumed that the Country faithful, fresh from their ruck against whoever it was, would have shown up.
  11. I always thought that the lowest ever crowd for an English Football League game was actually at Old Trafford. Stockport were playing there in 1921 after Edgeley Park was closed due to crowd trouble & attracted a ‘crowd’ of 13 to one of their games. Having said that, I had a quick look on their website & they don’t appear to acknowledge it, citing a different game altogether as their lowest ever gate. I don’t think I’ve imagined it!
  12. 🤣 Before I even clicked play on that, I knew he was going to have some sort of Pearly King accent.
  13. I was 17 when they got married & was in a pub in Cornwall with my Mum & Dad. I refused to watch it, had a pint thrown over me later on & when I said something about what a load of crap it was, some lass told my mother I was a disgrace & she needed to get me sorted out. Pretty much cemented my Republican views for life that night.
  14. Charlton’s ground was huge before they closed & redeveloped it. I went there first in 1981 & we had half of the great big terrace. The place was absolutely crumbling by then but it was a hell of a ground. We set a record there (before my time but classic Town) of becoming the only side in English league history to score 6 in a game & still lose. We actually threw away a 5-1 lead with about 20 minutes left & they were down to 10 men. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlton_Athletic_F.C._7–6_Huddersfield_Town_A.F.C. I’m always amazed at how so many people fitted into these grounds. Leeds Road was essentially the same stadium when I started going in the 1970s as it was back in the 1930s. The biggest crowd I was ever in there was just under 30,000 & it was rammed. You really couldn’t move. I have no idea how they managed to fit in just under 70,000 for the Arsenal game on that list.
  15. In my experience, this whole issue of taking family to football is a complete minefield. My wife hates football & always has. I thought (when we were first together) that by persuading her to stand in the open end in the pouring rain at Barnsley, then hitch-hiking to London afterwards in wet clothes, she'd realise what a great life it was, but she always was stubborn & wouldn't have it. Our eldest (miraculously she stayed with me) was mildly interested. I took her to a couple of games & as long as the sweets kept coming, she was fine. At 3, she had a bit of a thing about Fabrizio Ravanelli so I took her to an away League Cup game at Middlebrough. We got tonked 5-1 but she really enjoyed it, which perturbed me a bit. A couple of weeks later, the temperature started to get into single figures & she never went again. She later discovered my 1992 diary (her year of birth) & discovered that I'd written in the dates of the play-offs in my diary more prominently than her arrival. She still goes on about it today & doesn't realise just how hurtful that is, as we lost 2-1 to Peterborough in injury time. My son, however, is a different kettle of fish. He was born addicted to football & will happily travel hundreds of miles to a pre-season friendly, spending money that for some reason people think should be going on crap like clothes & mortgages. So it can be hard, but you just have to persevere & get them to understand that the soul-destroying misery of supporting the teams that most of us do is actually good for them.
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