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  1. I think the lack of football on TV in those days made a lot of those players feel a bit remote...I kind of remember teams rather than individuals apart from the odd one or two. For reasons that I suspect many on here will appreciate, one of the early characters that sticks in my mind was Jan Tomaszewski . In one of many acts of cruelty inflicted on me as a child, my dad let me stay up to watch that one.
  2. By coincidence, I was also 6 during the Mexico World Cup. Sadly, I’m talking 1970 ☹️
  3. As a kid I suppose the big international names were Pele, Cruyff, etc. But I was far too busy pretending I was Alan Gowling to take too much notice of them. The first overseas player I ever remember watching & thinking he was something really special was Dean Gorre. We signed him from Ajax in 1999 (a turn up in itself as we normally set our sights at Grimsby Reserves level). To this day he was one of the most talented players I ever saw pull on a Town shirt. I was at West Brom away in 2000 when he suffered an injury that I don’t think he ever really recovered from (as a player). He went on to suffer the utter tragedy of having to play for Barnsley, which of course makes Amsterdam look like Xanadu.
  4. As other have mentioned, I also used an IFA to transfer to a private pot. My work pension was a bit all over the place but I’d banked on getting the mortgage paid off, then drawing it in my early 60s. As it turned out, that wouldn’t have worked for me due to health problems so moving into a private pot enabled me to clear all my debts (student loan excepted- they can f@@k right off) & draw an income. There is a risk of course, but the guy I deal with has been pretty good throughout about how to mitigate them & map out likely long-term spending plans. I think you just need to do your research & make sure you’re clear on what you want, what your risk profile is & how that compares to what you’ve already got.
  5. If you line Sting & Bono up correctly & get a high enough powered rifle, could you get a BOGOF deal on the two of them?
  6. The EPL & CL are two cheeks of the same arse if you ask me. The one thing I took from our couple of years there is that it's an utterly corrupt league which shamelessly loads every game in favour of the bigger clubs. Whether that's through subliminal bias (refs assuming that the 'bigger' team are more likely to be in the right over 50:50s) or that the refs just want to be Facebook friends with Harry Kane I never quite worked out. But I used to witness shocking decisions week in, week out. There's a fairly clear indication as far as I can see that they want teams that are 'names' in the EPL that they can market, not plucky little underdogs that no-one in China has ever heard of.
  7. I’m with you. I see it as a very destructive competition. Having said that, I was so bewildered trying to deal with Town having won that I (genuinely) never even knew that Spurs had shipped 7 until a mate messaged me. And I even had to look up who they were playing.
  8. It could have been against their under 5s for all I care. We won a bloody game.
  9. HUDDERSFIELD TOWN WON. Just let that sink in. We actually won. A match. A football match. First one in 7 months. I had to google how you’re supposed to celebrate. Now all we need is to see if we can win a Saturday afternoon game. Knocking on 2 years since we last did that.
  10. If you can see method in it you're doing better than most people I know who play the bloody game.
  11. Thank you I'm not saying I'm 100% right though! Heginbotham died a few years ago. He was a well-known businessman around these parts...a sort of Bradley Hardacre character as I remember him. I worked around Bradford a fair bit in my time & I know from people there that there was a bit of a saying around that when they saw smoke they'd say things like 'Stafford's at it again'). I can see why the guy would come to the conclusion he did. It's not just out of a clear, blue sky, but personally I doubt it's accurate. Most City fans I know (contrary to rumours, a few do exist) seem to have a view that they'd rather just remember it as it was. On a personal note (& without trying to be all 'internet grief junkie' about it) that day still hits me quite hard. Partly because I knew the ground & had been there but more for the immediate aftermath. We had a game the following Monday (I think). City were huge rivals of ours & in that hooligan era there really was no love lost on the terraces. There was always trouble & plenty of it when we played them (they had a notorious, hard as nails firm called the Ointment who could cause absolute havoc anywhere & generally did when we played them. But on the Monday night our ground was full of lads wearing Bradford scarves collecting & all the Town nutters I knew (again at that time, not really in short supply) were hugging them, shaking their hands, emptying their pockets for them. A week earlier, walking into our ground wearing even a City pin badge would have been a quicker way to top yourself than the nearest motorway bridge. The other thing was the minutes silence. They weren't as ubiquitous as they are these days, but when they did happen no-one ever really took much notice. We were playing Sheffield Utd, nothing to play for at that point but our last game & I remember there was a decent crowd. It was the first time I'd ever been in a ground where you could have heard a pin drop, & it still sends a shiver down my spine when I think about it.
  12. Personally I think it’s credible but unlikely. Stafford Heginbotham was a bit of a shady character & had a pre-existing reputation for being a bit of an arsonist if it suited his business interests. However, you have to ask the obvious questions of why & what the evidence points to. Now it’s obvious from the footage that there was more than likely a single starting point. Anyone who knows Valley Parade (my own first of many visits there was more or less a year to the day before the fire) knows it was crumbling as were many stadia of the day. The official line of a cigarette dropping onto years-worth of rubbish under a wooden stand is entirely believable. City had just won promotion so the club itself was probably financially ok. The ground burning down might well have been useful from an insurance point of view but a late night ‘kids broke in’ story would have been just as good so why do it during a televised match with a huge crowd? So my own view is that the guy making the claims is probably still trying to deal with his grief & looking for something/somebody to pin that on. But as with all these things...who knows for sure?
  13. What I mean by Earth-like is things like made of metal, smooth, generally aerodynamic at least to some degree. Then throw in all the issues around what people see & how they see it, it’s that bit of the argument I find really unlikely. Probably from a logic point of view. If you can work out how to either travel at or bypass the need for travelling at multiple times the speed of light, then you almost certainly know how to hide your craft from a primitive species such as ourselves.
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