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  1. It's in the blood Donny...can't help cheating. 😁
  2. It would have been easier to fill this team if I'd played 7 or 8 strikers & not bothered too much about the defence. Cowan & Morrison make it in on the basis of being absolute Town legends. I'm sure Gary Naysmith is a better LB than Tommy Cowan, but he nicks it for his skill in doing pumped-up clenched fist salutes in front of the home fans whenever we won. GK - Sandy Mutch RB - David Steele LB - Tom Cowan CB - Andy Morrison CB - Murray Wallace M - Scott Arfield M - Jimmy McGill M - Neil McNab M - Kevin Gallagher CF - Alex Jackson CF - Denis Law Manager - Bill Shankly Assistant Manager - Andy Beattie
  3. I keep getting loads of posts saying this is Nature taking revenge or teaching is a lesson, but if it’s a living thing maybe it’s just Nature’s way of telling us there are too many Vegans.
  4. I wasn’t totally sure about my guess for (music) no. 7 but can’t think of anything better than what I came up with!
  5. This one is driving me crackers, assuming it's not a 1970s punk band!
  6. Just got 9...doh!! And my thought on 15 were late 70s punk so similar era to when 15 started out. So I’ll rethink that one. Big Ears not helping yet!!
  7. I’m stuck completely on 8 & 9, plus my suggestion for 15 is probably wrong!
  8. Marlon King used to play for Birmingham which gives a good enough reason for this...
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