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  1. What I meant was go through the booking process but stop short of paying. I tend to do that to check out all the hidden charges, & get a decent comparison. When I think about it, it was EasyJet not Jet2 that made my wife pack up her handbag. We didn’t have a problem outbound (Glasgow to Alicante) but did on the return. If you’re in a car & have time to get off the beaten track & take a (very) long detour from Prague to Bratislava, go through the Sumava National Park. It’s a really beautiful part of the world.
  2. I’ve not seen that to be honest & it sounds bloody complicated. But if you book a normal flight with normal requests & take one bag for the overhead as per normal, have you fallen foul of anything? If in doubt, I’d call their customer service & ask. I reckon all that waffle is just designed to con you into buying extras but I might be wrong! Have you gone through the booking process to see what it asks you for?
  3. I’ve flown Ryanair a couple of trips over the last few years. They publish bag dimensions on their website but nobody checks too hard & as long as it looks near enough & fits in the overhead, nobody will (probably anyway) take issue. Most airlines are a bit strict about the one bag policy though. My wife was pulled by Jet2 at Alicante for having a handbag & they made her put it in the case. Obviously liquid rules apply as per. I know they get a bad press but to be honest I’ve only had good experiences with them, including once letting me on 10 minutes after the gate was supposed to have closed. Not that I’d recommend trying that!
  4. You’ve gotta love autocorrect. It reminds me of a guy who has written cartoon match reports on Town matches for years. He claimed that we had a secret, invisible midfield player, Transparent Taff, who we would always pass to thus explaining our apparently crap midfield play.
  5. I think you’re probably right but as an aside to this, I’ve just finished reading a book called “Erbstein: The triumph and tragedy of football's forgotten pioneer”. He was the brains behind Il Grande Torino, a Hungarian Jew working in Fascist Italy, going on to survive the Budapest Holocaust before returning to Turin only to die in the Superga disaster. His coaching style was heavily influenced by English coaches (Chapman primarily, but he died alongside Leslie Lievesley, another English coach). The Italy team of the 30s rose to the prominence it did in no small part thanks to him. Likewise the Hungarian team that put paid to the English myth of invisibility. I think England would have got their bloody nose a lot sooner if they’d got more involved.
  6. I did precisely that to the dirty little bast little kitty the other night. He scarpered like anything & I then spent the next half hour waiting for the neighbours braying on the door.
  7. I’ve deliberately avoided my ‘shooting cats that think they can come into my garden should be legalised’ opinion. I can bore the backside off anybody whilst causing major offence at the same time with that one.
  8. Average by my standards. I did get good marks on the Professional Yorkshireman training but the absence of a pint in front of me detracted from the full effectiveness.
  9. I take it she doesn’t read this forum then. Otherwise let us know how the divorce/funeral planning is going. I spent years working in high stress environments, long hours, etc & retrained as a primary teacher in my 50s. The way teachers’ hours are calculated (in England at least; don’t know if it’s the same in Scotland) is convoluted, but any notion that they work, on average over 52 weeks, the 32 hours per week they are paid for is rubbish. There isn’t necessarily any greater workload than I was used to, but what is different in teaching is the relentless pressure every day. You can’t put off a task to prioritise something else. You will typically have a few dozen books to mark every day; not doing them is a disciplinary offence in many schools & you WILL be checked up on. Every single book must be marked according to the school marking policy. On top of that your planning has to be submitted & usually approved weeks before. A one-hour lesson can easily take two or three hours of planning, including preparing & printing resources. Then you have staff meetings, year group meetings, time to prepare & put up classroom displays, book scrutiny, observations, moderation. Then you have to fit in SEN planning, meeting parents because little Lucy called Little Bobby a rude name & that’s bullying. My working hours in the classroom were generally 7.30am-6.00pm, plus a few hours a week at home. There will usually be a percentage of every holiday when the building will be open. The Head will tell you to rest, have a break, come back refreshed, then dump a load of crap on everyone so they end up in the building during holidays. Speaking as someone who spent years in management & senior management, the culture of management in schools shocked me to the core. But that’s a whole different story! So, yes, most teachers I know really want to make the curriculum exciting and to support critical thinking. A quick glance through teachers forums shows that. But the space needed in your head to do that effectively, day after day just isn’t there. Nor is the space on the timetable to incorporate it into drumming capital letters and punctuation along with relative clauses and fronted adverbials. I have no doubt there are some utter dimwits employed in classrooms. But you have to teach teachers how to teach (as opposed to deliver a curriculum) & that, I think, doesn’t really happen.
  10. "And the fourth craw wasnae there at all" 😀 I have a 16-month-old grandson I reckon is going to love that song, even with yours truly singing it.
  11. You live & learn. Not heard that before! I honestly thought that was some weird bird behaviour I should learn about. 🤦‍♂️
  12. I only saw the two of them. It's a fairly well-sheltered wall, inside my garden, not exposed & shielded from behind by large shrubs so they probably felt safe enough. I'd have said the adult one looked like a female blackbird but I could be wrong.
  13. I saw an interesting thing in my back garden the other day. Around about 6.30am, there were a couple of birds (blackbirds I think) sat on a wall. I thought they were fighting at first (one had a worm) but the other one tilted its head back & the first one fed it. That's the first time I've ever seen what I assume was a chick being fed. They were about the same size, but the younger one was a lot fatter. Once fed, mum (I assume) flew off to find more food leaving junior sat on the wall patiently, just looking around.
  14. I’m no lawyer either but I’d think you’d have a reasonable legal case if it comes to it. What might be more practical though could be to find someone senior in the company & go direct to them. LinkedIn is often good for finding them. Some big companies even have dedicated departments to monitor social media & might intervene simply through good will as a way of avoiding bad publicity or a legal case that will cost them more than simply refunding or re-booking.
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