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  1. Huddersfield

    Lifted Over The Turnstiles

    I got caught by the Police trying to get lifted over the turnstiles at Elland Road when I was a kid. The b@stards made me go back in & watch. The oldies are the goodies
  2. Huddersfield

    Lifted Over The Turnstiles

    I know what you mean. My first ever night match was a League Cup game against Leeds in 1974 (it turned out to be Brian Clough’s last game as their manager after they scraped a 1-1 with a late fluke in spite of us being two, soon to be three, divisions below them). I was 10 & the atmosphere was electric. I’ve loved night matches ever since.
  3. Huddersfield

    Lifted Over The Turnstiles

    Start dropping the hints! I just looked up Douglas Park - it was an Archibald Leitch one & the photo shows a large advert for Senior Service across the top next to one for 'Condor Sliced'. None of this Chinese gambling site nonsense back then It talks about the Belfast Truss roof design as well - a kind of barrel which bears a passing resemblance to our old Cowshed (also a Leitch-designed ground).
  4. I was given a copy of this book for my birthday - real recommended reading/viewing. It's a collection of rare photos "from the black & white era" of Scottish grounds. I've only been to around 10 or so Scottish grounds but even so, it's fascinating to see ones that have changed, ones that haven't (much anyway) & even looking at grounds I never visited, relating to the loss of 'real' football grounds that I've experienced in England. I don't know if anyone else has seen it? https://www.dcthomsonshop.co.uk/lifted-over-the-turnstiles
  5. The 'debate' here tends to follow the same pattern - anyone who throws down a challenge in any way that Kimba can't answer gets the same response, along the lines of 'if you want to believe those lies then off to Hell you go', or perhaps that you're in cahoots with whatever Satanic cabal is running the world this week. Hence it stops being a debate & becomes a long drawn out sermon from the Church of Cut & Paste.
  6. As Maggie would have said..."No, No, No". You can't just opt out of debating when the heat gets too much by saying I'm double-mided& lack faith. I'm actually very single-minded on this matter. If there is a God, S/he wants you in this world to do good, not to sit pontificating about theology & condemning each other to Hell because they disagree about some obscure interpretation. Let's look at a recent example. Presumably, God sends Barry Chuckle to Hell in your world for not having the correct level of faith. In my world, he was a man who (from all accounts of people who knew or met him) was a guy who made it his life's work to bring laughter to others, especially children. So, (assuming what we know about him is accurate) I cannot see why God would send him to Hell for the life he led. And you still aren't answering my 'theological' question...according to you, Jesus was a liar. You haven't explained that one iota yet & flinging around accusations of unbelieving doesn't get around that problem.
  7. So Jesus is telling them to keep a law that he doesn't actually want them to keep - lying in effect to keep them out of heaven? And what you are saying here is that Jesus didn't come to earth to spread the truth after all, so shouldn't we all be Paulians not Christians?
  8. So Jesus made a mistake? Surely he'd have known wouldn't he, not waited until his mate came along to correct it? Or aren't Jews meant to get a place in heaven?
  9. I've asked this question before & never had an answer. How do you explain the fact that Jesus tells his followers to clothe the poor, feed the hungry, free the prisoner? (Matthew 25: 32-45)? Indeed, he says that those who DON'T do that will be sent away from heaven.
  10. Or, perhaps, people of all faiths and none who just spent their days trying to do the right thing.
  11. Huddersfield

    Ad Choices

    I’ve started getting that even though I have AdBlock installed. It does nothing if I tap on it but I can’t get rid either.
  12. Proof that Satan is dyslexic?
  13. Is that guy actually driving anywhere or just prowling the streets for grooming purposes looking for converts?
  14. Huddersfield

    Lunar Eclipse

    I’ll be honest, I’ve had my worries about him for a while. What with dogs howling in corners when he walks in a room & I’m sure I heard one of his mates saying something about him being a horny b@stard.
  15. Huddersfield

    Lunar Eclipse

    My lad is in Brisbane as we speak & he assures me it’s hot tub & sunbathing weather during the hours that I am sparked out in darkened Huddersfield.