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  1. I’m not normally someone who gets overly hung up on ‘PC’ language but on this issue I think you’re right & it’s important. What you are talking about is a prostituted child not a child prostitute. Changing the noun to a verb drastically changes context & communicates coercion rather than choice.
  2. I just have retired at 55. I didn’t really want to but had to due to declining health. I think that it’s a really hard question to answer. It depends on what you want your life to be like & whether or not you want a secure fixed income for good or are willing to flex and/or risk it. I’ve taken a bit of a view that I’m not likely to be in great health in (say) 20 years time so have front-loaded things a bit. I might end up with nothing but the state pension (although I get PIP as well) but how likely is it that I’ll be gallivanting around the world by then? So I want to be able to do things now & cross that bridge when I come to it Lots of advisors will do long-term forecasts & give you a guide to how big your pot needs to be based on your long-term spending plans. It’s hard though to be sure on anything.
  3. Likewise I’m no engineer so I don’t get involved too much in that discussion. The reality is that every culture produces nutters. People who will set out to kill as many of their ‘enemies’ as they can. Conjuring up a wild theory just seems a whole lot less credible than simply saying ‘look this is the consequence of what we’re doing in the world, whether we are right or wrong’. HOW it was used after is a whole different question & I have no doubt at all that the demonisation of Islam (which I don’t think it helps itself with, but that’s a bit how the world works I think) is being engineered because it suits global US/Israeli/Western interests. I suppose the next thing we need to watch out for will be Eskimo terrorists blowing up sleds somewhere to justify an invasion of Greenland.
  4. The thing that strikes me about the 9/11 theories that float around us that in many respects they are less useful in terms of any kind of pro-Bible, anti-whatever perspective than the official line. All you really needed to make it happen was several million deeply unhappy and angry people, out of which you’d not struggle to find a few willing to learn how to fly a plane & crash it, all helped by a culture of lax airline security. What you then get is what you got. Islamic extremists causing thousands of deaths. That was enough to justify pretty much anything the US wanted to do in large swathes of the Arab/Muslim world. Looking at the array of ‘reasons’ suggested as to why it was faked, none ever strike me as any more plausible than the actual reality of what happened. That’s before you even get into the practicalities of all the nonsense you’d have to get into to persuade & sustain the collaboration or tricking of relatives, witnesses, etc The argument about the Antichrist is, to me, so unprovable as to not really be worth debating. You take that on faith or you don’t. I do recall though very many ‘Bible believers’ saying in various 9/11 threads (& I’m sure it popped up on here) that Obama would be revealed as the Antichrist before he left office. Unless I missed something... Armageddon theories are part of human psychology & thus far every one has by definition been wrong. Geopolitics is of course a strange beast & I have no doubt that lots of bad, sad & downright evil has & continues to be covered up, or the public manipulated, but I just don’t see this, at least not in its entirety, as being an example.
  5. A new high (see what I did there) in bot posting. Three minutes from joining & telling us where to get our gear from.
  6. I never realised that. Two of his three so far this season have been penalties but the lad knows how to take one for sure. He looks like a very decent prospect though plenty of pace & energy about him Think he’s played for England at various levels but I’ve never heard him speak about what or where any long-term international aspirations lie.
  7. Haha, no I never connected those two either. Much the same as I never knew that ‘We’re the blue & white army’ came from that White Stripes song until I saw them on TV at Glastonbury. That video reminds me of Wings doing Mull of Kintyre as well. Electric equipment everywhere & not a bloody wire in sight.
  8. I only got to see Le Tiss once in my time. He came across as a completely crap player. It was a night match in the League Cup at our place & to all intents & purposes he wandered around for 89 minutes with his hands in his pockets looking completely bored with the 0-0 that was playing out. Something then just clicked for him; 1 minute left & he just picked the ball up out on the left & produced a goal of sheer beauty & brilliance. I couldn't (still can't) decide if I'd seen a genius at work or if he should be pulling out the stops like that for the other 89 minutes which would have put him up there with the world's finest.
  9. I live quite close to Oh Frankie, Frankie. Sadly suffering with Alzheimer’s these days. He scored in the first match I ever went to. Probably in more ways than one. If making the most the most of your talent is equated with the number of 20-something blondes you hit it off with, he’s probably the world’s no.2 after Best. One name from our more recent past that springs to mind in the thread is Danny Cadamarteri. He was touted as the next big thing after being the youngest goal scorer in a Merseyside derby but ended up plying his trade mostly in the lower divisions (& the Magistrates Courts). As if playing for us wasn’t bad enough, the poor bugger has got Bradford City on his CV. Twice.
  10. Shearer is still something of a club legend. We’ve had a few decent goal scorers down the years but I could reel off names of players we thought would do a lot better than they did. Terry ‘Tracey’ Austin springs immediately to mind. I think he was a club record signing at the time, scored a hat-trick on his debut then only about another half a dozen over three years.
  11. Well we’ve had a handful that could score but the OP asked for strikers that didn’t score as many as they should. We had at least 3 of them in our squad just last night. Bloody Kachunga managing to blaze high, wide & handsome from about 4 inches out. Twat.
  12. Unless you want me to work through the entire history of Huddersfield Town, I’ll pass on this one.
  13. Great first post...so what's your job with luxurybmth.co.uk then?
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