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  1. My wife & kids often call me Dopey. I'm 6'2" & have been toying with the idea of applying to the Guinness Book of Records as the world's tallest dwarf.
  2. 😀 wickedwitchofthewest(yorkshire) would be a better bet. One of her classic lines which I still get reminded of 30+ years later was at my wedding reception when she described my new father-in-law, in a very loud voice, as a drunken Irish bastard. Now, 2/3 ain't bad as they say (he knew his dad) but given the Irish:English ratio at the do was was around 9:1, I had to start making enquiries to find out how you got yourself into protective custody. And the bloody DJ insisted on playing Come On Eileen repeatedly.
  3. Unlucky! Bizarrely, mine was 'Come on Eileen', which is my Mum's name (& who made valiant attempts over many years to completely wreck my life).
  4. Yes-joking apart I’ve used a programme called PINs for many long years & generate long & random passwords for everything. Not least because I worked out how to crack Office passwords some years ago & was spooked by just how easy it was at the time. I work with vulnerable children as well & we have it drummed into us regularly about staying safe online. I definitely worry about it though all the same.
  5. Ah bugger. So I probably shouldn’t really be replying to that 21-year-old topless model who said she was the new Head of Security at HSBC. Modern life is way too complicated.
  6. From memory, a clearly failing part of my make-up these days, you were going to take my debts off my hands in return for me becoming someone else.
  7. I knew that really 😉 For the purposes of upvotes & likes, which I’m led to believe is the meaning of life nowadays, it seemed like a good approach to the question at hand.
  8. The least scary aspect of this thread is identity theft (to be honest, you're welcome to my debts). Scary is remembering songs from when I was in my teens. Really scary - "FFS I was married when that was in the charts." So far nobody has posted anything I can remember my kids liking. On the bright side, I'm part of a disappearing generation who can go a whole day without taking a photo of anything & for whom instant messaging as a kid was when your Mum sent your sister to your best mate's house to find out where you were.
  9. Sad but true. Although looking at your DoB, I’m reminded of one of the bevvied up lads on our train back from Spurs on Saturday who said to my lad “we’re the same age, except you’re a year older”. So I’m going for we’re the same age except I’m a year older.
  10. August 1964: Single - Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Manfred Mann); Album - A Hard Day's Night (Beatles)
  11. With respect, he's hardly likely to big up a rival party that more or less wiped his own out in seats that his party desperately need to win back if they are to get anywhere near government. The SNP target Labour big-time, successfully. It shouldn't really be a shock that he will do the reverse. I suspect that if the SNP were to end up holding the balance of power at some future point, they would both start to find a lot more that they have in common.
  12. The most unpopular opinion yet... Those were the days my friend, We thought they'd never end, We won the league three times in a row. (& I've got the 3 stars tattooed on my arm) 😎
  13. It appears that on or around the third day (I'll be honest, I wasn't really counting) he rose from the dead & recommenced his mission.
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