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  1. I partly agree. Given the serious nature of that kind of work, I think that there should be, much as with doctors, a level of expectation that decisions are made professionally, competently and in line with the evidence available at the time. In most cases that’s probably what happens but the danger is that we end up with decisions being made to protect the decision-makers not the public. Where clear negligence can be established though, there’s a logic there. However, there probably would have to be a whole new procedural guidance developed from the encyclopaedic one currently in use, plus extensive retraining from that which currently exists to steer the decisions.
  2. Having been involved in my time in a lot of public protection work (via MAPPA) plus Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) & Serious Further Offence (SFO) enquiries, I'd definitely favour the cock-up over conspiracy theory here. I always felt that whilst the system generally works pretty well for most "low level" and "ordinary" serious offenders, there was generally a gap with regards to what, in professional terms, I'd call complete & utter f***ing nutcases. One of the big gaps for me (as an example, not picking on any one particular profession) was that I don't ever remember, not once, a forensic psychiatrist sitting in a meeting saying 'you know what, I haven't a clue how this guy might behave if we release him'. They are under massive pressure to deliver answers & every so often get it horribly wrong. I always thought that if I was inside on a serious charge & needed to get out to kill someone else, I could have that sorted easily in a few years. In this context, if he sat there calling the prison guards infidels & reading books on explosives (obviously figuratively speaking - I don't think they actually have them on the prison library shelves), he'd still be inside, but do your time quietly, say the right things to the right people & you're going to get out at some point. In this case, I'd suggest, without knowing much of his story, that he's pulled the wool over most people's eyes & been able to get where he was to do what he did. Of course, I also acknowledge that the forces of the State are probably the biggest 'complete & utter f***ing nutcases' of the lot of them, so maybe...
  3. I’ve seen a fair bit of internal Labour stuff this last week or so, particularly local to here, & I think it’s fair to say there’s an increasing feeling of despair in the party. I think it was Labour List who described him as made of Teflon. There just seems to be virtually nothing that deflects voters away from him. I think it’s a bit of an indictment of the modern world in some ways but canvassers are reporting that nobody seems to care that he’s an obvious liar, has the morals of a sewer rat, will sell off his own granny, etc. It’s not that they disagree, they just don’t care. People see him either as the man who will ‘get this Brexit sorted’, some sort of modern day Winston Churchill or just a better bet than Corbyn who is going to arm Momentum with AK-47s & stick an ISIS flag up in Downing Street. It really does make me lose hope to be honest.
  4. I wouldn’t say I know it well but I used to go there every so often for work up to a few years ago. It’s a nice little town. Very attractive & pretty much merges into Morecambe if you fancy seeing the sea (usually through binoculars). The town centre can be a godawful bottleneck at times as it’s small, fairly narrow streets but a lot of people use it (particularly from the South) as the most direct way to Morecambe. Can’t really help with nightlife I’m afraid though as the closest I probably ever got to a night out will have been a Subway after a late meeting.
  5. Horrible noisy creatures...basically just cocks with a posh name 😁
  6. In terms of what I see round & about where I live I like goldfinches a lot. Kestrels are impressive & we get loads of herons down by the canal which I always think of as the B-52 bombers of the bird world. You look & think ‘that bloody thing will never fly’. There was an office I worked in for a while that overlooked the River Colne & there were always kingfishers up & down there. I can’t so much say I really saw one as I used to see the blue streaks blurring past the window I might have told this story before but going back a few years I was visiting Unst. As I drove down this road, there were two what I think were Great Skuas (bonxies). I stopped the car to look & carefully went for my camera. Still they sat there. I got it out of the bag, lens cap off, focussed and the split second I was about to click the shutter - off the bastards flew. I never saw any more like them to be sure if that’s what they were but they were impressive looking things.
  7. Superb howler (or was it?) from the Beeb this morning when they had to quickly change this: to this
  8. I don't suppose I could ever prove any of this but I suspect his crime in the eyes of Mum isn't what he did or who he did it to, it's the fact he's been caught out & made fools of them all. I'd be amazed if this has all come as a surprise to her. I predict now that he'll head over to the States at some point. I can't for one minute imagine that there'd be an appetite for locking up a member of the British Royal Family so they are probably arranging the outcome of any interview as we speak, with the view of exonerating him, then quietly pushing him into the background. That's probably a lot easier to fix up than him being found dangling from his Gordonstoun tie in a barn at Sandringham.
  9. There's a good piece about it in the Guardian - interesting that in spite of the might of the Royal Family legal & publicity machine, I've not spoken to anyone or read anything suggesting anyone believes a word he says. More to the point, most media outlets are more or less quite openly calling him a liar. I think doing the interview was a bit of a 'Streisand Effect' cock-up really. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/nov/16/prince-andrew-what-is-the-excuse-for-this-misogynistic-nonsense-served-up-in-a-gilded-chamber?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  10. I was always pretty much against the idea of them until my lad got one (somehow or other by conning the studio that he was old enough). Anyhow, I liked it & he persuaded me to get one. I've ended up with three: a personal one I (sort of) designed myself each part of which symbolizes something about my family. The original one - a red star; my two-fingers to everyone who said I'd end up a Tory by the time I was 30. And to keep on topic, I have the terrier & football from our old crest with a 'Huddersfield Town' banner underneath. I'm not able to have any more done but I really do like the ones I have.
  11. Just as an odd aside, sort of a trivia question, Huddersfield Tories have selected 78-year-old Ken Davy (owner of the local Rugby League team & ex-owner of Huddersfield Town) as their candidate to challenge 79-year-old Barry Sheerman. I’d love to know if there’s any other recent examples of the two main candidates for a Parliamentary seat having a combined age of over 150?
  12. Not even slightly hot. I’m an absolute, bona fide 100% complete & utter wimp when it comes to curry.
  13. We took our little grandson to the away game at Blackburn a couple of weeks ago. His first ever away match. He’s just coming up for 21 months. We were taking photos of him & on one of them by chance he’d nicked his dad’s bacon butty & was pulling a silly face. He just looks on this photo, in his jeans & Town shirt, holding the sarny by his side, in that split second, like an absolute hooligan. I just can’t look at it without bursting out laughing.
  14. The time I saw them was part of what they called the Metal for Muthas tour - loads of different up & coming bands touring around, most of them never heard of since then. You're right though, they released their first album around that time so might have been promoting that at the same time. Like you, & although I could see why they got rid of DiAnno, they just became something I wasn't really into after that. They were supported by a band called Praying Mantis who I thought were better than Maiden! Around that time, I used to go to a meeting of loony lefties. The room was also used by a band who kept their drum kit there & I spent more time trying to do the intro to Running Free than I ever did wondering about the Marxist analysis of whatever was going on in Guatemala
  15. I saw Iron Maiden at Huddersfield Poly in Feb 1980. I think they got rid of Paul DiAnno not long after & hit the big time but they weren’t widely known outside Heavy Metal circuits at that time. Some 27 years later I took my son to see them in Newcastle. I realised that probably around 80% of the audience wouldn’t have even been born back then but did gain no end of kudos from anyone who made their pants available to be bored off them with my tales of having seen DiAnno & Harris ‘back in the day’.
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