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  1. I bought a new Acer Aspire recently & I'm a fan - very quick, good display, etc. My last one was HP & it seemed to deteriorate very quickly, so I'm hoping this one doesn't.
  2. I've heard of him but don't pretend to know much about him to be fair.
  3. Let's not take it to extremes. A good pasting round the back of the bike shed would be entertaining enough to be going on with.
  4. Huddersfield

    Pension Advice Required

    As things stand at the moment, the pot I set up (which is classed as low risk/cautious) has grown by around 1.5% over the last few weeks. I see it some days having put on a tidy bit then other days losing of course. The pot is a mix of all sorts when I look at it. As I said, I doubt I'd have moved it if I wasn't struggling with my health. I've taken a decision to drop out of mainstream classroom work as I was struggling with a lot of the basic tasks & getting a few raised eyebrows but still working full-time albeit on what is in effect a zero-hours contract. My plan pre-redundancy/re-training had always been to try & retire at 60-62ish, when I'd have been due around £15-20K pa. I'm 55 in August & if I took it then, I'd be down to around £9K pa. I'm taking a bit of a gamble that by not having to work (or at least work full time) I can spend my days dossing on the TAMB enjoy some quality of life & maybe earn a bit extra from supply teaching/tuition. If the fund matches its growth from the last 10 or so years (including the crash period) then I'll be able to live at least much as I do now & any extra bits & pieces I can make will get my roof fixed.
  5. Huddersfield

    Dash Cams

    You're right about the camera quality - I tried that myself but found it easier just to have the built-in one as I didn't have to keep deleting recordings. There might be better apps now I suppose, but I paid around £20 to have it hard-wired in & never give it a second thought unless I want to watch something back. On a separate note, I think they can help make you a safer driver. There's a few times I've looked back at incidents where I was hacked off with another driver & realised that even in some part I've not driven by the book or I've potentially made a bad situation worse (e.g. accelerating when someone is dangerously overtaking for example to 'make a point').
  6. Huddersfield

    Dash Cams

    I bought one of the 'mini' series a couple or so years back & it's pretty good. The picture is very clear & it has GPS built in so the app shows where you are on playback. Of course that means it's tracking your speed as well but if you want clear evidence should you have a big problem, you kind of need that.
  7. Huddersfield

    Pension Advice Required

    As someone who has drifted through the ages of Socialism from young firebrand to unreconstituted Trotskyist to grumpy old leftist git, I get where you are coming from. My dad was a bit of a trade unionist & lifelong Labour man in his day (my first ever picket line was with him at Hopkinsons' in Huddersfield in 1972 when he was on strike for months on end). Anyway, I used to argue the blue blazes with him in my teens when he'd tell me to buy a house, save up..."you'll never beat Capitalism so you might as well join it"...I hated him for saying it, yet here I am For me personally, much as it sticks in my throat to be anywhere near a company with 'Wealth Management' in its name...& bugger me I don't feel bloody wealthy, but I reckon Capitalism's need to extort my labour for a pittance would put me in an early grave if I couldn't find a way out. So I'm performing some political mental gymnastics here telling myself that I've found a way to screw the wage slave system, sack off the student loan I'm supposed to be forking out on until I'm 85 & still sit posting political rants on meaningless internet forums to convince myself that I'm still a right-on radical dude that can change the world. All I'm saying is come the glorious day of the Corbynistas, just keep your hands off my portfolio.
  8. Huddersfield

    Pension Advice Required

    Ideally I’d say go through an IFA. The guy we dealt with showed us all sorts of projections & scenarios & it did really help with deciding what to do. In my case, I really want an option to be able to stop work altogether if my health nosedives any further & sticking where I was didn’t give me that option. It’s a risk, but the guy talked through it all & I feel confident I understand what I’ve done & how it could go wrong. We moved mine to Royal London & it’s done well so far. I can’t touch it until August but so far so good. Which provider you choose does depend on your approach to risk & so forth as well as your age, etc.
  9. Huddersfield

    English FA cup

    Albion was my first ever Scottish ground - I watched them play Clyde as I remember. I think I've done around 9 or 10 now - mainly in the South & Central area but I plan one of these times to try & get to a few more northerly ones. Dunfermline is the only Scottish Ground I've seen Huddersfield play on (I don't know if anyone on here was there, but the heaven's opened at HT & the second half was played on the most waterlogged pitch I've ever seen!)
  10. Huddersfield


    I used to visit a fair bit at one time as my daughter lived there for a short while. If you can, travel there via Glenelg; the Glenelg Inn is a fantastic spot & the little ferry a great way to get there: http://skyeferry.co.uk/ Another pub (you see how my brain works here) worth a visit is the Stein Inn (I sampled my first ever Ardbeg in there; a life-changing moment). The only eagle I've ever seen in the wild was just south of Uig. There's a lot of good walks around the Glendale area as well, heading up to the lighthouse; there used to be a small local history project there as well, but I think it maybe closed down?
  11. Huddersfield

    English FA cup

    Most of the ones I'm missing are, like you say, teams we just haven't played (Forest Green Rovers, Fleetwood, etc. plus various new grounds where I've done their old ground but not the new like Oxford, Newport). There's the odd 'bogey' team where I keep missing (Sunderland is an annoying one - they either dodge relegation or overlap us & the one time we had them in the Cup I couldn't get there). You're right about the yo-yo; I was talking to some Everton fans in the pub on Tuesday. They go to every away match but I think reckoned they still only have 30 or 40. Our advice was get yourselves into League 1 but they didn't seem keen.
  12. Huddersfield

    English FA cup

    Just overlook for a moment the fact that Mrs H likes to point out that we'd have an extension & an extra bedroom if I jacked it in 😖 I've always had an aspiration to say I've seen Town play on all 92 (current grounds that is). With ground moves & promotion/relegation out of the league it isn't easy. I'm off down to West Ham in a few weeks which will be 82/92, then if Spurs get into their new ground before April that takes me to 83. I was reading an article about the 92 club where people who get to all 92 with just one team were described as the paramilitary wing of the 92 club My overall Town-watching total I think (including demolished grounds, etc.) is around 135. You can see why Mrs H looks wistfully at our dilapidated garage dreaming of an extension.
  13. Huddersfield

    English FA cup

    I'm not sure we're capable of playing a weakened side right now, but that's a different story! You're right what you were saying on your other post though. I loved our early stint in the PL (given we hadn't been top-flight since 1972) but the novelty is largely gone & like you I'd far rather see us at a ground I've not been to for the day out (I only have 11 left of the current 92 to see Town play on) than watch a reserve game at Man City.
  14. That same thought crossed my mind. In Scotty’s post on the other thread he was basically saying that all dogs share a common ancestor that would look something like them but somehow or another the features of modern dogs have altered for whatever reason. The process by which the offspring of the ark dogs became everything from poodles to Alsatians would be interesting to hear.
  15. Huddersfield

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I think we should stop teaching children handwriting in school, give them each a cheap laptop & get them to type everything into a word processor. Teachers are wasting time teaching kids cursive writing all over the place, yet for the foreseeable future pretty much every piece of writing they ever need to do will be electronic. Not only that, any word processor will give instant feedback on spelling & grammar errors, accurate to around 95%, saving a shed load of marking.