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  1. I'm not a plumber but we've had trouble with underwater drainage for years; some of it to do with a network of underground culverts that run all over the place around here & some of it to do with cutting corners when the houses were built (mid-1970s). The bad news is that we've had to have the whole road outside the house dug up on occasions, as have other houses on the street as well, to get at the problem. The good news though was that Yorkshire Water accepted responsibility straight away (even though some of the issue undoubtedly was under our property) so we never had to pay out anything on getting it sorted. If you think there's a chance it could be off or near your boundary then (assuming the legal framework is similar) get in touch with the equivalent & see what they say.
  2. I live about half a mile from a fireworks factory. The chuffer had better not do that.
  3. I've been watching Cardinal on iPlayer over the last week or two - it's a detective series based in northern Canada; very well written & acted although not one for you if you're a bit squeamish.
  4. Is there no, like, mirror of this...you know, young stunners astrally projecting into blokes' beds at night. We could sort of offer a prayer along the lines of "In the name of Jesus, as long as you don't wake up the wife, are you free on Tuesday?"
  5. I was involved in trying to set up & promote home working about a decade ago, partly as a response to austerity, partly a 'green' issue & also a bit of an attempt to support work-life balance issues. FWIW, my conclusion was that the people who were conscientious in the office were conscientious when they were home-based, & the lazy b@stards who spent half the day on fag breaks, gossiping in the kitchen, never doing the visits, case notes, planning, etc. always behind whilst always finding time to complain that they were under stress were the ones who did f**k all at home. Whilst that's probably predictable, the latter group also tended to be the ones though that were most hostile to home-working, whereas the more someone was a "good" worker the more they were inclined to try to find the best mix to work efficiently.
  6. Rajiv van la Parra. He wasn't a bad player as such & had the ability to skin the opposition down the wing with a few fancy stepovers thrown in for good measure. The crowd generally loved him but the problem was that after causing panic such as he did, his final ball would either be nothing more than a gentle pass for the opposition defenders to clear away, straight into the legs of his marker or he'd pass it back down the wing pretty much to where he'd started from. I remember one or two games he had where he had real influence but the vast majority, all you got was a bit of exhibition stuff & nothing to show for it.
  7. My opinion here is worth exactly what you are paying me for it, but if I was to pull one game out of there that might buck the odds it would be Arsenal-Watford. Arsenal aren’t playing for anything, Watford could stay up if they get a point & Villa lose at West Ham. So you’d expect Watford to go at them hell for leather especially early on. Of the others, I don’t see much that will defy the odds too much. Southampton maybe a draw based on nothing more than I was down there for their last game against us a year back & with nothing to play for they looked bored. However, if I knew how to beat bookies then I’d probably have a bigger house so hey-ho!
  8. Haha, honest, no worries! I think it is a decent contribution to be honest & I enjoyed reading it...I've worked with some heavy duty people in my time & I'm fascinated by them & how you can judge them when making critical decisions. A lot of this stuff wasn't anywhere near the mainstream when I was dealing with it, but looking back, a lot of what both Gladwell & Hyatt are saying fits with how a lot of people that were involved in making assessments on dangerous people actually behaved. I was always taught, & went on to teach many people dealing with complex individuals to "trust your instincts". I often used to wonder how I'd articulate that, & in some cases many (often people who had limited practice experience) would dismiss at as judgementalism; something you had to overcome. Being honest some people's instincts were dominated by fear (essentially they were in the wrong job) but I like the way theory is increasingly starting to catch up with real world behaviours.
  9. Anyone had any luck seeing Comet NEOWISE? We’ve not had a clear night here since I don’t know when, so no luck for me so far but I keep trying
  10. I've looked at Hyatt's work for a while now, mainly because my wife became interested in statement analysis as a tool for the work she was doing at the time. It's a fascinating area of work. Also of interest, & following a similar concept, is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell...he talks about "thick-slicing" (the way most people tend to make judgements based on spending time with them) versus "thin-slicing" (in effect, intuitive thinking). I think that in time, criminal interviews will start to put some emphasis on non-verbal responses in the first second of answering rather than the subsequent verbal responses. Of course, Hyatt is trying to make a name for himself here so there is a danger he is focussing on finding what he wants to find, but nontheless, I agree that he's very credible.
  11. My wife hails from an Irish family & in general is a hater of all sports. Only very occasionally does she ever show the remotest interest other than the odd HTFC trip to Wembley & an ABE approach whenever England play. However, she got massively into Ireland in 1990 & my abiding memory of that tournament isn't anything to do with England but the penalty shoot-out with Romania. I forget which penalty, but, with our 5-year-old football mad son next to her, when Romania scored one of theirs, at the top of her voice, she shouted "oh sh*t". My lad was literally boggle-eyed & went on to tell all his teachers & mates that his mum was swearing at the telly. To this day, he teases her saying that was the first time he realised parents could swear. I was the one that had been taking him to actual real games for a couple of years & had managed all that time to keep the obscenities in my head, & there she was swearing at the football. I also remember Charlton telling the tale about how the Taoiseach had asked him what gift he'd like from the Irish people if he won the World Cup & he said a mile of the Shannon for fishing. He reckoned the reply was "win it, & you can have the whole bloody river'.
  12. I’d have given anything to be that talented at any one of those things never mind all three. Jammy bugger.
  13. He was also a very good chess player: https://en.chessbase.com/post/remembering-ennio-morricone-november-10-1928-july-6-2020
  14. Sorry to hear about the redundancy. I remember when it happened to me - I was having to remortgage, worried if I'd even keep the house, felt down in the dumps & very scared. You might be different, but for me, the financial bits resolved long before the psychological. Everyone kept saying that something would turn up & to look on the positive side, new beginning, etc. I remember just wanting to punch their lights out! Having your job taken away against your will is a big loss to most people. All you can do is fight for what you can get & then hopefully find the time to work everything out. Look after yourself & best of luck with everything.
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