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  1. Amazing the roles he turned down because he liked doing what he was doing I.E. Smokey type films. For example, lead roles in Die Hard and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Apparently fired his agent for getting him the role in Boogie Nights which, imo, is one of his finest moments.
  2. Love that. And love David Allan Coe. One of the last survivors of the Heartworn Highways film, which is a must see if you're interested in the birth of alt-country.
  3. A little tangy for me to listen to repeatedly, but a great song. Here's an early one that I would say falls into some kind of country genre.
  4. Not sure it's as simple as lumping everything together and calling it country. I think most of that type of genre (you know, the twangy voice and tassled cowboy suits) could more accurately be called country and western. It's never really caught on here like the States where it's huge. The term country is really so broad that it's difficult to affix it to anyone with being more specific. For example, alt-country, country folk, country rock, country blues, or attempt to drill down even further by using terms such as hillbilly or bluegrass. I think most people see the term country and immediately turn off because they see Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, but there's so much else. Steve Earle and those 'alt-country' singers were initially hurt them because they weren't singing traditional country. So the folk and rock audiences missed them and the traditional country audiences hated them. But most groups playing rock music will be incorporating country into their songs. For example, Dylan, Springsteen, or from over here groups like the Waterboys.
  5. He was also the guy who had a go at John Swinney at one of the 2014 live TV debates. Not in a, I'm going to present some facts to win my argument, way, but in a, I'm going to shout an accusation at you, and then shout over you when you try to answer. Total bellend. A male Jill Stephenson, and aggressive version of that other unionist zoomer, Duncan Bothersall.
  6. That's an obscure one, but imo one of their finest moments.
  7. Stapes


    I remember that England game vividly. We had just passed the International Bar and suddenly the sky almost went black from the number of bottles being thrown back and forth. It was like a scene from a medieval movie with arrows being fired. Not much better in the ground. Always remember a policeman in the Celtic end smiling every time a coin was thrown into the England end.
  8. Terrarium. Which is excellent for both films and series.
  9. To be fair, I probably worded that badly. I think by and large the writing has been good. The thing that had me cringing was when he was driving his car at night in the first episode and a couple of other little things. Since then, no complaints.
  10. Agree about Evil Genius. Initially thought it was a drama about the event and was disappointed to find out it was a doc, but enjoyed it. Quite enjoying Cobra Kai, the follow up to Karate Kid. It doesn't have much of a budget and in places the script feels like it was written by Joey Tribianni. But I'm still looking forward to episodes.
  11. Indeed. I know who he is now.
  12. Never heard of Darren Mcgarvey, but Souter is a strange one. For the watching.
  13. He definitely won't change, but I don't think he was a troll or bigot. Just unable to take a light-hearted comment 😂
  14. Quick question. Is this offensive? Guy I don't know on Facebook laughing at the chances of a Yes vote next time around. So I say 'OK, let' s play a game of Yoon bingo. I bet you're a rugby player, Rangers fan or ex-soldier'. He takes great offense at this (OK. I did check his FB page to see if any were true). Is this offensive? Or is he just being a wee snowflake?
  15. Stapes

    Snooker Thread

    99% pot success in the last four frames. Unbelievable. Quite liking McManus as a commentator, way better than Stephen 'state the obvious' Hendry.