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  1. Red Joan is a great film. Well worth a watch.
  2. That's what I had to do. I had about 20 Springsteen lyrics and cut them all after the quote from the Band lyric. Would be worth asking though. Just find out the publisher from a CD. My feeling is that it's a blanket amount, the same for Springsteen as an obscure band with one album.
  3. You need to request permission to use lyrics. Permission is likely to be granted. However, you will likely be quoted a substantial fee. For example, I wanted to use a line from a song by The Band. No problem, as long as I coughed up £250. My publisher wouldn't touch lyrics unless I had permission.
  4. Indeed. My dad was 77 and fit as a flea, playing three games of golf a week, and looked 10 years younger than that. The medication he was receiving for a relatively minor stomach complaint destroyed his bone marrow (aplastic anaemia) and he was dead in six months. As you say, you just don't know what's around the corner. Enjoy life.
  5. Chernobyl is fantastic so far. Also watching You, about stalking from the stalker's perspective. It looks OK.
  6. I was listening to an English radio station the other night and they were saying that whilst they thought England would probably win the Scotland game, they were genuinely worried about dropping at least two points, mainly because Scotland have goals in them. I had no idea what the quality of the Scotland team was, but they were saying that we were probably in the top eight teams. No real chance of winning the tournament, but certainly one of the better teams.
  7. Springsteen practised in Dan Armstrong's shop before the Greetings tour in 1972. Half the band worked there, so if you have a Dan Armstrong from that era there's a good chance it was mage by one of the E Street entourage. Steve Van Zandt pictured with a clear Armstrong bass (if the link works). https://images.app.goo.gl/brGf1os6b8MubLR17
  8. Aye, done it three times. First was pishing down on an area on a farm, think out East Kilbride way. It was good but not great. Second was a proper set up and it was incredible. Really enjoyed it. Think it might have West Lothian way. Remember being the last man standing and I had to decide whether to take a bullet or charge the Fort and get hit dozens of times. Just for the fun/pain of it I did the latter. The last was indoors in Leith for my son's birthday. It was small, but enjoyed it. There's always some knob though who won't leave the game when shot. Wastes it for everybody. It's like having Dead Pool on one team!
  9. Aye, that's the one. I think officially it's Dalkeith, but locally known as Woodburn. Beware though, dinnae speak during the bingo!!!!!!!
  10. Woodburn Miners' is a must do on the east coast. You had to be in by about 6pm, and they played bingo for an hour. Then the band came on and played the same songs in the same order every week. It was a pretty decent start to the night though, better than I've made it sound.
  11. Aye, Higgins was saying that he was one of the most likeable and respected guys on the tour.
  12. Higgins is an absolute machine at times. Brilliant display. But felt bad for Gilbert. He's 37 and had had very little success until this year. Think he's now been to two finals and the semi of the World Championship.
  13. Got tickets for the final session of Trump/Ding. Hoping Ding wins. Selby is struggling a little right now, and I'm not sure he has enough in his locker to win it this year. For me Robertson could do it, Ding is a possibility, and also Trump. You can never discount Higgins. Agree with everything above about Maguire. Hugely frustrating player who should have won so much more than he has, but let down by his temperament.
  14. Anyone see Gary Wilson's shot on the green against Selby? Leans on the butt of the rest to raise the metal end off the baize above the blue ball. Great shot, but wondering why they no longer use extended spiders or swan neck rests.
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