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  1. Anyone see Gary Wilson's shot on the green against Selby? Leans on the butt of the rest to raise the metal end off the baize above the blue ball. Great shot, but wondering why they no longer use extended spiders or swan neck rests.
  2. The Silence with the brilliant Stanley Tucci is well worth a watch. It's a cross between The Quiet Place and Reign of Fire. Much better than Birdbox, which it also resembles.
  3. Selby's a lucky man too. Could have been down 7-1 after the first session.
  4. I would suggest setting up a Power of Attorney alongside it that can be instituted when necessary. We waited too long and it takes a long time to set up.
  5. World Championships start tomorrow. Anyone going? I've got tickets got the second Sunday, and it looks like it might be Trump and Ding, but possibly McGill. Never been before, so looking forward to it.
  6. The Brawler is a pretty decent film. It's about Chuck Wepner, who went 15 rounds with Ali and was the inspiration for Rocky.
  7. They're a bit all over the place, contradicting each other.
  8. Go read @soosider3 on Twitter. He has posted some of the tables and things might not be too bad. In fact, some look positively, well, positive.
  9. Stan and Ollie was a really pleasant wee film. Both Coogan and Reilly were excellent. Well worth a watch. The Dirt is brilliant. I'd never heard of it until I saw it listed on Netflix, and it's probably the best film they've produced. It's the story of Motley Crue. I knew very little about them, and don't particularly like the music I have heard. But that didn't detract from what is an excellent film.
  10. Went back and watched the very first episode of Absolutely. It was pretty dire. Not sure how long it was before they introduced McGlashan, Stoneybridge and Shadwell. Calum Gilhooley was the highlight of the first episode.
  11. Enjoying this so far. Muir was outstanding, and good stuff from O'Hare. Loving the Ingerbrigtsons, the oldest brother seems a bit crazy, but in a good way. The screen graphics, however, are embarrassing - take every cultural stereotype - the Krankies, a See you Jimmy hat, haggis etc, and bind them together with the Eurotrash music. Who thought this would be a good idea.
  12. That's the one. Tbh I remember it being pretty average.
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