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  1. Has this fucking rocket not been back on then? Back on here!? A shitey message board that died about 5 or 6 years ago? Logging on here every day isn't a priority for me. You should reactivate Helmut's account. A fantasist, masking himself as a German Celtic supporter who just happened to find the TAMB right after one of your other accounts was shut down! Now, that was definitely worth coming on here for! Auf Wiedersehen!
  2. I think this is the first post I've ever seen from you didn't tell everyone that you live in Canada...You did manage a wee 'over here' though. Fair enough, maybe it was pointless
  3. Nae idea who the fuck you are...Anyway. The mentalist made up some mad ID, pretending to be a German Celtic supporter. Cunt even wrote stuff in broken/German English 😄 Funny, tragic life.
  4. Same patter as usual from the mentalist... Regularly drunk? You've nae idea about my life, mate.. How's yer fat burd doin'? How she got a grab on Greggs before you got locked down.
  5. Really couldn't give a fuck...But, if it is the mentalist posting again...You need to take a break. At least you're not pretending to be German this time 😁
  6. Ha! I'm sure it's Ryan I'm talking to. What a sad cunt! 😆
  7. I'm a fanny? How so...You've posted fuck all on this board. Are you a friend of the mentalist?
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