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  1. What a pile of pish. She has an expenses account thats not exactly extortionate. Nae story whatsoever.
  2. Totally agree. Turning it into a complete joke. If it was the woeld cup at football .match just gets played somewhere else.
  3. Corden would be high on the list - tops probs Beckham , Clare Balding, Vanessa Feltz , Bojo, John Motson, Glenn Hoddle, the cast of the Made in Chelsea and the Only Way is Essex -especially that big fat ugly munter - in fact anyone from Essex full stop.
  4. I'm still convinced that the postal vote in the 2014 referendum was tampered with. When David Cameron admits to having tapped up the Queen - who is to know what other underhand means he utilised or what lengths he went to.
  5. Fantastic training for the police cadets though ..having to stand there and listen to that gobshyte for ages ..they should be able to cope with anything after that.
  6. Completely disagree. If they give Johnson a way out of his dilemma it would be disastrous for the SNP. Would see the revival of Scottish Labour.
  7. I thought his performance in Parliament was bad but jeez his address to the nation from the police training centre in Wakefield was even worse. It is unbelievable that huge swathes of England support this buffoon.
  8. I work at night so been watching the daytime shenanigans with interest this week - sky news more entertaining but inch of salt. If I want a proper version of the news its Channel 4 for me .
  9. Its really pissing me off watching the BBC and Sky News persisting with querying why the opposition don't want an election till after end of October. Its blatantly fucking obvious its a desperate Tory game and any opposition would be absolutely mental to vote for it just now. Far more fun just watching Johnson stew. But a bit more sinister seeing the media trying to assist the Tories as much as possible.
  10. No sign of Jeremy Hunt these days - doesn't seem to be doing any interviews keeping a low profile. I actually think Boris will resign rather than ask the EU for an extension.
  11. BBC now becoming desperate. Trying to sow a seed of doubt that the SNP may break with the other opposition parties and go for an early election i.e giving Johnson a way out of his own mess. Why on earth would this ever be the case - the main aim is to avoid no-deal Brexit - BBC again bidding to their master's tune.
  12. That's what annoys me - I always have to login to find out my points total. I don't agree with the new system anyway - at least with the old system you always knew where you stood - nearly got to a ten pointer but had to settle for 9.
  13. Johnsons QT performance waa the worst Ive ever seen from any Prime Minister or Leader of the Opposition. Even Corbyn ran rings round him. He answered nothing .came out with some cringeworthy insults. He may be able to read a speech by his advisor but hes absolutely embarrasing when having to come out with his own retorts. Absolute fucking cretin..yet still loved by the English racist xenophobes.
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