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  1. Great story ..just adds to what anyone who met him has said. Even though there will be tributes galore at Celtic..he must be remembered at tje Scotland Cyprus game.
  2. You just talk constant shyte on here - I said all the team were pish on the day - the team they were playing were fucking dross. Stick to the subject and stop havering you clown.
  3. You must be fucking deluded. The whole game was shyte beyond belief.
  4. Utter pish - he was every bit as useless on the day as the rest of the team - take the rose tinted glasses off and get real.
  5. I couldn't remember where it was we were chatting - remember chatting with you though = it was occasion where I was talking to Ian and somebody had pointed out he was an MP. I was touring round Scotland playing golf last year and went for lunch in Portree - SNP stall in the square - he was well liked by the constituency workers.
  6. New Tartan Army song :- "He's one of our own - Ian Blackford - he's one of our own". Nice bloke when Ive met him on TA trips.
  7. I cant start songs on my own -it needs a big group. Personally Id love a version of sweet caroline - with Oh bonny Scotland instead of sweet caroline. I'm quite happy with "Its the Scotland boys making all the noise" but the Mctominey one - its no the tune its "I love you till my heart aches" aye right fuck off with that one.
  8. Piece of piss back from Marco Polo to Liverpool today.
  9. New different and as camp as fuck.
  10. How fucking wank is that song? Embarrassing pish.
  11. Harats is open .its about 100 yards along road from O Haras which is just a building site.
  12. Just booked . Due to illness did not think i would make it. If you come across a match tik pls let me know.


    Thanks a lot.


    1. irnbruman


      Will do ..no seen anyone yet apart from plane. 

  13. All those that agree with Orraloon say aye. And the nos ...naw. DIVISION....clear the lobby.
  14. Stay away from mcteeko johnny ..hes a nutcase lol
  15. Ive still not got mine by normal delivery. Told to phone back Friday.
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