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  1. irnbruman

    English FA cup

    I said managers are being told to lose ..not players or teams ..how many times do you need to be told. If you are going to comment then try reading properly. And yes i am a mouthy got in real life but too old to run away from hard men like yourself.
  2. irnbruman

    English FA cup

    Whats your problem Dalgety apart from just being a fucking dick. I'll explain it once again since you seem to be a bit thick. No manager is going to tell a team or the players to lose a game ..but plenty of chairmen would have made it clear to a manager and consequently the manager would give the impression to the players that he wasn't that concerned. Now give it a rest with your stupid smart arse comments
  3. irnbruman

    English FA cup

    I never said teams were told to lose. Quite possible that a chairman tells a manager to do his best to lose the game. Ive supported Blackpool before when Holloway was manager and when Blackpool were reaching play offs and in the Premier League ..they never tried a leg in any cup matches whether that was playing reserves or not.
  4. irnbruman

    English FA cup

    You must be a bit wet behind the ears. It might not come as a straightforward lose the game but many chairmen are solely concentrating on revenue (ie league position) and will make sure a manager knows where the priorities lie. Of course there are other teams that take it seriously and will benefit. The result of all this is that the best games take place before the third round.
  5. I think the SNP should temporarily refuse to sit in the house except for key votes against Brexit.
  6. irnbruman

    English FA cup

    No doubt chairmen are instructing managers to deliberately lose matches. All that matters is maximising the TV money coming in.
  7. Sunshine on Leith for me. The English girl in that is absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Just had a look at their fifth round draw. How they gonna sex this one up. What a lot of shyte. Despite managers making wholesale changes and deliberately wanting to lose ..the media cant help themselves ..best cup competition in the world ..my arse it is.
  9. irnbruman

    Scotrail round Scotland pass

    Earlier this month did an explore South Wales pass on the train for 69 quid juanting about on train during the day and staying 3 nights in Tenby.Newport and Llanelli going out checking the pubs at night. Anyone done the Scotland pass. Probs going to do Glasgow to Mallaig ..boat to Skye ..bus to Portree for first night .then bus to Kyle of Lochalsh ..train to Inverness . Another day up to Wick and Thurso on the train ..then back down to Glasgow.
  10. irnbruman

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    Yeah got to be very careful on different forums(for a) as well. The Blackpool chairman sued folk on the fans' website for describing him in certain terms. As for the actual charge sheet , there were far more than that against the bloke on Coronation Street who if I remember was found not guilty. Question for potential jurors - "Ever been to Ibrox?" The one sure thing is that the media and public scrutiny of this case will be massive and potentially more far reaching than Alex Salmond personally.
  11. irnbruman

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    Ive already seen one unionist troll on the comments of a Glasgow Herald facebook post re Alex Salmond - left himself completely open to being sued or prosecuted for his comments.
  12. Now there's a thought. If Brexit doesn't go ahead - an English Independence movement. Living in England - my thoughts are that the population here would definitely go for it.
  13. I'm not normally keen on watching live telly matches but had to watch Talbot v Ayr. Loved it - raw, passionate - Talbot looked as though they were gonna get outplayed but they didn't half dig in and became stronger with wanting to win every 50-50 ball. Commentators seemed surprised by how calm Andy Leishman was in the Talbot goal but Ive seen him a few times against Kirky Rob Roy and to be honest he's as good as any goalie Ive seen in Scotland. Commands his box, great positional sense and makes some great saves. Commentator - "we apologise for any bad language" - pissin myself.
  14. If any of the occupants of the other car had been killed , especially the baby - I bet there would have been an immediate media blackout leading to revelations from foreign media sources. its already obvious how limited and controlled the media are in reporting what happened.
  15. irnbruman

    Where are you going to stay?

    Arrive in Bologna Saturday morning from Kazakhstan. Express bus to city centre. Wee mooch around Bologna before train to Rimini for 2 nights. Train to Venice on Monday morning. Night there then fly back to Liverpool Tuesday afternoon.