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  1. irnbruman

    Tel Aviv Bars

    Apart from travelling to Haifa for the game, I'm just staying in Tel Aviv for 3 nights - doing my touristy stuff in other places on way there and back (Istanbul, Athens and Venice) so treating Israel as a bit of a beach holiday. Been reading about the "Bracelet" bars where you can drink as much as you like after buying bracelet for approx. price of a couple of drinks and some having happy hours. Anyone got experience of Tel Aviv at night time.
  2. irnbruman

    Athens and Venice

    Last time I stayed there on way back from game in Metz was the same time when banks were flooded. The time I had the wine was my first Scotland away match with the Faddy goal. Had 2 bottles of Chablis watching the boats go by and then on to the Rugby World Cup village -great night there.
  3. irnbruman

    Athens and Venice

    I'm in Venice from Sunday lunchtime till flying to London on Monday morning. I'm liking your thinking - did the wine thing in Paris - couple of bottles of Chablis sittign on banks of the Seine.
  4. I dont hate Ferguson ..hes a decent bloke..i just detest Beckham. Family man my jacksie.
  5. Davy ..you got a single seat available. Ive got a hotel booked in haifa but prefer the bus option and staying in Tel Aviv.
  6. irnbruman

    Athens and Venice

    Doing 2 nights in Athens and 1 night in Venice on way back from Israel game. Any recommendations ? I'm probs gonna have a look at the port of Piraeus for a bit of boat spotting.
  7. Egotistical wanker pays a fortune to take to court on a technicality when he was doing 59 in a 40 mph area. Done the same in 1999 when he got off by making excuse he was chased by papparazi. This man is a dangerous khunt behind the wheel as well as being an obnoxious khunt in general. I bet its no the only thing hes paid to diappear. Wheres the burdz ? Fucking hate the cunt with a passion.
  8. irnbruman

    russia poisioning

    Seems all too strangely quiet on the Skripel front. Media dont seem keen on pursuing anything
  9. I'm baffled by all the furore on this subject. In all my days both in Scotland and in England - Ive never come across a single instance of this either in the workplace or in public. it seems to me its purely manufactured by the Establishment to get rid of Corbyn. I'm not a Labour voter (would vote SNP but not able to in England) but Corbyn seems to be threat to the supposed order in England. (id agree totally with his ideas on a much fairer tax system - there would be no austerity if tax was addressed with the same zeal that this government attacks benefits.). This supposed international holocaust definition of Anti-Semitism seems to overlap with criticism of the Israeli government. For me many in the Labour Party and other parties have criticised the Israeli government and espoused the cause of Palastine - but the media seem to like to address that as anti-Semitism. The BBC politically seem to support the Israeli government in its news coverage on the Middle East with the same neutrality as it covers the SNP and Scottish Independence. But the BBC is also hugely anti -Jeremy Corbyn especially with the venom from its political editor Kuenssberg. So its seems very convenient to attack Corbyn with the anti-Semitism allegations - and also give huge coverage to the Blairites who are also jumping on the bandwagon - vis a vis that arsehole Frank Field and similarly David Blunkett (pair of kunts).
  10. irnbruman


    Stayed here for a night on a round Wales golf trip. what a brilliant place..scenery outstanding ..great pubs ..in fact most of the area around the Menai Straits looks really good.
  11. irnbruman


    I loved the Trevi fountain especially at night time. Walked for miles round Rome - its sore on the feet.
  12. irnbruman

    Golfers Forum.

    I play a lot of golf Billy Nomates going round different courses - had 5 or 6 arguments over the last three years. 99 per cent of folk are only too keen to let you play through (as I am with anyone playing faster behind me) - but the main culprits are elderly men who still think that the "single player has no standing on the course". Never got involved in any violence though and stick to picking on folk who are smaller than me
  13. Another England international sportsman found not guilty after video assistant referee decision. Stevie Gerrard got lucky as well after punching the fook out of someone a few years ago in Southport bar. I'm still fooking raging after that unfunny khunt Ken Dodd got off with tax evasion when the judge virtually told the jury he was guilty. One law for some....
  14. irnbruman

    European Games

    I was up in Glasgow for the Commonwealth cycling road race when Geraint Thomas won at. Was great fun watching it at different points especially seeing them flying down the High Street.
  15. irnbruman

    Le Tour 18

    I don't know much about Millar but I like his commentary. I'm sure Wiggins must be a bit of cunt at times but he's very entertaining.