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  1. Well they are all khunts but Boris most likely to fook it up completely. Heaven help is if its Genghis McVey.
  2. Not a cat in hells chance of beating a junior team
  3. Id like to see Boris as next PM. But..if anyone can make total arse of himself he can ..
  4. I think I quoted him rathe than reply direct. But if Ive been a long term user of the board and thinking of chucking it or certainly logging in far less then I'm sure I'm not the only one. Up to those running the board - if they allow that sort of shyte to spoil it - then it will ultimately disappear.
  5. As far as I'm aware Ive not replied to any of his posts. Its either trolling or bombarding the board with shyte no matter what his opinion is. I can choose to ignore or I can choose to use the board far less as it tanks downhill - which is a shame as its very useful particularly to do with travel to away games.
  6. Anyone remaining on the board. Bonny just instrumental in killing it off.
  7. The longer that bonny twat is allowed to comtinuously troll the board ..then the less the board will be used by the rest of us. Total turn off.
  8. At least Steve Clarke isnt a stooge for the SFA..definitely his own man.
  9. Honestly -her fanny is about this big - show them Ann
  10. No thanks ..all that vegan shit fuck off with that. They want to get rid of cows because of the methane they give out. Next they will be gunning for tbe Tartan Army ..some fucking methane produced whenever we go away.
  11. Years ago on the world cup panels ..got the usual yes men but then there was Jock Wallace and Jack. Charlton both of whom just called it as it was. Im sure Roy Keane isnt particularly nice but he also not afraid to get stuck in. I love listening to the guys on Off the Ball when Im back up in Scotland ..but here in England 2 of the biggest wankstains on Talksport..Jim Whyte and Alan Brazil.
  12. Great story ..just adds to what anyone who met him has said. Even though there will be tributes galore at Celtic..he must be remembered at tje Scotland Cyprus game.
  13. You just talk constant shyte on here - I said all the team were pish on the day - the team they were playing were fucking dross. Stick to the subject and stop havering you clown.
  14. You must be fucking deluded. The whole game was shyte beyond belief.
  15. Utter pish - he was every bit as useless on the day as the rest of the team - take the rose tinted glasses off and get real.
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