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  1. 4 years ago .I decided to do the North Coast 500 playing golf on the way round and staying in different place each night. Enjoyed it so much that 2 weeks later went round the Welsh coast. Every year from then gone round different part of Scotland and Wales playing golf. Done over 100 courses each year for last 4 years now. Did Devon and Cornwall in january when roads quiet and hotel prices low .didnt realise people down these parts were so friendly.
  2. Punk took over when I was in my late teens followed by two tone so my fav band is the Skids..seen them a couple of times in last few years. Also liked Stranglers..Clash..Stiff Little Fingers .The Beat.. Favourite male singer Gerry Rafferty and female singer Enya. Love the Proclaimers and the film Sunshine on Leith. If im driving in the morning.I really like listening to Ken Bruce on radio 2. He plays lots of stuff that I liked buthavent heard in years.
  3. If you go for a test drive from Durham area to see if you are fit enough to drive back to London..my thoughts are you would pick easier roads to drive like dual carraigeways. You cannot just end up in Barnard Castle ..you have to specifically select it as a destination .there areloads of different roundabouts around Bishop Auckland with so many alternatives. The road to Barnard Castle is a wee offshoot on one of the roundabouts..and is a particularly tricky one to drive. Barnard Castle itself is not easy to negotiate with a steep downhiller to the river. Its all fucking hogwash and anyone believing it is either stupid or just takimg that stance on political grounds.
  4. I have SMITHY 61 on all my shirts..was too expensive to have irnbruman 61.
  5. I really enjoyed the program. Not a fan of Redknapp but the program was more about the players. We had a group of us on a golf trip in Dumfries last year and Paul Merson turned up at breakfast. As he was on his own.he asked if he could join us and was chatting away like we were his mates. Really nice bloke and I think he came across that way on the program.
  6. Sad to hear of his passing. No matter that I didn't like Leeds or England , he was a player that you would want in your team rather than against you. Not many players achieve legendary status at their clubs but he certainly was at Leeds. Just hearing the tributes to him from reporters that worked with him and fellow players - he was incredibly popular - hard as nails on the pitch and a decent bloke off it. Don't think he ever patched up his feud with Francis Lee though
  7. I got banned for insulting Neil someone from Innerleithen TA. He cliped on me tae admin .then after initial ban I stalked his every post . Then someone put his pic up from the Innerleithen TA page and I asked if their meeting place was one of their bedrooms where they all wanked each orher off . Got banned again Then I made a suggestion about all the Royal watchers lining the Mall the day before William and Kates wedding to the extent that if they were all wiped oot then I wouldnae give a flying fuck. Hastily retracted the post in case polis thought it might be that would wipe all the watchers out...too late got banned again.
  8. Sad to hear his passing. Brilliant goalkeeper with Chelsea but the English population blamed him for losing their World Cup quarter final on 1970. When we played football down the park and you had to take a turn in goals ..most kids always pretented to be Peter Bonetti.
  9. I thought this thread was meant to be about entertainment in isolation..not fooking algebra puzzles. Personally Im just seeing how long I can stay in bed .then get up to watch Four in a Bed in the afternoon. Taking the time to throw in some more wanking practice but Im running out of ex burds tae think about.
  10. Just the brown sauce on a pie..best when eating one and holdimg the other at a fitba match..grease pouring out and rolling down your fingers.
  11. Didn't get tested but if you get it , it seems quite obvious. Never had anything other than a cold since 2012, any other virus has you feeling like shit , but this one for me was all the symptoms - dry persistent cough, fever feeling hot all over, tight chest where I couldbnt take a deep breath - but never felt unwell. 2 of my 3 colleagues doing the same job in different locations all had the same - but one common thing we had that they don't mention is one instance of coughing up blood - fortunately only occurred once - nearly shit myself. As I said elsewhere my daughter got it (not seen her since xmas) she's 31 and it was a close call with her nearly having an ambulance called when she had breathing difficulties - fortunately subsided - shes recovered now but still feeling washed out. I was down to one bog roll before I could get out - special mention to Co-op own brand soft tissued - superb . I had enough food to last but its a strange feeling picking what to eat cos once its gone its gone. Appetite was a bit down so I was only snacking and I eat like a horse normally, The whole experience showed me how lucky I was and how serious it is and how it can easily destroy people if their body can't fight it.
  12. Best bit of Gregorys Girl for me was the older guy who did the cooking. When he was in the headmasters office .."i can do ye a lovely wee choux pastry "
  13. It never got any worse than mild symptoms for me.I was lucky .but thw tight chest and not being able to take a deep breath was the worst it got. However I went out shopping on Thursday after nine days isolation and ive been goosed since in terms of being really tired. Still craving a pie
  14. Just recovering from the virus and got ma appetite back. I cant get back to Scotland just now ..could fucking murder a couple of rolls on square sausage wi a couple of pies. Otherwise for me its Chicken Dopiaza and any sort of ice cream.
  15. What about that SpeedoMick guy ..wanking from John O Groats to Lands End in just his speedos. People lining the streets to watch him wank past them. He needed regular foot rubs to enable him to keep on wanking and posted regular videos and updates of his wank.
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