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  1. I wouldnae pay 20 quid for him never mind 20 million. Seen far better players in the juniors than him. He is just pure pish.
  2. Got to go back to my favourite years sgo on here. I think my burd is havin an affair. Gavin from Autoglass came round to insert some resin intae her crack. Shes no even got a fuckin motor.
  3. Travelling to new places for me. Last 3 years Ive done a week round Scotland and a week round Wales Billy Nomates - playing golf during the day and checking out the pubs at night. Scenery fantastic - particularly the North Coast 500 and views from golf courses across the Firth of Clyde to the likes of Rothesay and Dunoon. In Wales around the Menai Straits and the friendliness of the folk in brilliant towns like Caernarfon Conwy and Tenby. Travelling to Scotland games anywhere - the camaraderie amongst our supporters - meeting old friends and new - plus being part of new places like Nur Sultan(Astana) , Moscow , Tirana , Tbilisi and experiencing the friendliness of the locals instead of the reputation put about the UK media.
  4. Fucking well bad enough that McDonalds straws for the milkshakes are minging. Fortunately carry my own stock of plastic straws in the motor. If they make the big mac non meat then they can fuck off. And hands off oor pies as well. Veganism ..pretentious shyte.
  5. I think that's going to happen anyway. For instance what happens if EU give extension to 31st Jan. Does parliament do fook all and wait to see if it can be extended beyond 31st Jan. I'm at a loss but think the eventuality will be a Tory majority and coming out with no deal. Possibly better doing a proper discussion of the withdrawal bill and sticking amendments into it - then Johnson has to withdraw it ? Who knows what's gonna happen.
  6. This SNP/Lib Dem proposed bill puzzled me at first and on first glance looks them just playing the same silly games as the Tories. Ian Blackford looking a bit silly as the other night he was waffling about a winter election being no good with the cold and dark nights in Scotland. However it seems as if a new bill with 9th December would prevent the EU withdrawal bill being discussed/passed before an election. Then if tomorrows Tory vote is vetoed , the Tories might look a bit silly themselves rejecting a general election. All a wee bit of silly political games. But in the end the Tories will probs have a landslide in a GE with all the racist, xenophobic thick coonts down here just saying "I just want it done" - no matter how decimated their country will be in terms of jobs after Brexit. Specially all these silly fuckers in Sunderland when NIssan moves across the English Channel.
  7. Nail on head. £20m pissed away.
  8. What a pile of pish. She has an expenses account thats not exactly extortionate. Nae story whatsoever.
  9. Totally agree. Turning it into a complete joke. If it was the woeld cup at football .match just gets played somewhere else.
  10. Corden would be high on the list - tops probs Beckham , Clare Balding, Vanessa Feltz , Bojo, John Motson, Glenn Hoddle, the cast of the Made in Chelsea and the Only Way is Essex -especially that big fat ugly munter - in fact anyone from Essex full stop.
  11. I'm still convinced that the postal vote in the 2014 referendum was tampered with. When David Cameron admits to having tapped up the Queen - who is to know what other underhand means he utilised or what lengths he went to.
  12. Fantastic training for the police cadets though ..having to stand there and listen to that gobshyte for ages ..they should be able to cope with anything after that.
  13. Completely disagree. If they give Johnson a way out of his dilemma it would be disastrous for the SNP. Would see the revival of Scottish Labour.
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