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  1. To be fair to them they have priced that very well.
  2. You have named 2 defensive/holding players, neither of whom is a ball winner, In front of a centre mid who is not a ball winner. We are as well playing the Mersey Tunnel in the centre of the park with that line up. Our most important game in years and you want to experiment with a midfielder at centre back?
  3. Wouldn’t have Cooper or Mulgrew. Both not good enough.
  4. Was there on Friday. Brilliant night. Best frontman in the UK. They, quite simply, know how to put a show on.
  5. I read The Athletic article on Patterson, sounds very promising. My first thought was “Get him in your first team and then could be a Scotland option”. Did it say he still had to fill out a little? My mate has his youngest laddie in SFA Performance School in Edinburgh so he sees and talks a lot of Youth football. He was saying to me the other week that apparently Rangers have 2 lads, maybe about the 14/15 year old group who are meant to be phenomenal and very big things expected. You hear anything about them?
  6. Excellent. Great venue for them. Place was bouncing from the start. Had a confetti shower half way through and a load of huge bouncing balls flying about at one point too.
  7. Was at the Chemical Brothers last night. All standing tickets folks got one of those sticky paper wrist bands put on them upon entrance. I was out of the arena a couple of times and the checks going back in were there but hardly thorough.
  8. 😂😂😂 Aye, I made a bit of a erse of that part.
  9. While I would love that to be the case, being realistic, I just can't see it. Unfortunately.
  10. Assuming everyone is fit and in decent form, pretty much the team which started the last 2 games. I would probably play Roberston or Tierney over Taylor as I don't think Taylor will be getting much game time at Celtic unless there is a LB injury crisis. It appears Robertson may miss this weekends game so there might be some humble pie being served. McTominay is the hard one but I really think we need a Jack like player in there who snaps about the place. And the closest we have to that at the moment is Ryan Jack. None of McTominay, McGregor or McGinn are defensively minded. Its not Jack's natural role either but going with the first 3 just asks our already shaky defence to be attacked at will. Therefore I wouldn't be for dropping Jack.
  11. I can guess you are not very good at poker if you don't apply odds to it. But then you understand odds so maybe you are.
  12. I think this highlights, again, the problem of not having a naturally defensive minded player playing in one of these deeper midfield roles. A good one would, as you say, not leave his man and concentrate in getting back to help the defence rather than chasing the ball. Jack is still my best hope, of available players, for that role as he "gets stuck in". Everyone else who we have played there is midfielders whose instinct is to get forward.
  13. If you are offering the odds of a Brechin to beat Celtic on Scotland beating Norway/Serbia then I will definitely take your bet. I will even take that bet if we are drawn to play either side away from home on Friday. How about it? Also, can you advise where you get Serbia starting 11 valued at over £200m please? Would love to see your breakdown of prices.
  14. At €50, €125 and €150 a ticket I don't imagine many Scots would be!
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