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  1. And Jill Dando. And the CCS. An absolute shambles of a post, all in.
  2. Was he asking for the f**king heating to be turned down?! If so, completely in the right. I stand with Broony.
  3. FFS. You label someone a ned because they don't have a good hairline. And tattoos in relation to their dead sister and child. Its not as if he has THUG LIFE tattooed on his shaved head.
  4. You obviously have all the inside knowledge that proves he is. So, let’s hear it. I don’t know him myself but as he come from just up the road from me I do know folk who do know him. I’ve not heard anything dodgy about him off the park and considering who he is, stories about him would fly about if there was any. He’s done plenty at local schools and football clubs. He’s certainly no Riordan or O’Connor. I’ve a feeling you are one of those people who can’t seperate how someone is on a football pitch with how they are in everyday life.
  5. I thought Ball's first was very harsh. He was evening up cards after, wrongly, giving Forrest one. Forrest over-exaggerated but surely the correct decision is still a free kick to Celtic.
  6. Try not selectively bolding certain parts of a sentence to make a point. I will say it again but please read the whole sentence. Boyata make no movement TOWARDS GMS or ATTEMPT TO HIT GMS. He is moving towards the ball, eyes on the ball. Watch the clip. This was originally said to disprove DD's comment about Boyata "piling into the back of GMS". Which he didn't. GMS gets to the ball first, heads it, his action in heading the ball sees him follow through and head Boyata's head. Boyata's head doesn't make any movement towards GMS.
  7. Nope. You will see what you want to see. Boyata makes no movement towards GMS or attempt to hit GMS. He is moving towards the ball, eyes on the ball, GMS gets there first heads the ball and his action in heading the ball sees him also head Boyata.
  8. GMS heads Boyata, Ball heads Christie, yep no difference.
  9. Your memory is playing up. "Piling into the back of GMS".........didn't happen. He would actually be some sort of player if he managed to both pile into the back of him and smash him in the face at the same time. GMS was the one who attacked the ball and headed Boyata. Different from yesterday where Ball is the one who has the momentum and flies into Christie. Seen a lot of Aberdeen fans comparing the two. They aren't comparable apart from two players suffered head injuries.
  10. Thomson had a mare early on. Forrest was fouled but totally over-egged it. Not sure why he books him and doesn’t just give the foul. Ball definitely looked like a “evening the cards up” booking, was never a yellow. His challenge on Christie definitely a card. No idea what Ferguson was thinking. Wasn’t much way back for Aberdeen at 1 down and 10 men given the way the couldn’t get out in early second half. The pen and the second sending off ended it as any sort of contest.
  11. Don't know how much he will serve but its actually 2 days more sentence than the 14 weeks the boy from Birmingham got for actually scudding Grealish.
  12. You have just defeated your own point and backed up SH by saying that the pitch gave no advantages whatsoever when the manager/team were pish. You can't say it wasn't an advantage but now is simply because they have a better manager. If it was a benefit then it would have been a benefit whoever was in charge, maybe not to the same degree with a better team and manager but they would have gained some benefit.
  13. The “troubling incident” unfortunately backs up the rumour that has been doing the rounds.
  14. I am really hoping those were his own personal pics 😂 It helps that the station to airport isn't much more than 10 mins by taxi.
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