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  1. No, he was always on the radar even before Turnbull. Picked up for potential and cheap, not the same category of player Turnbull would fit into.
  2. No. There will be a draw made before the semi final to decide which semi final winner has home advantage for the final. If our semi is the unlucky one we are still, as you say, in the boat of having a couple of days to organise transport at very least. But we will know ahead of the semi if we have to do it, not after it.
  3. Ntcham will be on his way. Looking at £12-15m from Marseille or Porto possibly. McGregor can play deeper, doubt he will be sold.
  4. I was actually quite looking forward to Euro 2020 having games in Scotland. However those prices have killed any excitement stone dead. For one I wouldn't be paying €50 to watch a game between two random countries that I have no affiliation to. And secondly there is now way I am paying €125 or €175 to watch Scotland games. I wouldn't pay €175 to watch Scotland playing in the World Cup final at Hampden, v San Marino, and starting 3-0 up from the first leg! So no chance that I am paying that for group games at the Euro's. I believe there is a second ballot later in the year where you can apply for tickets for your actual country instead of blind booking games where you have no real idea who is going to be playing? I will take my chances with that, if we qualify, and SSC, over spunking money on games where I couldn't give a hoot who wins.
  5. I agree with Slasher that neither side has really done well on this matter but in this instance but, as Motherwell did, Celtic have also gone direct to the fans with the Twitter statement. It is unusual but, again as Slasher said, while it sounds like a teenager who’s just been papped off a burd be fancies, I do think it’s been done too try and ward off likely criticism by the fans of the deal not happening. Celtic feel they have offered fair terms, from other stories it seems the Turnbull side thinks that doesn’t represent terms which would guarantee him as a first choice pick. Which, IMO, is a wee naive. What money you get at Celtic and your transfer fee doesn’t really indicate how likely you are to start. That’s been shown this season alone with Sinclair and Ntcham, about £6-7m worth of fees and probably both near the top of the pay scale, being benched for the likes of Johnston and Henderson at times. If Turnbull, or his agent, thinks that a certain salary equates to a guaranteed start then they are both in the wrong game.
  6. Never a truer word said!! He got the winner on Saturday but his game more summed up by his first action of coming on. getting ball, running past a couple of their players and then straight into another Cyprus player. Heidless chicken.
  7. I can understand what you are trying to do but my only problem with that sort of line up is sticking central players in wide positions.....unless you mean for him to sit further in from the right and leave the right hand side of the midfield free? I have seen Armstrong playing wide left for Celtic under Delia, it didn't work at all and nearly finished the lads career before it started. We are going to need to defend tonight but we will have some of the ball and I would rather have (hard working) wide players who can tuck in, drop back and double up with the full back rather than players who don't normally perform that role.
  8. I am pretty certain Venezia will appeal and probably stay in B. Italian clubs like an appeal.
  9. I can understand your thinking here. However I think as you grow up you can help make a positive contribution to your town/region/country and help make it a good place to live. I like to think of Scotland as a outward looking, inclusive and forward thinking country, that's probably something to be proud of.
  10. But you are not in a public position of power and influence near the top of our football association. That's the difference. I am not saying Mackay should never work again. However certain roles should probably be off limits for him including the one he is in at the moment.
  11. Fair enough but he has just turned 22. There is every chance that he could satisfy everyone's demands.....stay at Celtic to hopefully win the league for the next 2 seasons and then leave having just turned 24 to further develop his career elsewhere. Thats easily a potential 10 years elsewhere, a long time. It doesn't have to be one or the other but from the way some people are talking, you would think his career will be finished come August if he is still a Celtic player. Some halfwit was even saying he was mentally weak because he wasn't going to leave.
  12. Agree totally. I watched the end of N Ireland game yesterday and MON made 3 very attacking subs early second half to turn around a v poor performance. Looking at his 14 that he used yesterday I would say Evans and Cathcart are the only players who would get into our starting 11. The rest are Championship players at best. But they are set up well and the players know their roles in his line ups.
  13. I really don’t think Scotland are in the position at the current time to treat any game as an “It’s only...”. And I definitely don’t think an experienced manager, in his first game in charge, would have been taking the “It’s only” approach, or at least I hope that’s not the case.
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