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  1. Griffiths was poor today but same could be said for a lot of the starting 11. However the way he held off McKenna for the first goal was pretty embarrassing for a big centre back. I actually thought McKenna had a good game that moment aside.
  2. Fuck me, it’s the Daily Mail/Britain First bot. I bet your car has a Help For Heroes sticker on it.
  3. There is definitely strict criteria to get into the LL. Inverkeithing wouldn’t meet that. But this is only Inverkeithing’s second season as an adult football club, it’s been a local kids football club for a number of years. My youngest played at Ballast Bank for a couple of seasons at primary school, always bloody freezing there, even in summer. And yes it was a public park. When Bonnyrigg won the East of Scotland play offs last season they had to meet a few certain criteria to get into the LL. They were initially rejected, possibly due to no floodlights, but appealed and had them installed in time before the start of season to have their promotion confirmed.
  4. Yes they do Wullie. I know of at least 2, one of whom has been there for a few seasons now. Crossgates have done really well considering about 4 seasons ago they had folded. I go and watch Haws quite often as well and they have a decent set-up...and a lovely park in the better weather. I was meant to be at Dundonald a few weeks ago but think that was the weekend most of the games got postponed. Will be up before the end of season.
  5. I honestly haven’t a clue what Ferguson is on. He won’t be doing it out of the goodness of his heart, that’s for sure. He does seem quite “bought in” though. I met him at the match ball sponsorship my mates company did late last year and he is more than happy to come spend time with the fans. Even yesterday, 2.45, he was standing outside the changing rooms having a natter with some fans. I know he had a mare at Clyde but I think their whole set up was a bit shambolic, I read stories of him having to phone round schools to try and get Astro training facilities at times. At Kelty he has the infrastructure and money obviously to give him a good base to build on. I had read about the Berwick issues and also about a wee bit of a turnaround in fortunes of late, good to hear. The LL is only going to get harder if teams like Broxburn, Linlithgow, Bo’ness and the likes start seeping in. Add in one, or maybe both, of Bonnyrigg and Kelty still there and it will be a tough league to win. East Stirling have thrown the money and don’t look like making it out any time soon, will be harder again next season for them. Teams coming down are at at disadvantage IMO.
  6. The owner of Conservatory Converters. The players wages and staff wages will certainly be more than what’s coming in each week. There is a deficit there. Some of the figures I’ve heard rumoured in wages are quite eye watering! The club do generate a decent bit of money. Gate money, hospitality for practically all home league games was sold out within 5 days of the fixtures been announced, match ball sponsorship is £150 a game, I’ve been to that and the food is worth about £1.50! They have other stuff outside just the normal Saturday football game such as “hospitality” for big games midweek and on Sundays. People do take up these offers so more money raised. Overall, it’s only sustainable if the CC is happy to keep on putting money in to subside the rest of the income. He is at the moment and is committed to it, they are slowly redeveloping the whole club. 350 seater stand built and opened last close season, covered terraced enclosure for behind one goal being built this summer to go with the two which run along side of the pitch. They have a U20s, some of whom have featured for first team and other age groups below that.
  7. I go to watch Kelty most home games and the odd away (big game at Spartans today) and, usually, Hill O’Beath in the East Premier when Kelty further away. The East structure is now in good shape and starting to funnel the well set up progressive sides up the league. Adding to BSC as you mention, Bonnyrigg from LL and Penicuik and Broxburn from EP have all done well in the Scottish Cup. The West coming on board would be a good thing. Keltys biggest gubbing this season was Auchinleck in the Scottish Cup....but 1600 there when live on TV shows there is a very good set up at both clubs. Kelty are averaging over 400 this season for home games, with minimal away fans, which is about middle of the road in comparison to League 2 sides. Two things need to change I think to make it a real success. At the moment entry to the LL is via a play off between East and South league winners, if South meet LL entry criteria. This is a mismatch. When Kelty won a close run East Premier with Hutchie Vale they then gubbed the South champions 10-0 on agg. The South can’t match the East in terms of quality of teams and should really be incorporated into any West set up. East has Berwick Rangers and Tweedmouth, West could take the Dumfries area sides. Secondly, while it’s good there is finally a path to progression into league football and it’s not dependent on some failing side losing their status or at the mercy of a vote, it’s still stacked against the non-league sides. At the moment LL plays HL over 2 legs just for the right to have a 2 legged go at last team in League 2. There has to be better promotion prospects and more relegation threat. LL and HL winners should both come up. League 2 should possibly be increased to 16 sides. Even the East Premier/South to LL is only one promotion spot. Should be 2 down from LL and winners of East and (new) West promoted. Agree with you, it’s big for Scottish football and gives forward thinking and well set up teams a real crack at progressing.
  8. Indeed, apologies. I was thinking of their earlier time when Miller and Rae played for them and they only managed the one season.
  9. Yep. Sunderland have been a complete basket case for a while now and it wasn't a surprise to see them go straight through the Championship. Wolves had only 1 season Premier League, got relegated on last day of the Championship the following year and then pissed League 1. At the time, they were your typical Championship club, nothing more.
  10. Ahh fvck. I was looking forward to some Bear on Bear action.
  11. Is it? That’s a shame. At least they look to have done proper due diligence on their victims before threatening them in that case.
  12. It’s going to be a true popcorn 🍿 time moment watching the UB trying to enforce this fatwah on Sandy Chugg!
  13. 😂 Makes sense now. McGregor was good last night but excellent at Motherwell the week before. Great driving run for Griffiths goal and superb finish himself.
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