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  1. Dalgety Bay TA

    The Mighty Celtic...

    You are bang on with first 2 paragraphs. Brown also has some ridiculous pass completion success rate in European football so when you are wanting to keep the ball then it would make sense to play him. The fact he probably destroyed that stat in the first 45 mins last night couldn’t have been forecast beforehand. Add in you are never going to drop your captain in a game like that. Re Burke/Edouard, I’m still not a Burke fan and he had a touch of the headless chickens as well as Lukaku’s first touch last night but, again, he’s just destroyed St Johnstone 4 days previous, it would have been v harsh to drop him after that performance for a player who’s fitness levels are still largely unknown. The only debate last night in that line up was Izzy v Hayes, I doubt either playing in place of the other would have made any difference. We didn’t lose due to which pish LB option played, we lost because we couldn’t create anything or keep the ball comforably when we had it.
  2. People who get wound up by footballers/commentators probably need to have a wee look at their own mental well being IMO.
  3. IMO Rangers were at it with the appeal. Trying to play the system, having a free hit at getting Morelos off the red card knowing there was no really likelihood of that happening. There should be stiffer penalties if you appeal and fail. An extra games ban probably. Would make teams think twice before chancing their arm and wasting SFA time.
  4. I thought they both had a go at each other. What contact there was from either player is debatable. At first glance I thought Morelos stamped on McKenna but hardly to tell on replays how much contact was actually made. IMO it would be difficult to rescind one and not the other.
  5. Dalgety Bay TA

    English FA cup

    You either have a split personality or you have an inability to read what you have written. I even quoted the exact line for you where YOU said teams are being told to deliberately lose games. So, no I’m not the one being thick, I’m just picking you up on your ludicrous suggestion. I’m also guessing you are the sort who is happy to call someone a fucking dick while sat at your keyboard but wouldn’t be so mouthy in real life. Met your type before.
  6. Dalgety Bay TA

    English FA cup

  7. Dalgety Bay TA

    English FA cup

    No, I’m not wet behind the ears. Of course your second attempt is much more likely to happen, chairmen want to ensure managers are aware the league is first priority. But that’s a mile away from your ludicrous suggestion that teams are told to deliberately lose.
  8. Dalgety Bay TA

    English FA cup

    Utter utter shite. You think a chairman goes off to a manager/players and says “Lose this game”? FFS. I will defend it a bit. Yes too many teams use it for squad rotation but a few of those that do so have got their comeuppance in doing so. If you end up with say a Bristol City or a Portsmouth getting kind draws, possible considering how many PL teams are out, and they make it through next 2 rounds then they are one game from final. Games that the fans would remember for many years to come but no one will ever say to them “Aye but remember Watford made 11 changes in a game in 4th round....” in 10 years time. Teams that’s use it for squad rotation are cheating their fans...but for every team who falls into that category there is another team and fans who will benefit.
  9. He had already signed for them, at the weekend. He was there player. This was him arriving to begin playing with them after tying up his loose ends at Nantes. Im not an aviation expert but is there much difference between the plane he was travelling on and a private jet? I don’t know myself. I would imagine he wasn’t going commercially as I doubt there are many direct flights from Nantes to Cardiff, this was probably the most direct option of getting there. And would no doubt be far dearer than an EasyJet ticket.
  10. 😀😀 The thread that just keeps giving. Not actually knowing what a “rolling contract” but still insisting their theory is correct.
  11. Dalgety Bay TA


    I know what Cyberflix is from a quick Google but what is FireDI please?
  12. C’mom Scotty 😂 Saying has sources who aren’t wrong and then makes allegations about a manager who turns out wasn’t even here at the time. That’s just spouting pish!
  13. 😂😂 Shouldn't let little things like a completely different manager get in the way of some fantasists conspiracy theories!
  14. I can give a neutral point of view which will be more balanced than a (Liverpool) fans point of view. Never heard one professional pundit or player decscribe him as world class. Seeing you are using the plural I’m surely you will be able to give 5 or 6 example. Most Man Utd fans would accept a lot of players in front of Luke Shaw, that doesn’t mean those replacements are world class though does it? If world class is defined as preferable to Luke Shaw then there a lot of world class players out there. Robertson is a very good player. He’s no David Alaba or Marcelo though. Just seen you have just linked to Transfermrkt, think we can close this discussion at that point.
  15. Correct, he isn’t world class. Your definition is wrong. You are basing it on the (biased) views of one clubs fans on who they want to have playing for them. That’s never been how you define “world class”.