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  1. Dalgety Bay TA


    England had about 200ish in 1985. In my distant memory I had thought they were all in the front of the North Enclosure at the time, now North Stand. But they were actually in the Celtic end, which was also was the Scotland, certainly didn't have an official section. They got smashed and were climbing the fences to escape and were all gone by HT. Have 3 quite grainy pictures of the them scrambling over fences and being herded out, would post them if I could work out how to!! Sure one of them was in the goalnet behind Jim Leighton at one point. 1987 was bad. They definitely had a section that day. We got the train up from Dunbar, one of the first trains coming into Scotland from the NE England. Was heaving with NE mobs. Lots of bother that day. We also ended up getting the last train south with them on the Saturday evening, about 150 odd waiting to go to NE and about 5 of us from Dunbar, no police. They were fine, no hassle thankfully. There was bother in Waverley late into the evening though with Hibs looking for English going south and a fair bit in Glasgow during the day. 1989 the worst. A lot was made of the English coming up the via the West Coast but again there was loads coming from the NE. We got same train into Edinburgh and then decided to give getting the same train through to Glasgow a miss. As we were leaving Waverley a load of Hibs surged in and there was general mayhem, police caught a bit off guard as it was 10.30 in the morning. Tons of trouble outside, the police on horses at the back of the Celtic end were struggling to cope at end of game as loads of Scotland fans were going for the English section. Ended up meeting some mates and getting a bus home that night so missed centre of Glasgow and Edinburgh after the game.
  2. Dalgety Bay TA

    Mark F***** Lawrenson...

    Picked up on both of those last night. Mental. And the whole second half it was "too hot" apparently. Lawrenson is just a sneering whining man, adds nothing to the broadcast whatsoever. I don't mind some of the newer "experts" like Keown or Murphy to be honest but he is from a land that time forgot. If they papped Hansen off a few years ago he should have went with him. He must know where the bodies are buried.
  3. Dalgety Bay TA

    Russia 2018

    England did well for most of the first half, missed a few chances, created quite a lot though but not quite the "World Class" from Gabby Logan or "the best team the tournament has seen so far" (21 mins in). Tunisia looked all over the place. Seemed to be a different England side second half, like they had lost confidence and went into a shell. Tunisia grew on this and seemed quite comfortable a lot of the second half and towards the end of the game. A deserved win through overall even if the goal came very late as they did have two of the most blatant penalty claims I have seen in a long long time ignored. No idea how this VAR works if its missing things like that, twice. They were near identical to the one Manduzkic got v Nigeria on Saturday night.
  4. Dalgety Bay TA

    Russia 2018

    The host are the weakest team in the tournament based on the FIFA rankings.
  5. I think they may have an inkling they are going to get a decent offer for Dembele, more than Eduard costs.
  6. Dalgety Bay TA

    Gigs 2K18

    Young Fathers in Leith Theatre last night, probably one of the best gigs I have been to in many a year.
  7. That's the worst spelling of his name yet! Thank fvck youse didn't appoint Oleksiy Mykhaylychenko as manager. Aye, I copied and pasted that.
  8. Dalgety Bay TA

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    Definitely agree with that. He locked his arm in and fell/rolled him as they were falling with, IMO, the intent to try and hurt him/land on him and do him some sort of damage.
  9. No they won't. Sunderland are now debt free. They were bought over and previous owner, Ellis Short, wrote off a 9 (NINE) figure debt as part of the sale agreement. Note that 9 figures doesn't include decimal places! They are actually on the best footing they have been for years. They are in a league they should win, they are selling decent season ticket numbers now that Short is gone, they can spend more money than anyone else in League One, its an open goal for Ross to get them up into the Championship IMO.
  10. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    He possibly did but it just didn’t work out as he intended. Your second post also hits a bit of a nail on the head. Celtic’s strongest area is midfield. Weakest is defence. IMO, and possibly his, it isn’t worth sacrificing one of your strongest/best players to replace him with a 3rd centre back. 3 CBs of Boyata, Simunovic and Bitton isn’t going to really make a difference to the outcome and you would have to drop one of Brown, Ntcham or Rogic. PS we were actually 1-1 in Paris when Lustig had to go off. And he was centre back, beside Simunovic with Ralston RB in the 0-5 home loss. If we are to improve anywhere in the summer I would hope it’s defence. I would be delighted with a new RB and 2 CBs with Ajer and Hendry as back up. We don’t even have proper back up for KT. It’s either Calvin Miller, a winger/forward or McGregor because he is left footed. Daniel Church, the grandson of my mates brother, is the next most senior natural LB but has had a injury wrecked season. He’s also only 18 in July. We can get away with makeweights out of position domestically but not really at any level past qualification stages in Europe. As said, with that defensive line up, a lot has to go our way and the big boys have to have a real off night for us to get results or even keep it close. There isn’t much tactically Rodgers can do at present IMO but he can improve it via transfer market and then hopefully tactically.
  11. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    If we extend that to 4, which is still a bit of a scudding, 12 times this season. The CL is a "big" competition with a big audience so it suggests that the "big" players are gonna turn up in these games irrespective of the opposition. PSG rattled in 24 goals in their first 5 group games this season. They wanted to show up and put in a performance. I agree on your last point. But its not a case of not trying to stop it, its just Celtic aren't good enough to do so unless a lot goes our way and the opposition don't perform. We aren't the first or last "wee" team to get scudded by a few in the CL group stages. Liverpool took 7 of two teams this season plus there were a few more gubbings. It happens. I doubt any team doesn't try to prevent it happening, sometimes its just not possible to stop it.
  12. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    I think he did take a pragmatic approach and try to play a more solid system. Unfortunately PSG with Celtic, are like Celtic in Scotland. If they turn up and play their game they are going to win, usually comfortably. When the bigger games come along the players turn up and usually play their best. You reference the PSG results where they scraped results v likes of Caen. That, IMO, is the same as Celtic scraping results in Scotland as they have done this season. But come the big games, v Rangers, Aberdeen, cup semi's and finals, Celtic players usually put in a performance. As do PSG players domestically and in Europe. Their "performance" will always be too strong for Celtic even at their best and trying to remain tight in a game where they need everything to go their way. It happens on the odd occurrence (Celtic beating Barca) but those are the odd odd occasions and the norm will usually always see the "big" team win when they put their mind to. Anyway, all the above nit picking IMO. The only point I was interested in getting across was countering RB's claim that Celtic/Rodgers only know one way to play and struggle to change that. My original answer stands, he has varied his tactical set up more this season than last. He's went 4231, 451, 442, 343, 433, 352 at times this season depending on opponents and player availability. He changed his formation at least twice in cup final alone. To suggest he only has one way to play is just wrong.
  13. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    Nope, he has varied it in European football too. PSG away for example he went 4-5-1 but still got taken apart. Players just aren’t good enough to avoid the humpings. Bar going something like 8-2-0 and sneaking an extra goalie on these are always going to happen.
  14. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    You are wrong but if that’s how you view games I’m not going to be able to change that view. Rodgers has varied his tactical set up more this season than last.
  15. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scottish Cup Final

    Unfortunately you do yourself no favours in trying to make credible points when you make comments like that.