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  1. Dalgety Bay TA

    Stevie Clarke sticks it to SFA

    The trial is this weekend coming.
  2. Dalgety Bay TA

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    100% it isn't.
  3. Dalgety Bay TA

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    National pride would have fixed that for you.
  4. Dalgety Bay TA

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Plenty saying Albania were poor, ok they certainly weren't Belgium but they had already beaten Israel 1-0 on Friday and I would like to think they looked honking last night mainly due to us being good.. From the first whistle we played with a very high tempo, got "intae them" as we used to do in the past and rattled them. Seemed to be late in the first half and in bits of the second before they settled. When they did have little phases they passed the ball well and created a couple of decent chances. Overall though we were the dominant side and we imposed our game on them. Also lets not forget, based on rankings etc, we are playing teams of our own level in the NL. The fact that we were able to dominate one is more credit to us, we weren't playing a Faroes or Andorra tonight, we were playing a nation who has been at a major tourney more recently than us. No real failures from what I could see, everyone did their jobs. We created a decent number of chances and on another night, with a pass a few feet either side of where they were played, with a bit more clinical finishing, we would have had the game done by HT. Thought we looked better in the second half with Armstrong on, midfield 3 very fluid and linked and passed well. A few comments about McGinn, yes a couple of poor passes but his energy and drive and just strength to get his body between man and ball made him very noticeable for me. Credit to McLeish, thought Naismith had a very effective game too, set the tempo with his usual harassment of their back 4, something that I thought was gone from his game nowadays. Overall, came away from Hampden with any moans or niggles for the first time in a while.
  5. Dalgety Bay TA


    Agreed on this "ohh but it was Belgium, they have great players" pish. If I wanted to go and see Belgium and their great players turn it on for 90 mins then I would be picking a game where they weren't playing Scotland FFS. Watching Hazard etc pump us isn't an enjoyable experience. Tonight certainly wasn't high on my agenda for things to do when the draw got made but I have a couple of mates across from Italy for the game. Considering one of them mate at least a 6 hour round trip to got to a game in Bologna back in April with me then the least I can do is fire through from Fife tonight for a few hours. The prices are also good tonight IMO. Doubt that it will have much affect on the attendance however.
  6. Dalgety Bay TA

    Clapping the opposition's goal

    I could possibly understand it if it’s something outstanding, like Ronaldo v Juve, Zidane CL final goal. Nothing last night even close to those levels. They had some clinical finishes from individual mistakes. That was it.
  7. Dalgety Bay TA

    Billy Gilmour

    Was Josh Mceachran not meant to be on £40k a week at Chelsea a few years ago?
  8. Dalgety Bay TA


    I have a small degree of sympathy for him in the way I would for anyone with mental health and alcohol issues. Add in the fact he seems about as bright as a blackout and its dreadful combination. No excuses for the worst of his behaviour, especially the violence, but him shouting/singing whatever he has been up to recently doesn't really fuss me. More fool those who think that is "entertainment" and shame on those who lead him on to producing that sort of "performance".
  9. Word. Popped in for the first time in a long time at the weekend, just to read the reaction to the game on Sunday. Found those two polluting nearly every page of every thread with utter drivel. The fact that I have actually returned most days since then is solely down to being able to put them both on ignore. Now if folks could just stop quoting them I would be content.
  10. Dalgety Bay TA

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    You would like to think so but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting on that to happen. Quite a few I have seen. not on here, felt Collum was totally biased against them on Sunday. No acknowledgment of the McGregor incident.
  11. The only fans still harping on about the Tonev incident are non-Celtic fans. Logan got abuse because a) he was being a d!ck and b) he was winding up Celtic fans while being a dick. He would have got the same abuse whether he was black, white, yellow, orange or green. He's now a panto villain. As is the likes of Scott Brown. Brown also gets abuse because he can also be a d!ck and he also winds up players/fans. Fans in general, especially inside football grounds, can overreact to things that they wouldn't give two hoots about outside a football ground.
  12. Dalgety Bay TA

    Celtic vs Sevco.

    Was just about to mention that one. 23 minutes from what I just read.
  13. Dalgety Bay TA

    Gigs 2K18

    Seen them in Dunfermline last year, still a good watch.
  14. Dalgety Bay TA

    Fort William

    No, lost 11-0.
  15. At the same end. This one worse in that Mottram misses both the goal and then the Thistle player with the ball in his hands handing it to the goalie.