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  1. Dalgety Bay TA

    Racism in football

    Claims he called him a Manc C**t. Been banned from Chelsea and supposedly lost his job. On a similar note, does anyone have any idea what the 2 Hearts fans were supposedly chanting at the Motherwell player? I have heard it suggested that they were singing "Stand up if you hate Kickback".....Any Jambo's got any opinions?
  2. Dalgety Bay TA

    Racism in football

  3. Dalgety Bay TA

    Racism in football

    I was at Walters first game for Rangers, at Parkhead. Horrific day when you look at it now but at the time it was, well Scotland as a whole wasn’t as well educated and it was a “novelty”, not really the right word, for black players to be playing in Scotland. One of the tabloids, can’t think which one now, even joked about the east end of Glasgow being sold out of bananas beforehand. And yes, as SEM says above, there was at least one person in the Celtic end hoisted up on the crush barriers dressed in full gorilla suit. Walters, shamefully, got pelters. My mate copped a quite ripe banana on his shoulder as we stood in the middle of the Jungle. I was also at the game, a pre-season in 1986, v Aston Villa, where the ooo ahh up the Ra chants started. Originally it was a % of the Jungle making monkey chants at the black Villa players including Paul Elliot and Tony Daley amongst others. There was other examples. Gullit I am sure says his worst racist abuse received was at Love St. And if you want a real eye opener, go onto YT and watch us beating England 1-0 in 1985 at Hamden. I always look back on that game fondly, second Scotland game, 1-0 win over England. Went to watch the highlights again recently, the abuse the likes of Viv Anderson got was dreadful. But if I hadn’t watched those highlights again I would never have believed it. I was oblivious to it at the time. 2.30 in and a LOT of chants about Sambo at Anderson, 3.30 in he gets dogs abuse again. Shameful. There have been some recent incidents but they are more isolated. Not excusing them but we, as a people and country, have definitely came a long way since the mid 80s. Or most of us have.
  4. Brilliant! 😀😀 Don’t let silly things like facts get in the way of your insightful comments.
  5. Dalgety Bay TA

    The Mighty Rangers

    I have no reason to lie. You have made an absolute fandan of yourself on here and FB claiming that ron is RH. I have told you plenty of times who RH is and his post just above this confirms that. Just give it up.
  6. Dalgety Bay TA

    The Mighty Rangers

    He is. Ormond has made an absolute tit of himself continually thinking RH is ron. He isn't. Not at all. Totally different posting styles for one but also the fact that ron would have, willingly, outed himself a long time before now if he had came back on here as RH. RH, also, I am sure, maybe lived in D Bay or Inverkeithing for a short while. But he certainly isn't ron.
  7. Dalgety Bay TA

    How to get to San Marino

    I've been in Bologna twice this year for football (April and a weekend before last), 3 nights both times, and its a great city. Will drop you a message with some tips. Weekend before last had a cracking AirBNB just off the main nightlife street.
  8. Dalgety Bay TA

    How to get to San Marino

    Trenitalia. Its starts in Italian but you can change the language to English in top right.
  9. Dalgety Bay TA

    How to get to San Marino

    3 of us Edi - Milan, £55 a head, another 2 £70 a head. Booked trains from Milan to Rimini - £60 return. Night in Milan and 2 in Rimini.
  10. Dalgety Bay TA

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Would probably be my preference too. I think KT is a great player but he feels like half the player he should be when playing at RB. Forrest excellent last night, 3 very good, composed, confident finishes. He certainly seems a confidence player. Both him and Fraser should have nailed down the wide positions now, no more pandering for one paced players like Snodgrass etc. Never been his biggest fan but thought Fletcher had a great game last night, certainly outside the box. Won loads in the air including the flick in lead up to the 2nd goal. Great alround graft from him, just wish he could Forrest like add some goals to his game. The ability of Armstrong and Christie to an extent to run straight forward with the ball is a biggie for us. Teams set up well to defence don't like players "breaking the lines" and getting in behind them. Both can do so well and you can see the impact it can have on teams. Good win but have to question the subs, or certainly Matt Phillips. Don't think I have ever seen a worse 20 mins of football. And that includes the lad who claimed to be George Weahs cousin. Fine if you want to bring on Shinnie to try and shore up midfield a little, maybe then put Armstrong or Christie in the "10". No Phillips. Who seemed to play in a dazed and confused state, wandering around and watching players 3 or 4 yards away stroll past him without putting in any effort of challenge. He then somehow managed to be the deepest player in defence and play them all on at the chance McGregor pulled off a great save on. WTF was he doing back there. Finally, with a chance to kill the game, he sold possession at least twice in the final 5 mins or so. A horror show and certainly contributed to it being more nervy than it should have been. There did seem to a lack of "smart" play in that last 10 mins including injury time. Players just lumping the ball as far up the park as possible FFS. It took McKenna to come out and go past someone and go down to get a foul and kill the game off in the last min or so thankfully.
  11. Dalgety Bay TA

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    I thought it was more the current Celtic set up with McGregor and Christie deeper and Armstrong ahead. It’s odd that it works because neither is an obvious defensive player in terms of protecting the back 4. Both get forward as well, especially Christie last night and in that formation v Leipzig and Hearts recently where he has made big contributions. Whatever, it worked last night and I wouldn’t change any of the line up for Tuesday. I do think Paterson struggled and also possibly isn’t the answer at RB longer term but then I don’t know who is?
  12. Dalgety Bay TA

    Albania vs Scotland - Match Thread [17/11/2018]

    Or Christie seeing as it was him who played beside McGregor and not Armstrong.
  13. I wonder if him and his ‘source” still think there is a split in the Celtic dressing room? Since he came out with that pish Celtic have played 7 domestic games, won them all, and scored 25. Timing is everything.
  14. Catching up on a few days worth of posts, my tuppence on NL. There has been a lot posted in here about Lennons level of “fuddery” and maybe he should tone down his behaviour and suchlike. However I doubt there has ever been anyone in Scottish football who has suffered as much as NL has in his time in Scotland. Abuse, coins thrown, physical attacks both inside the ground and outside while going about his daily life, bullets and even bombs in the post. Are we really meant to believe ALL of this is simply because of how he behaves in a football stadium. In addition, given this variety of abuse has gone on for 18 years or so, and was no where near this level in his time in England, is it any wonder that he ends up given some back from time to time? I have no doubt Lennon got dogs from various sections of Hearts support on Wednesday. The same folks who think they have freehand to call him anything and everything for 90 mins then either turn rabid or start greeting about “behaviour” if they get it back for 10-15 seconds. Nowt as hypocritical as football fans. Neil Lennon is a far better man than I ever could be given what he has had for last 18 years or so. He’s also showed far more restraint than I probably ever could. But in many peoples view he is the one who has to have a look at his behaviour. This is a two way street, if Scotland is ever to progress away from this sort of pish there has to be an acknowledgement that a decent % of fans also have to have a serious think about how they behave in a football ground.
  15. Dalgety Bay TA

    Stevie Clarke sticks it to SFA

    The trial is this weekend coming.