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  1. Think Clarke is probably given up on O'Donnell though he was his player last season. No idea if the Kane lad is "pish" ( pity it isn't Harry )or otherwise but it just seems to be a scramble for anybody. Fully get the hunt for Fredericks type of players but a 26 year old journeyman from a mid table championship team??
  2. Agreed. Really enjoyed the coverage of the under 19s last night. Cracking match for a neutral and hopefully the same tonight, different result of course.
  3. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/todd-kane-set-shock-scotland-20548139 Never heard of him. Getting a bit silly now.
  4. What we were doing well in the first 30 minutes we are not doing now, getting the ball down, running at defenders. Since they got a goal back we have reverted to the long ball. Belarus are looking the stronger now.
  5. We are absolutely smashing these guys, should be about four at the moment.
  6. Was about to make a right tit of myself by saying that was no recommendation for a Scotland squad, but they are top of the Turkish league and only lost to Besiktas last weekend. caulker has played in all matches so far. Still don't think he should be in a Scotland squad but arguably the Turkish league is stronger than the our league. And UK players don't tend to do well there ( fatty Boyd, Michael Stewart to name two. apart from Les Ferdinand in the 80s of course.
  7. Could Google it, but who is he playing for these days?
  8. How many teams qualify? Two we should be OK, one, we will still beat the Germans in the decider 🙂
  9. Clarke needs these four games to finalise what system he wants to use in March and hopefully the players in that system. in particular, what role for Tierney if he is playing for Arsenal by that time, who is the defensive mids, who can play the false nine if Shankland or someone else doesn't work out. At this point he doesn't know his best team and come March that is an absolute must. Russia away is tough and there is no better international shoe in than the team officially ranked bottom. But everyone should be up and ready in the November matches to guarantee their place in the squad in March.
  10. Shankland should have game time V Russia. If he only plays against San Marino then you know whats coming next. ( only does it against shiite opposition ( or is that Iran 🙂 ) .Let's face it officially there is no easier match in International competition than home against San Marino. Should be given a test in a more stringent game.
  11. Think we have got to be relaxed about Arsenal’s decision this time around but not for the November matches. Clarke’s has got to know his best team for the pay offs (not best 11 players) by end of November. If Clarke has devised a system and Tierney hasn’t been part of that ( in matches and training ) then it will be hard to justify his inclusion come March. He should be there and if it takes more “fitness building” and missing two relatively inconsequential matches now then that’s the way to go. Some cracking crosses tonight by the way.
  12. Whisper it quietly but Jason Cummings ( for it is he ) scored for Shrewsbury last night. 😄
  13. Talking of Norwich,their under 23s lost at Portsmouth reserves ( No McCrorie or McGilvery) in the whatever cup.Aiden Fitzpatrick and Archie Mair playing
  14. How good was McLean today? Aside from his goal he was outstanding, breaking everything up, reading the game perfectly, bravely blocking every shot as Norwich hung on. Keep this going and he will be in the play off team. Well done sir.
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