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  1. Agreed, shocking start, I can see why they need McKenna. But obviously got something or they wouldn't have been in a position to blow their play off place last season.
  2. Great result, two massive home matches against the Czechs and Croatians. win both and we will have a great chance of winning the group. Also got to play Greece and San Marino away.
  3. Thought McCrorie's best game for Aberdeen was as a defensive mid against Hibs, think the Dons had Considine back from injury and partnered McKenn and Taylor( ??) McCrorie had a decent partnership with Lewis Ferguson. Great thing about McCrorie is his versatility. Hope he goes on to greater heights.
  4. Think only two teams from the Nations League get in WC 2022 play offs so need to win a semi final ( against another group B winner and then a final.) Think it all depends on who qualifies in the WC qualifications. But more wins and we could get a higher seeding for the qualifiers.
  5. Ok criticising, but is there anyone who could be brought in for the Israel match next month. Shankland, McBurnie but who else?
  6. Two for Haaland now. 5-1 Norway.🤣🤣 Jesus..
  7. Just trying to see this one out. Not very well.
  8. Christie!!!!!, Crises, what crises?😀😀
  9. Haaland scores again for Norway.. If we were to get to the play off final and play them with McTominey in defence....😵
  10. Don't forget the technique, this Czech shadow side are light years ahead on things like basically controlling the ball and getting their heads up and seeing options.
  11. The defensive midfield is non existent, the goal and the Marshall save came from no one closing down their midfielders. this is where you need McTominey or failing that Jack. Is McLean supposed to be playing in this position?
  12. 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-2-1 whatever. Their technique is far above ours.
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