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  1. No Marshall for Derby today, anything we should be concerned about? And this would be a massive concern.
  2. Just a thought , but if Doohan is highly regarded and cannot get a place at Ross County because of another Scottish goalie then surely that other Scottish goalie should be in consideration. Step forward Mr Ross Laidlaw. Not sure he is at the level but neither should be Doohan.
  3. In other somehow related news Eammon Brophy signs a pre contract with St Mirren. Bearing in mind he was part of the squad less than two years ago seems a strange move. ( Killie ----- St Mirren downward move ?? ) Probably will not trouble the selectors again at national level but still an are of concern for us.
  4. Agreed, a great fountain of knowledge. Should have an account on here!
  5. Thank God the Scottish Cup is coming up soon, time for McLaughlin to dust down his gloves.
  6. Think we have a lot to be thankful to McGregor for. Qualifying for EURO 2020 for one thing. If it wasn't for the last minute save against Israel at Hampden there would be no guarantee we would have been in the playoffs. Israel would have won the group and we would be on a different path with an away SF match at best , probably in Israel 😬 Very capable goalie in Marshall but further down, none of Kelly, McCrorie or Doohan are first choice for their clubs at the moment.
  7. Surely not in a Tokyo nightclub with his Kirin Cup medal around his neck.
  8. Read this on the BBC website about the KIrin Cup, seemed like a fun tournament. But look at the squad, even with any possible withdrawals, we are light years away from some of these players. Steven Caldwell, Ian Murray, David McNamee???, I could go on. The future is bright. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/52611568
  9. Not a transfer as such but Stuart Armstrong signs a new contract. Well respected by his teams mates, fans and management of his club. Fantastic pro and well done to him. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/55508558
  10. Terrible news. Didn't always agree with him but as someone said above box office and always worth listening to. favourite Docherty qoute. when Alan Rough was up for transfer from Thistle Doc said. "100,000 wouldn't buy Roughie and I am one of them" Loads more RIP
  11. Who is the kid Kyle Joseph of Wigan? Down as Scottish and 19 years old. Scored hat trick tonight. Played for our under 18s and 19s. New one on me.
  12. As Sheffield will be next season. another non scoring performance tonight so far.
  13. Was going to type something but this is what I would have said. Great find.
  14. BB Why do you need a homegrown slot?
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