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  1. Burj_Alba


    Missed that announcement. Do we assume that the Norway V Serbia match is behind closed doors. Think we would benefit more from a closed door match if its Serbia, much more hostile environment.
  2. Hearts defence last night was pretty poor, both Souter and Halkett posted missing for Killie goals ( and other chances ). The goalie didn't really help. Halkett sort of redeemed himself with great technique for his consolation goal. IMO Findley was by far the best Scottish defender on display at Tynie last night.
  3. Liam Henderson leaving Verona. Think the last time I read about him he was touting himself for Italy as Clarke didn't appreciate his talents. Wee brother probably a better prospect. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/liam-henderson-to-leave-verona-21295832
  4. Just goes to show that players mature at completely different rates, this is what we were expecting from fleckaninho in 2009. took a while.
  5. ... and there endith the shallow hope of qualification.. well this way at least
  6. And must be undroppable for Scotland.
  7. Think Michael O'Neill could be in for quite a few Scottish players as he knows our game well. Interested what he does in January. Even Shankland himself.
  8. Wasn't someone on here a few weeks ago wanting this guy called up? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/stoke-city-blackburn-chase-ross-21017692
  9. This! Really hoping for a Norway win as less intimidating for a one off final. we will crack in Belgrade or wherever.
  10. Don't wont to be negative but this is as bad as it gets.. Think we could have beaten any of the semi teams but Belgrade or Oslo for the final is beyond tough. we will need an outstanding performance to get through this. I had optimistically thought that UEFA would have kept a host country at home but not to be. Anyway not to worry until February /March and in the meantime have a great Christmas.
  11. Thought Palmer looked great going forward. A great feature of our play last night was how the midfield found the full backs with neat through balls ( 2nd and 3rd goals ) and hopefully that can continue. Yup, for me Palmer for RB come March unless of injury or somebody unexpected comes through.
  12. No goalies in the list. Must be all replaceable, probably right.
  13. Think Clarke is probably given up on O'Donnell though he was his player last season. No idea if the Kane lad is "pish" ( pity it isn't Harry )or otherwise but it just seems to be a scramble for anybody. Fully get the hunt for Fredericks type of players but a 26 year old journeyman from a mid table championship team??
  14. Agreed. Really enjoyed the coverage of the under 19s last night. Cracking match for a neutral and hopefully the same tonight, different result of course.
  15. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/todd-kane-set-shock-scotland-20548139 Never heard of him. Getting a bit silly now.
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