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  1. I feel for the School staff. Wife got an email from the school today at lunchtime detailing what group and days (2 per week) my Daughter would be in school and then another email about protocols, detailed information etc.... fast forward 3 hours and the announcement of full 5 day return of School.
  2. In those photos, the Lorrys are on the right Hand side of the road, and have foreign reg plates. Load of jobby.
  3. Guy in my work went to Northern Italy for a long weekend (just last weekend there!), came back in on Wednesday and was sent home in the afternoon after telling the work where he'd been. After consulting the Helpline they said as he hadn't been to any of the Category 1 areas and wasn't displaying any symptoms he should be fine.... but wait for it...... has volunteered to work from home for 2 weeks (after potentially smiting everyone in work). Knob.
  4. To be fair, the Denmark-Sweden bridge is something similar to this. What I've found strange so far is that no one has mentioned that bridge is directly on the route for Sumbarmine access to the Atlantic. Don't think the MOD would be happy about this?
  5. I bought the Curry Guy Cook book(the red one) and the food looks amazing, but the off putting bit is that a recipe may contain around 15 ingredients. However, each of those ingredients references another recipe within the book so it looks a bit of a faff. I know alot can just be bought (such as chill powder, Graham masala etc.), but it looks like you need to have a rath ere r large freezer as alot of the things are to be made in advance and used as required. Will get round to doing one as they do look great though!
  6. Similar issue, but I find it curious that when your phone has a low battery it flashes an LED, which ironically drains the power even quicker.
  7. To be honest the 17th / 18th edition test is a piece of piss. It's not testing your Electrical knowledge, rather your ability interpret the Regs book. Don't think it cost more than £250 to sit at college. The book and on site guide will probably cost you about £120 though. It's the inspection and testing course that's the expensive and tough one that allows you to sign off installations and PAT. There's good money to be made in that. Just checked.... Jeez, it's £480 to do at college. Would like to think that includes the books though.
  8. Dumbarton almost signed Johan Cryuff in the 80s until he realised that the 1st Divison wasn't the Top League in Scotland. 😂
  9. I've been using an app called Tvtap to stream most channels. It's pretty basic and you can't watch on demand but It does the trick for now. Only problem I have is when I mirror from my phone to my Samsung TV, the brightness on the TV goes right down, while my phone or tablet remains the same. Can't find any settings on the TV to alter the brightness.... any ideas? Cheers
  10. I've always said it.... Di Maria is utter junk, no idea how he has managed to play for top teams.
  11. On the plus side, if they ever visit, then the council will need to cut the grass.
  12. I do still very much enjoy it, though feel it has lost it's edge since the books "finished". It's lost its shock and awe factor with killing off some of the major characters as no doubt HBO will be looking at how characters pull in viewers, which will have bearing in whether or not they stay in the series or not.
  13. My exact thought too. I feel nervous using a £50 never mind €200.
  14. Hi Mate,

    Where about's in Loch Lomand are you? Are you in any TA club?

    1. Coldo


      I'm from Balloch, yourself? Not in any specific Club, just go to the games with my mates. There is a bus that leaves from the Laughing Fox in Alexandria that goes up to the games these days though.

    2. Mazziessc


      Yea, It's DASTA - I run the club. Check us on Facebook. Good for info, spare tickets, seats etc :)

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