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  1. Teacher in a Glesga primary tells the kids that every Friday lunchtime she will give them a famous quote and whoever gets it right can go home early. First time she asks who said "an army marches on its stomach?" Jock's hand goes up but is ignored. Teacher asks kid at front who answers in a posh English voice"Napoleon Bonaparte miss." Correct Simon off you go. Jock is raging and swots up all week, come Friday he is primed. Teacher asks who said "we will fight them on the beaches?" Jock's arm is up like a shot but again she ignores him and asks another kid who says in a really posh English voice "Winston Churchill miss" Correct Tristan off you go. Jock's disgusted and says where did all these English c**ts come from. Teacher says"who said that?" Jock goes "William Wallace,see you Monday!" 🤣
  2. Where can u watch it please
  3. Agree that he had a good record when playing for Scotland but sadly back in the pecking order for now unless he rediscovers some form but would be good to have more choices.
  4. Declan could hardly get in a bad Aberdeen side and seems to have lost any kind of form he was in then.
  5. Great result from ROI, we win 4-1 and England get pumped 4-0. What a difference a day makes.
  6. Good finish by Armstrong. Good assist from Adams ? 😂
  7. Pretty sure the Ukraine game was on sky. Premier sports may not be shown in alot of pubs as they already cover Sky and BT Sport. We will have to get used to premier sports as they have the right to Scotland's games now.
  8. I agree the only player who comes close to being a winger is Ryan Fraser but cannot be relied upon on a consistent basis. Prior to that there was Oliver Burke who could leave defenders standing but had no end product. Would love a wide player with pace and the ability to take on defenders the way John Robertson, Wee Jinky and Pat Nevin did to name but a few. Does not seem to be any out there unfortunately.
  9. My thoughts as well, also the manner of defeat v Ukraine was not much better. This is the worrying thing.
  10. Will be interested to see the formation for the next game. Also ROI can do us a favour hopefully.
  11. That's what I mean about the similarity in todays match and the Ukraine game, but the lesson was not learned. Other teams have now worked out how we are going to set the team up.
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