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  1. Would be surprised if Hughes got near the job, ex manager of Poland now being mentioned. Ange to Leeds? You never know in football.
  2. Great game to watch!
  3. Stand Free song is now ' We were the famous Aberdeen'. Apparently ex Poland manager now interested in Aberdeen job.
  4. I agree, but also think if someone really wants the job they can apply. Anyway interesting candidate if true as done a good job at Sheffield United especially in there first season in the Prem. Things did go downhill but that can be said of lots of clubs who get promoted.
  5. Always wanted to see the Fjords and managed it last year on a cruise, so next off off Belgium or Prague as never been before. ( Not too exciting, but keep hearing how good they are).
  6. Been reading that Wilder is interested but is not applying for the post. More of a 'if you want me then contact me'. If this is true then I wouldn't want someone like him at the club, if someone really wants the job I cannot understand why they can't apply for it! Could be paper talk of course, you never know what to believe.
  7. Get the right manager, someone who is going to last more than han a season, and for the record before Aberdeen had Glass and then Goodwin, I think McIness was manager for around 8 years or so.
  8. Lennon and Lambert being mentioned, would they want the job? Not many names spring to mind tbh. Never have I seen Aberdeen in the mess they are in now, easy to blame the manager but the players are every bit as bad. Whoever comes in they need to get it right this time.
  9. Aberdeen fans leaving at half time, once proud club. Sadly it is true what many say...they live off past achievements. Was obvious a while ago Goodwin had lost the dressing room and when that happens it never ends well.
  10. Saw this girl many years ago singing on the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Fringe and have followed her and her band since. Might be a bit Celtic but I am sure Ramy won't mind๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. Sam Allardyce been seen at Pittodrie. Looks like the sinking ship may be saved if Goodwin fails on Saturday.
  12. Have been watching Wednesday on Netflix and really enjoyed it so far.
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