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  1. I am think he had maybe tried to get on previously. If only he had stopped coughing at around ยฃ64.000 or ยฃ125.000 the outcome could have been different.
  2. Totally bizarre the more you watch. I guess the plan was to take a lower decent amount but he got caught up in all the excitement. Even his wife was heard falling out with him moments after he had won the one million as she probably knew he had went too far.
  3. Deserved it, was unplayable for a spell Even when he faltered Anderson never took advantage
  4. Hoping Gary Anderson can show Price how it's done
  5. Nice present and a good stable. I had a small share in a horse years ago and really enjoyed seeing it run. Good luck!
  6. ๐Ÿ™‚Well done. I love a bet as well. I backed the second horse each way as Brian Hughes had travelled to Kemton to ride it.
  7. They reckoned on twitter that the runner up had cheated in previous round/rounds, hence Ken Bruce being strict with the timer today. It certainly showed. Saying that the guy Drew was so quick and fantastic knowledge.
  8. All the best Ramy. Hoping 2021 is better for us all. I thought it was Robert Snodgrass when I first saw your pic.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. Dalglish for me was a class act. Great strength for his size when holding the ball up, also very two footed. Lots of good players back then though but nice to see the likes of Dykes, McGinn and a few others showing some fight and passion in the present side.
  10. He sure was a true warrior when playing for Scotland Ramy. I will never forget his goal v Czech in 1973 which put us into the 1974 world cup finals. I was only 9 years old but remember my father jumping about the living screaming yeeeeeessssss. ( Not boooooom in that days๐Ÿ˜›). Apart from that always led the line superbly. Also had the likes of Billy Brenner, Davie Hay, Peter Lorimer to name a few back then. Usual hard luck story in 1974, one win and two draws but lost out on goal difference to progress into the next round. Good memories
  11. Let's just hope we get off to go a good start this time round.
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