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  1. Lucky enough to see lots of great players at Pittodrie ( especially in the 80s) but Willie Miller is a standout for me.
  2. Along with Dykes I reckon he is the best we have got. Who would you start upfront for Scotland?
  3. Aberdeen just did enough, well done to Dumbarton to keep going. Glass has a huge job on his hands.
  4. Maybe so, but I cannot work out why he was preferred to Gallacher in the first place. Having said that it is good to have a choice.
  5. Yup, great chance for Christie
  6. More like it now, must take our chances.
  7. Get into them now Scotland. Game on!
  8. Shocking first half performance.
  9. Same old story so far against this lot. Austria losing so far 😂😂doubt that will last.
  10. Least you back now! Big rumours Griffith's coming to Aberdeen as well
  11. Bit off subject, but is Ramy banned again as not seen him on the last few days.
  12. Really need to win this one, especially with Austria and Denmark playing each other on Wednesday where something will give.
  13. Not that I know of, that's why I said I don't know if there was any truth in it. A bit like Glass, Lennon and others being mentioned for the job.
  14. Billy Davies is now been mentioned, not sure if there is any truth behind it.
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