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  1. One of my old haunts The Lord Byron or the Fountain Bar would be fun
  2. Well well. If it is not the bloke who goes on about class. How about removing your head from halfway up your arse, watching paint dry would be more interesting than reading your posts. And I don't need anyone to back me up
  3. Not thick enough to spend every evening on here, you really have no life do you.
  4. and now you are boasting about how many older women you shagged, make up your fucking mind.
  5. A teenage lad who was old enough and knew his own mind, now cant you leave it at that.
  6. Looks like there are double standards on here if you post things without any proof.
  7. Ye it was bad taste,so I apologise for that but I posted on this thread originally in support of someone who took her own life and got accused and insulted as well so sometimes enough is enough. I would say the pathetic ones are the people who are slagging her off when she has no way of defending herself.
  8. Does WCTA stand for Wanting Children To Arse.😅😁
  9. You really are getting desperate now. You are the one that keeps going on about bairns and 17 year olds. You really need to handle it if someone has a different to you.🤣
  10. I am thanks to you. Have actually started taking bets on who is going to press the ignore button on you first. Ha ha....have a good one back.
  11. Now there you go making up lies again. As for greeting about insults, reading what you post has been a great laugh. I have my opinion and you have your opinion. You should have left it at that
  12. You said I thought it was cool what Styles did which was a lie. You then tried to make me look like a cunt as you had or have no evidence of this. Now why don't you grow up. I think it is very sad that she took her own life but people like you just want to go on about what what is morally right or wrong. Have some respect.
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