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    Long suffering Scotland supporter but just love supporting them with the Tartan Army.

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  1. robbo cop

    Oliver Burke

    Hopefully can keep it up and give Scotland another option.
  2. robbo cop

    Oliver Burke

    He played on the wing at Nottingham forest but looks like he can play through the middle as well.
  3. robbo cop

    Oliver Burke

    Hoping he gets a lot of game time at Celtic and can show some form to get back into Scotland squad. Still a young player with hopefully a good future ahead.
  4. Very sad, cannot believe people are arguing on this thread. Thoughts with the player, pilot and families.
  5. robbo cop

    Darren Fletcher (The coach)

    Was Pullis greater than Ferguson then I ask. I do agree that though that Fletcher would be a good coach. Mcleish is almost certain to remain manager for our next qualifying campaign unless things go horribly wrong in the first few matches, even then who knows.
  6. robbo cop

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    I would not even bother to boo the guy, watched him play for Aberdeen a good few times and always thought he was overrated, and in my opinion is not good enough for Scotland. Mind you I have never been one to boo players, just give me a good game of football
  7. robbo cop

    Leigh Griffiths

    Does not seem like it, although a year away is a long time.
  8. robbo cop

    Leigh Griffiths

  9. Fair play to Rangers for keeping the league wide open for now, only time I ever wanted them to win, but credit where it is due.
  10. robbo cop

    PDC darts

    Much better from Gary Anderson today, was outstanding in the first two sets
  11. robbo cop

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Always Liked Armstrong and glad to see him playing well at Southampton. Would be good to see Snoddy back in the squad if he continues to play well.
  12. robbo cop

    PDC darts

    Gary just made it again last night, MVG looking good, but suppose it is all on the day. Bully boy must fancies his chances as well.
  13. robbo cop

    PDC darts

    Warming up now, looking forward to it when it comes back n
  14. robbo cop

    PDC darts

    Aye, when I posted he seemed to be cruising, loved seeing the young guy putting the winning double. Price was a pussy when he walked off, not even a well done or pat on the back for his opponent. Looking forward to today's games as it is really warming up now. Got a cheeky quid each way on John Henderson at 600-1 but he got Bully Boy next. Happy if Gary can win it again though.
  15. robbo cop

    PDC darts

    Surprised nobody has had a pop at that arrogant twat Gerwyn Price.