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    Long suffering Scotland supporter but just love supporting them with the Tartan Army.

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  1. robbo cop

    Kevin Beattie

    Decent player as well....sad news. RIP
  2. robbo cop

    Scottish Born Players

    As long as they give it there all it should not matter where they come from.
  3. robbo cop

    St Faddy De Paris 11 years ago today

    To say the keeper made an arse of it, really takes the shine off what was a cracking strike.
  4. robbo cop

    Serious question about Ryan Jack

    I would like to think that Mcleish knows he is not good enough for Scotland and we have better midfield players. Apart from that I agree that booing is not right, no matter who plays.
  5. robbo cop

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Looked easier to score for Naismith
  6. robbo cop

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Two poor deliveries from Robertson....captain or not he should have done much better
  7. robbo cop

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Yes, Gordon has had too many chances.
  8. robbo cop

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    As I just posted.....Naismith goes and misses best chance
  9. robbo cop

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    No disrespect to Naismith, but are we going to learn anything having him on the field. The thread about Mcgregor being the best keeper stands now
  10. robbo cop

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    Still 30 mins to go
  11. robbo cop

    Scotland Women Team

    Never saw that one, but so pleased for them.
  12. robbo cop

    Scotland Women Team

    Well done for qualifying
  13. robbo cop

    Allan McGregor

    Never said they were comparable, we have two decent keepers so don't really get the debate as Mcleish will no doubt use both in the next few games along with anyone else that deserves a chance.
  14. robbo cop

    Allan McGregor

    Both decent keepers, but lets move on from the McGregor incident as he is now back in the frame. Scott Brown retired from international football yet got to come back when he pleased. Non of them are hanging offences, at the end of the day we want the best 11 players on the pitch whenever possible.