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  1. Wish I was as confident of beating Cyprus as some on here are. Going by the the last two games I think it will be a struggle.
  2. Could of and should have been Ally Mcleod, had a great squad back then but failed to progress in the World Cup when we had a great chance. So Brown and Ormond for me.
  3. If he has had or has health problems then he should never have accepted nor been offered the job in the first place. It was pretty eveident from the start that something was not right. All the best to him if he is poorly.
  4. Can hardly remember him running the show against Aberdeen in the 1980s 0r 90s. In fact we bossed them more often than not. As for a great side, there is no doubt Aberdeen were the team of the 80s. Durrant was a decent player but a little wanker off the field. Did he not bash up a kebab shop once lol.
  5. Sooner the better, although sadly too late to help out with the current state of affairs.
  6. Not there best team then, but I would not say there were shite either.
  7. Our 1974 team would at least of have had a go and wore the jersey with pride. Also did they not draw against a very decent Brazilian side. I may be wrong as i was only 10 years old but i am sure very few players called off back then.
  8. If he does has health issues which i also hope are untrue, then he really needs to step down for his own good as things are not going to get any better soon. No doubt that they are underperforming or just not playing for him and his staff. If he is still in charge come the Cyprus match it will be interesting to see the attendance figures.
  9. No doubt whatsover it is our worst result ever..and lets not forget away to Israel could have been easily have been 4 or 5 against us so the warning signs were there. The 3-0 loss looks so worse now after Russia winning there 4-0.
  10. To top of it off Russia win 4-0 in Kazakhstan, shows how bad we are
  11. robbo cop

    Next Manager?

    Demand was the word i used, and i am sure there would be more respect than there seems to be now and i doubt we would have as much club over country as we have now. Then again I doubt he will ever be a Scotland manager so we will never know.
  12. robbo cop

    Next Manager?

    I am sure he would demand and get more respect but I believe he has ruled himself out of the running in the past.
  13. robbo cop

    Next Manager?

    Totally agree, got to forget Fergie, Smith, Souness. Shame about Lennon, but they would be scared to employ him. I still think they will keep McLeish unless something really bad happens on Sunday.
  14. robbo cop

    Next Manager?

    Cannot believe Fergie's name has even been mentioned. Why would the guy want to come out of retirement for this shambles. As for Darren Fletcher, possibly in the future if he were to prove himself and gain experience. In the probably unlikely event that Mcleish gets sacked, then my guess would be Lennon or McInnes as I dont believe Clarke would take it.
  15. Yes worried that we might score a few goals ang all is forgiven.
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