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  1. Let himself down again v Peter Wright then apologised the next day, why he calls himself the Iceman I will never know.
  2. Just saw Rhodes hatrick. All well took, overhead kick was great. Our number 9 spot is up for grabs, so if he stays fit and scores a few then at least a place on the bench is there.
  3. Will take alot more than Craig Gordon to qualify.
  4. Well done and glad you are enjoying the golf. As for myself I am just trying to ease my way back slowly, I am happy with a few games now and again so will not be breaking any records I am afraid. Stopping down Norfolk way with my missus and the dog next year so may look to see what courses are nearby.
  5. Just heard on the news that they are banned from the world cup in 2022, but no mention of the Euros.
  6. Thanks a lot, I remember as a young kid in the 70s with my first half set of clubs carrying them to Hazlehead and back to play the 9 hole course. Changed days now but happy memories. Some good courses down my way now so hoping to try a few more.
  7. Has he actually came out and said he is not available
  8. Christie to start for sure. I suppose alot depends of whether Fraser pulls out of the squad then plays for his club a few days later again.
  9. If we got to the finals and that is a big if, there is no way Brown should be considered or any of the other players who chose not to play for there country again. I think we can all agree that midfield is our strongest department now. His choice to retire not once but twice.
  10. Great chance to get through to the final, although it is far from a certainty as Israel have proved against us that they are no mugs. Would like to think we have improved since them though. One game at a time but really forward to the semi. Hope Clarke gets all the support he needs/wants.
  11. Do not like the guy but got to say he must be the improved player over the past year or so. Beat Anderson, Wright then Van Herein in the final last week in a televised tournament.
  12. Not played in over 3 years due to brain tumour but went to practice range today and hit some balls. Did feel strange to start with but managed to hit a few good ones. Going to try and go down once a week then hopefully try 9 holes next year.
  13. Used to be a social smoker. When pubs banned smoking ( which I totally agree with now) I just cut down on going outside altogether then gradually stopped. After a month or so I lost any craving. That is over 10 years now and I would never smoke again.
  14. Loses the dressing far too quickly and his interviews are painful to watch.
  15. Glad to see some people agree with the negative comments even after we win. I think alot of those comments are aimed at players because of who they play for. This should never be the case. Once the team is picked up then we should all get behind them. Been going to Scotland games ( off and on) since the early 80s and this has always been the case.
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