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  1. Ye I saw it, very tight call to be fair. I thought he was at least level with the defender.
  2. Still time for another boooooooooooom Ramy, just nae sure who it is going to be though.
  3. Could practice trying to save free kicks with Griffith's in training.
  4. Just looked, Betfred is Geo- blocked and Ladbrokes says currently not available 🤭. Back to the darts then.🙂
  5. Skiver hid a muckle win on the gee gees ower the weekend, an is feeling gye flush. He funcies tryin oot een o’ the new barbers in the toon, sae heids aff tae Kleen Kutz on Union Street fir the wirks. Fan he enters, a receptionist hauns him a menu. He disnae like the soond o’ the Bak, Crak an Sak, an settles fir a haircut, weet shave, heid massage an manicure insteed. His nails ar barkit, an he hisnae hid a shave fir a pucklie o’ days, kis he’s bin on a bender. Skiver taks a seat, an aifter a relaxin heid massage, a loon lathers up his chin fir his shave. Then iss stunnner o’ a quine starts workin on his mankie hauns. He funcies his chances, an tries his patter oot on her. Skiver: ‘Yer daein a braw job darlin. Sicht a saft touch. Am nae intae sunsets, bit a widnae mine seein ye gan doon.’ Manicurist: ‘Ta min, bit am mairraid’ Skiver: ‘Dae ye funcie meetin up fir a wee drinkie the nicht. Jist tell yer man yer meetin a freen.’ Manicurist: ‘Ye kin tell him yersel, he’s gein ye a shave.’
  6. Ref been giving England something nearly every time a player has went Though tbh Denmark been poor since first half.
  7. FFS, caught them with the same ball minutes earlier. Was hoping Danes would hold on till half time
  8. Support poor old England who seem to be the only side ever to lose on penalties and get back luck? Nae chance!
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