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  1. Already fined 24 million which is probably about a weeks wage bill so pretty meaningless. Will the ban mean another English team takes their place I presume.
  2. That's a standard 6 x 3 foot Bonnie Scotland flag behind you so I would calculate your height using it as a reference at slightly over 5 foot.
  3. Yeah but he let that girl get sick from cloudy water though.
  4. Great to see him beating that classless rugby roid prick. Other semi currently looking interesting too. Van Gerwen looking decidedly off form.
  5. I think we all knew a conservative majority was nailed on but never thought it would be this bad. Had the same MP since 1992 in Delyn where I vote and he has just lost his seat. Pretty sad really but I don't think the selfish fucktards down here will ever be ready for anything as radical as Corbyn. Cue the Labour party heading for the center ground again and another Blair type imposter.
  6. Whit is the more desirable Ford. But almost had a tear in my eye for the poor soul worrying about his taxes going up on his £80,000 plus salary if Labour gets in. His argument he wasn't actually in the top 5% was compelling.
  7. BBC has it as an own goal Pröpper (19'minutes og)
  8. Always been able to handle a hot curry. Love a lamb naga. But as I get older my arse is becoming less capable of dealing with the fallout.
  9. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Now is the the time to try something different. On a different note nice to see that Ayr Utd are ticking along just fine despite losing him. They played some lovely football in the first half yesterday.
  10. Ayr fan living just outside the Quay. So to be getting slagged off for Killie getting beat is a new one on me.
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