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  1. You ever had one of those apple turnover things at McDonald's. Fucking nuclear hot.
  2. Walking home with a 14 pound salmon at 13 and having it taken off me by the police. Got it back about 2 weeks later after a deal in the pub.
  3. Your probably right but I have a feeling that things can change rapidly in the current climate. Just a pity the bbc, msm and thplinth are still making the left feel silenced. If you think the next election is a given you are wrong.
  4. Every chance they won't. This government could self combust at any point. Oh aye and Boris is a lying treacherous dubious cunt. If they lose the working class north of England vote that has carried them because the the thick fucks are sick of local lockdowns he could be fucked. He won't be though coz Murdoch will spin a few immigration stories through his papers or anti semitism stuff and the sheep will be back in their pen.
  5. One of the other one star reviews was for no 4G signalšŸ¤£. Also one for Arthur's Seat coz no chair in sight. Idiots live amongst us.
  6. Ah that's okay then. Never realised it was pedophile he shot. I take it the shot deviant was wearing some sort of sex offender paraphernalia to highlight himself as a target to a 17 year old out on the streets with a AR 15.
  7. Got a sneaking suspicion mr and mrs Rittenhouse knew exactly what young Kyle was up to.
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