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  1. Let it go man it really doesn't matter as much as you think. Change is generally for the better and we should listen to younger evolving values.
  2. I seriously don't get the need to have hours and hours of coverage on TV. It's fucking pointless and I was really looking forward to the Masterchef final.
  3. You can qualify, progress or get knocked out on penalty shoot outs but the game will always be a draw.
  4. You should watch this. I could tell you a lot of shit but the strength of the guys that originally brought these monsters to justice and their respect for each other make this thoroughly watchable.
  5. "You fucking guy" said no one ever. Surely they could of come up with better than this?
  6. Why don't they take the three when available? They don't break down organised defences from set plays. Playing well but the game management is poor.
  7. Thought before the game I will watch it because we might beat England but even if we do its only Rugby. Well fuck me might not of been the best game to watch but Scotland were outstanding. I normally think defensively Scotland look there for the taking. not today solid as fuck. Only thing going forward is take the 3 points when the chance is there as we never get the try. Scottish sport on the upπŸ‘
  8. Aye well done to the Saint's today. Well deserved. All Saint's final would be cool. Just a pity fans can't be there.
  9. Great to see Gary in the final. It's not going to be a classic and will come down to who can hold their nerve in the vital legs. Gary worries me on the doubles but hope he can scrape through.
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