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  1. Great to see Gary in the final. It's not going to be a classic and will come down to who can hold their nerve in the vital legs. Gary worries me on the doubles but hope he can scrape through.
  2. If Chizzy plays anything like he did yesterday Gary is toast. Hope I am wrong but the way Chizzy is playing at the moment combined with the missed doubles Gary will probably throw makes Chisnall a strong favourite for me. The other semi could go either way as Price looks well short of his best to me at the moment.
  3. Love Frankie. Funny as fuck and although he can cut close to the bone he has social values I like. Gervais I don't like as a stand up comedian but After Life and Derek are brilliant.
  4. Genius . Pretend you weren't Wendy. Think you have been doing that for years.
  5. You keep saying I have clyped on you . I never would because it don't interest me. You are Wendy Who fact. Back in the day Wendy Who said some pretty wierd stuff on here. Caroline would of been shocked. But you felt it was okay to destroy a young girl who had taken her own life. Fact.
  6. What did you get banned for when you were Wendy? Just interested because now you seem to think you are moral standard.
  7. You found what he said on Facebook offensive. I found what you said about Caroline Flack offensive. Such is life.
  8. Thank fuck there's people like you out there policing the morality of others.
  9. So the guy that posted over 17 years on one login doesn't give a damn but the guy that on his umpteenth login in a few years for speaks for us all is only really relevant in the mind of someone that thinks Steve Clarke only calls in here for tactical advice.
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