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  1. BBC has it as an own goal Pröpper (19'minutes og)
  2. Always been able to handle a hot curry. Love a lamb naga. But as I get older my arse is becoming less capable of dealing with the fallout.
  3. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Now is the the time to try something different. On a different note nice to see that Ayr Utd are ticking along just fine despite losing him. They played some lovely football in the first half yesterday.
  4. Ayr fan living just outside the Quay. So to be getting slagged off for Killie getting beat is a new one on me.
  5. I think there was more reason to ban Ormond than Chripper but I don't think either should have been banned.
  6. Think what you want but it was no more than me having had a few beers last night. I wouldn't even have a clue about how you would go about priming a mod.
  7. Brass neck my favourite song. Sorry to have upset anyone. Except down the slope with my pathetic post count
  8. Most people are arseholes. I class myself as a major arsehole. I always admit to my failings though.
  9. Back in the day about the time we were playing Wales away.after Wendy Who got banned I was reading the Wales forum and somebody registered there as Wendy Who was posting almost identical shit to the new poster Ormond on here. Almost word for word. And weirdly both were Saints fans. So yes you are Wendy Who. Really don't bother me but you are.
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