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  1. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Question Time Tonight

    Helen Whately tossed Fiona Bruce's salad. Sorry that was only a dream.
  2. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Oliver Burke

    What was the problem at West Brom? If he has genuinely had to move to Celtic to get game time this is fucking baffling?
  3. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    The Mighty Celtic...

  4. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Favorite song. 40s 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s

    60's Rolling Stones - You can't always get What you want. 70's Bob Dylan - Hurricane. 80's The Cure - Pictures of you. 90's Stone Roses - Ten Storey Love Song. 00's Libertines - Up The Bracket.
  5. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    This weekends matches 2018/2019

    Morelos just spat on Craig Gordon. Surprised Sky haven't picked it up.
  6. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    PDC darts

    Some cunt throws beer on Van Gerwen on his walk on tonight. Never seen the likes before and it upset MVG big time. Got a feeling Anderson will do it this year though.
  7. shunkyboy and the fluffer


  8. shunkyboy and the fluffer


    Live streaming has not been working this weekend. My IPTV supplier reckons that my internet provider is blocking the stream. I have ordered a VPN router to hopefully get round the problem.
  9. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    league cup

    Shagger about as classy as the Rangers fans singing Durrant song as Considine was being stretcherd off.
  10. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Las Vegas Mass Shooting

    Anti-fascism is to be embraced and more than now than ever. With the likes of the EDL, Britain First and FLA pushing their divisive agendas over here they should and will be confronted with direct action. As for the so called "American Patriots" in these videos (American Patriot = scratch my arsehole and it reads RACIST).
  11. shunkyboy and the fluffer


    Only times I lhave lost service is when there is too much traffic. PPV boxing and Liverpool v Man City last Sunday. Too be fair as well when this happens they sort it out pretty quickly usually by killing all other channels.
  12. shunkyboy and the fluffer


    Don't f*ck about with the firestick. Pay about 60 quid or so for a MAG box.
  13. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Ayr Races

    I was there yesterday myself and pretty much hated the entire set up. The fact that the Club stand and Grandstand were on the same ticket along with the entertainment (which was shit) being on at the same time as the races made it feel more like a wedding reception than a race meeting. Ayr racecourse certainly aint changed for the better IMO but at least at the Gold Cup the horse racing will be the main focus.
  14. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Frankie Goes To Russia

    Watched it. Liked it. He is funny your no!!
  15. shunkyboy and the fluffer

    Joshua vs Parker

    Referee killing the fight. Not overly impressed with AJ so far tonight. Definitely there to be got at.