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  1. You were always my favourite poster until you turned into a creep thplinth but you’re not daft. Far from it. It’s fucking him who has a hand in the board now FFS. Why do you think his bollocks has went unpunished for the last year whilst anybody connected to me has either received a ban or has been censored? You’d understand if this sad prick stalked your private life thr last two years and still continues to do so. All because he’d get the “Hun guy sorted” 🙄
  2. Nae wonder I fucked off fae here. The stupid cunts who are allowing that fat cunt tae run his own board it seems now. I’m out again for a while until some other cunt takes over fae him.
  3. I got my Sporting Post fae Davie ‘Hunchback Of Many Clubs’ Seaton.
  4. I mind my Faither phoned up Jim back in 96 and told him I was only 16 and to stop pouring me pints. 😆
  5. Your fellow Luncartonian is finally getting over here this year. Scotty’s allowed over now that he’s no’ married anymair. The barstaff are a wee bitty different than Jim and Bunt used tae be. 😄
  6. After two years of stalking out my private life, insulting my Wife, etc you think I’m going to enter into a fake pm session with you?
  7. Why not get a life outside of the shithole you live in? It’s fun. Honestly. Get some sun. It’s rewarding. 😊
  8. Ramy keeps impressing me. As you say, the pipes won’t be easy. To perform in Carnegie Hall too. Cap doffed Ramy. 👍😊
  9. As long as you’re the bawbag in charge though you get free role to do whatever you want. 💁‍♂️
  10. It take it you gave up on FB? Nobody take you up on it did they?
  11. I’m going to set up 3-4 profiles and talk to myself. Nah, wait a mo. Ro.... sorry, the Mod won’t allow that. 😏 Fucking ruined this place months and months ago.
  12. Look at cunts who fall for this bollocks from him. Fucking hooked morons. There’s a reason why he goes untouched in this place. One simple reason.
  13. Not for one minute did the sad fuck ever drop that act. Beardy will be banned now. You don’t talk to mods like that and survive. 🙄
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