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  1. Chadwick Boseman has died tonight. 43 years old. The guy was outstanding playing Jackie Robinson in the great baseball film.
  2. You thought stalking the wrong person’s private family was the correct decision. Computer says no. Yours is in the post.
  3. Yep, the fat man has hooked more again. TT magically appeared when Bonny couldnae be fucked doing a login. 😂 Oh but wait, pm this and pm that and we’ll sort it out? Fucking morons. 😆 It’s his board now idiots.
  4. When a lonely sad fat Hun decides who is getting banned, which threads are allowed to flourish, which posters are allowed to post pics and engage in pms, what’s the point of this place? Waken the fuck up. 😂
  5. Do us a favour, reinstate who you feel is connected to me and activate our pm and pic functions again and we’ll call it quits? Oh, and you can’t go snooping into our private accounts also. Leave members of my family alone and that also accounts for your recent snideyness when I was talking about my Step-Daughter contracting coronavirus which my Wife was naturally shite scared about. Take me off of the instant notification also so you don’t feel the need to bash yourself into a wank frenzy each time I post. Then, and only then we can call it quits. Have an upvote. 👍😊
  6. Funny, as he tried to use the pm argument to Farcity also before he banned him. Farcity also mysteriously had his pm function disabled. 🤔 Which I’ve just also found out that Farcity’s mysterious ban also came after he called him out for it. The pattern has been as clear as day for a long long time now. There’s a reason why he talks about pm-ing everyone. 😉
  7. Aye, but you liked my new gutties though. 😋
  8. You need to stop annoying me with your pool and palm tree vids while I’m at work you Coagie cunt. 🖕😂
  9. Very convenient talking about pms also after he disabled my pm function. Probably pissed off at what he was reading in the messages.
  10. So, Slasher. I bought your book as you know and I’ve had it sitting waiting on a work away from home job I am currently on now. I’m in some chap’s holiday house in Michigan so last night I decide I have to have an evening away from the pub. The tele is out of action as it’s packed away so I reach into my bag for your book. I ended up forgetting the bastarding thing. 😄 So, last night ended up a wee wander along the beachfront then home to sit with my thumb up my Erchie determined to forget slipping out to the pub. I’ll make a point of getting right onto your book when I’m back next week an
  11. Ever notice that anyone he thinks is connected to me in real life gets banned or censored now? There’s been more than one with no explanations given. His new wee toy the Tamb. Ruled with his monkey mitts to keep all us young upstarts in check. I’ll post whatever. Could be trivial pish and with the flick of a switch in a split second that fat bawbag above will be onto it. It’s as creepy as fuck and has gone on for 2 years but recently it’s just showing him up to be the power mad cunt that he is. Always has to be in control. Watch him reply now and in an instant receive a gazillion upvotes to tr
  12. What the hell do you seriously get out of inventing all these different personas? Then slappping yersel’ emoji daft tae try and show you are the man. What a sad fuck. 😆
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