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    I take it you’re not a Rangers fan then?
  2. Stop answering another of his umpteen logins.
  3. My Granny would’ve had as good a game against that shite. Souness failed against her.......
  4. Apparently some chap named Gaz says that the chance of Denmark crucifying us was “pure fiction” though. 🙄
  5. Against the Faroes. Anybody else and he should be nowhere near the team.
  6. The same cunt as about a dozen other posters. You notice it instantly with the emoji upvoting bollocks too. 😄
  7. I see the endless aliases never end for the big man. 😄
  8. Don't leave us this way,
    We can't survive, We can't stay alive, without your love oh Ramy,
    Don't leave us this way,
    No we can't exist...
    We’ll surely miss your tender kiss,
    Don't leave us this way,
    Ohhhhh, Ramy!
    Our heart is full of love and desire for you,
    Now com'on down and do what you gotta do,
    You started this fire down in our soul,
    Now can't you see it's burning out of control,
    Com'on, satisfy the need in me,
    'Cause only your good lovin'
    Can set us free...... 🎤:sing:
  9. Nae chance such a huge figure from the carry on with him and Tonev was going to be able to work with him.
  10. 10 pints, crack pipe, etc. Gaz, we may not agree but we’ll have a braw party. 😄
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