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  1. Shut yer hole ya Coagie prick. 😂
  2. You’re honestly surprised at a response like that when you called me ignorant? Really? 😏
  3. Right Bonny, dae us a favour and log back oot o’ Vander’s page. 😄
  4. Shut up you fucking moron. 😂
  5. Emotion has fuck all to do with it. He is as shite in the air as he is with the ball at his feet. A truly awful player.
  6. We’re shite. Beyond shite. Players don’t give a fuck anymore. We’ll fall at the first hurdle.
  7. It’s kind-of like those sad Chelsea bastards who trashed Manchester and in doing so gave the family friendly Rangers club a bad name.
  8. Bollocks. He’s as much use being left in his hoose playing Playstatiom than he is for us playing on the deck or in the air.
  9. He’s absolutely fucking gash. First clapped een on him on the Americas tour. Said it then and I still say it now. Should be nowhere near our starting 11.
  10. Certainly cannae be me because if you knew me you’d ken posh is as far away as you can get wae me. 😂
  11. This is obviously pish as I’m the most miserable, moany faced bastard oot there. ☹️
  12. I mind 2-3 years ago he said something innocuous regarding Rangers and a few people, myself included called him Dandyhun. I mind him no’ being too pleased. 😂
  13. Aye, @dandydunn sharpen up a wee bitty Son.
  14. He had every chance if I’d have known sooner. Three places in Chicago show it. Even as early as 8am which is the kick off here. Just noticed he said Thursday. Doh! 🙈
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