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  1. The only doongrading I ever done was getting my first ever hoose in the Stoby on the corner of Arthurstone and Albert. 😄
  2. WCTA

    Play off tickets

    That’s a thing of beauty. ‘Sure to ruffle a few pheasant feathers in some piper jaickit clad Tory cunts.
  3. WCTA

    New jerseys?

    She must be a shite Mrs or else you’d have given her the goalie top seeing as she’d be a ‘keeper.
  4. I’d understand the banning more if someone in Dundee was slagged for looking like a normal cunt.
  5. If we even beat Israel there will be an almighty spike in the run up to the final.
  6. You were never a Glasgow man. You moved to Canada when you were a bairn by Christ. 😂
  7. I know fine well what it is. It was more to do with that eejit Macy trying to insinuate you had some anti-Celtic agenda.
  8. Mask is slipping? Squirrel’s as much a “Tim” as I am. 😂
  9. I got into the third episode and had to turn it off. I love the talent of Cohen too. The writers need their goolies rapped though.
  10. You have a love of OFAH because you’re an stingy cunt though who was raised in a schemie shitehole multi in Coagieville. It’s similar to my appreciation of All Creatures Great And Small and the Beechgrove Gairden. 😄
  11. I watched the new Shaft last night on a flight. Fuck me, everyone has to watch this for a laugh. It could go down as the worst acted film I’ve ever seen. The cringe you will get makes it worthwhile. 😂
  12. Tommy Wright’s 300th game in charge tonight. Only the recently passed Bobby Brown has managed more Saints games.
  13. Perfect clubbing partner for Dandydunn and his fashion sense. 😎
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