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  1. When he posts in a thread, and I contribute zero to the thread, apart from insulting him, that's when I'll say that I'm as bad as him.
  2. It would be nice to post without someone coming into the thread, to contribute nothing than to insult me.
  3. I'm done giving you attention on this thread, that you're trying to ruin. Sorry, do I have to make things simpler? Nah. Your game is squabbling on a posting board with an audience, hoping more people gang up on me. You are so hard.
  4. When did I make it about me? When I said that I have no interest? Technically, every single post in the history of posting boards is personal and about the person posting it. Yada yada. Still waiting. Oh wait, you need an audience? Rhetorical. Anyway. Back to topic, twit. ("I' is pronounced "a") I'm done giving you attention.
  5. Oh, please do get over yourself, you little (word that would get me banned, but itself correct, nonetheless) Not like it? Progress it onto PM, you internet hardman. This thread is about Billy Gilmour, you fucking twit. (The "i" is pronounced "a")
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/talksport.com/football/899184/andy-robertson-john-mcginn-billy-gilmour-scotland-instagram/amp/
  7. What patter? You mean... words? So, it's perfectly fine for someone to come in with no other intention than to call me a boring attention seeking troll? Aye, no.
  8. Is the match on today? I did say "it might change tomorrow'. Reading helps.
  9. Ok. First things first. What makes me boring? What have I said to be considered a troll/attention seeker? These are all tired cliches that you cannot back up with substantial evidence. Aggressive? Yeah. You have half a dozen people spending everyday for years chipping away at you and tell me if you wouldn't be a wee bit snippy.
  10. In the video Gilmour brushed past McGinn. There was contact.
  11. Oh. I'll watch it, and enjoy it, no matter the result. Just a shame about what's happened.
  12. "You wish I would" Ok. Indulge me. What do you want me to "change the record" about?
  13. If Stuart Armstrong plays in central midfield then we might as well give Croatia all three points. Armstrong, all he does is get his head down and dribble forward and more times than not, he loses possession. McGinn does that (and maintains possession), far better. Armstrong would be fine if we played with wingers or as a number 10 or a false 9. In other words, keep him the hell away from the center of midfield. I now have zero interest in this match. It might change tomorrow.
  14. Scotland squad given Covid all clear by English health chiefs as Billy Gilmour is ruled to have no close contacts
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