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  1. Scott McKenna to sign for Nottingham Forrest on Tuesday. £3m up front. Potentially rising to £6m (Probably if Forrest get promoted to the EPL) and a 25% sell on fee.
  2. It was a swap deal with Callum Robinson with Sheffield United receiving a fee of about £1m on top. I think when McBride is fit, Chris Wilder will play Burke and McBurnieb up front together.
  3. The ref ruined the match with the red card. The fact that Wilder brought McGoldrick off instead of Burke is an indicator that Burke is going to get a good run out in the Sheffield United first XI.
  4. No. It's total snobbery. The English, generally, compare the SPL to League 2/3. You saw what happened with Tierney, it took months and Celtic twisting Arsenal's arms to get £25m, even though we all know that he's world class and worth £70m in today's market. Aston Villa bought John McGinn for £4m, and a year later they quoted Man United £50m for him. English football isn't playing with a full deck
  5. 100% yes. There's a bunch of players from the u19s and even u17s that i'd look at and seriously consider calling up. And a couple from the u21's. Too many of our seniors have proven that they are not international class. It's time to fast-track a few young players. The current players must love playing for Scotland, as they never get the blame for a bad performance or a loss. Even if we had Klopp as the manage, and the awful performances and losses racked up, fans would still blame the manager and shield the players.
  6. I never say anything I don't mean. Celtic live off a single past glory of 1967 and Rangers... Can't think of anything.
  7. Nottingham Forest have got something that clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea haven't, and that is history. Two European cups is incredible for an unfashionable English club. I don't care how long it was. Man City and Chelsea may be fashionable, but unless they win the European cup twice, they'll still be miles below clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool Nottingham Forest are bigger than any club in Scotland, easily. League wise, if McKenna does leave to join the English Championship, it'll be a sideways step. If McKenna is EPL class, he'll either get promoted or he'll g
  8. Yep. Ahead of Van De Beek, Fred and Matic. Hopefully it's a good sign. Hopefully he plays well.
  9. When the competition is Stephen O'Donnell and Liam Palmer, it makes it a wee bit easier to make a claim.
  10. Liam Morrison and Leon King. (Hopefully, only so I can stfu about 3 at the back!)
  11. The comparison to Hutton is a good one. Wales Promoted Neco Williams to their full team, even though he only has a handful of matches... And he scored. The sooner Clarke pushes out the old guard, the better.
  12. When I mention that everyone is going to be great? I have hopes for King, Morrison, Hepburn. Players like Patterson and Hickey might join them. Other than that, who knows. Personally speaking, I'd much rather watch the Scotland u17s and u19s, as opposed to the main squad. Does that mean that I think they'll all be world beaters? Probably not, but they'll all be better than our current squad of players.
  13. Yep. I said the same thing a couple weeks ago. I was me with the obligatory "You'd call up a player who has x amount of first team football?! You're looking for attention/you've lost the plot/you're talking nonsense/you're pathetic", etc. Patterson would be in my next squad, with more players from the youth teams.
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