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  1. Exactly. Generally speaking. I attended my local club growing up, but I never felt attached. I support Scotland. That's it.
  2. I don't know. Some people have suggested like rugby, with different codes. Personally, I don't have a club... so I feel for the people that do as this is going to be civil war.
  3. I took this with a pinch of salt at first... But now a lot to EPL fans are denouncing their team and refusing to renew season tickets, etc. This might spell the end of football as we know it.
  4. Out of 164 goals? That's what, every 5 goal? Very prolific in the air. Indeed. Clueless? How about you learn to debate without throwing around silly insults. Once you can do that, look me up.
  5. I actually watched the match today: real time stats. Mate, every single paragraph, apart from the first one, you've insulted me, therefore, there's no point discussing it further. This Is what having the higher ground looks like.
  6. Oh boy. This is going to create civil war in football, on all fronts.
  7. Christ. The typo fanatics in this place are going to have a field day with that post. 😛
  8. I don't mind Gary Neville. As long as he's keeping within FFP rules then he can do what he wants. He should've just tried to club together with his class of 92 mates and tried to buy United. The European Super League will never happen anyway. It'll only happen if the majority of clubs want it to, and as I understand it, the ECA, a group representing over 200 clubs won't support it. This was always going to happen at such stage. Most of the owners of EPL clubs are foreign, most don't like football and the traditions involved. The fans won't put up with it, but Covid has proven that su
  9. Yeah. He's smart enough to see that it was a typo.
  10. So you want to play Hanley upfront? Cool.
  11. I think Dykes would give Maguire a torrid time. I like the one striker and one number 10 dynamic. That being the case, Adams cannot be relied upon. I'm not sure what information people here have got, but I assure you, Adams cannot score.
  12. He wasn't trying to obliterate the entire structure of English football. He was merely a benefactor, much in the way that Jack Walker was at Blackburn. No rules against that If you're going to aim your daggers at him, fine, go for the Old Firm. Go for Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Liverpool, etc.
  13. It does? Well, statitusts can be tenuous. I mean, let's say that Harry Kane was going up against dwarves and munchins. His stats would most probably be 100% success rate. Stats can sometimes be misleading. So, it's usyeally best to watch 90 minutes rather than use statistics. See above. The EPL isn't what it once was. It is more continental than it used to be. Take the leading striker in the EPL, Harry Kane, I don't think I've ever seen him ever win a header as he isn't that type of striker. Neither is Firminho, Salah, Mane, Aquero, Vardy, etc. Wheelbase? You mean "wheelhouse"?
  14. Yeah. It happened a few times. Schmeichel was world class but he wasn't perfect.
  15. It would be interesting seeing an England C team, though.
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