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  1. Outperforming Nisbet isn’t hard at the moment anyway!
  2. He is some boy. I’d love to say we’ve seen the last of him but you’d expect come the play offs he will get excited and re-appear in some form
  3. It’s a shame Celtic seem to be buying only foreigners & pushing the likes of Ralston & Welsh out of their side
  4. Alex Lowry & Scott Wright start for Rangers at home vs Livi in the league tonight
  5. Hopefully Hickey remains at Bologna and Calvin Ramsay joins him there
  6. It’s a good era of goalies for sure but the golden era was probably Goram, Leighton & Gunn
  7. Totally agree. A loan for Robby McCrorie and him taking the 3rd keeper spot again would be ideal, then we can develop him over the years.
  8. It’s very classic Rangers to be playing one of the worst teams in the country at home and to have no youth players playing & the only Scot to be a 35 year old goalie.
  9. 15 year old Bailey Rice, Motherwell striker, linked with Rangers and Man City. If true and he makes a move, hopefully he goes the Gilmour route and picks Man City.
  10. He was excellent again. Based on form it would be very silly not to have him in CM vs Ukraine in March
  11. It’s quite obvious moving to a better and bigger club with better coaches and facilities will make a player, especially a young player, a better player. It doesn’t mean they will become regulars for that club but it would be pretty idiotic to not realise they will improve and make it at a better level by following this route.
  12. Its a good pecking order. Unless it’s a club like Norwich of course.
  13. It’s a good step up for him. Champs league football (probably) next season. Rather that than he moves to the championship.
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