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  1. Why are we playing 1 upfront against the worst team in the world. We are terrible. We might finish second bottom in this group.
  2. McLeish go & please take Graeme Shinnie with you. So out his depth.
  3. Like I said before the game... Clear Robertson et al have chosen club over us. Who can blame them, here’s an 11; Allan McGregor, Phil Barsley, Andy Robertson, Kieran Tierney, James McArthur, Robert Snodgrass, Matt Ritchie, Ryan Fraser, Callum Paterson, Steven Fletcher & Leigh Griffiths Who have chosen not to play for Scotland who could have been on the pitch for this fixture. Tells it’s own story. McLeish has no clue, lost the players early and his backroom team of Peter Grant & James McFadden... that’s the most Scotlandy of backroom teams possible and classic us all round.
  4. Morelos is streaks ahead of the Kazakh strikers. Findlay is decent.
  5. Chripper will get his wish and we will go 3 at the back now as there’s no good full backs in the squad at all. Bates, Souttar & Findlay (If McKenna not fit) as a three.
  6. Jesus Christ. Our team tomorrow is going to be mince.
  7. That abscess in the mouth is clearly complete bollocks to save him the mammoth journey and a tough game when they’re after the title. Disappinting & our team looks fairly talentless and short of creativity or goals.
  8. Also think Findlay may be a better player than Souttar
  9. Stat for you; our entire squad of nearly 30 has 9 goals between them. Must be the lowest ever!
  10. Rod Stewart on the bench too surely
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