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  1. Ian Harkes is eligible for Scotland I have just read. Unsure if he’s good enough, interested or actually Scottish in any way but hadn’t read that anywhere till now.
  2. Atleast he’s playing. He will probably be in the squad for Moldova with Dykes out.
  3. That is true sadly 🤣 It would be nice if Shankland started scoring, he’s not scored and doesn’t seem to be starting for his club in Belgium. We could really do with another option.
  4. McBurnie 🤣 Theres absolutely no chance he’s getting a call up
  5. this will be what’s being mentioned above. Theres a link there to James McFadden touting Tony Watt for a call up also.
  6. Ryan Fraser on the bench as per usual for Newcastle
  7. Harrison Ashby on the bench for West Ham today
  8. Karlan Grant wouldn’t be the first player to play for us after playing for those teams. He’d be about the 100th.
  9. Pish. 17-18 year olds play every week in the EPL. Gilmour is 20 and hasn’t played enough club football as it is to date.
  10. On sportsound yesterday the pundits were all unanimous that Karlan Grant should get a call up & that for the next set of matches with Dykes & Christie suspended & Adams currently injured we need Grant. They also said we should be looking at other forward options as basically only having Nisbet for the Moldova game wasn’t enough.
  11. They’ve got a 3G pitch in every village due to having a lot of money. Totally different to even the Highlands and Islands
  12. Didn’t he cross a couple in for some of our goals in the last couple sets of internationals?
  13. Like Billy Gilmour he probably has a higher chance of making it and also oddly getting a game by moving to a bigger club as Rangers presently have virtually no interest in playing promising young players.
  14. Completely different countries and societies to Scotland though. 10% of our population are jakey bastards
  15. Davie ‘terrific’ Provan. Jerking off every time the opposition do anything remotely half decent & labelling it ‘‘terrific’’ whilst willing the ball into our net and criticising our players and standard for 90 minutes. Bye Davie.
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