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  1. McBurnie has played well tonight sadly. I still can’t stand him.
  2. 38 year old goalie who hasn’t played in years drops down to the first division. Let’s look to the future.
  3. He’s also kak. Last time I saw him play he shipped 9 goals hahaha. Would rather have Bryan Gunn back.
  4. The teams in most other leagues play their own youth players rather than foreign journeymen.
  5. ProudScot


    Starting to be unlikely there will be football in the rest of 2020 sadly.
  6. I think everyone needs to accept that there won’t be any games for us till after summer and that’s best case scenario. Unprecedented times. Everyone stay safe.
  7. Is a pint sized central midfielder too? What age is he?
  8. ProudScot

    Lyndon Dykes

    Exactly. Transfers are going so insane that an average player like McBurnie is nearly our most expensive.
  9. Claiming players regularly move up quickly from the 21s for us. Hmmm. Unsure about that one ‘Scot’
  10. ProudScot

    Lyndon Dykes

    Robertson is one of the best left backs in Europe. What planet are these Celtic fans (presumably they all must be) on!? Its yet to be proven that Tierney can even play at EPL level. A level Robertson excels at.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51879596 Since there won’t be any games now till well... fuck knows, here is some transfer news.
  12. ProudScot

    Lyndon Dykes

    How on earth can anyone possibly think that?
  13. ProudScot

    Lyndon Dykes

    I jest. I agree. It’s like Robertson and Tierney. Some insane Celtic fans probably still think Tierney is better. Its a shame McBurnie is such an unlikeable helmet though.
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