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  1. I think it’s nights like tonight when we realise just how poor the general standard of the Scottish league is. When a player goes to America or Australia to play we assume his international career is over as it’s a lesser standard. Barring Celtic & Rangers, are they!? Doubtful.
  2. Bain, Christie Forrest, McGregor & Morgan start for Celtic Christie scores Griffiths, Henderson & Ralston on the bench
  3. Left sided centre back. Tall and a baller. Championship or SPL loan would be interesting...
  4. I agree with that. It would be nice if Rangers followed Celtics lead by giving their youngsters a chance also
  5. There’s a batch of very talented young Rangers players coming through just now who Gerrard won’t pay attention to in favour of English players
  6. Aye that should be quadrupled. He’s every bit as good if not better than McKenna.
  7. What? Hahaha. What on earth is wrong with him wanting more money!? 😂
  8. Also in Belgium young players play for the top clubs regularly at 16/17. In Scotland young players just don’t play.
  9. O’Donnell is garbage
  10. No because Robertson has always been and is much better than Tierney
  11. Well let’s see what happens then
  12. If Barcelona or Dortmund come in for Tierney I will go and buy a large hat, and then proceed to eat it. He’s nowhere near the level to play for those teams. He’s a good player but a move to a Brighton/Newcastle ish level team is more likely. If he went abroad, which I doubt he would do as he seems to want to remain in his bubble, I couldn’t see him playing for a team who competes in the champions league from any top league.
  13. If Graeme Shinnie is in the squad then Liam Henderson must be close.
  14. Bizarrely the best game I’ve seen Hendry play was for Scotland. Looked very assured.
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