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  1. ProudScot

    Continental players

    It would be fine to see more Scottish young players, especially old firm young players who won’t get a chance, move to the continent. Although not an old firm example, St Clair is a good example of a young player leaving a big club for first team exposure abroad.
  2. ProudScot

    Continental players

    McDonald is absolute gash!
  3. ProudScot

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    You mean our rugby team, more than 50% of which were born outside of Scotland. Some even have no Scottish blood line and have moved to Scotland for good money, hired to play for the national team.
  4. ProudScot

    Albania Match Thread (10/09/2018)

    Dropping Craig Gordon was a very good idea. Can barely remember McGregor being responsible for a goal for Scotland.
  5. ProudScot

    U17 comments from McGlaughlin.

    Everyone listen to that, it’s great listening. Highlights the good work MacKay is doing also.
  6. ProudScot

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    The point is they pick players of the right age which we don’t. A young player for us is 27.
  7. ProudScot

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Northern Ireland and Wales squads are always padded out with them. And they are both better than us. They also cap talented 17/18 year olds. Meanwhile we pick 36 year olds like Gordon Greer.
  8. ProudScot

    Scottish player transfers

    Would he even get a game for Rangers. Unsure of his level especially after nearly 5 years with no football. Shame but I fear he will be released and end up playing for the likes of Hibs and have a solid SPL career rather than get anywhere close to the hype.
  9. ProudScot


    Also wasn’t getting a game at all prior to injury
  10. ProudScot

    Tony Watt

    How many has Griffiths got this season in the prem?
  11. ProudScot

    Team for forthcoming matches

    Fraser has to start somewhere though. If Tierney is left back or left centre back in a 3 and Robertson is left mid or left wingback then Fraser has to be on the right
  12. ProudScot

    Tony Watt

    Phillips uptop & Griffiths. Of course Griffiths should be in even though he’s not first choice, he’s hands down our best striker. Watt must be close again though & a few more goals may see him come into the next squad.
  13. ProudScot

    Phoenix Patterson

    Great debate about his name 😂 Is the boy any good!?
  14. ProudScot

    Tony Watt

    He must be close given that we are now picking championship midfielders & strikers who are miles down the pecking order for their club as our striking options...