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  1. Subbed at HT. For a striker so a tactical change it would seem.
  2. Jack starting for Rangers tonight in the Europa League Welsh, McGregor & GRIFFITHS 😍😍 starting for Celtic
  3. Tavernier isn’t Scottish. Hes clearly vastly superior to the two options we have that you have named. But they are Scottish so we have to make do with them.
  4. Gilmour sits deep too. Won’t be long till he’s back and hopefully straight into the full squad.
  5. This is Rangers best midfield for about 10 years. I feel annoyed at myself for interacting but you are on a different planet. And it’s not a good planet. It’s a scary cold uninhabited planet where all there is to drink is dog urine and liptons iced tea. And both those things are horrible.
  6. Grant Hanley starting for Norwich on Sky. Forgot he existed! It now seems unusual he wasn’t called up in place of Considine etc, however, quite glad that he wasn’t.
  7. Certainly agree about McGregor. Christie is quite handy but McGregor is on borrowed time in the side potentially.
  8. Wonder what his level is. Like Aitchison a decent championship club possibly.
  9. IF we qualify for the Euros next summer, we will have two or three warm up games in May before the tournament starts? This is what every country does isn’t it? We just haven’t had to do it since the 90s sadly!
  10. That’s all very true. If it’s a squad of about 30 for the 3 games then he could have a chance, you never know with injuries etc by then too. And covid.
  11. Could be a dark horse for the squad next month if it’s possible to call him up with the restrictions etc. Probably take a bigger squad for the three games this time round you’d expect.
  12. They signed him for £23.5 million. Burke will play wide but you’d think McBurnie will be struggling potentially.
  13. Yeah agreed. He totally proved all the fans wrong too as he looked out his depth at the back and now looks comfortable and a perfect fit
  14. 300 minutes strolling about at the back like Beckenbauer though 😎
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