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  1. Clarke did not manage us well through that tournament. Why did McKenna come on today!? He looked like he hadn’t played in ages. O’Donnell should have been hooked for Patterson about 30 mins before he was & How the fek is Dykes a guaranteed pick. Clarke also fucked it by not going for it in the 1 game we could really go for it vs Czech
  2. Going for it is the only way we are going to give ourselves a chance to qualify. They have more quality than us, so if we sit back we will struggle to get a grip of the game. We have more pace and physicality and continuing the in their faces brazen attitude from the England game is definitely the way to go, especially without our most technically gifted and possibly influential player in BG.
  3. Of course he would have played
  4. Fuck sake that’s annoying.
  5. It’s not a myth. He had an excellent game in our last game. The game before that he was pretty terrible. Let’s see which O’Donnell we get on Tuesday, hopefully it’s the O’Donnell from the last game
  6. Che Adams, Kevin Nisbet & Lyndon Dykes could all play for us for then next 5-10 years given their age.
  7. Let’s just be thankful Steve Clarke listened to him about formations and the double pivot though
  8. That’s a pretty fair viewpoint. O’Donnell was superb last night. Ryan Fraser showed vs the Faroes why attacking full backs should be picked when we dominate. I think it tells its own story that O’Donnell has at best played for only mid table SPL clubs.
  9. Calm down Chripper. I’ll give you credit you have been less painful lately than you normally are.
  10. He also recently went back 8 years to find a negative comment regarding Ryan Jack. 8 years and 47 usernames ago.
  11. Ah yes, fair. This team has the potential to be better than the 90s team. Maybe even our best team of all time? Here’s hoping we sneak a 1-0 Tuesday & England hump Czech 3-0 And we can look forward to Sweden in the last 16!
  12. What a performance and result. Shows what we can do & hopefully we go for it like that again on Tuesday. Marshall, Hanley, Tierney, McTominay, Gilmour, Adams & Dykes were all immense. Hanley is a machine & Gilmour is quickly becoming a world class player. Great times.
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