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  1. We’re probably as gash as Cyprus now.
  2. Our best team would have McGregor, Robertson, Tierney, Souttar, Brown, McTominay, Fraser & Griffiths all in it. Possibly McArthur too. And none of them will be on the park for the next 180 minutes of football.
  3. Callum McGregor and Ryan Jack should be full backs. O’Donell is laughably bad.
  4. All of our best players aren’t playing for various reasons; Allan McGregor, Andy Robertson, Kieran Tierney, Scott McTominay, Ryan Fraser & Leigh Griffiths What a load of absolute pish, we are a complete joke and the interest in the next couple of games has plummeted from zero to whatever comes after that. Furthermore, in their absence we have called up no young players & our squad is filled with run of the mill SPL players. Ridiculous.
  5. Celtic’s 3rd choice left back who’s not played since summer our only option now? Jesus.
  6. Cooper is out & we only have McKenna, Devlin & Gallagher as cb options 😑 Grim. Very grim.
  7. That ‘explanation’ makes it even worse. Would happily forget about him now.
  8. Rubbish. We’re lucky he chose us, fcuk knows why he did as we are a complete joke. His commitment isn’t under question.
  9. I always thought Freedman should get called up around 95-97 when we were stuck with Gordon Durie or John McGinlay
  10. Given the previous results and performances it would be madness if McGregor was picked ahead of Fleck or Jack. That being said none of the above can be ahead of McTominay, McGinn or possibly Christie, albeit Jack would play in a holding role where Christie wouldn’t
  11. Greg Taylor isn’t even Celtics 2nd choice left back and has barely played a minute since the summer, shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad. Ridiculous, even with Tierney out.
  12. If he’s making demands to play left back when our team contains possibly the best left back in the world & he’s 4 games out of a pub league, he is off his heid.
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