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  1. We’re one of the worst countries at doing it & always have been. “kids” are 23 year olds & apprenticeship must be served blah blah...
  2. Hes came off the bench a couple times in the last 5 minutes. Gilmour has starred in nearly every game he’s played in & he’s not yet a certain call up according to our manager. I think Anderson is a long way off yet.
  3. Banks & Anderson are years from a call up
  4. He’s just came on v Arsenal for the last 5 mins
  5. Fleck with an assist for Sheffield United. Fleck and Burke both starting.
  6. Could be Jack Hendry soon the way he’s playing in Belgium
  7. Taylor still on the bench for Scotland’s embarrassment of a club even with 13 players out. You’d expect his place in the next squad to be taken by Aaron Hickey the way it’s looking.
  8. Agree. Stark especially, it beggars belief how he has a job And there’s a very strong case for Hickey to be in the next squad ahead of Taylor, yet he’s only just came on the under 21 radar as you say. Madness
  9. It’s a shame to miss out on a good young player but I don’t think we need to lose sleep if he picks another nation. Bizarre he’s doing that so soon after being in our under 19s. Must not be all that fussed about representing Scotland tbh.
  10. It wasn’t too long ago you were saying Kennedy and other under 19s players should be fast tracked into the senior squad 🤣
  11. I feel like this is both sarcastic and accurate!
  12. Agree on the rest but don’t see it with McBurnie at all. If we’re taking a big squad for the next 3 matches I’d like to see Griffiths, Dykes, Nisbet & Shankland as the four strikers. McBurnie is the Shane Duffy of strikers IMO.
  13. Shanklands goal a screamer from 50 yards out!!
  14. Youd expect Turnbull & Gauld to put guys like McLean & Paterson under a lot of pressure for their place. The guys who got us to the Euros deserve so much credit but I don’t think there’s many of us who wouldn’t want to see Turnbull, Gauld & Gilmour in our next squad - we will probably pick a large squad as it’s 3 games and covid etc etc...
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