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  1. I think that’s been fair for years but you can’t say that about last year; Alex Lowry, Leon King, Adam Devine, Cole McKinnon all got game time - admittedly they could have received more. Think it’s a step in the right direction though and a couple of last seasons loanees could join the first team squad this season like Kai Kennedy & Josh McPake.
  2. He might be it’s tricky to say isn’t it. Hopefully his next move is a step up though and one where he would get plenty game time. I’m not sure he would at Liverpool.
  3. Yep. There’s a reason Clark has been available on a free for months and nobody has taken him. Don’t rate him & think picking him over McLoughlin in the last squad was a strange one.
  4. You’d think someone who can’t get a game for Celtic would struggle to get a game for a top end EPL team. Squad option though I guess possibly.
  5. McGinn had a fairly poor last third of the season, unsure who would be in for him/what would be a good move for him. Villa will want huge money and is McGinn a champions league level player? Maybe he is but maybe not.
  6. Robby McCrorie linked as back up to De Gea at Man Utd! Hopefully McGregor retires and McCrorie usurps McLoughlin at Rangers this season.
  7. Would rather this than remaining at Arsenal, be nice to see him in the champions league.
  8. Patterson’s debut in Europe for Rangers was a start away against Legia Warsaw in which he played excellent & they won. His next appearance was off the bench at half time against Prague and he scored a brilliant goal 6 seconds after coming on. If you even need his Scotland performances explained then you clearly don’t watch Scotland games 🤣🤣
  9. Patterson impressed in both Europe and for Scotland hence why he got the move. Ramsay is a good player with potential, he was part of a defence which came close to the relegation play off last season & Youd think Aberdeen have done very well to get the money they have - well done to them.
  10. Patterson didn’t go for double the Ramsay fee because he’s on double the wages 🤣
  11. It’s lots of money for sure but what will they invest back in their squad? There’s a lot of debt and a stadium to pay for. Be interesting to see the move Ferguson gets, he probably needs a championship move before he gets the chance to go to someone like Rangers
  12. Pretty grim for Aberdeen if they lose Ramsay & Ferguson in the same window. Finish near the bottom of the league and lose your two best players. Fair drop off from the McInnes days when they were nailed on 3rd and regularly got to cup finals.
  13. St Johnstone were horrific last year, Salford are probably a better side than them tbf.
  14. Can’t believe Canada, Mexico & USA all get automatic entry. So easy for them to qualify as it is, 3 hosts and direct entry to them all is a bit of a joke.
  15. Very good point. There has been starting lineups when 7 out of 11 were over 21 etc. 23 year olds from Ayr United still being capped because they are still eligible etc etc. You look at the last squad and Alex Lowry should 100% have played - didn’t even get on the park. Scott High and some future SPL/championship journeymen played ahead of him. Sums it up.
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