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  1. Clarke should be on the phone to Allan McGregor every day trying to get him back
  2. They just choose to play home grown. Scottish clubs could do the same out of choice. what there can’t be is a rule to enforce it.
  3. They could pick a C team and absolutely horse us.
  4. Serves him right for having an exciting young Scottish team & then replacing him with a far worse average foreign team
  5. Fair enough. Gerrard could do with playing some Scottish players also which would be my main criticism of him.
  6. It’s the questioning of his comments that I think most of us are struggling to understand tbh
  7. It’s a bit bizarre. Probably the same people who were at Pittodrie booing Ryan Jack vs the Netherlands. Personally I don’t care who Scotland players play for as long as they want to play for Scotland and give their all (& are decent players, sorry Stephen O’Donnell)
  8. Being out of the group half way through isn’t going to help. If there’s a good team (which is debatable) and they don’t perform it’s the managers fault.
  9. I’ve watched the interview a few times now and still don’t get the issue!? Seems make perfectly good sense. Also don’t understand the negativity about Gerrard!?
  10. Yet they more than comfortably beat us
  11. I think they sacked McLeish on the basis of various poor results; Losing to Israel when we should have been pumped 7-0 Losing to Kazakhstan heavily Various players giving up or not wanting included under him That being said, are we really any better than those teams!?
  12. I think everything is going that badly just now that nothing almost means anything. Just a complete disaster and a very low ebb.
  13. If you change captain on that basis then Steve Clarke gets sacked on that basis. Neither will happen.
  14. Liverpool will be gutted it’s not Maurice Malpas
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