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  1. Just watching this again, never realised the amount of times he actually changed his mind. And the Craig David question where he said he had never heard of him then changes his mind and answers Craig David😄. If he had settled for around £64,000 he would most likely have got away with it.
  2. Fair enough, just saw the reply at half time. I had been watching Hedges touch on the back earlier on.
  3. Yes Main should have seen red, although McCoist has told us about 10 times now☹️. Need to see penalty descion again as was watching the touch on the back more than anything. End of the day it has spoiled the game with Hedges going off.
  4. What a disgusting cheat of a player Moleros is. We all know how easy he goes down but a touch on the back? Not convinced Hedges was last player either. Cosgrove could have went down earlier but stayed on his feet. Referee has spoiled what could have been a good game yet again.
  5. It was relatively unheard of any schools in Aberdeen to close back in the 70s and we were so used to going to school in the snow we thought nothing of it. Our mother just told us to get our wellies on and off we went. Only a few kids had a sledge so we used to break up a cardboard box and sit on it for sliding down the hills. Such a shame you hardly ever see kids playing in the snow or sledging nowadays.
  6. No problem mate! Might try and start a horse racing forum so can also post it on there. 🙂
  7. Sad news, built a very good side at Dundee United in 80s. Just read that former Aberdeen player Chic McLelland also passed away today.☹️
  8. Hope it is one of the Giant toblerones Ramy😛. Canny beat them can ye
  9. So what are your favourites or anything totally unexpected. Got usual toiletries, aftershave, some booze which never goes to waste. Love my horse racing so pleased to say the Mrs has got me 2 shares in a horse called Fable trained by Nicky Henderson ( good trainer). Includes stable visits etc and updates on other horses in the stable who are doing well. Won't make me a fortune by any means but hopefully will run some good races and maybe get a win with any luck.
  10. Merry Xmas and new year Ramy Hope our team's get lots of boooooooooooms! especially Scotland 😀
  11. They were the best in Europe, so I reckon that covers Scotland.
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