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  1. duncan II

    The Mighty Rangers

    My favourite Deacon Blue medley.
  2. duncan II

    Paris Masters

    Thanks, will keep that in mind. Appreciate your help.
  3. duncan II

    Paris Masters

    Hi, Anyone any experience of buying tickets for tennis tournaments, especially Paris Masters? Missus big tennis fan and wanted to get tickets for her 40th in November. Not bought for anything like this before and don't want to get ripped off. A look online suggests public tickets not available till September but how do I ensure I can secure two then? There seem to be sites selling now but not sure of legitimacy and if too expensive. I know loads of you buy for overseas events such as this so may have tips. Help appreciated.
  4. I love seeing all this moon stuff. Read a couple of books on the 12 men who went. Sad to see them start to die off. To think that humankind has looked up to that object in the sky for hundreds of thousands of years and then these guys had the opportunity to walk on the surface. What an experience! Mankind's greatest achievement and a signifier of our potential. Would be great to get back on topic. Can Huddersfield et al continue posting their memories and sharing the images they find and stop wasting the thread arguing with crazy folk? 😃 I was just too young to experience the excitement of watching the missions at the time. Great stuff.
  5. duncan II

    To stay or go?

    Come on. Come on!
  6. duncan II

    To stay or go?

    McPherson? Dave McPherson? Come on.
  7. So the wee man is two and very good at his animal identifications. Problem is, whenever he sees a gorilla on tv or in a book he insists it's a monkey. The question is, should i continue with telling him he's right and hope he understands the distinction in due course or be tough now and insist he gets it right? The missus keeps saying well done and I want to scream, "a gorilla is not a monkey, its an ape". Similarly with camels and dromedaries.
  8. duncan II

    Scottish SPL Players

    The anti James Forrest thing is a real bandwagon-jumping thing. I get he sometimes has ineffective games. He's a winger, it's the nature of the beast. He's started the season well for Celtic. Think he is deserving of a starting slot for Scotland. I realise im in minority but not going to hide this opinion for fear of being shot down. I'm pro Forrest and proud. So there.
  9. I have a spare ticket for Old Crow Medicine Show doing Dylan's Blonde On Blonde album Sunday night at Glasgow ABC. Was going with wife but we cant get babysitter. Would still like to go but will sell both if you want. Clips in youtube of them doing songs from the album if you want to check 'em out. Were last in Glasgow the week my son was born so missed them then too. Destined never to see them.
  10. Aye, right enough. I personally have never been wrong but knowing this fact and making folk aware of it sometimes makes me come across rocket-like.
  11. I think that's harsh. Guy sticking up for his beliefs which, for the most part, are quite normal and decent.
  12. You kill mice so no telling you.
  13. Cheers. I agree with what you say. Wonder if they'll make any in roads.