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  1. To be fair, your decision to continue this line of thinking is a worse decision than hendry deciding to shoot.
  2. Not sure why McGregor and Forrest getting singled out. They didn't start! And played OK when they came on.
  3. They certainly weren’t rubbish. Good you got to experience that.
  4. The Greece tournament win was brilliant. It’s what keeps all the wee teams dreaming. People who tell you it was rubbish and boring tend to be the same people who say penalty shootouts are a lottery. They took on the best of Europe and won.
  5. I think people are seriously overrating Colin Hendry. He really wasn't that great. Yeah, he won the English league, but it was very much a sum of the parts team effort. He was good, but he wasn't brilliant.
  6. Really hope he can pull through. Awful.
  7. New Insigne, and it’s all over now.
  8. You can disagree with it if you like, that's valid (although I don't agree). But to stand and openly vent just makes those doing it appear to disagree with a show of solidarity against racism. It doesn't help.
  9. So it's quite clearly been said it's being done as a show of solidarity for black players and those affected by racism... and you're going to boo it? To be fair, you sound like a cock.
  10. I’m not entirely sure what these reasons are, though. People are just trying to create grey areas; for what purpose, I don’t know. Can’t we just perform one simple gesture in order to show solidarity? That’s it. That’s all that’s being asked. You won’t actually be doing anything other than saying, I’m on the side of those who are facing discrimination because of the colour of their skin. Associating it with defacing war memorials now? Wtf?
  11. I think we should be showing solidarity with those who face racism. I think we should take the knee. Not gonna “go in a strop” about it but strongly feel it’s the right thing to do.
  12. Yeah, that's the way I see it.
  13. Not entirely sure I understand what McGregor's done wrong. He's been a mainstay of the midfield that's got us to this position and his work in recycling the ball and keeping things moving is vastly underrated by people on here. Some of the comments, I question if the person has ever played football. I tend to agree that potentially Gilmour will be an upgrade in that position in the next few months. I actually would like to see them play together against one of the stronger nations. Think they might combine well. I did think one of the two friendlies would've been good to see Gilmour featu
  14. Coady won’t play in a back four. Wolves tried that. He’s good in a three.
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