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  1. Heck of a lot of revisionism on this thread re Colin Hendry. He was not some sort of a Beckanbauer player. He wasn’t rubbish. But some comments here suggest he was something he really wasn’t.
  2. Just made it up! Never met you in my puff (although I've known a few dwarves in my time). Just looked like fun. Well done for taking it in good spirits. You may be wee but you have a big heart.
  3. I can confirm Ramy is tiny, having first met him (eventually) as at first he couldn't see over the counter. Think his mate (helper?) eventually lifted him up. Oh, and he has a really high, squeaky voice.
  4. Yeah, sorry. Feeling ill and grumpy. And can’t stand renaming of chocolate bars. I apologise profusely. weird, only things you can do profusely are apologise or sweat.
  5. Any input from Kilmarnock-based Tambers or those with Kilmarnock connections appreciated. with no previous connections to the town, wife and I moved to Knockentiber 7 years ago. We like it but are moving to bigger house. Five year old goes to Crosshouse Primary which is a good wee school. Put an offer in on house behind Gargieston which is nice enough but not perfect. We’re committed to a viewing last night so went anyway and loved it. But it’s in Crookedholm and know nothing about the area. anyone know Crookedholm or Hurlford area? Schools wise? Anything else? Sorry for Mumsnet type message but still better than crap you get from certain posters!
  6. Agreed, it is quite a distressing story. Here's a further word of caution...don't read the Mr Men spin-off book Mr Greedy and the Gingerbread Man. Similar plot but the ending is horrific as the fella is eaten bit by bit by Mr Greedy but is still completely conscious throughout .
  7. No-one else playing? I also like the Dipper and all three of our local woodpecker species.
  8. Yeah, some of the language towards him disturbs me. Kinda re-emphasises the fact there are an increasing number of knobs now following Scotland.
  9. On the contrary, eating several times a day is more 'natural' than, not just fasting, but eating three big set meals a day. Breakfast, lunch (dinner), tea (dinner) - that whole can of worms again! - is a relatively recent thing and not necessarily in our best interests. Eating five or six smaller and healthier portions is certainly my ideal and makes me my healthiest.
  10. I'm with Huddersfield on this. It sounds crazy to deliberately deprive yourself of food for an extended period. And anti-evolutionary, in the sense we wouldn't be here, like this, today if we did such crazy shit in the past.
  11. Fair doos, not gonna argue with facts. Surprised (and disappointed) in Kilmarnock. Genuinely never seen it and I live 5 mins from the town (since 2012) and venture in all the time. Also disappointed in Hurlford as I wrote a local history on the place and have a soft spot for it. Less surprised at Drongan, Cumnock, Auchinleck etc.
  12. I don't see them, chief. Not to say they don't exist right enough. I live in East Ayrshire and not seen one of them in years. Dark Ayrshire is dark, dark Lanarkshire is dark. But you can go about your life in most places without seeing the smelly bsstards.
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