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  1. Aberdeen a disgrace. Anti-football of the utmost. McLean an utter joke.
  2. Fewer. And all Dawkins was agreeing to was the likely assertion that a historical fella called Jesus existed.
  3. Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook, Willie Macrae. Which of these, if any, were murdered? I have suspicions about Kelly in particular. The more I read about Macrae the more it stinks too.
  4. It’s true. But it’s worse. His missus is French Canadian and leaves him signs throughout the house. “Ramie, ferme la Porte”; “Ramie, ou est la chat” etc .
  5. Fair enough. It's used as a derogatory name here but appreciate you know terminology better there.
  6. Albeit a William Wallace opposed to Quebecois being independent and referring to them in a derogatory way as separatists.
  7. Think it was c65 million years ago, the end of the Cretaceous.
  8. There's just too many laughing smileys that quite clearly don't reflect the total angst going on in your soul at how your opinions are going down. I'd give it up. It's Xmas, brother. I realise that's really patronising so apologies. But it's a total car crash!
  9. If I was Chripper I’d stop trying to talk football tactics and just enjoy it for the entertainment.
  10. I know this could be unpopular but I genuinely don't think you can get away from the fact that Lennon's background as a Northern Irish Catholic is a major player in all this. Yes, he is clearly passionate, sometimes aggressively so, but so are plenty others. It is a thing that's always there, a dam waiting to burst in certain supports, and when he shows his passions, it erupts (mixing my metaphors). No, not everyone who gets wound up by him is an anti-Catholic bigot, clearly not, but it's there looming large as an issue. It needs called out, this is an opportunity to properly tackle this.
  11. Some terrific strikes there I haven't seen in years. But my favourite, I think, is the turn and deft chip against Watford. Thing of pure beauty.
  12. If you look again at what I wrote, I agree right now he’s better! I’m simply saying I strongly disagree that McGregor is a significantly better keeper than Gordon. I think they are both good, right now McGregor deserves the nod.
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