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  1. I think it’s looking better than it has recently. Dykes, while not being much of a goal threat yet, is a real presence. More urgency to get forward so we’ll done, MacLean and Fleck. And I do agree O’Donnell isn’t the answer at RWB but I think he’s done well tonight.
  2. And lead is a metal. Words need to be understood.
  3. Absolutely Fraser had the right to down tools or do whatever the hell he likes. Absolutely. But anyone else also has the right to call him a khunt.
  4. While it no doubt is a fake account, I wouldn't necessarily say the poor spelling was an indicator. It's the fuckin Daily Record.
  5. Neanderthals were not our direct ancestors. Different species. So regardless of the rest of your argument, we certainly wouldn’t “still” be living a Neanderthal life.
  6. Possibly. Or could McTominay be CB and Jack midfield, Tierney RB?
  7. Haha, sorry. Couldn’t resist. Although you could, of course, have been talking about Barry “the hawk” Hawkins.
  8. You are indeed. But maybe lay off him a bit. You have more in common with each other than that which divides you.
  9. This is a bit of an onslaught, and I think completely uncalled for. Not sure if it's some elaborate wind-up and I'm getting whooshed but it seems like bullying. Ramy can be excitable, Ramy can be annoying, he can be single-minded and ignorant of anything not Celtic. But a bigot? Not from evidence on here, I'd say. If asked my politics I would offer that I am a republican too. A Scottish republican and a supporter of Irish republicanism. The phrase used can be used as a signal of terrorist support, but it's also a general support of the cause of republicanism on the island of Ireland. i'm
  10. Aberdeen still in Europa League, Motherwell still in Europa League, Celtic still in Europa League. That’s a clean sweep.
  11. No, they’ve been liquidated and admitted into bottom tier.
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