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  1. No, they’ve been liquidated and admitted into bottom tier.
  2. Flouted! He f****** flouted them, he didn’t flaunt them. Can nobody get this right? Aaaaargh! Even the guy who has logically argued a point I strongly believe in too. Let yourself down, chief. I know you’ll say it was a deliberate misspelling. But that would be a lie. 🙃
  3. Apart from awful spelling of vacuous (deliberate?) this is the best TAMB post in a long time!
  4. It should be flout government guidelines, surely? Not “flaunt”.
  5. It doesn’t affect me at all in the slightest. But I recognise this is wrong. They have asked the teachers to make decisions. How about they respect these decisions? If not, how about they just do away with exams for this year? It is an unprecedented time. We’re in a position to have exams now. I understand this is no use for those seeking to enter university this year, but could these universities not hold entrance exams for those on the cusp of having correct grades, or who would be expected to attain the grade should there have been proper school exams? Thinking as I type and not explaining it well (!) but there are ways around this. Universities etc have to show leeway. Just bin the whole thing. Face it that due to unprecedented times, there are no school results. But gtf with results based on affluence. Especially ones arrived at by patronisingly telling teachers of less-affluent kids that their assessments of these commoners is wrong. It’s patently wrong.
  6. They were moderated. It wasn’t just the teachers. The teachers, together with the head of department who had all the class work data, and with input from other departmental colleagues (where appropriate). It wasn’t just one teacher. whatever way you look at it, it’s terrible to downgrade these decisions due to the school attended. I’m an SNP supporter, former member, but it would be wrong to blindly follow and support this. It’s discrimination against less affluent schools. It’s awful.
  7. Incidentally, I’d have failed mine by saying “completely “ twice in a sentence there.
  8. I think it’s horrific. As you say, it’s discrimination based on where you happen to attend school.Either trust all teachers equally or do away completely with exam results completely this year and have unis hold entrance exams where necessary. But not this.
  9. We’re all different. Personally I thrive working from home - will be more productive when schools are back though! Respect the opposite viewpoint. For me, though, home working works.
  10. Trusting my judgment based on 48 years experience is the very definition of prejudicial? Aye, okay. I think I’ll leave it there. I’d better not devote any more thought to the matter lest my prejudice levels go off the scale.
  11. George McLuskey, a good player. Couldn’t dislodge Frank McGarvey latterly, though, and had to move on. Celtic in the early ‘80s were good to watch.
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