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  1. “FIFA will need to bab each player” makes sense?
  2. I’m not sure he’s MSP material, but why is he a wank?
  3. I know, shouldn’t have quoted your post. Just had a general point to make re the battle of the TAMB dafties.
  4. An argument between religious nut and numb nut, the TAMB is dead. I don’t want to read that shit of a morning. (Scot, despite your protestations [hun] you are religious, whether you like the term or not. You are a believer, a follower of a religious figure, the possessor of a faith-based religious outlook, the member of a church).
  5. Right, okay. But wait a minute, maybe I'm not following. If a complainant made a complaint but wasn't actually there, how can there be any other conclusion reached other than she was lying?
  6. You're right, I am in Kilmarnock. I will endeavour to look into the specific situation as it develops here before making a decision. You obviously have strong feelings on it and I can respect that. But remind me, what specifically were the two original complaints that, in your eyes, were definite resignation matters (I genuinely can't remember)? From the (generally unreported) defence of Salmond it was specifically shown (was it not?) that (some of) the complainers lied under cross-examination? Can Salmond not then make accusations against people who intended to wrongfully imprison h
  7. Fair enough, I didn't realise the poster was talking specifically about South Scotland. Can't be bothered checking back but don't think that was obvious? My response was due to the poster's 'certainty' that his position was right and we should all follow his direction. No other option. We must. I was arguing that there are other options, and things may not turn out the way he confidently suggested. There will be thousands of wasted SNP list votes across Scotland, even if they don't sweep the board with constituencies. People may also wish a more representative voice in the parliament, spe
  8. Disagree. You seem sure about your position, and that's fine, but assuming your goal is ensuring a strengthening of the independence position, I think your certainty and belief is misplaced. I don't know anything for certain, but I'm favouring the idea that a regional vote for Alba is the way forward.
  9. Yeah, this. It’s an utter farce. Oh, NOW the police are interested in fireworks. Not when it breaks lockdown regulations, inconveniences ordinary folk and causes unnecessary health risk, but when it disrespects a royal.
  10. Surely they can just get on with at as planned instead of kowtowing to a bunch of royalist weirdos.
  11. Just the face of Jesus. It’s okay, though, nobody else I know can see it either.
  12. Don’t want to derail thread but I once saw Jesus in a piece of pewter.
  13. I know this one! I know this one! It’s cos God.
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