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  1. Cos there are more non-cuntish folk in Scotland than utter deplorable cunts. As you are in the latter category, you are, therefore, in the minority. 👍
  2. Is it even him? 🥸Maybe the establishment have offed him and are using his site to spread dissension in the ranks.
  3. For “some” read “woke”. Autocorrect doesn’t like the term either.
  4. I have been paying attention. And there are people with so-called some agendas about. And I don’t think it’s terribly mean to point this out. And if it is wrong (insulting, maybe?) it’s certainly in no world that I inhabit “abuse”. Not looking for a fight, but I feel the guy above (can’t remember who) is being harangued here for hardly anything. The whole thing is not something I want to get involved in either. But, for what it’s worth (nothing) I don’t like Kirsty Blackman from what I’ve seen of her.
  5. Not patronising at all. I am, indeed, an imbecile and may have an inappropriate office chair. Will try the fitter.
  6. Right, boring topic of the new year alert, but this is the Anything Goes sub-forum so I'm sure there's no complaints. I have zero DIY prowess, know-how or competency and need help from those who do. Recently turned a room in my house into an office / sitting room type thing. It's for relaxing in and has sofabed, bookshelves etc, with my desk and office chair in one corner. I got a new carpet fitted before the bookshelves were fitted. Anyway, to cut a boring story short, it's starting to ruffle near where my desk is. I realise it's to do with my chair and the castors. I put an off-cut of t
  7. Fair dos. I didn't pick up on that. It's not a term I would've used myself. Just been doing so in this thread as others have used it and didn't want to seem ignorant or feel left out. Ever since I was made to play at left back at the end of my amateur career (an attacking right-sided midfielder with NO left peg whatsoever) I've not really been a fan and just refer to it as doing a job on the wrong side. Didn't realise we now called it "inverted". Anyway, I don't feel that strongly about it, just don't think it should be dismissed out of hand as Tierney has an attacking threat and is, arguably,
  8. And I just don’t believe that you’ve watched football for, what, 20 years or so and never seen a successful wing back play on the “wrong” side.
  9. I don’t think he was pish. Not as effective, yeah. If he doesn’t have a right foot, I wonder just what that appendage was that swung from just eastward of his left leg the other night. Yes, I get the tendency is to cut inside 9 times out of 10. But as I said, we don’t have flying right-footed alternatives that take a man on on the outside anyway. So what are we actually losing in an attacking sense? In the system we play, I think it’s work. I’m not suggesting we play him as an orthodox right back.
  10. You’ve never heard of anyone play a Right-footed player at LWB? Or vice versa? Countless examples, some positive, some not. Wolves as an example of a positive one. Jonny was a very successful LWB prior to his injury. Since he’s been out, and Wolves have played a naturally left-footed player there they’ve really missed him. I’d say it’s worth a try. Tierney is arguably our best player. Would be more of a gamble if our natural right-footed player got up and down the line and was known to take defenders on on the outside and whip in magic deliveries. Can’t believe one of the arguments above
  11. Indeed. The very fact we call it “the John McGinn” position suggests Turnbull, at best, would be second choice for that slot.
  12. I’m kinda hoping this is a popular forum for international refs. Just putting a wee bit pressure on the man in black next June, making sure he doesn’t fall for Kane’s nonsense. I maintain that Chripper is a condescending prick. Knows nowt about football too, but it’s a free country.
  13. Hey, if you don’t like the thread... I think it’s a good point worth making; there’s a genuine worry as we have tactile defenders and Kane is one of the worst divers in English football. As is Grealish, but not sure he’ll be a starter.
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