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  1. Donaldo87

    SPFL Fixtures

    I know we all could pick the first 7/8 fixtures to be on the tv but why just announce one game? Why not wait and do it properly like normal? oh wait because sky are a shower of cvnts
  2. Donaldo87


    It's some going when the opposition look more likely to score from your own corners.
  3. Never leaves you. Buzzing for this today. Up the Well!
  4. Cant play upfront by himself.
  5. The Motherwell penalty was soft...the Rangers penalty was just flat out incorrect. Then again I would say that
  6. Donaldo87

    SSC Renewals

    Done it this morning begrudgingly. The joys.
  7. please be respectful to the south stand seats.
  8. The act was a pile of shite that didn't achieve anything apart from enabling the police to kick down the doors of wee boys.
  9. You've cursed them now but aye 21/20 or there abouts seems generous for Killie.
  10. Donaldo87

    New jerseys?

    Beaten to it by Brummie Hibs.
  11. Could watch it all day 🙃
  12. Donaldo87

    SFA/SSC Website

    So much for all that testing of the new fancy system. Shambles.
  13. Donaldo87

    SSC Renewals

    Good to see the useless bastards have already got in £100k from mug punters in the space of a day.
  14. Watched a couple of docs on Netflix this week. One about Lance Armstrong and then 'Icarus' which was pretty interesting. Don't think they add anything in particular that hasn't already been said or highlighted on here but found some of it fascinating.