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  1. In the end, the best team won the competition, which with Deschamps in charge is even more of an achievement. They are a little bit sterile, the focus is definitely on stopping the opposition rather than allowing a very talented team to express themselves and yet they scored plenty of goals. Going to be some comedown this week, I always feel incredibly sad when a world cup finishes although Celtic Park on Wednesday night eases the pain ever so slightly.
  2. Mox

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    There are a million reasons why Scotland will never get to a world cup final. The comparison with Croatia is lazy and utterly spurious, our only connection is the size of population, nothing more.
  3. Neither Gascoigne or Scholes was world class. There is this myth that surrounds Scholes, he was a good midfielder, nothing more than that.
  4. Has any old crusty gammon from the SFA came out and said that we need to earn from Croatia yet?
  5. For a team as one dimensional as theirs to get to a semi final is a great achievement, but it will be there last for some time. Very physical, all about bringing teams down to their level, lots of long balls and very little creativity from open play. They've done well to get there but the English press will have you believe they've reinvented the wheel when in fact it would be a travesty if a team playing as basic football as theirs got to a final. Let's hope Croatia do the business on Sunday.
  6. If Croatia play as they can, they'll run rings rounds these dumplins.
  7. Take a couple days off, you need it.
  8. France are fucking grim, a team that truly does play in its managers image.
  9. Zero atmosphere here, it's a like a mid November friendly.
  10. Shambolic stuff really. The problem here as is always the problem, is that the decisions taken by these politicians have very little impact on their day to day life. The real impact as is almost always the case will be felt greatest by those from working class and poor communities. It's all just a big game to these old school chums who have nothing but their own interests at heart.
  11. It's been the best world cup I can remember, although England and Russia still being in it does tell it's own story.
  12. They are absolutely honking, how they've got this far is remarkable, they create nothing, all about second balls and set pieces. Croatia will play through them no problem.
  13. This is like watching Stoke Vs Stoke reserves, two awful teams.
  14. People don't like rival team, quite the shocker.
  15. Same here, Brazil 2014 was a chore as a result of the samba football pish that was fed to us for 4 weeks when they were a team of hammer throwers. This Brazil team isn't that good either bar Coutinho. Neymar played for himself the whole tournament where as if he'd played for the team they might have gone further.