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  1. Never underestimate the boards ability to fuck up 10 in a row, this is the first decision that jeopardises it.
  2. A great day ruined by the boards incompetence. The disconnect between these dumplins at the top and people that go and watch Celtic every week is staggering. Lennon is not only a dreadful manager, but hes also an arsehole who should be nowhere near the job, pathetic.
  3. Lennon offered the job, what a fucking buzz kill, awful, awful stuff.
  4. A fucking great result, showed real determination after going 1 nil down against a Hearts team that played really well. Edouard again showing why we he is by far our most important player and a decent cunt to boot.
  5. The bit yesterday when Theresa starts bubbling was better than The Sopranos and The Wire combined, I really hope she is suffering.
  6. I think it has the potential to be tough, but Hearts normally struggle to give us a game away from Tynecastle and I just don't think they've the tactical discipline to keep us out for 90 minutes. I reckon it will be similar to last years final, two up at half time and then keep Hearts at arms length for the second half.
  7. Mox

    Kieran Tierney

    He missed a few games after the split and frankly he should have been left to sit out the rest of the season, get the operations done and more importantly get some well needed rest. Playing him on Saturday is a risk that we don't need too take.
  8. No its not a racist view, I would tend to agree, but why stand in front of a poster with non EU immigrants lining up to get into Slovenia as part of his campaign to leave The EU?
  9. Ok, so from your perspective, what is Farage trying to convey when standing in front of a poster showing a queue of non white migrants with the words 'Breaking Point' plastered across it?
  10. Ideally both would be in the league, but I like what St Mirren have brought to the league in terms of their support so I'm happy for It's to spend another year in the championship.
  11. If he is leaving them I think you can expect a decent standard of candidate to apply.
  12. Congrats to Killie, I thought when Rangers equalised they might have been on the end of an upset, glad they got the win.
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