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  1. Seen Stan and Ollie last week as well, thought it was pretty decent and was a lovely looking picture. Watched Fyre: The greatest festival that never happened last night on Netflix, a documentary essentially about a festival scam that impacts lots of stupid, spoilt rich kids, its excellent.
  2. Did you not suggest that Celtic were involved in Birmingham recalling Stewart so as to ensure they weakened a title rival? Stewart then comes back to Scotland and joins another title rival which blows your theory right out the water.
  3. I thought Auchinleck were supposed to be aff their chump? This is very tame and zero atmosphere.
  4. Can't see it during the season as others have suggested, I'd be stunned if he is still here for the beginning of next season however.
  5. Unlike you to get something so wrong ya big dumplin.
  6. I don't think anyone is taking morality lessons from Proctor and Gamble and Im sure most people see it for what it is, a clever marketing campaign that will go 'viral' and ensure debate and exposure, good and bad. However, for an organisation that primarily targets males to use that platform to encourage men to be a bit nicer, I don't see how that is necessarily a bad thing. It also really annoys and causes great upset for old right wingers who ironically never stop using terms like snowflake and triggered, which is a bonus.
  7. There he is right on queue, beeling absolutely beeling, great to see.
  8. Gillette pointing out that we should be a wee bit more considerate of others feelings, when will this madness end? Fucking animals.
  9. That would be doing the Huns a favour to be fair.
  10. I think a big part of the difference that you describe can be attributed to passion and the subsequent atmosphere. I watched a bit of Spurs - Man U yesterday and after Rashford scored he wheeled away and theres a good number of people in the spurs end with phones out presumably videoing and taking photo's of Rashford for whatever reason. Contrast that with the atmosphere in Seville for Betis - Madrid and it's night and day and that certainly makes it more engaging for me as an outsider to watch.
  11. We may as well start signing injured players as there going to pick up one as soon as they get here, makes sense.
  12. To hell with the rest of the world is such a depressing and insular thing to say, he's a prick.
  13. Andy Robertson could be world class, he's potentially on course, but Jordi Alba, Marcelo, Lucas Hernandez, David Alaba, Alex Sandro, Escudero are all better than him at the minute.
  14. Come on, it's a Tory pursuit, a hobby for toffs, a sit on your arse and drink champagne sport, it's utter garbage. Murray is a good guy but it's a minority sport that stirs little emotion.