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  1. He's getting support from his pals in the media but the reality is he and his government have handled this whole thing horrendously. We're still no closer to finding out when staff ill have the right equipment to try and tackle this virus. A mate of mine works in The Royal and told me that he is petrified going into work everyday because they are not protected, thats the reality. I also wonder what will happen with the NHS once this is all over as i suspect a lot of NHS staff will chuck it after this.
  2. I don't think there is as big a gap but i think him and Messi are the best ever by some distance.
  3. A lot of patronising shite, no doubt plenty of clappers who's vote at the ballot box goes to parties that don't give a shit about the NHS.
  4. The very same thing crossed my mind as well. I haven't owned a console for about 8 years. The final Straw was LA Noir and after sifting through another murder scene I decided modern games were too detailed but I'm starting to think otherwise again.
  5. There will be plenty of clubs all over the world that will be in trouble. Barcelona are reportedly looking at asking players to take a 70 percent pay cut, so no one will be exempt.
  6. To be fair, it's a quote from her mother and her aunt on social media, I'll wait until a medical professional confirms that someone has died without any pre existing medical conditions before panicking.
  7. The other issue which was completely inconspicuous by it's absence last night was the issue of NHS staff and the lack of protective gear available to staff. This is an absolute scandal and we are not providing those on the front line with the bst chance to defeat this virus, that is unforgivable.
  8. Rail services being nationalised for a period.
  9. The problem we've got here and why no one listened over the weekend is that the Governments and specifically Boris Johnsons message is full of ambiguity. The reason that they and particularly he is so hesitant to close everything down is because he is so aware of legacy and history. In years to come when people analyse this crisis he doesn't want to be remembered as the PM that shut Britain down and removed peoples basic freedoms, it's utterly selfish but that is who he is as a man.
  10. I said the same to my wife yesterday, again only half joking.
  11. Jesus, just another example of how quickly utter bollocks is spread throughout what's app groups and the likes.
  12. I'm no expert but as I understand it Golden Eagles don't cut about the southside of Glasgow.
  13. I went to see in the GFT in the summer and watched it again last night, it's an incredible movie.
  14. Seen two Buzzards this morning hovering above the gaff. I've been hearing them for months but never seen them and then this morning there were a huge amount of crows going mental with a couple of buzzards just scoping things out above.
  15. Are we in anyway likely to gain an advantage at combating this as its peak comes in the warmer months?
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