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  1. I reckon people let Sutton off the hook because he does talk up Scottish football and he should be applauded for doing so. When it comes to actually discussing the in and outs of a game however, he is absolutely fucking useless, he's not got a clue.
  2. Roaming in the gloaming and that Papa Francesco song are absolute fucking red necks. It's that Celtic Bhoys group that are right into the Catholic side of things, they're a bunch of fucking odd balls.
  3. Hayes, Griffiths and Simunovic all in the same team for fuck sake.
  4. Watched Dolemite is my name last night, not bad although not quite the triumphant return of Freddie Murphy that it was billed as.
  5. How did the Don's standing/singing section work out today?
  6. Why the fuck Griffith's is still playing for this club in 2020 is fucking beyond me. I know it's unlikely, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Thistle caused an upset here.
  7. Mox

    NFL 2019

    A pretty good weekend for playoffs, where I only got one of four correct. The only game I was able to watch in full was Saints vs Vikings which was excellent and frankly the best team won. Saints only started playing when they were up against it and they absolutely let complacency set in. A great result for the Vikings but an anomaly rather than a sea change, they'll get humped next week in San Francisco.
  8. The Christie one is very strange, however, he's been below par for a while now and allows us to get Rogic back in the team for a while.
  9. He was racially abused by some backward oddball who played for us for a few months, not the fans. I have been consistent in being embarrassed by the booing of Logan, it's utterly mad.
  10. Nope and no one will be. Just like the recent nonsense about the alleged reduced HMRC bill, it will quickly fade away when it becomes clear that Rangers fans are whipping themselves up into a frenzy over nothing.
  11. Hotels and student accommodation are the what Glasgow specialises in at the moment. I agree, it's not the greatest pub and that block isn't the nicest in the world, but these places deserved to be preserved and should be earmarked for investment rather than prioritising the needs of these big property developers and shit architects.
  12. Utter fucking bullshit. The Huns making stuff up again.
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