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  1. Cummings now making a statement and taking questions at some point today although no confirmation of time. The arrogance of this man knows no bounds, he must be surrounded by fucking idiots if no one has suggested to him this a terrible idea.
  2. Isn't it funny how Cummings himself has rallied against 'North London Elites' all the while staying in a lovely townhouse in what looks like a very leafy part of Islington, North London.
  3. Absolutely astonishing. Doubling down is the order of the day and has been for sometime. Apologising is so old school, it's not the done thing anymore.
  4. Absolutely mental, if they get away with this and he keeps his job then rip up the rule book.
  5. Pippa Crerar has played an absolute blinder here.
  6. I've actually got an old Mac with a DVD player that remarkably still works. This is my fourth time watching it and I always forget how funny it is, the first series in particular is a goldmine.
  7. I've started The Sopranos again, it is fucking glorious.
  8. If the league does get decided today then I'm sure there will plenty of noise from the hordes of Ibrox when the reality is they've no one else to blame but themselves. After winning at Celtic Park, they were a point behind with a game in hand and then in the intervening 8 week period found themselves 13 points behind with a game in hand. That is a bottle crash of gigantic proportions and all the time up against one of the most limited managers in Celtics recent history. No one wants the title this way but It certainly makes it all the sweeter knowing they absolutely shat the bed and are blaming everyone but themselves for this outcome.
  9. I am so far out the loop with this stuff and almost beyond caring , what are we voting on today?
  10. Aye, it's excellent, looking forward to watching the next two episodes this afternoon. Jordan does come across as a bit of a bellend which I suppose you could argue you need to be in the position that he was in.
  11. That Johnson message last night was utterly ludicrous and strengthened even further by Raab coming out this morning and saying that in fact, we'll publish guidance for workplaces over the next day so you shouldnt go back to work until Wednesday. There was absolutely no mention of that from Boris last night. What they are now doing quite clearly is passing the responsibility onto the individual which is what they've been hoping all along and frankly all this will do is affect the working classes disproportionately.
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