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  1. Replacing McLeish with Moyes would be akin to putting an empty bucket under a leaking ceiling and not checking the roof. I don't know how many times I've said this, but there are zero Scottish managers at the forefront of the game, zero that are innovative in terms of tactics and ideas and zero who know how to manage modern players and the very different demands they bring from even ten or fifteen years ago. We need and must go foreign, there are good and technically proficient players in that squad who are being led not only by a manager who's times has gone but by coaches in Grant and McFadden who haven't the faintest idea about how modern football works. We're insular, we're isolationist and we are proud of it, it's a sad state of affairs.
  2. Just seen the score there, can't say I'm surprised, you reap what you sow. Until we have a modern manager, we'll be going nowhere.
  3. Do you think it's acceptable that The Police intimidate and arrest people for trying to take banners into a game? And this nonsense that because Celtic fans break seats etc so they deserve to be arrested is not an acceptable response to people being treated like shite when trying to attend a game of football. The real problem here are The Police, they do their utmost to hassle football fans up and down the country and their heavy handed approach wouldn't look out of place in some of the more authoritarian countries throughout the world. Football fans should be standing up for football fans and allegiances set aside because this is not unique to Celtic fans, plenty of fans have suffered and you're attitude does nothing but validate The Police's completely over the top approach.
  4. I was pissing myself at that third goal, an actual fit of laughter, was utterly ludicrous.
  5. Messi has just scored an absolutely sensational goal for his hat trick.
  6. Police in heavy handed today apparently, tri colours removed from people, green brigade banner removed as well as it's supposedly banned despite being at every game and people arrested. The continued persecution and hassle of football fans by The Police is a stain on this country, they are a law unto themselves.
  7. He likes playing for us because we're the only club stupid enough to give him game time, he's absolutely muck.
  8. An Australian in New Zealand writing a manifesto about invaders occupying his people's lands is the height of irony, which i am certain would have been lost on this whopper.
  9. It's not even close, Ronaldo isn't even the best Ronaldo.
  10. Fucking rubbish man, absolutely fucking rubbish.
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