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  1. At this stage of the competition it doesn't really matter how you get through, as long as you get through is the key.
  2. Absolutely glorious in Glasgow the last couple of days. Was down Balloch way for a wedding at the end of last week and it was the same, God Bless The Unions for fair weekend.
  3. Radio 4, don't mind a bit of cricket and quite enjoy a bit of jazz as I've got older.
  4. Sensational stuff, New Zealand extremely unlucky to say the least.
  5. If Arsenal are prepared to offer the reported £25 million on the back of a season where Tierney was injured and which subsequently affected his performance, we should bite their hands off.
  6. Sex Cauldron? I thought they shut that place down
  7. It's a shambles. I'm not entirely convinced of the merits of qualifying for a competition that will see us take a couple of thrashings anyway. The balance sheet will improve but I don't really give a monkeys about that, would rather be in The Europa League again frankly.
  8. Naples by a country mile under a manager that's won the lot. Arsenal at this particular time are a soulless mess going nowhere.
  9. Really poor result for Colombia, was there tournament to lose imo, been no one that impressive at all so far. If Uruguay make it through tonight then it's the big 4 in the semi's, shame the kick off times are so bad for UK viewers.
  10. Went to see the Maradonna movie last night at the GFT, was queued all the way round the block, even in the scorching heat. I genuinely felt quite emotional at times watching it not simply because of what he endured and went through but quite simply at what he achieved at Napoli and how he did it. I am regretful that I was only a child when he was at his peak, he was a magician.
  11. The pathetic tweets, the deal being off and back on again, pictured in a Celtic strip about a week ago before a medical had been done, it's been chaotic, much like everything has since 4:45pm on cup final day.
  12. The whole thing has been embarrassing from the get go, I'm glad it's over.
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