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  1. You're right btw, Hearts and Thistle have been shafted.
  2. We've had a good run, take points off us and hand the Huns their tainted title.
  3. It's almost like the rank unprofessionalism which was prominent in his first stint and which was one of the main objections to him getting the gig a second time round, has magically resurfaced to everyone's surprise.
  4. Lennon is a fucking idiot, that's your explanation for that. Bolingoli is a dreadful footballer, another damning indictment of our scatter gun recruitment policy that has seen us build up a squad full of cross at ridiculous wages. He should be sold but we need a replacement before he goes, we cannot have Taylor as our only left back. For a bit of balance, Griffith's should be Sold as well, another one who can't be trusted.
  5. Overreacting is my forte my man. It just seems to me we almost sleepwalked into disaster last year and we got away with it because post Christmas Edouard was sensational but more importantly Rangers absolutely folded. Make no mistake this year's is going to be a slug fest and we need to be prepared for it.
  6. The same problems that have persisted for some time are still very prevalent. Anyone who gets really physical with the two centre halves, Jullien in particular will have a field day. There's a glaring problem at left back which neither Taylor or Bolingoli is the answer to and the three behind the striker, Elyanoussi, Christie and Forrest, have been pretty poor for quite some time. As for Lennon, I'll never be a fan and his inability to make substitutions quickly is fucking infuriating, still though, nice to the old winger switcheroo making an appearance for the 50th time in the last 50 games.
  7. There are serious questions to be raised about their conduct. It's the first game of the season, you've played horrifically bad against your biggest rivals and still they're that desperate for a pint they'll go and sit in a boozer on a Saturday night in the midst of a global pandemic. You raise a fair point about the culture as well, this is the third biggest team in Scotland, a team known throughout Europe and there still as a culture of drinking in 2020? Lots of footballers these days are either tee total or don't drink through a season, if they can't be that disciplined then they've absolutely no chance of furthering their careers. It's indicative of Scottish football as a whole though, still years behind in terms of tactics, discipline, coaching and quite clearly mind set.
  8. Can't say I'm surprised it's them up there that have fallen at the first hurdle, dreadful team, manager, city, no culture, a granite hellhole. The games should be abandoned and their opponents for the next 14 days awarded the three points.
  9. I had the misfortune of being in Santa Ponsa last year for a stag do, fuck me, even as a staunch Celtic man, it might have been the most grim place Ive ever been. Just a sea of Celtic cretins everywhere, the worst types that you always find on European away trips, the kind that go to some of the most beautiful cities in the world and go and find a local Irish boozer and sit in there all day. Everyone saying hail hail to each other when they walk past each other on the street, an absolute hellhole.
  10. Good to see Morelos is still allowed 5 or 6 fouls before he gets booked.
  11. Five subs proposal approved apparently. Who the fuck pushes through such a ludicrous rule change?
  12. I only seen him a handful of times but was really good each time.
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