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  1. I suspect The Times will be printing a correction within the next few weeks with regards to this. If the Rangers fan who are incredulous about this displayed this kind of anger and passion at the time their team might not have went under.
  2. He's the luckiest Celtic manager of all time and long may it continue.
  3. He was at fault for the first but overall he done ok. Shouldn't be anywhere near the team mind you but tonight I couldn't give a fuck. First year in eight I've missed an away European trip as the result of becoming a da in the next three months, I could have cried at the end of that. A lot of times, football is a lot a shite, you prioritizseit over things you shouldn't and you get too caught up in it when you shouldn't, but a last minute winner in one of the great stadiums of football is why you always have that hope. A last minute winner against Lazio is the same as a last minute winner for motherwell at Hamilton, utd at Dens, Hearts at Easter Road, Aberdeen at Ibrox. What a fucking sport.
  4. Of course not, that fucking idiot Hayes is starting, a travesty.
  5. I think it will be tough aye, too often in these games Brown and McGregor are over run, they need to be disciplined and get the ball forward to Edouard and the wingers as quickly as possible.
  6. Lot of pish. Fans are always attacked in Rome, the banner made no difference and they were quite right to ridicule fascism and a section of Lazio fans obsession with it.
  7. If it was a couple a teuchtars that got plugged then it is what is.
  8. When I'm walking for the bus in the morning, I'll untangle my headphones, the buzz I get from untangling them and having the right one in my right hand and the left one in my left hand is unparalleled.
  9. It's a dreadful competition, 3 games and into a final, no one turns up for it and no European place at the end of it, it's utterly fucking pish.
  10. Scrap the League cup ASAP, a fucking awful competition.
  11. Let's hope the weather down south is absolutely fucking horrendous and the old Tory bastards can't make it out the door.
  12. We were excellent today, it could have been 6 at half time. In saying that Ross County played some good stuff in the first half and then fell apart. Gardyne had Frimpong on toast in the first half but seco d half the young man played very well. I'll keep repeating it but Edouard is the best we've had since Larsson, he's absolutely magnificent.
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