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  1. Much as I like Adams, I hope we don't have to wait that long for a better option.
  2. Never fond of the Idea playing abroad is as important as some people make out Having got there at a young age and impressing as he has, another couple of years in Italy would be no bad thing. If he got the right move then a career in Italy would be interesting from our point of view.
  3. I would say Tierney is the player we would miss the most, no one can play to his level in his position
  4. With Tierneys injury record very good back up
  5. So you belive the opinions of one or two sports pundits when it comes to naming man of the match? Or as some used to say "were you at the game caller?"
  6. Thanks, change of dates makes it unlikely I will be able to afford two trips within 10 days, probably only go if we qualified for the world cup. i bought the four ticket package. Change of date does mean I can go to the new double header in September so not all bad
  7. Was that an individual ticket or part of the 4 game package
  8. Seems as good a place as any to use as a basis for a constant ratings system. I think people get carried away watching just the one player they want to do well. I use who scored as a rough guide and it will pretty much have the players in order of ability at the end of the season.
  9. Sneaky feeling that was due to a suspension. Good to see Turnball back and also an assist for Ralston. Honestly think the latter would be a lot more highly rated on here if it wasn't that Celtic,like Rangers, prefer seasoned internationals.
  10. I was trying to remember the lads name so thanks for the post!
  11. We must have been typing at the same time, I caught onto the fact it was Ireland away pretty slowly. The world cup playoff is sold out it is the fact that there are now 100's or at least dozens of seats available that weren't previously for the three nations league games is what is annoying me. Bought a season ticket in case the games were sell outs and now find I can buy blocks of 25 seats. Don't need that many but have bought four now so I can take the kids. Waste of the season ticket seat. The seats in question can't have been available until this week. The entire stadium should be available from day one, who knows how they were released.
  12. Sorry thought you meant the home game.
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