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  1. Got the defence can you put the rest of the team together?
  2. Naw that was the pre-match game with the veterans. Strachan running riot if I recall
  3. Not sure there's a W, Y or a V either
  4. That's just this weeks I think, can't have all the good ones at the same time.
  5. Only game I ever took the wife to. She kept asking me wh Sweden hadn't scored yet
  6. Cheers Your link doesn't work( for me any way) but found it on youtube 3200 views in 24 hours, hard to believe.
  7. Did you get that on DVD, it's the only video left in my house, nothing to play it on now either.
  8. No hiding behind the couch now.
  9. Had an uncle who used to use it for cigarette papers if he ran out on a Sunday, kind of ironic really. For younger posters everything used to be shut on a Sunday.
  10. Only if you promise to read it too. That's the beauty of sport we all see it as it develops and can discuss it accordingly. Could all get a copy of the bible, that's something we could all have different opinions on.
  11. Think Petes nailed it with mentioning insurance. It might only be 50 people but some of them are worth rather a lot. I doubt putting players at needless risk is covered no matter how minimal you or I might see it
  12. Thanks, you should have mentioned that in the first place it would have explained a lot for me. We can all get back to I want the cup cos I'm top and shit like that.
  13. Perhaps the experts should look at the schools next or were the ones involved with football ahead of the game so to speak. Every effort is being made to continue as normal in other areas so as cut back on the inevitable social shut down. I cant see any reason why football should have been any different. Football associations made these desicions not experts.
  14. I'm looking at it one way those with a financial interest are looking at it another way. Who are the experts who told football clubs to stop competing?
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