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  1. if you believe the who scored stats site he doesn’t look near EPL standards.
  2. Injured more than Tierney so probably A&E
  3. Good to have strength in depth in case McBurnie gets injured
  4. Lucky to draw a game or score a goal.
  5. New manager can do anything he wants as long as he gets everything out of the players.
  6. Formation wasn’t the reason we failed The manager was
  7. That was before the tournament started. My 150 million is the updated figure.
  8. Still don’t have 50% wanting him out which amazes me.
  9. Probably about 150 million unless McBurnie starts then 165 million.
  10. We can’t use the teams were higher than us in the world rankings as an excuse for just how bad we were. The results were disappointing but the performances were even worse The buck stops with the manager for that and therefore he should go. Great results in the past can’t excuse our recent form. Sorry wouldn’t make me feel better a resignation would.
  11. Would like to see him called up again.
  12. So you don’t want to change the the manager you want the manager to change?
  13. We have been as shit as the Euros suggested for some time now. Guess we can feel good about ourselves if it’s a Switzerland Germany final.
  14. Must have had a few on the bench surely
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