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  1. ceudmilefailte

    Back McLeish

    And play four at the back like every other team does apart from those living in the 90's
  2. ceudmilefailte

    Back McLeish

    Lets forget about us and look at the teams that have qualified in the last 20 years playing 3 at the back,I would suggest that the ones that play three at the back have had far superior players to us and would have qualified playing any formation. Find the teams that play a back three at club level and the majority return to a back four against equal or superior level teams, having said that hardly any one plays 3 at the back there either What worked in the 90's might not work now just like what worked in the 50's wont. Mind you if PASTA MICK can get Provan and Doyle out of retirement we could try 4-2-4, which I always found as a highly entertaining formation
  3. ceudmilefailte

    Back McLeish

    Strongly disagree with the first line, the manager has to shoulder the blame. If the players are pish he has played them in the wrong position/formation. He also has to install confidence and belief and the desire to win. He has to get them to want to play for him or at least their country,which should be easy. If any of the above aren't in place then it's his fault. You could even blame him for the pre-match preparations put in place by the SFA. Got to disagree with the qualification for the playoffs as job done, only qualification for the finals is job done. Scraping past Albania and Israel to get our selves is into a play off is hardly an achievement Will agree with last sentence though. In case your getting annoyed I do agree with everything you post that I don't disagree with.
  4. ceudmilefailte

    Team for albania

    He packed it in ten caps ago just never told any one.
  5. ceudmilefailte

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    England 5 - 1 in 1975 Can still see Stewart Kennedy swinging from the goal posts.
  6. ceudmilefailte

    Team for albania

    Phillips is better than Ritchie but you could do worse.
  7. ceudmilefailte

    Jensen Weir

    who cares
  8. ceudmilefailte

    Portugal match thread

    He could be a long term answer to our goal scoring problems, pretty pointless substitution Mind you Shinnie for McGinn was even dumber
  9. ceudmilefailte

    Israel- Albania

    Half time 1-0 Israel For my love of stats 33-67% possession 67-85% pass success 128-281 passes 5-8 shot 1-5 shots on target 4-8 corners The Israel goal was an Albanian keeper mistake and the Israel goalkeeper has been credited with an assist for it. We should beat Albania no problem
  10. ceudmilefailte

    SFA cut yer losses

    No it proves that we played worse against Israel not that that Israel are better than Georgia.
  11. ceudmilefailte

    Portugal match thread

    Spoilsport, it's been a crap week.
  12. ceudmilefailte

    Portugal match thread

    He's just back I think but his current manager says he is no right back despite him playing there for Hearts. Doesn't even play on the right anymore, central midfield. Out of curiosity how good a defensive midfielder would McKenna make? I might be getting carried away with his ability but he looks like a player to me.
  13. ceudmilefailte

    SFA cut yer losses

    Or it proves that we were worse against Israel than Georgia, depends what way you look at stats, and I look at them a lot🙂
  14. ceudmilefailte

    Portugal match thread

    That's the one I was watching, looked far weaker after he went off. Also some other things I saw in the game I watched Not much point going on about Hendry, he is our fourth choice centre half at best and there are 3 or 4 others that will pass him in the not so distant future. Right back is still a massive problem, SOD is not good enough. Armstrong won't get much game time at Southampton before he moves to some mid table championship team or back to Celtic. Mckenna wont be at Aberdeen for much longer.
  15. ceudmilefailte

    Team for portugal

    Probably lose 0-6 if we played 3-5-2 so any thing better than that and I am right😛