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  1. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Scott McTominay started for Man U and Ethan Hamilton on the bench in friendly in Mexico Very weak team but at least they were there.
  2. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    what's happened to Griffiths?
  3. ceudmilefailte


    When he was in the SPL he looked fast he didn't lose any actual speed after his move.
  4. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    To a degree of course, but Celtic are the only team with players that could end up playing for Scotland that would need to be sent out on loan. No disrespect but do you think there is much point in a loan move to Kilmarnock say to play against the likes of Dundee or Hearts or to any one in the bottom half of the championship?
  5. ceudmilefailte

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    As a great man once said , "Your reply hits the nail on the existential head".
  6. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Making pretty fast progress by the looks of things, thanks for the link.
  7. ceudmilefailte

    Croatia support thread

    I backed Croatia at 16/1 to reach the final which was the best price I could see. l always think that is a better way to back an outsider.
  8. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Out of curiosity how many of Celtics internationals have been out on loan? I know they didn't all start at Celtic but they waited there to get their chance and it seems to work out ok. Think this "needs to get game time" is a bit of a myth
  9. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Great the way Celtic bring through players and give them the chance to learn from experienced European professionals, pity the rest of the clubs in Scotland don't do this. Not sure how to send them out on loan though unless they can get some European lower league experience. Don't think there is much to learn in the SPL or the championship
  10. ceudmilefailte

    Croatia support thread

  11. ceudmilefailte

    Alan Gilzean

    Just before my time, but must have been pretty good. Newspapers in the mid seventies used to run greatest Scotland teams of all time competitions , and he was always in the squads.
  12. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Guess the SPL is better than the League of Ireland after all,mind you going by that so is the women's SPL
  13. ceudmilefailte

    Sweden support thread

    Thought that about myself too, until they missed that penalty against Colombia. Spilt my tea and swallowed a Jaffa Cake so I did. 😉
  14. ceudmilefailte

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    That wasn't the point, just asked to see if the rest of the world was regarded as more "grown up" than us by their respective governing bodies and governments, it appears so. Personally don't drink before or after games but a nice glass of red wine to compliment my half time pie would be nice