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  1. I must be reading in the wrong places fair enough he started yesterday but up until then he hadn't played much more than 90 minutes since moving there.
  2. Sarcasm? Shankland can't get a game for the team that is bottom of the Belgium league. not only bottom but bottom by a mile.
  3. Goal for Gauld again in the MLS last night. I'm pretty sure he has a Scottish granny. I think we should start another thread for English players in action
  4. Even that's pretty good. 76% looks far to high to maintain
  5. Interesting what Who Scored think of our right backs. Anthony Ralston is a lot better than both of them, in fact he's better than Tavernier, in fact he's the best player in our league and not only that but it's by some distance. Can't be that good though or our Celtic fans would be posting. Having said that I've fallen out with their ratings so we can probably take that with a pinch of salt.
  6. If Ramsay is as good as some people think he will be sitting on a bench somewhere in January.
  7. Here's a thought. Is it possible that we played better in the second half once McTominay replaced Hendry not just because McGregor was better beside Gilmour but that McTominay despite his defensive weakness's offered more going forward than Hendry had. Honestly thought at the time that Hendry had a bit of a nothing game. You don't make mistakes if you contribute zilch.
  8. If Fraser was at his best yes, but he isn't. Personally if Gauld is as good as reports suggest I'd have him playing just behind Adams.
  9. Ross Stewart has scored 10 goals in 13 League one starts Ryan Hardie has scored 13 goals in 38 League one starts. Stewart is also miles better better in the air. Possible that one or both of them are in the middle of a purple patch but on paper the former is a far better pick.
  10. If that's the case there won't be any more world cups, no country can control racism.
  11. You need to read it for us and post the abridged form.
  12. Interesting you can still get 8/13 about us finishing second. Bookies aren't charities so it looks like far from job done.
  13. I think there's more to it than that, he can spot the forward pass, if that's not available he can spot the player who can make the forward pass, if that's not available he can carry the ball forward only after these options have been checked does i become a case of just keeping possession. The ability to do all that in split seconds when you are on your game is something that can't be taught. So far he does look like he could end up some player.
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