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  1. Only a stats site but Who Scored don't think he's international class,
  2. Mctominay should be back in middle of February
  3. And he played in our only two decent performances since Strachan left.
  4. Lindsay's career seems to be moving in the right direction.He had a sticky start at Stoke but seems to be turning the corner. He was solid enough when with Barnsley in the championship and the first division, th last two seasons. There was plenty on here touting him three years ago when he was a stand out in the SPL for thistle. Maybe if he had stayed here he would have a dozen caps.
  5. Think you have summed it up there. Has scored some big goals Has played for some big clubs Add Has played at a higher level and you can see the difference between the way we are thinking. I said I hope McBurnie gets a run of games as he has started less than half of Sheffield Uniteds so far this season, The United fans seem to be taking a bit more of a liking to him over the last few weeks as he has played more. They do wish he would grow up though and the sooner that happens the better.
  6. Decent test for him today.............you never know.
  7. It's Ok Marshall is fast enough to close him down.............
  8. 8 goals in 6 games in the Champions League too so hardly a flash in the pan.
  9. Only about 10 club games left so we are staring to run short of time. Hoping for Kelly to get a run of games and performs well like yesterday., Marshall is done. Still cant have Naismith(championship reject at Norwich) so hoping McBurnie gets a run of games and looks something like a £10 million player, even £5 million would do. With Fraser being so off his game McKenna is the only other player left to question, but hard to see any player with much experience appearing for central defence
  10. Sorry but against the team that's second bottom of the Championship. Shanklands has scored five already against them this season
  11. Bit unfair on McLean, OK he won't start but hardly worth comparing with Bannan and feeling the need for a laughing rolling head to empathise the point.
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