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  1. Update on Jed Steer, made his EPL debut on Saturday before going of injured in 8 minutes he made three saves. He's the answer I'm telling you
  2. Any ones birthday coming up? Also as Andy says playing Naismith should be a non starter. In fact I'll go as far to say if he does start I'll never go to a another Scotland game until we have a new manager.
  3. I'll let you know when Verona beat Lazio home and away
  4. Thought he was OK against Russia and you can't judge any ones ability on the Belgium game.
  5. Apologies I didn't think he had started so many games. Can't see him getting much game time at Liverpool though
  6. Would be a great move. He needs more game time and sitting on the bench at Bournemouth isn't great for his development.
  7. How comes he hasn't started a game since the 1st of September?
  8. People keep calling games dead rubbers. I don't see them like that at all unless our opposition are treating them in the same way because they can't qualify. The two countries we are up against have as much if not more national pride than we do. Not to mention the fact that we have hopefully our two biggest games in recent years coming up to prepare for.
  9. Only problem is he wasn't even in the squad yesterday. I keep convincing myself he will come good though.
  10. The idea that we can compete using two wingers is pretty stupid.
  11. Assist for Ryan Fraser today and both he and Armstrong played the full 90 minutes which is promising No sign of McBurnie. Marshall let in 3 to bring him up to eight in his last 4 games
  12. I know I go on about stats a bit much and the importance of a player like Cooper. but in the 72 minutes he was on he had more possession of the ball, more touches of the ball, made more passes(91 % success rate) and won more headers than any one else did in the full 90. Hope he's fit.
  13. Burke and Henderson both got half an hour today in there respective leagues .Don't think the latter will amount to much with our strength in midfield but it is good to see Burke getting a reasonable amount of game time.
  14. Sorry but we still don't have a goalkeeper, any central defenders, a right back or any forwards Even the best left backs in the world can't perform with out protection from their defences. All we have is a midfield.
  15. Second choice EPL keeper or a second choice league one keeper. We can always keep the keeper in our squad that has never played higher than league one of course Not sure if Steer is second choice though
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