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  1. Has the SFA stopped being rotten to the core for the time being?
  2. Why do you feel the need to continually repeat the same thing again and again in every possible thread were it could be even slightly relevant?
  3. Paper talk but regarding Bilic A source close to the man who led Croatia to the Euro 2008 quarter-finals said: "Of course he is missing football and in interested in the Scotland job. "He won’t apply for the job but if the SFA contact him, that is different."
  4. Bates on Bench again for Hamburg, not a good sign. Armstrong does start however.
  5. Bookies shortening Bilic by the hour, Whats the source of this shortlist?
  6. I suppose fishing fourth in the SPL is a better basis for success. No international experience and no experience of the current crop of players (unless he brings Kris Boyd back) is a better option? Been a bit of a move for Bilic in the betting today. Bilic and Gemmill as assistant would be fine with me. All the other options are awful or pie in the sky.
  7. You've summed it up there. Some people on here are far too stubborn to see past their own agenda. I think if you had a poll for second choice a few would select him there. For me International management has little in common with club management, by default you need some one with experience in that. I voted for Bilic (although I have no Idea why his name crops up for the job" for that reason. Gemmell has experience with a lot of the players in the current squad and even more some of the ones that we are suggesting for the future. Big problem is his stature in the game as a manager, but that didn't stop Roxburgh, Brown, Bilic or Southgate.
  8. Red Cafe forum is a laugh they're giving Mctominay their MOM again. Think it's more a show of how crap the rest of the team is now.
  9. Has the possible involvement of Shuan Maloney been mentioned anywhere?
  10. Two games running Bates hasn't started for Hamburg.
  11. A player not in action today was Liam Cooper. Leeds managed to lose 2-1 at home to a relegation threatened Wigan who were down to ten men after 14 minutes. Not saying it made the difference but I know at least one fixed odds coupon that is in the bin.
  12. Depends what you are comparing it with really, Would be very surprised if Aberdeen, Rangers or Kilmarnock were nearer the top than the bottom of the league, certainly no were near the playoffs. On the other hand Rotherham and Millwall would struggle in Serie A or La Liga. The top players in the Championship are on another planet compared with any one out side of Celtic in Scotland. Even a championship bench warmer like Oliver Burke looks good in the SPL.
  13. "Not being ready yet"attitude has held us back for years
  14. So let's go for a manager who can turn a shit team in a shit league to slightly better than a shit team the job instead. We are in a similar mess to the one we were in last time, only difference is we thought that O'Neil would take the job then. Would love to see Bilic take the job. Interestingly his international management started out like Gemmell's and if Gemmell did the same as he did and instantly promoted players he knew from the under 21's you never know. Craig Brown followed a similar route knowing what he had when he took the job and taking it from there. The only other manager with any experience of the current players is Strachan. So for me it's Bilic first because he is a proven international manager who would I think have the respect of the players. Then Gemmell or Strachan simply because they know the players and what international football is about. Most of the others names can't guarantee any respect from the players which puts us right back were w are now.
  15. You could say that Brown had easier qualification routes due to to Roxburgh's success but then qualification was pretty simple back then
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