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  1. Subbed after 70 minutes to give another youngster some game time. Whoscored were pretty impressed with his stats for a pretty high 7.7. rating, impossible to read much into that though as it was pretty much an under 23's match with a couple of over age players in each team.(is this a Cariboo cup rule now} I would say very promising for an 18 year old though and hopefully he will get a loan move or at least a seat on the West Ham bench.
  2. Who scored have him at right mid with Coyle right back and Fleming left back
  3. I think when you see 35 year olds touted for an international return that is a win at all costs attitude. Or when you persist with two awful right backs when just about any one with a right foot would be a better long term option. Ok the players might not be showing a win at all cost attitude but if you start to get players earning 20-30 caps together things might change.
  4. Sheffield United forum seems quite happy with Burke the only positive they could see tonight. Forum is also saying what the stats are with regard to Fleck, he is not the player he was pre lockdown.
  5. Burke up front will be interesting, McBurnie's lack of pre-season is probably the reason he is on the bench.
  6. Got to start gambling with or younger players. Patterson is 19 next month holding him back a couple of years leaves you with an inexperienced 23 year old down the line. Have to start getting players involved at a younger age to avoid what has been happening for years if not decades now. International team seems to have the same problem as our club sides- win at all cost with no long term plan.
  7. Why he stopped getting called up is one of those things in international football that goes unexplained. But now at 35 there is no way he should be called up.
  8. Bought a 33 year old from Bolton and have a young Norwegian on loan from Brighton, both central defenders
  9. Liam Morrison is taken, one more please. Central defender would be great!
  10. Quick google, is it a girl or a guy who needs a haircut?
  11. You claim every one is going to be great though, yet there is thread for predictions about up and coming players and you won't post anything. Basically if any one makes to the top you will say I told you so. And don't bother asking me to show you doing it I really can't be arsed. Two names is all I ask.
  12. What league was he playing when he became established at Rangers, asking for a friend.
  13. Perhaps next time we should play with 4 midfielders. You are right though the midfield appeared to be out of it's depth and that didn't help the the defence. As for "more positives than negatives" I can only assume you were joking.
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