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  1. Turnbull wasn't brilliant but a long way from "very poor"
  2. There's a lot of rubbish in the Olympics these days but your right there's no need for football to be there. Football already has it's top prize and it's far bigger than an Olympic medal could ever be. Same could be said for Golf and Tennis.
  3. Toepoke should make his profile pic a laughing emoji, his one liners rock.
  4. A shame the laughing emoji got used on peoples replies that were serious so even that was used as a negative. I would say the upvote was the only one needed.
  5. Just make sure your phones charged, not a fan of anything new.
  6. Pretty amazing prices, Three kids here so need to have a ballot to see who gets which game.
  7. How many could you buy for non members?
  8. Only a blind man would make up the squad in that way without giving the spare spots to players who can play in more than one position.
  9. 8 starting tonight not sure this is great news for our coefficient. Long time since that many Scots started for Celtic in Europe in fact doubt if any of our clubs have since the 3 foreigner rule got binned.
  10. Am I the only person that doesn't regard the U.K or Great Britain as countries, doubt if anyone in England does or any governing football body for that matter. Maybe there should be an Eastern European side or Scandinavian team.
  11. Not been been many players to leave the SPL for £25m,has there? Tierney left at 22 after strolling around for four years. Mcginn would have been joining Celtic at the same age £6m is, like it or not, probably closer to the mark than the £30m the original poster suggested if he had stayed in Scotland for three years. Thankfully he didn't and IMO he is a far better player for it. Sorry but the level you are playing at is a pretty good indication of a players value.
  12. Probably only be worth £6m if he had strolled around the SPL for 3 or 4 years
  13. To be honest I don't think we will hear very much about him in the future, one good season in the middle of a back three for the Belgian equivalent of Livingston doesn't make you international class player overnight. Was anybody honestly impressed with his Scotland performances?
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