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  1. Three in three, let's see if he can keep that up! 2nd best player in division according to who scored ,best is a 17 year old keeper called Mathew Alexander- must be some Scottish blood in there. Mind you to put all this in perspective Liam Bridcutt is one of the top ten players in the league and Jason Cummings is 13th
  2. Who Scored made him MOM on his debut in 2-1 defeat, rare for losing side to have MOM MOM again tonight by the looks of things. Rangers might play a young Scottish player yet
  3. I still think he is our best right back option even though he does't play there any more. Not sure why he wasn't in the last squad, he was on the bench the week before the internationals and Clarke must have known the injury he had was the type to clear up pretty fast. Unless Clarke thought he had right back covered😉
  4. Doubt if there are many on here that have such a low regard of our home leagues. than me. I am just getting rather annoyed that when any player moves abroad they instantly become massive prospects and and any success they have will be seen as more than it is. Recently we have bigged up Bates, Henderson and Harper simply because they might have got to kick a ball in a top league, Henderson has made it but he probably isn't good enough to get a regular start for one of the lower half teams.
  5. Beginning to sound like chipper but the Ireland's aren't similar countries they are superior ones..
  6. Hornby on the bench on Sunday, which is not great. Team he is with are probably on a par with Hearts or Motherwell..
  7. But some of them play in the worstest League in the world A team that has a captain that influence's performances is slightly less fucked
  8. Be interesting to see if Henderson starts today after getting subbed last week and his replacement scoring the winner. Hope he's not a Bates or Harper type false dawn although I guess he is ahead of them in as much as has has started a game in a top European league
  9. So if some ones team offers them a 4/5 year contract, or pays millions to sign a player or a team refuses to sell a player for what appears crazy money are we to assume they are probably over rating players It might be possible to make a mistake in the signing of a player but if you offer to extend a contract you already know what you are getting like wise if you refuse to sell.
  10. I guess you need some one who can work out how to play as many as possible of our better players in the right formation against a variety of different standards of opposition. Said before and I don't really expect any back up, but Robertson and Fraser might be great players at club level but would they be if they didn't have the players around them to express themselves. How many assists would Fraser have with out Wilson to aim at or how many would Robertson have without knowing that Van Dijk was behind him. We might find out about desire when the call offs come or not for the rest of the group games.
  11. I know 50% of the board don't want to here it but it would appear Cooper had a very good game today.
  12. What would be more interesting would be if only Scottish players were allowed on the bench, might stop so many mediocre English players making up squads A duty perhaps but not an obligation
  13. Celtic appear to, in fact if the cost of running is between £450k and £700k it would make sense for them to take it over should it close
  14. Another of those things that hasn't been announced but he must have retired from international football, either that or Clarke is keeping him fresh for the play offs
  15. He's on loan to Telstar in the Dutch second division, appears to be playing 90 minutes in all matches Echo
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