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  1. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Don't think Morrison will be near the squad again and Phillips is still out injured, Plays pretty much every game when fit. Stats agree with you on the Villa players' 90% pass success rate for McGinn, He's as good as Scott Brown now. Went to the stats site after watching the game to see if I could find anything positive out of a very bad performance. Celtic were a massive letdown and created a massive hole in the optimism I have felt since the last two nations league games. It wasn't just the Scottish players that were poor but it is them that I am interested in. Decided to be more positive and say that if Tierney and Simunovic had played we would have seen a lot more from the midfield and attacking players. It was also good to see Bain in goal no disrespect to Gordon intended , but to see probably our best under 30 goalie playing in top level games can only be good
  2. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Brown had a 90% pass success rate on Thursday best of the Scottish players (McGinn's latest game he had 71% ) My rating system of choice had him as best Celtic player with 6.7 He Completed 5 tackles on Thursday which was more than any one else on the park. Any way post wasn't meant to be about Brown rather the failures of others.
  3. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Half the Scotland team played last night and no one think's it's worth a comment. Lets stick to clean sheet for Bates, goal for McBurnie assist for Fraser and any other good news going. Seeing as Burke is being seen as the great white hope, lets make excuses for him. Lets ignore the fact that the only Scotsman who didn't look out of place last night has retired. Lets ignore the fact that all Forrest, Christie and McGregor have really done is looked good against 2nd rate domestic clubs and third rate international countries. Let's be Scottish and continue to live in fantasy land. Did Jock Stein once play a team of Anglo's?
  4. ceudmilefailte

    An experiment in optimism

    Think the difference between our views are that you want a 32 man squad and I want a 16 man one😉
  5. ceudmilefailte

    An experiment in optimism

    I think if Ali Crawford wins a Scotland cap we are in big trouble. Very much doubt if Dembele(drifting out of starting 11) can play much higher than he is now. Not too sure how far of being a good enough (right back? )for us Naismith is, but another we need to see at a higher level soon.
  6. ceudmilefailte

    An experiment in optimism

    Is that Barnsley? Any one got any idea how Liam Lyndsay is doing. Thought the fact that he looked as good as he did for a poor Thistle team at a young age was promising. His 42 games in the championship last year were rated quite highly by my beloved who scored.com Hopefully no matter what happens we will see him playing at a higher level soon.
  7. ceudmilefailte

    Oliver Burke

    Don't know if WBA are preparing for Brexit but they seem to be adopting an "English players only Strategy" Still doubt if Kilmarnock's united nations 11 would get near them
  8. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Any one know what's going on with McBurnie he is only on bench again tonight.
  9. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Interesting stats for Bates tonight, he never made a tackle or won the ball in the air according to who scored .com
  10. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Think how many he would have if Cullum Paterson's head was there to meet them in the box
  11. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He's played for us at under 17's. MoM today and would be good to see him get a run of games. Regards Che Adams if he carries on like this he'll probably be in the next England squad. Another good performance by Callum Paterson today. Played on the right hand side of a midfield four and won the ball 14 times in the air which is well, a bit silly. Can only assume that they were mostly attacking or defensive headers. Perhaps he has improved a lot since his move south and is now a good enough all round player to play in a variety of positions. I thought he did well enough at right back in our last two games to fill that spot. After some of my past comments that is a serious amount of humble pie. Robertson was brilliant again.
  12. ceudmilefailte

    Players we will never give up on

    Seems to be a lot of optimism on here at the moment based on a couple of good performances. Care to name them here for a bit of a laugh down the line or is every one afraid and would prefer it hidden somewhere and then just claim they spotted the player first
  13. ceudmilefailte

    Livingston currently showing that three at the back CAN work

    100% right in every aspect, but when you can just retort with "but we haven't qualified for any thing for 20 years" you really are wasting your time pointing things out.
  14. ceudmilefailte

    An experiment in optimism

    Think you might well be the last person to give up on Jordan Rhodes, he has hardly played for Norwich all season despite being fully fit. But then that does fit into the title of the thread.
  15. ceudmilefailte

    Scotland Goals From Direct Free Kicks

    Thanks for that just watched in on YouTube, the Lorimer and Rioch military two step. Was sure Lorimer got one against Brazil in 74 but can't find it anywhere