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  1. A deflected goal against Stranraer is pretty impressive.
  2. Two assists for Dykes, he is becoming a better than average championship striker. A lot of fans in the QPR forum rated him when he wasn't scoring and his manager obviously did. I hate being wrong but hands up.
  3. Yet many have doubted his commitment to the national team so I guess we will see. Can squash all that talk if he turns up without having played for Arsenal.
  4. Must have been some points system in 98 or was it just who had joined first got the most tickets.
  5. He is pretty forgettable but you'll never forget McBurnie.
  6. Can't prove it but I doubt we are any worse than other countries in thinking young players haven't progressed as much as expected.
  7. No mention on here of Callum Patterson, probably more likely than Shankland or Griffiths
  8. I hate to rain on the parade but McBurnie might make it yet, remember he got over sore toe in less than a week.
  9. It is of course possible that Gilmour might not be as good as we all thought.
  10. Would also increase the quality of foreigners 10 fold.
  11. Hopefully they will start increasing these bans but I don't think it's something you can do overnight. Clubs should be responsible as well but they will just deny everything no matter what.
  12. Not really. Lots of teams have lots of money now, probably all have decent accountants but Rangers were real trailblazers in that department.
  13. If you'd given me a lot of money and a decent accountant in the 90's I would have created an excellent team.
  14. Got two friendlies coming up. Surely that is were you have a 30 man squad and check out these fringe players. Whether they should be on the fringes and not in the squad is another matter.
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