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  1. Last campagin half our under 21 team was over 22. Honestly that win at all costs mentality has to end. You should know the chances of of player making it by the time they turn 20/21. If people still think Hornby is going to make it they are deluded
  2. Should make it over 50s only and I'd must be provided, market for forged bus passes.
  3. Not sure what you mean there, if it goes ahead in the way professional football currently is the economic benefits will be negligible. Have to say though waiting for Cheltenham festival to finish was a very odd decision and that could only be put down to the economic benefits so who's to say they won't gamble and have major restrictions removed just in time for the Euros
  4. Pretty sure it will go ahead, also pretty sure there will be no travelling support allowed. Interesting to see what happens nearer the time.
  5. Get Shankland in there, 2 goals since September is pretty good for a Scottish striker.
  6. Didn't think it was but if a team 12th in the league can make the group stages of the Europa league , maybe they got there automatically but if the 5th best team in the Belgian league does that as good as proves it is better. They won against Lech Poznan and drew with Benifica, do you think Ross County could do that?
  7. Well I guess if we can make all our players look better than they are we might be onto something. Problem with strength in numbers in one area of the park leads to weakness's in others, but lets not go of topic even though I started it.
  8. Really is a possibility that playing in a back three makes just about any central defender look better. More so if it's the center of the back three. Ask a Motherwell fan.
  9. I'd rather we didn't but I would be quite happy if who ever he signed for did. If he signs for any of the teams mentioned I can't see him being anywhere other than on the bench.
  10. General feeling is that he was terrible no matter were he played at Celtic. Might do a Tom McInytyre and be forced to play as a full back and look even better there than he does as a center half.
  11. Didn't know that Rodgers had played him right back at Celtic.
  12. Good to see Hickey back in the Bologna starting 11. They must rate as he had a stinker before his covid break.
  13. Holsgrove's stats were pretty good 97% pass success rate, one dribble one shot at goal (blocked) he saw plenty of the ball and did not appear out of place at all. Watched most of the second half and while most of his passes were pretty safe that seems to be the Celta way. Problem is he only got the chance due to injuries to two of the main Celta midfielders so probably not a break through moment but a major step forward.
  14. They are comfortably mid table so not that bad, done nothing wrong so far.
  15. Came on at half time 4-0 down mind you, if he can turn that around...............
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