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  1. Might get a surprise central defender called up.
  2. Your right Conway is injured and Hackney played for the England under 21's recently.
  3. At least the squad isn't stacked with 21/22 year olds like it was a couple of seasons ago.
  4. Hopefully he will get at least 45 minutes against France. Really needs to get international experience under his belt. I would say he is probably the best player not in our starting eleven and the one we would need to cover any injuries in the midfield.
  5. Amazing list! Good to see Celtic a mention in the small print.
  6. I really shouldn't pay attention to random feeds! It said 2025
  7. Just some random feed but it suggested he wasn't that bothered and that he had Canada as back up to play in a world cup finals. Be interesting to see if Anderson is called up again or who replaces him in the squad.
  8. Goal, an assist and another MoM for Gauld this morning. Such a shame we probably won't see him close up.
  9. Probably need to let the Irelands play each other for the sake of the bid name
  10. Agree about Clarke but he will come round to my way of thinking sooner rather than later.
  11. He started 15 or 16 games in each of the last two seasons but did come on as a substitute in quite a few games, that to me is a bit part player. And it was only with Southampton. People saying players can carry on playing at a high level into their mid 30s is something that i just don't see unless they were exceptional in their mid 20. Might need him incase of injuries because of his experience? The only way to avoid this is to let players like Ferguson gain experience. He is at this stage in his career a better player than Armstrong. He is playing in the championship now for a reason.
  12. I wouldn't say that being a bit part player for a side that got relegated is much to be impressed by. A man of the match performance against a team as poor as Armenia is something but at the end of the day someone had to be awarded the honour and it could have been anyone on their day. He is well into the twilight of his career and surely it is time to move on with some of the newer options available. He is the easiest option to upgrade.
  13. Pretty hard to get into a midfield that allready has four top half standard EPL players. Really annoys me when Armstrong comes of the bench these days ahead oh him.
  14. Thats probably why Gunn hasn't made it to a top level team, he has some absolute shocking games. Has some brilliant ones too and hopefully that is what happens when it matters for us. Good to see Cooper starting again and putting in solid performance. Saw Adams assist yesterday and thought it was a bit special.
  15. Was thinking of the other lot, but yes that didn't work out well.
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