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  1. You doubt a guy who scored 20+ goals in the English Championship would score goals in the Scottish Championship? I really hope Shankland keeps on an upward curve, we will find out next season but so far McBurnie is twice the player
  2. No idea how he has struggled to get game time at Reading, no long term injury as far as I saw. He played very well at left back the week before so we could play him there if needed.
  3. Sweden 4 Ronaldo 4 proves that, but yes your right
  4. Well Fraser won't get many at major finals which gives Ronaldo an unfair advantage.😉
  5. A few people in Liverpool think Lucas Digne is better, before we get carried away with best in the world claims Well done Robbo though, key part of one of the best club teams for a while
  6. Would one meter get rid of the need to keep every second row empty?
  7. Slavia Prague have a 20,000 seater stadium so that works out at 20%full. Honestly have no idea how Celtic and the SRU have worked out their figures. You need to have every second row empty so there's 50% gone. only way it would be possible was if barriers were in between rows.
  8. Tierney started for Arsenal tonight and for what it's worth he has had the most possession, the most touches and made the most passes of anyone on the pitch in the first half. Least his team mates rate him.
  9. Stats wise McGinn was just about passable, Fleck was was worse than awful. McBurnie despite only 45 minutes on the pitch was Sheffield United's best player. McTominay did nothing wrong and Robertson, as he often is, was well above average for an EPL player
  10. Fraser didn't even have toothache just didn't want to play in case he hurt himself.
  11. Oliver McBurnie Characteristics + Strengths Aerial Duels Strong Finishing Strong Holding on to the ball Strong Headed attempts Strong Defensive contribution Strong - Weaknesses Crossing Weak Oliver McBurnie's Style of Play Likes to cut inside Likes to play long balls Likes to do layoffs Likes to tackle According to who scores.com Not sure about the finishing stat, But Sheff Utd dont create much. Defensive contribution is strong which is part of the reason UTD are were they are.
  12. Could be a lot of players not getting paid any were near what they think they are worth next season so I hope for his sake he has a new deal. Would still have been the decent thing to do despite the odds of him picking up a serious injury,which are extremely low. Think I'll get into the insurance game.
  13. It's the same for lot's of players. Technically he has done nothing wrong, The point every one is making that he is being a bit of a wank by not doing more to help his team, like the other out of contract players at Bournemouth and plenty other's round the country.
  14. He refused to sign a contract to play the remaining games of the season because his contract runs out at the end of June,it's not the same as signing a pre contract. Would be interesting to see how many players have done likewise, four players at Bournemouth did sign short term deals perhaps Fraser thinks he is better than them. It was impossible for Howe to play him and keep the respect of the rest of his players.
  15. Must be dozens of players in the same boat, can't think of any mind you.
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