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  1. To be honest I find signaling out one player a bit annoying. Maybe if they score or come close,but what about the rest of the team?
  2. I've never thought much of Hendry but 60 out of 60 passes completed is some stat. And a goal to boot. Well done that man.
  3. I have decided Adams was rested tonight after the problems he caused against Ukraine. Honestly can't think of any other reason to start Dykes.
  4. Two great observations the first in particular.
  5. Just looked at the transfer market site. The Hungarian squad is valued at 80 million and 25 million of that is one guy. They must have one hell of a manager.
  6. Do a St mirren, let them have 80% of the ball 20 shots at goal. Prefer a more straightforward but 2-0 that way will do. Comfortable is not easily attained in football.
  7. If the world cup had been played in the summer, there would be at least 2 elite countries looking for a new manager.
  8. Not saying back Ireland, but this far from a gimme, even Luxembourg aren't that bad. Bookies reckon there is more chance of us not winning than winning.
  9. England and San Marino the only teams in Nations League not to score in open play I hear.
  10. He’s 16,thats too young to go on loan. He's better of getting another year's top class coaching at an elite club before a loan move is even considered. Just my opinion.
  11. Took long enough to sellout, could be plenty Irish in.
  12. Ffs I don't have a clue what your talking about. Original post said one side that's why asked. If it's just one side he has a preference. Seems to me like you have preference too. I like most people North of Perth don't give a shit. Whatever agenda you think I have is misguided. If you read my posts I am far from negative about Clarke. As for not wanting Scotland to win. I have never been in a church so that must make me true supppoter. Your usually a lot better than this.
  13. Just one of the club's, that would suggest he is on the other side of the devide. Guess that might explain things. Need to tell me which side so I know who I support.
  14. You know no one can answer that. There is no were near the anti Clarke agenda you are suggesting. If you think anyone is above criticism your deluded.
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