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  1. Sheffield United have signed striker Lys Mousset for a club-record fee from Bournemouth. The 23-year-old has signed a three-year deal at Bramall Lane after passing a medical on Friday. Sky Sports News understands the fee for Mousset could rise to more than £10m. Looks like the McBurnie bids will be off the table. 23 years old who has started 8 games in the EPL for Bournemouth over three years sounds like a good plan who's only objective should be to avoid relegation. Has come on 50 times from the bench which I thought made this a bit funny "For Bournemouth he showed he could operate on either wing, depending on which side the bench was on." Makes McBurnie look cheap at £15m
  2. Was looking at this weeks games and we are up against teams from Estonia Georgia and Luxembourg. It's getting tougher.
  3. Give you that one. I think it's a bit like the childhood summers that lasted for ever syndrome Was basing it more on last seasons league and comparing them with what I saw as a poor Celtic team. I suppose if I am wrong about Celtic then that also makes me wrong about Rangers. Hopefully our three remaining teams will do us proud,
  4. Not even sure about that any more, Rangers are far from convincing and I doubt if there has ever been a worse Celtic team.
  5. Might go the whole hog and make it points for home games only, for all the away games we sell out these days it won't make much difference. Go to all the home games, cost's me a fortune because of were I live and only joined the club this year in the belief it would help me get tickets for any home euro finals games should we get there. By the looks of the ticket allocations and prices I should have saved the £50
  6. In saying that are you suggesting this is a good Celtic team and it might have been easier to get into previous teams?
  7. Crystal Palace won at Man City and Arsenal last season also knocked Spurs out of the cup so probably not the best example.
  8. Dont expect a reply I pointed out that teams played more players in a handful of Europa league games than they did In entire seasons in the EPL. Also pointed out that players have made their first team debuts in the competition and given the full ninety minutes to players that don't even get on the bench. Am a wee bit surprised though that teams haven't taken it more seriously since the winners now get a champions league place, or have they
  9. Let me know were you get the £3.00 pint,, in fact let me know were you find one of the same standard. The scenery and the atmosphere is better mind you.
  10. It is what it is.£15m is the going rate for a 23 year old with McBurnie's goals to games ratio in the Championship, plus if you pay any attention to his overall contribution to his current team he might worth £20m to them. Who do you suggest they buy to replace him or for that matter who would you sign instead. It's about time you realised that football transfers are simply a case of supply and demand. You seem to think that your knowledge of numbers is better than that of those that actually have a say in it. The money involved in football is surreal but if better players were available cheaper elsewhere they would buy elsewhere, which I think is the bit you have a problem with.The standard of English football is higher than you think.
  11. In comparison to other transfer fees floating about McBurnie is a £15m player, he's no better or worse than Che Adams and he went for £15m.. Take it if he does move on this would make him the most expensive Scotsman ever.
  12. Don't know if there is much truth in it but apparently Sheffield UTD have been showing interest in Oliver McBurnie and had a £10m offer refused last week. It was in the Sheffield news and on the Sheffield UTD forum before the Sun picked up on it.
  13. If we had seven McTominay's 2 would be in Central defence, one would be right back 3 would be in the centre of midfield and the final one up front. Not making out he is some sort of god but he is better than what we have in all those positions. Think that leaves room for Robertson, Fraser and probably Forrest( plus a keeper} I said when he got his Man Utd contract to the surprise of the Man U fans they had basically got a £25m defensive midfielder, a £20m central midfielder a £20m right sided midfielder a a £15m right back a £15m central defender and a £10m forward for nothing, which is not a bad thing with squad rotation being what it is. He might be worth a bit more now. Chirper suggesting every one can do that is just his usual drivel.
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