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  1. ceudmilefailte

    Strength in depth

    That's the problem. At international level you don't have the time to persevere or experiment with new ideas. You might well be right with some of your team selections, formations but do you really want to gamble that as many of the players you want to play out of position can adapt to a different formation. At the moment I would say we have three or four players that are more than capable of playing at the higher end of club football in their positions so you have to build your team round that. Apart from right back you have decent players to play 4-2-3-1, At right back you either have to accept O'Donnell is our best option or hope that Tierney is a good enough all round player to adapt to playing out of position. Not half the team as you suggest The teams that have failed us over the last 18 years had a totally different set of players so I think it is time to believe the current crop are good enough to compete playing in their natural positions.
  2. ceudmilefailte

    First 11

    Not sure a 26 year old with 50 top flight games is the way ahead. Prefer to give Tierney a chance to gain experience at right back against the smaller teams
  3. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    In an attempt to see just how far of topic we can get I had a bet on Atalanta against Napoli last night and watched it on Paddy Power. Never seen two teams give the ball away so much, it was comical . Napoli won in the end because they gave the ball away in less dangerous areas of the pitch. To get the thread back on topic Matt Phillips got MoM last night against Brentford, but nobody want's to hear that..
  4. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    15 minutes out of position against Isreal is a sound basis to judge a player. If we can, and I think we should, find a formation that suits he is natural cover for Forrest. I wonder some time why people bother watching football when they have all ready decided what they will see before it happens.
  5. ceudmilefailte

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    No mention of McBurnies goal tonight. said elsewere he should have got some more game time against Albania when we were cruising. I still think he will become our best forward in decades.
  6. ceudmilefailte

    An optimistic article about the future the Scotland team

    That's the hype, it wasn't for a while it was for half a dozen games. Personally think he will be a player in a couple of years if he can stay fit long enough.
  7. ceudmilefailte

    First 11

    We could go on but I think we can agree it would be preferable not to have to bring Berra back.
  8. ceudmilefailte

    First 11

    How many times have they been on international duty together? Souttar and Berra?
  9. ceudmilefailte

    Your first Scotland match

    FIrst and last game my wife went to. Kept asking silly things like"why haven't they scored yet" and "when are they going to score"
  10. ceudmilefailte

    First 11

    Been saying it for years, our over reliance on experience is holding us back big style Berra is not as good as mulgrew and hasn't been involved with the new younger players.so why bring him back, I would sooner give the experience of being away for a week to some one who will need it in the future. Naismith and fletcher were in the squad to play, not just for the sake of it.
  11. ceudmilefailte

    Tonight’s Match

    That's the one. Used to just go to Queen's Park and have a couple in the Alison Arms but somebody changed it into a wine bar
  12. ceudmilefailte

    Your first Scotland match

    Not sure when, but it was against England and you were allowed to pish in the east stand. Think thats were the working classes stood, the toffs were always in the North stand.
  13. ceudmilefailte

    Tonight’s Match

    Missed a couple of minutes because I got the train to Mount Florida instead of queens park. Does it always have about 10 stops?
  14. ceudmilefailte

    First 11

    Your the second person to mention Berra, do you want to continue with all our past failures? The youngsters we have are all at the same level as Berra is now, we need to get their cap totals into double figures as soon as possible and recalling the likes of Berra hinders that. Older players should only be in the squad if you intend starting them and if Berra is there I might become an addition to the statistics of the declining Scotland support
  15. ceudmilefailte

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    I was probably even closer than you, row B! And for some one out of his normal position and some one as inexperienced as Bates, I thought they looked pretty secure together.