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  1. With Celtic's win in Italy, we've already bettered last season's score making it the best season in Europe for Scottish clubs since 2007-08. We've still got five group games for Celtic and Rangers (combined) to go, with Celtic already guaranteed a knockout stage place.
  2. I think they've got two Premier League players in their team, who are both their centre-backs. They don't concede many: I count six goals in their last two qualifying campaigns (fourteen games), excluding the top seeds - so just under a goal conceded every two games (0.4 per game). Add the Nations League in and it's thirteen against in eighteen games (0.7 per game). We're at 1.3 per game in qualifiers and 1.2 per game including the Nations League. They do score less than us, but their average goal difference is +1.2 in qualifiers and +0.7 including the Nations League compared to +0.6 and +0.8 respectively for us (they were obviously in a higher NL league than us). Their good defence allows them to get better results than us; sadly, our defence is probably the weakest part of our team right now.
  3. I reckon they could keep it the same for Euro 2024, as Germany are hosting it and therefore will qualify automatically - leaving 23 spots. The top two in each qualifying group and three play-off winners would be likely be the teams to qualify - perhaps with the third placed teams in each qualifying group going into these play-offs along with two from the Nations League. It does degrade qualifying a bit knowing that we've already got a play-off spot before starting qualifying, as well as knowing that one of Georgia, Belarus, Kosovo and Macedonia will qualify regardless of their qualifying performance; I wonder if that's a factor in the change to the play-off format. In North America they've replaced their previous qualifying format for their continental competition (the Gold Cup) with their Nations League competition. The top two in each League A group (out of three) qualify, along with the top team in each League B group. The second placed teams in League B and the winners of League C (there are only three leagues) enter a play-off, with the winners of those matches playing the third placed teams from League A for a place in the Gold Cup. I wouldn't mind that for Euro qualifying; it ensures that teams take the Nations League seriously, without having the issue of teams having a 'second shot' a qualifying no matter how they do in their qualifying group.
  4. I've been busy lately, so I haven't looked at the forum for a couple of weeks. I've had a quick look at don't think this has been mentioned, but if it has I'm sorry. UEFA have reformatted the Nations League. There are pros and cons about this, both in general and for Scotland. What's the new format? The basic structure of four divisions, with twelve teams in the top two and fifteen/sixteen in the bottom two is being replaced with sixteen in the top three divisions and seven in the bottom. This change ultimately means that we would've been promoted to League B if we had finished second in our group last time. Each league will contain: League A: All the countries that were in that division last time (including those who would've been relegated), plus the nations placed 1st in League B. League B: The nations placed 2nd or 3rd in League B and the nations placed 1st or 2nd in League C. League C: The nations placed 3rd or 4th in League C and the nations placed 1st or 2nd in League D, plus the best nation placed 3rd in League D. League D: All remaining nations. There are four groups of four in Leagues A, B and C, with League D having a group of four and a group of three. The draw for each group is seeded based on their position in the Nations League last time, with the exception of the teams that would've been relegated being placed below the teams that would've been promoted. For our league this means the pots are: Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary, Romania Why the change? The Nations League is being incorporated into World Cup qualifying. World Cup qualifying takes the same base format as the Euro qualifiers - five groups of five and five groups of six. The difference is that only the winners of each group qualify for the World Cup - due to less slots for European teams at the World Cup - and the runners-up enter the play-offs along with two teams from the Nations League. UEFA's document on the new format doesn't specify which two teams enter the play-offs; it's likely, IMO, to be the two highest ranked teams not to have qualified or to be in the play-offs already. There is no additional benefit from winning your group, as there was last time. The play-offs will consist of six semi-finals and three finals, with each final winner also qualifying for the World Cup. Additionally, this format change increases the number of matches for UEFA to market and prevents Germany being in League B. It also means that the lowest ranked teams will play more matches against similar standard teams (ie. San Marino will play Gibraltar/Faroe Islands, Latvia/Liechtenstein and Andorra/Malta instead of playing one of Cyprus, Estonia, Slovania or Lithuania as would've been the case previously). What does this mean for Scotland? We almost certainly won't be playing friendlies anymore, except in the months before a major tournament. This could be seen as a pro, but means that we'll have very little opportunity to play against countries from outside Europe which could be a con - especially if we do qualify for a World Cup. This change does increase the chance that we'll be in League B more regularly, as there are eight more nations in the top two leagues. What does this mean for World Cup qualifying seeding? FIFA have previously been reluctant to allow confederations to use their own seeding system ahead of the FIFA World Rankings for World Cup qualifying seedings. The document doesn't discuss seedings for the World Cup qualifiers, so I'm guessing the World Rankings will be used instead of your overall position in the Nations League. When are the matches? 3-5 September 2020 6-8 September 2020 8-10 October 2020 11-13 October 2020 12-14 November 2020 15-17 November 2020 World Cup qualifiers will take place in March, June, September, October and November 2021 (two matches each month), with the play-offs in March 2022. The 2022 Nations League will take place in June (four matches) and September (two) 2022, with the World Cup in November and December.
  5. Another defensive error and Rangers are 2-1 down in stoppage time.
  6. Back to 1-1, sounded like a soft goal to concede
  7. I think if Rangers are going to qualify, they'll need to get at least a point tonight. A win would take them six points clear of Young Boys and would give them the head-to-head advantage ahead of the final game at Ibrox. Celtic do need to beat Cluj, although after their win against Lazio makes me question if they may turn out to be the most difficult team to beat in the group. I don't think Lazio played their strongest XI against Cluj either, so they may do worse than everyone thinks.
  8. I think it really depends on who's available. I think most of us would've had players like Leigh Griffiths and Steven Fletcher over players like Brophy, McNulty or Morgan in the last few squads had they been available. Probably our four best strikers are: Griffiths, Fletcher, Naismith and McBurnie. The question here is who replaces each of them (assuming there's four out and out strikers in the squad) if they get injured or some like Naismith retires? How far up the pecking order should Shankland be when compared to the aforementioned three or others? I wouldn't mind giving him a go should we be missing one of our best four, personally.
  9. This is where I wish we still played B internationals. The lad clearly knows where the goal is and it wouldn't hurt for our coaching team to take a serious look at him to see if he could do a job for us. Playing a B international (even if it was limited to just Scottish based players) would allow for a better comparison between him and players like McNulty and Brophy - both of whom have actually been called up for the national team (same for players in other positions).
  10. Two winnable games tonight. Rangers, for me, have to get a win to have serious chance of qualifying from this group, while Celtic would probably need at least a draw.
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