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  1. It was a disappointing result, but I still feel positive. We made eight chances, were the better side and did everything short of putting the ball in the net. Of the chances I can remember: McBurnie had three good chances, Armstrong and Christie each had a good chance, Palmer had a couple, McLean forced a good save, Griffiths nearly earned a draw at the end. On a different day, we'd have scored at least one of them and we could've been two or three up before Slovakia got their goal; that's without thinking about the times it was only the final ball letting us down. Defensively, we li
  2. I wasn't expecting that many changes, but maybe needed after going all the way to penalties against Serbia. Perhaps Clarke wants to have a better look at some players ahead of the Euros too.
  3. Would be very impractical to have it prior to the Euros, given the Holyrood election in May. The referendum campaign would've had to have started by the time of that election and you'd have to get the legislation passed before it in order for a referendum prior to the Euros. That of course assumes the referendum isn't before the election, but I imagine legal challenges, logistics and the coronavirus situation would make it very difficult to hold the referendum before then. I imagine September next year is the earliest realistic time for a referendum.
  4. Croatia's going to be at Hampden - so it'll be a bit more of an even game (hopefully) than it would be at any other ground being used in the competition. That being said, anything against England or Croatia would be a bonus for us. If we beat the Czechs and give a good go in the other two, I think that's all we can the most we can ask for. The very fact we've qualified shows the progress we've made.
  5. Bet365 odds - Euro 2020 win outright (at time of posting) 5/1 - England 11/2 - Belgium, France 7/1 - Netherlands, Germany, Spain 14/1 - Italy, Portugal 33/1 - Croatia 66/1 - Denmark 100/1 - Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Scotland 125/1 - Wales, Austria, Sweden 200/1 - Czech Rep 300/1 - Hungary 500/1 - Finland, North Macedonia This is the only market they've got open right now. I'll have a look around at other bookmakers to see if there's any major differences. I'm surprised we're more favour
  6. And yet we still got through. 😄
  7. Penalties are clearly no problem: taken 10; scored 10. David Marshall pure dancer!
  8. Griffiths is coming on! O'Donnell comes off for him.
  9. I believe two more from one more substitution stoppage (I think that makes sense, but not sure the right phrase to use).
  10. I'm not confident we've got the right players on the pitch to take penalties, if we make it that far. Hopefully Clarke makes a change soon and brings on someone who can get a goal in this final fifteen minutes of extra time.
  11. Good save Marshall. Serbia have the momentum now...
  12. In the other games, Northern Ireland are going into extra-time also after scoring a late goal; Hungary scored two late goals to beat Iceland.
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