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  1. This. I do think Leverkusen are a step up from anyone Rangers have faced under Gerrard and they're on a very good run (since their winter break they've won all but one game, out of nine). Looking at the stats from their games against Porto, they seem to have fairly comfortably beaten them in both legs whereas I recall both of Rangers' games against them being broadly even - but it's the sort of tie where Rangers have nothing to lose.
  2. On paper, they're no better than Copenhagen IMO. So if we're talking about poor results/performances against Copenhagen, then Celtic have probably thrown away a very good opportunity to reach the quarter-finals.
  3. On the plus side for Celtic, they got as far in the Europa League as Arsenal did. ๐Ÿค”
  4. I'm guessing you mean won both legs of a tie (beyond the qualifying stages) - which would make it Celtic against Blackburn in the 2002-03 season. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
  5. I was just going through past performances and I realised we've not had two teams in the last sixteen on the Europa League/UEFA Cup since the 1986-87 season. 2007-08 was the last time we had two clubs in the last sixteen either UEFA competition. Both seasons we had a losing finalist.
  6. This season no, because the extra European places will only apply from next season for qualification for the 2021-22 season. If the scenario above occurred next season then yes we would if Rangers didn't finish in the top two of the league.
  7. Yeah: https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/General/02/58/61/42/2586142_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  8. We'll get five teams in Europe, but we won't have three in the Europa League due to the restructuring of European competitions. We'll have two in the Champions League, one the Europa League and two in the new Conference League.
  9. We're now up to sixth, having overtaken the Netherlands - meaning we've only been bettered by England, Spain, Germany, Italy and Portugal (in that order). We're a full 3.250 points above the next best nation who had four teams in Europe this season (Serbia who have 6.000 points), the equivalent of six wins and a draw. And that's despite Kilmarnock getting knocked out by in their first round by a Welsh part-time team. If we had an extra team that lost both of their matches, to show the worst case scenario of us gaining an extra team, we'd be level in ninth with Belgium. Which means we're in a position to sustain our good coefficient scores from the previous couple of years despite gaining an extra team.
  10. My spreadsheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1thIAAcmXqreI529IccUBDJ57FtK4rkgDilAuD0-0itc/edit?usp=sharing We're fourteenth and if Celtic beat Copenhagen in their second leg, we definitely go up to thirteenth (there's no difference in qualification places/rounds difference between those positions). The sheet called "2020-21 Qualification Places" in the spreadsheet lists the qualification places for next season with the new UEFA Europa Conference League competition. Being either thirteenth or fourteenth will give you two Champions League places (1st: Champions Path Q3; 2nd: League Path Q2), one Europa League place (Cup Winners or 3rd: League Path Q3) and two Conference League places (3rd/4th or 4th/5th: League Path Q2). A complex array of transfers between competitions (yes, it is possible to drop from CL to EL and then from EL to Cnf) means that if each side gets knocked out at their first round: 1st - CL Champions Q3 -> EL Play-Offs 2nd - CL League Q2 -> EL League Q3 CW/3rd - EL League Q3 -> Cnf League PO Long story short, our current/highest possible position will give us two Champions League places, one Europa League place and two Conference League places and our clubs will be in better positions to remain in Europe come the group stages (especially the cup winners).
  11. Thanks. I'll have a dig for that old thread. There is a game on when I'm there, so I'll head to that. Lechia are playing Piast Gliwice, who have Tom Hateley playing for them - who came through the Reading academy. I live about 10 miles outside Reading and have a season ticket there. I'll look into the pirate boat, seems it goes in the direction of Westerplatte which is something I do want to go to. I've had a few people suggest Sopot, so I'll make sure to have a look around there. ๐Ÿ‘ It might depend on what people are looking for/to do in a city. My sister didn't think much of Barcelona, but others have said it's a great city.
  12. If he's fit and ready, then I'd take Griffiths back - yeah. He's looked good since the winter break and got a few goals. Just taking a look, I hadn't realise he's started every Celtic game since the winter break. He did decide not to feature in the last round of games, presumably focusing on getting back regularly. With what he offers in his all round game compared to our other options and his quality in front of goal, if he's ready to play for us again I'd start with him.
  13. At least she's not an elected politician anymore. ๐Ÿคจ
  14. I think at the moment I'd go with: Marshall Palmer - McKenna (Gallagher) - Cooper - Robertson Fleck - McGregor (Jack/McTomiany) Fraser - McGinn - Christie (Forrest) McBurnie (Naismith) Players in brackets could start depending on form going in.
  15. I doubt the SFA would take 10% if we've only got a few days to shift them - especially as people would have to confirm flights/hotels in a very short space of time. I imagine everyone who wants a ticket for Serbia will get one, should both of us and them win our games.
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