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  1. I thought we were past having embarrassing European results, but Killie have proved me wrong. While Killie did earn us more points than Aberdeen did last season, they faced a much easier team than them. To make matters worse, it probably gives Partizan (Serbia) two very straight forward wins in the next round. The positives this week is that Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen all won, while Croatia, Serbia and Norway also had a team knocked out of the Europa League. On paper, Rangers should win both of their next round games (we thought that last time though), Aberdeen probably should too (it's not like a Scottish side ever lost in Georgia...) and Celtic are clear favourites to win both legs of their tie (especially at home). Celtic will be seeded all the way through to the qualifiers in the Champions League and will be in Pot 3 for the group stages, should they get there. Both Aberdeen and Rangers are unseeded in the EL third qualifying round draw, although either could be seeded in the play-off rounds (that would require them to beat a team that would be seeded themselves in the third qualifying round - Rangers did this last season by beating Maribor).
  2. All I'm saying is that despite the money available for English clubs, the standard of an average EPL club is no better than the standard of an average La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A club or the standard of a top club from 'second tier' European leagues (Belgium, Greece, etc.).
  3. This. The UEFA benchmarking report for 2017 (I think this is the most recent report) shows that Leicester City had roughly the same revenues as Atletico Madrid and Inter, while Crystal Palace were comparable to Zenit and Roma. When you consider that, you realise how weak the English top flight is relative to other leagues considering their finances. Report link: https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/OfficialDocument/uefaorg/Clublicensing/02/58/98/12/2589812_DOWNLOAD.pdf
  4. So far the league has averaged about 4,400, excluding the ~18,000 opening game, which is roughly comparable with English League Two. I noticed that two CPL teams drew with Vancouver and Montreal in the Canadian Championship (FA Cup equivalent). Not sure what sort of teams the MLS sides put out, but it suggests the quality isn't too bad in a North American context.
  5. I'm going to be updating this again for the new season - my spreadsheet is here (updated after tonight's - 16 July - matches: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1thIAAcmXqreI529IccUBDJ57FtK4rkgDilAuD0-0itc/edit?usp=sharing We need 4.000 points to match the 2014-15 season that's dropped off - we're currently at 1.000 points after the opening week of European action for Scottish teams (all four teams winning their first game). During qualifying each win for a Scottish side is worth 0.250 points and a draw is worth 0.125 points. Realistically, I can't see us moving up the rankings this season - the countries ahead of us are probably too far out of reach for us to catch this year. A few countries who could catch us haven't had all their teams enter Europe yet. What I'm hoping this season is to get a similar result to last season, where we have at least two sides in the group stages and at least one other progressing through a couple of qualifying rounds. We got 6.750 points last season, which was our best season since 2007-08. If we can get around that over the next few years, we should be comfortably in the realm of the top fifteen nations - where we'd have two Champions League spots and three teams in the Europa League. 6.750 points for a five season period would put us eleventh based on the 2019 final ranking.
  6. There's also a solidarity payment - https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/regulations-on-the-status-and-transfer-of-players-2018-2925437.pdf?cloudid=c83ynehmkp62h5vgwg9g [page 72]. Without knowing exactly when he joined St Mirren as a youngster, I can't say the exact percentage of the transfer fee that would go to St Mirren - but it would be at least 1.5% (or £750,000 for £50m). If he joined St Mirren before he was 12, they would receive 3.5% (or £1.75m).
  7. I think it was Alan Sugar that said that English football suffers from the 'prune juice effect' - basically the more money they get, the more they'll spend on players and their wages (ie. straight in, straight out).
  8. No - the opposition is to do with the risk to our independence as a footballing nation. If the SFA allows our women to play at Olympic football for Team GB, then you risk allowing a Team GB U23s team for the men's tournament. Where's the line? Once you have a GB football team in one competition, you open the door for it in all competitions.
  9. The polling in England has completely gone insane. I think YouGov had a poll out within the last few days that showed the gap between first and fourth at 3% (22% to 19%), the Greens were fifth on 10%. That YG poll, based on Electoral Calculus figures, would give: Lab 196 seats, Brx 164 seats, Con 149 seats, Lib 67 seats, SNP 53 seats. Try forming a government out of that.
  10. Given the state of finances in England, you can see why Celtic want at least £25m for him. The problem is that English clubs will know that £20m+ would make a huge difference to a club like Celtic given the lack of TV revenue compared to England - particularly given that Celtic didn't get into the CL group stages last season. Clubs in the English Championship (ones without EPL parachute payments) get double the TV revenue of an Scottish Premiership club. Within the context, English clubs can offer way less for a player from Scotland than they would for a comparable player in the English Championship.
  11. I think this is the case. If Scotland, at large, wanted a socialist utopia then parties like the SSP and Solidarity would be doing significantly better than they're doing now. The chance of a Scottish road to socialism died, for a generation at least, with the split of the SSP in the mid-2000s. There are people who I've met who have claimed to be socialist, but once you start running off what that would entail they say "well, actually, no I don't want that, because that would lead to me being in a worse position" (or something along those lines). They care more about self adulation than any values (socialist or otherwise).These are the people who we need to be careful about, seeing independence as a way to improve their life rather than the lives of most people in society. (That's obviously not to say that everyone who says they're a socialist, isn't one - obviously - but there are many people who like the idea of a socialist utopia, until they find out what it would mean for them.)
  12. How much pressure will it take for them to change their mind? This could be deeply damaging for Scottish football in the long run.
  13. Yes and, IIRC, we should've had a penalty immediately after that probably would've been given with VAR.
  14. Full-time - 2-1 England. The second half performance was much better than the first - and something that we can build on going into the Japan game. Considerably improved starting point than the 6-0 a couple of years back.
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