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  1. Looks like the SNP may be about to test Labour's resolve: https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17290449.snp-gives-jeremy-corbyn-until-end-of-day-to-file-no-confidence-motion "Ian Blackford has given Jeremy Corbyn until the end of the day to bring a motion of no confidence in Theresa May’s government before other opposition parties do it themselves."
  2. Clyde1998

    Andew Robertson

    Robertson has come on massively in the past few years - already played in a Champions League final. Tierney is younger; it would be nice to see him play in one of the top leagues, but if he can continue to grow at Celtic then I'm happy with that.
  3. EU membership may be an indirect reason for many 'No' voters, because of it's importance for trade, food prices, travel and international relations. The Brexit deal we get, if any, would affect all these things - hence why the worse the deal with EU, the more favourable people seem to be to independence. A lot of the scare stories on independence in the referendum seem to be more to do with EU membership than staying part of the UK, as we're now finding out. The currency and pensions were the two biggest single issues though, as you say. Pensions were, I think, the biggest factor as to why the 'No' vote was so large among older voters. The currency issue should've been really simple, an independent currency is much more credible than a currency union that the other side will just say no to during the campaign.
  4. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Celtic...

    The only other leagues that I can think of that have had the dominance of two teams over the years is Serbia and Ukraine. Ukraine has a population big enough to allow a couple of other sides to compete in Europe financially, whereas most Serbian sides outwith Partizan and Red Star are much like our sides outwith Celtic and (historically) Rangers. The lack of real competition hasn't done either of those leagues much good when compared to comparable leagues.
  5. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Aye. TV money could've been a great leveller in Scottish football, but all that money was kept for the top two in the SPL era - killing any chance of competition. I seriously believe that Hearts could've won the league in 2006(?), but their chances were murdered by Vladmir Romanov - aside from that I can't think of a year when one of the Old Firm has been seriously challenged for the title by an outsider. When you know which teams are going to be taking the European places and title at the start of the season - it really takes any enjoyment out of the game, which leads to decline - as we've seen.
  6. Clyde1998

    Article 50 can be unilaterally revoked

    No worries. There being clear way out of this now is important, the deal that's on the table isn't going to get through and the EU seem to be in no mood to negotiate anything else. It's essentially no deal or no Brexit now for the Government - and parliament may force their hand.
  7. Clyde1998

    French Protests

    The initial protests were nothing to do with the EU - it was a matter of French domestic policy. It's now turned into is a free-for-all - kind of like the riots in England a few years back, which ended up having nothing to do with the original premise. I think people's annoyance with the EU has nothing to do with what's happening in France.
  8. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-court-case-ecj-ruling-article-50-theresa-may-deal-uk-european-court-justice-latest-a8675541.html This is massive news. Almost certain that Parliament will vote on revoking Article 50 now; the fallout of revoking it would be very interesting though.
  9. Clyde1998

    Get Kenny Miller back

    At the time he was playing in Canada, which probably contributed to his decision. He was certainly good enough at the time to carry on playing for Scotland, especially with the other options up top that we had.
  10. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Rangers

    No idea - was late, but not overly dangerous and not the last man. Great free-kick though.
  11. Clyde1998

    The Mighty Rangers

    Kenny Miller 1-0 Rangers.
  12. It may be that there's a group of people that still don't think that Scotland would be able to join the EU, or are perhaps still hoping that the UK will not leave the EU after all. It'll be interesting to see what the undecided figure is for the VI question, as it may be that a large amount of people are saying they're undecided - which keeps the 'No' vote ahead and fairly stable. I think it also shows the amount of people who could be convinced in a referendum campaign to go for independence. The SNP have put independence on the back-burner since 2014 - while the unionists have been attacking it with everything they have. Once the SNP start putting everything behind independence again, I think that people will start to swing behind the proposition.
  13. Haven't done this in a while, so... Sunday 9 December Brighton & Hove Albion Women v Chelsea Women (14:30) - FA Women's Super League - BBC Connected TV, BBC Red Button, BBC Sport Website Yeovil Town Ladies v West Ham Women (15:00) - FA Women's Super League - FA WSL Facebook River Plate v Boca Juniors (19:30) - Copa Libertadores Final 2nd Leg - FreeSports, BT Sport 1 Real Betis v Rayo Vallecano (19:45) - La Liga - Eleven Sports 1, STV Player (This doesn't sound right, tbh)
  14. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/uk/independent-scotland-over-uk-after-brexit/ A majority of Scots believe Scottish independence would be better for the country than staying part of the United Kingdom after Brexit, a new poll finds. A Panelbase poll for LBC and The Sunday Times Scotland, ahead of the vote in Parliament for Theresa May's withdrawal bill, found that more people believe leaving the EU will have negative consequences for Scotland. Nearly 59% believe Scottish independence would be better than a no-deal Brexit, and 53% say that independence would benefit the country more than staying in the UK outside the EU under a negotiated Brexit deal. However there is still a hesitance to vote for independence - it is now backed by 47%, the highest level in two years for the polling company, but 53% still prefer Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom. The poll also found that just over half of Scots would support a new general election if the Prime Minister was unsuccessful in passing her withdrawal agreement in the meaningful vote, while 32% are opposed to a general election and 18% don't know. But 54% say Theresa May should resign if defeated in the vote, with only 29% suggestions she could hang on as Prime Minister. It comes after the SNP's leader in Westminster said that Scotland could seek a referendum if the government continue to take the UK out of the European Union. Speaking to Andrew Castle, Ian Blackford said: "We have no real desire in Scotland to be taken out of the European Union against our will. "And if that is where we end up, then we need to think about what options are open to us." One of the options would be that Scotland has a referendum on its constitutional future."
  15. Clyde1998

    2019 Women's World Cup Draw

    Not really. In fact based on ranking points, we're in the toughest group. The one positive about playing England is that it gives us a gauge on how far we've come since Euro 2017. On paper we have to be beating Argentina if we're going to have any chance of reaching the knockout phase, so it really comes down to how well we do against Japan - who've reached the final in the last two World Cups. A couple of sides did reach the knockout rounds with three points in the last World Cup by keeping their goal difference down - so even if we can't get anything from England or Japan, we still have a chance of getting through the group.