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  1. Clyde1998

    Scotland Under 21s Vs England Under 21s (5:30pm)

    The game is also here:
  2. There should really be a separate programme for Scotland, considering that most of the issues raised on Question Time are devolved. It would also give a better balance of panellists taking into account the differences in the political landscape in Scotland - ie guaranteed spots for the SNP, Labour and Tories, more regular representation of Greens, more space for minor Scottish parties, independence balance, etc.
  3. Clyde1998

    Israel- Albania

    Yes - that'll do it.
  4. Clyde1998

    Israel- Albania

    2-0 Israel.
  5. Clyde1998

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Head-to-head. If we beat Israel 1-0 at home, we'd have a better head-to-head record over them on away goals.
  6. Clyde1998

    Jensen Weir

    He's gone from Scotland to England to Scotland, somehow. The rule should be that once you've picked a country, that's it.
  7. Clyde1998

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Israel are beating Albania 1-0 after eight minutes.
  8. Clyde1998

    Portugal match thread

    Great pass by Mackay-Steven, good finish by Naismith. Completely irrelevant though.
  9. Clyde1998

    Portugal match thread

    3-0... We've fallen apart since McLeish has turned up.
  10. Clyde1998

    Portugal match thread

    2-0 Portugal...
  11. I wonder how many of them use it as a symbol, because their media has decided to take any claim that it's an offensive symbol as fact without actually doing any research to see if people are actually using it in that way rather than it being used in that way before the media jumped on the claims. What these sites are doing is gaslighting and their media seems to just eat it up, probably because their TV news channels care more about ratings than accuracy - having accurate stories that aren't attention grabbing does nothing for their ratings. Their media can make our tabloids look like a bastion of truth sometimes.
  12. So what we can learn from this is that a lot of Americans are stupid as fuck, their media are stupid as fuck and their political system is stupid as fuck.
  13. Clyde1998

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Gibraltar have just beaten Armenia 1-0 away, with both their full backs playing in the ninth tier in England. Armenia are only six places behind Israel in the FIFA rankings. Tells it's own story about how bad the result was on Thursday.
  14. Clyde1998

    SFA cut yer losses

    The ground map show it looking fairly full, however it's hard to tell if they've actually sold any tickets behind the goals - I'm guessing not. I'd be surprised if the crowd is greater than 30,000.
  15. Clyde1998

    Scotland u21 squad

    I think that's the biggest thing. Perhaps we could've qualified if those players were available, but the fact that they've progressed beyond under-21 football already is more important than qualifying, IMO. Worth also noting too that eight of this under-21 squad could still play for the under-19s - who only failed to qualify for the Euros following a collapse against Norway in the final qualifier, IIRC. I didn't see tonight's game, but from what I've seen over the campaign I think these players are better technically than the previous generation of players we produced - which should put us in a good position moving forward.