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  1. Interesting red card in the game between Vidi and F91 - I think he played the ball...
  2. Celtic win 3-0 on the night and will face Rosenborg again - who needed a stoppage time penalty to get past Valur.
  3. Clyde1998

    Europa league qualifiers

    Maybe the two goals Rangers scored at Ibrox don't count? 😂
  4. Clyde1998

    Europa league qualifiers

    So - Rangers are into the next round to face Osijek (Croatia) or Petrocub Hîncești (Moldova), first leg ended 1-1.
  5. I'd imagine that it would be based on the Nations League ranking after the group stages.
  6. There's a one in ten chance we'll play France. If we win our Nations League group, we'll be in Pot 3 for the Euro qualifiers - otherwise we'll almost certainly be in Pot 4.
  7. Wait? Is that it? We could've easily done it as an independent country.
  8. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    Modric wins the Golden Ball.
  9. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    It did change the game though - huge psychological difference, especially for the French considering they were winning despite being very poor in the first half.
  10. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    France are World Champions.
  11. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    Huh. https://apnews.com/7f4fde50caf8462d8bfa6038ef56ffa8
  12. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    What is Lloris doing!? Croatia back in it!
  13. Clyde1998

    Russia 2018

    Ugh - that could be that.