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  1. Two winnable games tonight. Rangers, for me, have to get a win to have serious chance of qualifying from this group, while Celtic would probably need at least a draw.
  2. Interesting Welsh independence poll recently, conducted by YouGov. Support for independence at 24% (+5 on June 2018), compared to 52% (-13) opposed. 14% were undecided - mainly Labour, Lib Dem and Plaid voters. This is the highest I've ever seen independence support in Wales. When asked about whether people would support independence if Wales could remain in the EU post-Brexit - 33% said yes; 48% no; 17% undecided. Liberal Democrat (55-26) voters having the largest support of any party, with Labour (44-38) and Plaid (51-29) voters also in favour; Conservatives are heavily opposed (12-83). This same question was asked in July 2016, just after the referendum, resulting in a 28-53 overall figure. While still low compared to Scottish independence or Irish reunification (in NI), it certainly shows that Welsh independence may not be completely out of picture given the right circumstances - even more surprising given that 12% of people living in Wales give their national identity as 'English only'. (Where figures don't round to 100%, it's due to people being able to select 'Would Not Vote' or refusing to answer the question).
  3. Am I right in saying he's scored three in three now?
  4. This, especially as our next four games are meaningless in terms of qualification now. I'd rather have some young players in the squad, who will benefit in the long term from being in the squad, than players who are at (or beyond) their peak and are of SPFL or English Championship standard - even if the older players somewhat better right now. Bringing through a players who are likely to be part of the core of our team for the next five or ten years while we've got the chance would probably do us some good and start to build a relationship between them. It couldn't result in a much worse showing than our strongest available XI (for that game) losing 3-0 in Kazakhstan anyway.
  5. Didn't think that Canadians, Aussies or Yanks required visa to visit anywhere the UK/Ireland?
  6. Does seem a bit odd to do an 11k though, particularly with players (Old Firm and English Championship players) who have been playing matches in midweek and on the weekend most weeks since the start of August. The only benefit to do that would be to test the stamina of players who haven't been playing regularly - like David Bates and Stuart Armstrong - particularly given that it was only three days before a game.
  7. Regardless of who's actually captain, we need leaders on the pitch. I look down our team and I don't see a real leader there; probably Charlie Mulgrew would be the best choice out of the most recent squad. In recent years, we've had players like Scott Brown, Alan Hutton and Alan McGregor who have a mental toughness about them and always give their all - we don't have those sorts of players anymore. Our players are far too nice to and respectful of the opposition; it's hurting us badly.
  8. In fact, I've just gone through all our qualification records when we've qualified and compared it to the other qualifiers (only from Europe for World Cups), based on points per game). 1954 - 10th of 11 1958 - 7th of 10 1974 - 5th of 8 1978 - 6th of 9 1982 - 9th of 13 1986 - 10th of 13 1990 - 12th of 13 1992 - 7th of 7 1996 - 6th of 15 1998 - 8th of 14 We never qualified strongly, compared to the other qualifiers; only in 1996 were we in the top half of qualifying records among all the qualifiers. Having the newer nations join FIFA/UEFA earlier probably would've almost certainly stopped us qualifying for a lot of tournaments.
  9. The period between 1974 and 1998 had less teams in qualifying; a full twenty-one new countries have joined UEFA since the start of the 90s. In the latest FIFA rankings, Croatia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Bosnia are all above us and they didn't have independent teams until the 1990s (Czech Rep, Russia and Serbia are all above us too, but are considered the successor teams of Czechoslovakia, USSR and Yugoslavia respectively). Other teams we've failed to beat since 2000 that didn't exist in the 70s and 80s include Kazakhstan, Belarus, Macedonia, Moldova and Georgia. Most of our successful qualification attempts have seen us finish second in our group. With at least four countries having joined UEFA being better than us, it reduces the chance of us even finishing second - hence us most commonly finishing third in our group since 2000. I think that we'd have qualified much less in the 1970s to 1990s if the USSR, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia had broken up before then - purely by increasing the number of teams who are regularly better than us.
  10. I think the big difference with Norway is that they've never really had a sustained period of qualifying for tournaments. Their best period was in the 90s, when they qualified for the World Cup in 1994 and 1998 and Euro 2000. That's all they've ever qualified for. So being in the situation they're in now is normal in their footballing history, whereas it's not for us.
  11. I'm in two minds about players like Bardsley and Adam, as I'd rather start to build a team of younger players to prepare them for the play-offs/World Cup qualifiers, but Bardsley is probably our best right-back available and Adam is probably be the best leadership type that we've got. I think we need to get players like Liam Kelly, John Souttar, Scott McKenna, Stuart Findlay, Ross McCrorie, Callum Paterson, Oliver Burke, Glenn Middleton, Eamonn Brophy and Lewis Morgan in the next squad and give a few of them a run in the team as they'll be the players that our future team will be based around. Hopefully the younger players would give their all and would benefit from playing first team games in the long run. Ultimately now, the results aren't as important as the performances and team bonding ahead of the play-offs. Based on their primary positions, I wouldn't mind the next squad being something like this - assuming they're all fit and available (I've probably picked a couple too many players, but still): GK - MacGillivray, Kelly, Bain RB - Bardsley LB - Robertson, Tierney, Taylor CB - Souttar, Bates, McKenna, Hendy, Findlay DM - McCrorie, McTominay AM - Christie, McGregor, McGinn WM - Fraser, Burke, Middleton ST - Griffiths, Brophy, Morgan, McBurnie, Paterson Would clear out a lot of the older players, whilst giving our younger players a chance to show what they could do - particularly with the final three games being winnable. Of course, the exact number of players picked in each position would depend on what formation Clarke would be looking to play.
  12. There was talk of him being targeted a few months ago, I don't know if anything came of it or if it was just newspaper talk. He would certainly be an improvement on what we've got currently at right-back.
  13. Aye - it would give Taylor first team experience, which would benefit him at his age. Seemed to work well enough when Tierney played right-back for a period under Strachan.
  14. That's something I have noticed. Since Scott Brown's been out of the squad, our form has collapsed. The same thing happened during his brief first international retirement after the Euro 2016 qualifiers. He's a player that we don't really appear have a replacement for; don't know how much of an impact his retirement has made or if the poor form is just coincidence.
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