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  1. I think it's best to leave McCrorie, and players such as Porteous and Hornby, in the U21s until the end of these qualifiers and then take a serious look at them for the first team. We've still got a real chance of qualifying and I feel these players would learn more by playing in the final four U21 matches than by sitting on the first team bench.
  2. I think the biggest difference between the Scottish Premiership and English Championship is you're playing against teams of a that standard on a more regular basis. If we say half the Scottish Premier wouldn't compete above the relegation battle in the Championship and that's roughly half your games, playing in the Championship makes your average game tougher - even if you're missing out on regular matches against the Old Firm duo.
  3. Disappointing for Aberdeen to lose a player of that quality, especially whilst still being in the Europa League with a winnable tie against Sporting - with all their unavailable players. If I understand correctly, it seems the deal is for £3m - which may be enough to see the club running at the same cost base throughout the stadium closures. Albeit, probably would be less that they would've got for him under normal circumstances. From McKenna's point of view, this is a very good move for him and will hopefully see him improve his game. I'd think that Forest are going to be towards th
  4. I think that's just the Champions League. Not 100% why it's just that competition, but may be to do with logistics with their only being six CL play-off ties compared to 21 EL play-off ties. Also, the CL did restart earlier than the EL, presumably to help the early CL round be used as a test and because teams drop out of the CL into the EL.
  5. This. On a personal note, because I've got various health issues that mean I can't be certain my immune system will cope with the virus, should I get it, I've been very wary of going outside. I was able to go on our pre-planned family holiday in July, the first week after lockdown, in the middle of a large woodland in Somerset, which meant we could easily social distance while staying there and workout things that would be safe to do. We went to two restaurants, one where the staff were only sanitising their hands and having guests spread apart and one where the staff were all wearin
  6. Each of these ties are very winnable if our sides can get through; being at home will help Motherwell, Aberdeen and Rangers. The draw could've been much worse for each of our teams. Right now, according to ClubElo, Hapoel Be'er Sheva and SønderjyskE are about as good as Hibs, while Viktoria Plzen are weaker than the Old Firm duo. Viktoria are difficult opponents for Motherwell to potentially face, but they're beatable on a one-off match at home. SønderjyskE are potentially an unknown quantity given this is only their second European campaign. Any Danish side that qualifies for Eur
  7. For clubs, it's based on the performance of the club in the previous five years of European competition. A more complete run down: Before the group stages, it's based purely on the round you were eliminated in; each club will ultimately be knocked out in the Europa League - so only applies to that competition (relevant for clubs dropping out of the Champions League). Each qualifying round is worth 0.5 points to the club: the preliminary round is 0.5, the first qualifying round is 1.0, up to the play-offs at 2.5. When a club reaches the group stages of either competition, they st
  8. At the end of the second qualifying round, we're currently thirteenth in the overall standings, although Cyprus and Denmark are close behind - with a team from each yet to start their European season. Denmark has lost a team already. We're currently not far behind Ukraine, Turkey and Austria, although all three have three of their five teams still to enter play. I doubt we'll pass any of them this season, but it's achievable with a similar season to last. In the early provisional ranking for next season, we're eighth - ahead of countries like Ukraine, Turkey, Austria, Netherlands and Belg
  9. Positive that we've got three teams into the third qualifying round (or beyond) for the first time since 2010-11; albeit only one team had to win a tie to get to that stage. Taking into account the earlier stage our sides entered this season, it's the first time we've had all three teams (that started in the competition) progress more than two rounds in the Europa League era. Third Qualifying Round - relevant matches (to be played Thursday 24th September): Sporting CP [POR] vs Aberdeen [SCO] Willem II [NED] vs Rangers [SCO] Hapeol Be'er Sheva [ISR] vs Motherwell [SCO]
  10. Motherwell 3-0 on penalties - Carson saved all three. Motherwell very lucky to get through tonight.
  11. Penalties. Motherwell have looked awful from what I've seen; Coleraine have had the better chances.
  12. I'm guessing folk already know, but just for the record: if the game is level at 90 minutes, it goes into extra time, then penalties if still level. Away goals aren't considered in a single leg match.
  13. That's disappointing, but makes a lot of sense. The Reading website made it sound like he'd be in their first team squad, by saying he'll be available for their game at the weekend and he'll be trying to help them improve on last season's position - but that would just article padding.
  14. Jordan Holsgrove has completed his move from Reading to Celta Vigo on a permanent and it appears he'll be in their first team squad. Could be one to keep an eye out for this season in La Liga.
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