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  1. That auld ain. Anybody who knows me on here knows I hide absolutely hee-haw in who I am or what I’m about. Wendy Who was never me at all. Every dick and his dug knows what my real name is, face, etc.
  2. See? 🙄 For what it’s worth Chripper being banned was pish I thought.
  3. Mibbe the ref’s Maw’s a manky cow. I once went wae an aulder Milf thing fae Dundee a few years back who liked tae be gobbed on. When I say Milf fae Dundee I dinnae mean a teenager either.
  4. Wee rat cunt Novo. Raised a Catholic and kissing the arse of cunts who sing about wishing him and his family deid. 😂
  5. You get labelled because you are a moronic, fat Hun cunt. It’s entirely justified.
  6. McLaren seems to be a very decent, down to Earth guy. His recent stuff about bairns fitba’ in Scotland was bang on
  7. I think you Scotch cunts will find they are called shopping carts....
  8. Spot on. How any one of those vile Hun fucks can get upset after the venom they spew out is a joke.
  9. Rae is a disgusting Hun cunt and I do agree with Sutton but watching them nip at each other there is sore on the ears. 😩
  10. Aye, I hear this pish everyday from Yank wanks. As about 50% of my local pub’s clientele are cramming all sorts up their beaks right after spewing the stereotypes about Mexicans.
  11. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Rubble in Astana. It gave me great pride to be introduced by yourself to your mate as “The Hun Hater” 😂
  12. Researching Tulum, Valladolid, Merida, etc. WillFaeSwindon is giving tips to me. Any other advice appreciated.
  13. Ormond

    New kit

    You should’ve worn that in the gaybar last week when you were dancing with me.
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