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  1. He’s not Fermer. Trust me. I know who both are.
  2. We all know what the pathetic police are like in Scotland though.
  3. Tell your colleague that the entire Chicagoland population are crazy about her Brother for that one song Chelsea Dagger. It’s the official song of the Blackhawks NHL team. When they’re on the tele it’s all that’s pumped out on every juke box. Does my napper in. 😄
  4. Ormond


    I did the KGB place in Vilnius last year. If the one in Riga is half as good it’ll be outstanding. There were some parts of the Vilnius one that sent shivers up me. The death chambers the worst.
  5. He has one sole purpose. To talk constant bullshit. The mods choose to nitpick who they want to call to account based on their own preference rather than the rules. RH is allowed to destroy every thread with the garbage he spams and he’s never pulled up for it. It’s clear to see and is the reason why more than me have thrown him on ignore.
  6. Christ knows what other lies you are slavering about now. You’re on ignore.
  7. I’ve called your fans scum. They are. You came on here once again under your latest alias with the sole purpose of agitating others with your absolute bullshit. Fine you know it. You are going on ignore with Kimba. Take care Ron.
  8. You had consistently said on here that guys say stuff that they would never say to another in person. I called you out on that. You obviously know nothing of my nature.
  9. You have said I personally called you scum. You are a liar. My only ever personal attack on you was my response back to you after you and your witches coven(copyright Tidier) thought you were smart cunting me off when you knew fine well I couldn’t due to my ban because of you and your pathetic greeting Hun pals on here.
  10. I never called you scum. Stop telling lies. Why must you lie all the time?
  11. Ormond

    Scotland Retro gear

    The home one is available in a large on Ebay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/UMBRO-RETRO-JERSEY-SHIRT-SCOTLAND-THE-SCOTTISH-FOOTBALL-ASSOCIATION-L-SIZE/153190978020?hash=item23aae4d1e4:g:WlcAAOSwyYFaMuFa
  12. Aye, it’s went stupid with mods apparently upset at the tiniest wee thing that hurts their precious club. Huns running back like wee bairns tae the schoolteacher grassing. All sorts of personal name calling going on but I call a fitba’ club Huns and I got a 4 day ban myself recently. It’s pathetic with the pish that was 100 times worse from other posters. Only difference is some of us don’t feel the need to want people banned.