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  1. Ormond

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Mark Baxter was a right back for Saints. Born and bred in Perth and had a real good heart on the field. Always got stuck right in. Ended up at Arbroath as far as I know with his buddy Aaron Doris who also did great at Arbroath.
  2. No. No you haven’t. Stop telling porkies. If you had seen Clark play you wouldn’t be coming out with absolute tripe about him being a “nervous wreck”. 🙄 The guy has been up there amongst the best in the country this season and the seasons before should at least show that he’s not some half a dozen game wonder. McGregor has been better in Scotland this year and has huge experience but after him Clark has to be up there. Saying he’s a nervous wreck is just stupidity to try and defend your crazy point.
  3. A gazillion clean sheets on the bounce against the same teams as everyone else but he hasn’t convinced you? Aye, right you are. 😂 What hasn’t convinced you is that he’s at a “diddy” club..... 🙄
  4. Ormond

    Happy New Year..

    May the whole board have a very happy 2019. Let’s hope oor fitba’ team carries on the way it left 2018. 😊
  5. Ormond


    Buddies are not real Saints.
  6. Ormond

    The Mighty Rangers

    A grown man who has had to have his Wife’s name brought into nonsense the last few weeks. But, like I said to you recently, you have absolutely no fucking clue what the fuck you are on about as fucking usual.
  7. Ormond

    The Mighty Rangers

    I’m not. Blue Gaz managed to take his name from here. I tried tagging a mod two days ago and I’m still waiting. It’s just perplexing reading so much lies.
  8. Ormond

    The Mighty Rangers

    Lies. It’s not Fermer. I know for a fact.
  9. Ormond

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    Can I just advise anybody to lamp the lipstick on their mooth before they come? I learned the hard way where I live. We think Scotland is cold and we are just being daft. We have a wet Winter in Scotland. A dry Winter is as cold as fuck and has been something I have been stupidly trying to tell cunts where I live is no worries. 😂
  10. Ormond

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    So, it’s just Chicago then?
  11. Ormond


    I’ve had a few folk texting on at me to stop being so daft and aye, I made an absolute walloper of myself through being steaming. It’s been coming though for a few of us. That first paragraph I posted(of course it was. It’s stupidity). I have so many grievances I’m only going to say this..... ... Up the fucking Killie and may they give Scottish fitba’ the baws that it has needed for decades!
  12. Ormond


    You are so very fucking right. 😂
  13. Ormond


    Yes it was stupid of me. Really fucking stupid.
  14. Ormond

    The Mighty Rangers

    Another thread started for this pish.
  15. Ormond


    Fuck knows why I missed you ya Canadian hoor. 🙄