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  1. “Says the guy in the US” I saved the bother of that pish reply.
  2. What the fuck is wrong with that shower of fucking cunts? Decades of shafting everyone whilst sticking all sorts of fucked up, contorted, in-bred digits up at the rest of us. It’s clear to see that the “revival” of the board was by a crowd of Hun fuckheads who have a motive which involves closing down anything they deem unnecessary. Hun snowflake cunts are as offended on here as they have been in real life the last few years in real life. They really are the fucking dog shit on Scotland’s shoe and stand behind everything that’s wrong in our country.
  3. Mr. Umnio’s the man for the nightlife. He sends me something he says is aboot the boozers and it’s 80% aboot emptying yer goolies. 😂
  4. That’ll be braw in a swanky hotel like the shambles in Albania. 😂
  5. Because the proper way to wear it is without a pair of breeks on and a fucking can of 7up in his hand. 😂
  6. She is my fucking heroine right now. She could look like Mrs. Trunchbull and I’d still want to fuck her. You got an upvote ya Coagie tool. Yer due Bzzzzz and I a few on the 9th.
  7. I never commited suicide. It was a culmination of things. I spent months and months becoming exasperated by Hun cunts grassing me up and me receiving bans. I have friends on here(not just online wanks). I have no reason to read total fucking liars like Renfrew and Hunbear again and again.
  8. I thought that about you and your pink Scotland jersey and your turned up jeans ya big woooofter.
  9. When you see Bonny78 and Ramy in that squad then I widna’ be worrying aboot my heid ya cheeky swine. 😂😂😂
  10. I telt ye tae book yersel’ intae my digs fudchops.
  11. -20C the now at me. Three things. Plenty of lip balm as the dry cold makes your moosh balloon up. Lash sunscreen or Vaseline on your cheeks and nose. Shave close. You don’t want stubble in this cold. It goes crispy instantly and feels baws.
  12. Mark Baxter was a right back for Saints. Born and bred in Perth and had a real good heart on the field. Always got stuck right in. Ended up at Arbroath as far as I know with his buddy Aaron Doris who also did great at Arbroath.
  13. No. No you haven’t. Stop telling porkies. If you had seen Clark play you wouldn’t be coming out with absolute tripe about him being a “nervous wreck”. 🙄 The guy has been up there amongst the best in the country this season and the seasons before should at least show that he’s not some half a dozen game wonder. McGregor has been better in Scotland this year and has huge experience but after him Clark has to be up there. Saying he’s a nervous wreck is just stupidity to try and defend your crazy point.
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