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  1. Straight out of the Manchester Euro final book.
  2. I hate those cunts but that is pish patter. 🙈😂
  3. Absolutely. They are the absolute dogshite on Scotland’s shoe.
  4. How good are your gnashers? I’m just out of the dentist and still at 38 I’ve never needed 1 single filling. Never smoked once and have never ever had a sweet tooth at all. As long as I remember I’d refuse sweeties and shite when I was wee. Discuss the pearlies.
  5. It should be a case of why would he rather than why should he. If the laddie is English then good luck to him. It’s embarrassing enough as it is crawling for their cast-offs.
  6. Just finished watching the documentary 13th on Netflix. Outstanding. It’s mainly about the unbalanced racial incarceration in the justice system. One of the best docs I’ve seen in a while.
  7. Rolling Hills finally admitting he is Big Ron. 👍😂
  8. Big Ron making another arse of himself yet again as he’s owned by Ally. 😂
  9. Laldy. “Mah baws were slappin’ aboot like laldy as Ah wis leatherin’ the Mrs.”
  10. Ormond

    New York

    Manhattan’s a cowp.
  11. Paul Scholes was their last World class midfielder.
  12. Imagine for a moment that this wasn’t Big Ron? Imagine there really was someone this odd? I speak as a Master of the drunken bullshit too.
  13. Ormond

    Croatia support thread

    Yep. Hun-like is the only way you can describe English fans like that. Total filth.
  14. Ormond

    Croatia support thread

    This in spades. These are usually the same wankers that constantly shout “Scottish fitba’s pish” but haven’t been to a game in their local town in their puff.