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  1. Like Ron will ever come clean. (Gavin Gillies) PM me with who you are. 99.9% of folk on here must know me or have had a peek at me by now and can I just state that I cannae stick Huns? 😂
  2. Ormond

    league cup

    Tony Watt gets his first for the Billy Daintees.
  3. Ormond

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Speak for yersel’ Tidier. 😋
  4. Saints sign 23 year old ex-Killie and Everton winger Matty Kennedy. Decent signing for us. Played every single level for Scotland bar the big team.
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44898434 Shower of bastards
  6. Stay off of the crack ya halfwit.
  7. This is like reading a chapter in Enoch Powell’s memoirs.
  8. They are only wonderkids if they are interesting Celtic or Rangers.
  9. Correct. Nobody else comes close to those Hun c..... ooops, I can’t call them cunts, I forgot.
  10. I report on any games that don’t involve the Huns. I’d get sacked if I reported on that mob. 😂
  11. That’s years auld news that. 5 years auld I think. 😂
  12. Ormond

    New jerseys?

  13. Ormond

    Scottish player transfers

    Well said. If there’s a club in the top flight who can’t afford someone to go hiding it’s Saints. As small as we are our success over recent years is down to team-like hard graft. No chance of a superstar turning it on only when he can be arsed at a side like us.
  14. Ormond

    New jerseys?

    It cannae be as @McTeeko didnae buy his fae there. 😄