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  1. Most likely!! So, just to confirm, the Slovenia game will be on in the Albion on Sunday night as well, so fill yer boots! I won't be there as I'm out of the country at the time (not at the matches unfortunately, but hey ho), so there may be signs up (for both games) same reserved for Loony Alba / Luinnain Albannaich, but it's definitley open to anyone to join in. FT
  2. fekkin' board, don't know why this posted twice!
  3. Games are definitely open to anyone who wants to attend. Will double check on the Slovenia game as the pub's often closed on a Sunday. Will double check with Scott and post back here when I hear from him. FT
  4. No idea. Haven't seen him (or his mate who was the guy I was actually friends with) for a few years now.
  5. Yup, we've arranged for upstairs to be showing it in the Albion, will be a quite a few Loony Alba members in and usually a pile of non-LA member Scotland fans in as well.
  6. Never one to avoid a comeback, allbeit most likely only for one game! May see you at the ground as, presumably, you won't be going near the LA bash!
  7. Would recommend the Albion, upstairs and downstairs will be showing the game. We (Loony Alba) still use it for events and games, but not doing anything this time (as everyone at the match so will be closer to the ground for pre-game bash). Was in last night and talking to the landlord who confirmed they're set for it and expecting a busy night, so they'll be geared up for a good crowd in as well. FT
  8. For folk in Londong, The Albion (near Blackfriars) will be showing this, although not sure how many folk will be about for it.
  9. Sooz, From memory you're with BT, presumably a hub 4 or 5? You'll have a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz radio in the hub and both will be set to the same SSID (network address) by default, your devices should be intelligent enough to work out which to connect to, but they different tolerances to interference etc... From other signals. Some devices are really bad for it (MacBooks in particular), but I reckon it's this that's confusing it. Try logging into the hub (open a browser and go to, the card with the hub access key should have the admin code on it) and go to Advanced Settings then Wireless from the menu below. You should see three options (2.4GHz, 5GHz and WPS), click the 5GHz link and below there'll be options. One should say "Synch with 2.4GHz", select No. The box below with the address (BTHubxxxxx...) of your wifi network, just add"-5GHz" to the end of it and click apply. You can keep the same key so if you wanted you could use it. You should then be able to look for wifi networks on your devices and should see 2 addresses which are the same, but one with -5GHz. Make sure all your devices connect to either or (not all will work on 5GHz dependant on device). That should make sure they always connect to the same radio. Hopefully it'll help, pm me on Facebook if not and will see what I can find. FT
  10. For anyone interested, Loony Alba are having a Burns Night Pub Quiz on Sat 30th Jan. We'll be in the upstairs room at the Albion (near Blackfriars) kicking off around 7.30 with some food and drinks on the go also. All welcome. There's an event page on our Facebook site (https://www.facebook.com/events/1696299553948612/) so if anyone planning on coming down could choose attending on there so we've an idea how much food is needed, would be much appreciated. FT
  11. Was rammed and bouncing (until the last minute) last night, so cheers to everyone who came down. Just a reminder also that anyone interested in the club is more than welcome to join at www.loonyalba.com and we still have tickets left for the St Andrews bash on 28th November. More details on the website and our facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/loonyalba) FT
  12. Hi All Some may know (but for anyone who doesn't) the LA St Andrews Night will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heathrow on the 28th of November. This is our flagship event of this campaign and will be the official club celebration for our first successful qualification campaign since 1998 (see me, see optimism!) So, come along and celebrate the achievement in style (or drown yet another batch of sorrows). Early Bird tickets are still on sale for the bargain price of £37.50 for members and £42.50 for non-members until the end of August (then tickets increase by £5) so book a bargain and get your tickets in quickly. As if celebrating qualification for France 2016 isn’t enough, then your ticket also gets you:- 3 course meal with the usual steady supply of LA provided drinks for each table Former Grade 1 Ref John Rowbotham will be Guest Speaker on the night (and there’ll be another few special guests in attendance) Ceilidh dance with music and calling provided by the amazing Licence to Ceilidh (http://www.licencetoceilidh.co.uk/) Each ticket entered in draw for signed Scotland shirt As usual, we’ve arranged a deal with the hotel to get preferential rates on rooms, so it’s £79 for double occupancy B&B on the night. To book your tickets, please contact Fiona at Fiona.stout73@yahoo.co.uk and she’ll be able to provide you with bank details, etc… for payments (Paypal option is available, but with an additional charge to cover club costs). Any queries, etc… let me (or any of the LA committee) know either here or via Facebook. FT
  13. Just to confirm, it'll be on in the upstairs bar of the Albion tomorrow night. Think I'm the only one from the LA committee who'll be there, so if you're there, say hi (and buy me a beer, as all my friends are in Dublin! )
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