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  1. Any road up, with McLeish in charge, Finland - even at home - is a tall order.
  2. Not only that, but we seemed to have no strategy with set pieces, a key part of the modern game. Where is our free kick specialist or penalty taker?
  3. You take a lot of stick on here but I agree with every word you say, except maybe that Bates and McKenna are still our best back four option - though they need time to build up an understanding not just with each other but with a new goalkeeper.
  4. Agree. Even England put youngsters in with only 6 games under their belt (Hudson-Odoi).
  5. I'm sort of hoping we concede an equaliser just so it brings McLeish's demise nearer.
  6. Cyprus put 5 past this lot; what will they do to us?
  7. 1-0 would give us a humiliating victory. Real bonus would be a clean sheet.
  8. No, but he must start as DM giving cover to a rookie back four.
  9. 1) Why do people like John McGinn play outstandingly well for their clubs yet are shite for us (even when in good club form). 2) How come Wales and NI. get better results than we do consistently with players largely drawn from the same leagues as us? (NI scored 2 goals by Scottish League players). 3) I was always brought up to think that Scots were more patriotic than the English - I remember Billy Bremner giving short shrift to some one asking if he regretted being Scottish. Why has that changed, Yes movement notwithstanding?
  10. I was just about to post that very suggestion. He's like Southgate: young, respected, polite, a modern coach. And what an example he set, always turning up even when ill. You never know - he might get SAF to assist.
  11. Finland, Serbia and Norway are much better than Kazakhstan. We will struggle in the play-offs.
  12. I just pray that we can talk Steve Clarke into taking the job.
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