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  1. Oh, and I suppose her dying wish is that her grandson plays for the ould country! Shades of McGreedy; at least he had the excuse that Eire had a better chance of qualifying than Scotland but that's not the case now. We must absolutely nail down the Dembeles and the anderson and the Banks.
  2. Me too. McGeady all over again. Only thing I would say is it Gemmill and Stark to blame or is it some invisible suit at the SFA who is interfering? Would not mind someone like Gordon Strachan in the role vacated by Mackay.
  3. But still a stronger league acc. to you.
  4. Rangers made short work of Standard Liege.
  5. He could still defect though. Hopefully as there is greater competition with England we can persuade him to stay.
  6. Aye but they probably spell it Dalglish.
  7. Surely by now we can learn to spell his name - McTominAY?
  8. Does the ball they cross have a name on it like Lacazette or Firmino? Pretty sure if we get midfielders into position the ball won't care who blooters it into the net.
  9. Yet because he once gave away a goal against Engerlund he is never to be trusted again.
  10. I wouldn't worry. Firstly, after his debut he had a niggling injury. But he is only young and they don't want to put pressure on him. Don't forget he has big money signings in front of him - Kante, Kovacic, Jorginho plus home-grown youngsters challenging too. Very few players get a game every week; look at Foden at Man City for example. I think Billy will get plenty game time between now and May.
  11. And didn't do badly as Chelsea won the second half. But Kante is a big pair of boots to fill.
  12. I'm not so much arguing against the concept of a back 3 as trying to find a way to get more out of Tierney and McTom in an attacking sense. Can T. play right wing back and give us potentially a very attacking mid. 5?
  13. Watching Kieron Tierney score a fantastic goal for Arsenal with his right foot has made me change my opinion about him playing at right back for us as I have always thought he would cut in and use his left. However, he was playing left back for Arsenal and they may have given us a few problems: 1. Do we now abandon our back three, which would allow us to move McTom into midfield and adopt a back 4 with Tierney and Robbie as the full backs (Most teams now seem to be operating with a 4-2-3-1)? Bear in mind the back 3 was partly formed to shoehorn Tierney into the side. 2. If we persist
  14. Goalies mature much later so plenty of time for McCrorie and Kelly to develop and in the interim McLaughlin is still youngish.
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