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  1. McB is not a doubt - he's been reported as out.
  2. I'm just wondering if England will lose any players between now and the Euros. Or indeed Croatia or Czechia. The latter have lost Kudela through suspension. I bet Scotland will have the longest list.
  3. Don't think it's lopsided at all; really a 5-4-1 with Fraser more confortable on the left.
  4. Me too. Can Gilmour replicate Jack's role though? Both win the ball by reading the play rather than with crunching tackles. McLean is the most likely in Clarke's mind to replace Jack but it might be a window for Turnbull to squeeze in.
  5. Yes, it does relieve Steve Clarke of a problem, bearing in mind he's been loyal to McB. Won't be more than 3 number nines, to whit Dykes, Adams and Nisbet. Griffiths would have to play regularly and score heavily to have any chance.
  6. Dunno how crucial he is to the Czech defence, but Kudela has been banned for 10 games and won't play at the Euros. Could be a boost for us.
  7. So what? He's not broken any rules. Stuart McCall was all set to play for Eng. U21's when he jumped ship; do you hold that against him, one of our very best midfielders of the last century? McBurnie and Fraser have both had their commitment questioned but that commitment can no longer be doubted. We'll see about Adams. Though - just at the moment Dykes is proving his right to be our no.1.
  8. That Tuchel has a nerve telling Steve Clarke to pick Gilmour for the Euros when he doesn't even put him on the bench for his team. Scotland is not a proving ground for Chelsea FC.
  9. 25 now so the sportsound team need to do some sums; we can't really have more than 3 strikers without leaving out a Fraser or a Christie. Griffiths would be a luxury; struggling to get 90 minutes for his club.
  10. Turnbull now scoring again,too. The clamour for him and Forrest will increase.
  11. He's not been ruled out but a couple of weeks ago he was deemed fit to play but Gerrard said he took the decision to protect him as they had rushed him back too soon before.
  12. No quarrel with that team, though Christie is woefully out of form and I'm concerned about Jack's fitness; we have no like-for-like replacement for him.
  13. Clubs have to release players now for recognised tournaments. For me the concern is match fitness but as Black Bra says, it could work in our favour. The fewer games he plays for Arsenal to get injured in, the better.
  14. Yes, he did that with Porteous if you remember - and Ross McCrorie. Clearly, now there are other and better alternatives to those two.
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