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  1. Just a thought: why not start Christie up front as a deep lying cf? He scores goals and allows us to keep Forrest and Fraser in the team.
  2. Mulgrew for Jack? Are you serious? It's not even like for like.
  3. Right - now where are all those folk who wanted McGinn binned? This generation's McFaddy.
  4. Beyond a joke now. If they won't play for Clarke who will they play for? Why do England NI or Wales never have anything like the injuries we have? IF genuine, we are the unluckiest country in the world. We must invoke this 4 day rule thingy or whatever it is. We have no chance of winning these last 2 games now.
  5. Went off after 72 mins so must be genuine. So now probably Gallagher and McKenna as another new partnership. Please god not Devlin.
  6. A 4-2-3-1 with McGinn in front? That could be good. Just centre back pairing to worry about.
  7. Agree, but he's not quite playing that way for Rangers; he and Davis have a more attacking brief than just sitting in front of the back four. His composure and passing skills are impressive.
  8. Devlin showing today why he should never play for Scotland again.
  9. Leon Smith though I thought man of the match after Morrison who was called the 'new Hummels' by the Germans apparently!
  10. No apologies for turning to them again but they've gone and done it again, beating Czech with household names like McNair and Dallas. And they experimented with three at the back (note, Dark Knight). Lesson for us? Stick to the same group of players and mould them into a team; no dropping somebody if they have an indifferent game or get left out by their club - example being Stuart Armstrong who is not being picked by Southampton right now.
  11. Oh, come on. I feel the same way but desperate times call for desperate measures. If he steadies the ship while we wait for someone like Porteous to mature, I'm in favour. Clarke must think he offers more than Gallagher or Devlin at the moment. Don't think he (or 6' 5" Harry Souttar for that matter) would have lost that goal to Dzuba.
  12. We can't keep calling for younger blood if we don't let the oldies go. McGregor and Fletcher, S . are the only ones I regret.
  13. Just wish he hadn't decided to do it during the match against Russia.
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