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  1. I'll be angry if Brown gets in ahead of Fraser; the latter provides width and more goal potential than the former. Gunn has just made a wonder save acc. to reports.
  2. See this is exactly why I would have preferred him staying at Arsenal, getting a few minutes just here and there, staying match-fit. At Sociedad he will be playing every week.
  3. Yes. He's the nearest to a winger we have. Hope the falling out with Clarke is not held against him.
  4. Not quite: RoI filled practically their whole first eleven with eligibles, while we only employ them in positions where we are seriously short. Just as other nations do, including England.
  5. Barnes is the one 'eligible' I would include as he offers something we don't really have and can chip in with goals. Failing that, I's rather have Fraser than Brown notwithstanding his iffy behaviour.
  6. I don't want him playing every week; the chances of injury for him are too high.
  7. Talking of which, forgotten man Liam Henderson gave an interview in Italian which was impressive; much better than mine and I'm learning it.
  8. This is why Clarke's squad is shaping up to be the most successful we've ever had - because he has introduced consistency of selection (Craig Broon tried it but was undermined by injuries). I go back a long way and I remember Willie Ormond saying that building for the future was a myth and he picked those in form on a game by game basis. Result? Our performances were erratic. Imagine if you did that at club level? You need a main core of players whom you can rely on. If someone is out of form, remember that form is temporary; class is permanent.
  9. We need to find a way to get him into the team at the start as he is a potential scorer. With Christie possibly playing deeper (maybe in lieu of McGregor) then perhaps he could play in a 3 behind the number 9 - McTom, Ferguson and McGinn. Might go some way to alleviating our fears about the CF not scoring too much. Problem is - we'd need to play a back four for it to work.
  10. Add to that the fact that Hendry is probably playing against better players now than he was in Belgium, we have Hanley to come back who has decent EPL experience as well as McKenna and Cooper who captained Leeds in the PL.
  11. Think Livramento, now regular left back for Newcastle, will be very close to England squad - that position is not been claimed by anyone yet.
  12. I prefer having a right footer next to a lefty. Calmac and Christie both lefties.
  13. Yes. He seems to have lost his scoring touch - always thought his shooting was erratic but he could be the ideal partner for Gilmour or even Jack.
  14. Barnes is by far the most likely to switch, given his age as the competition for Eng. in his position is huge. Livramento and Gordon won't make the Euro squad now but they are next generation for England in their positions so no chance for them joining us I think.
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