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  1. I thought transfer fees were also dictated by what the earnings of a player are at the selling club?
  2. Think it's because they have great potential and could generate a Van Dyke -type sell-on fee. Josh McPake is a number 10 on their books whom SG rates highly and there is a promising right back (forget his name).
  3. Here's a chastening thought: Wales beat this team twice in recent years in euro competitions.
  4. Do agree that Kelly's distribution is better; he's a modern keeper in that sense.
  5. 'Might as well'? This isn't a friendly, it's the no.1 team in the rankings. For a first cap, a dodgy debut could hinder a promising keeper's career.
  6. In fact, he might have a 'mair'.
  7. What did Marshall do wrong? He saved us from conceding more than one goal actually. As for Shinnie, after his haplessness v Kazakhstan he should be punted. I'd take McLean in the position you have Shinnie - he doesn't give the ball away too easily, going by the Cyprus game.
  8. I think the gentleman is trying to say a 'nightmare' (shortened to 'mare') moment. Nearly as bad as the Aussies saying this 'ahvo' for this afternoon.
  9. Clarke needs to do something about the defending and the lack of imagination from set pieces.
  10. This is why I keep going on about RoI and NI. How can they do better than us with inferior players? Or are they inferior?
  11. How on earth do this team do it? Pummelled by denmark yet they gain a valuable point. Are there any of their players we would want? Are duffy and Keogh better than any 2 we can come up with? and would you take James MClean Hendrick and RobbieBrady over our midfield?
  12. Yeah, but they can't all play in the same team. Therefore Hanley could take the starting eleven total up to 7/8.
  13. What no one's mentioned is this: if we get Fredericks and Steer tied up (assuming he stays in the EPL) then we could have 7 EPL regulars, all playing in the strongest league in Europe (and don't give me ant arguments here, 4 finalists in the major Euro competitions says otherwise). Viz Steer, Fredericks, Robertson. Armstrong, McTominay, McGinn and Fraser.
  14. Haud on there. All the 4/5 mentioned have everything except..experience. Grant Hanley will playing in the prem next year and is only 27 with stacks of caps. Plus he is left-footed though plays on the right and balance is key. Just don't discount him yet.
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