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  1. What do they mean by an 11k session? 'Scuse my ignorance.
  2. Think the Germans once did something similar. 4-3-3 does seem to be the modern way though slightly different from the old 4-3-3 with 2 strikers and one orthodox winger.
  3. Did we actually create anything that could be called a chance?
  4. He was virtually a unanimous choice.
  5. The question now is : Can we beat Bulgaria and maybe Serbia?
  6. Aside from that there is no suitable candidate available.
  7. Think we've hugely underestimated Kazakstan.
  8. Marshall has been our best player these last 2 games. At least he is number one now in goal.
  9. I thought Fletcher turned Clarke down?
  10. First thing is - we need to get a right back and 2 centre halves. Mulgrew and Cooper should not play again.
  11. Thought Clarke could at least coach a defence. MON must be some manager. They have Jonny Evans but who else?
  12. We should have parked the bus; how could anyone think we can go toe to toe with this team.
  13. And it comes at a time when we have more players playing at the top level than we've had for years.
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