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  1. We need to stop this obsession with 'dropped'. Not even players like Sterling start every single game; it's a squad game now. When they're not in the squad that's the time to worry.
  2. Why play him in a position he doesn't play for his club? And didn't play for Celtic?
  3. What happened to him? Was there some kind of Munich beer hall putsch to get rid?
  4. Watching some of these closed door EPL games has put me off a back three as a template for the Scotland team. (Sorry Dark Knight). Thinking especially of Sheffield Utd. It was clear that the two flank players for Manchester were given oodles of space to run into where full backs should have been. Although McTom, McKenna and Tierney could be a good-looking back 3 for us we could be torn to shreds.
  5. Swap McKenna for Cooper if Leeds go up and we could have 10 outfield players from the EPL. Awesome. Don't think we've able to say that since the EPL was formed. Not saying that's the best team or formation but food for thought.
  6. And it could have been four if they had hung on to right back Jack Grimmer!
  7. Well that's him failed the eligibility test: doesn't know what neeps are!
  8. You can be sure if so then the Southron media would be all over it .
  9. What gets me is announcers who can say 'Munich' quite correctly then stumble over 'Murdoch'. Ah, that's the way to sort out the eligibles!
  10. Where's this coming from? Born in Scotland of Scottish parents. If you're thinking of the 5 year schooling rule then he's not been in Engl. 5 years.
  11. He should wear a suit of armore...
  12. Just a thought: why not start Christie up front as a deep lying cf? He scores goals and allows us to keep Forrest and Fraser in the team.
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