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  1. No but we are short of goalscoring wingers since the demise of the likes of Forrest and he can also take a decent free kick.
  2. McLaughlin now seems to be first choice for Rangers.
  3. Can we get a nickname for our lassies? The Jaggy Thistles? Fed up with this Lioness nonsense.
  4. Let's hope they play him in his best position now.
  5. Many Rangers fans now want McLaughlin starting ahead of McGregor due to his superior ability to play out from the back. Could be good news for us if he gets a run of games and can provide a successor to Gordon - even if only for a few years.
  6. Thought the fee was 4.5 m? Can't see him replacing cult hero Trent, unless L'pool have a change in formation; there is also Nico Williams Welsh international who can cover RB.
  7. Well, that makes me feel a little better...
  8. Bale apart, I still refuse to believe that Wales have better players than us. Ben Davies is class, but would he displace Tierney or Robbo? Ramsey, based on what he showed in our league, would not make our team. Hennessey is not better than Gordon. I can't see that any other player would make our squad. So how do we account for it? The only explanation is that they have more pride in playing for their country, something I used to think we were unrivalled at.
  9. Och away . I'm 71. We've some good youngsters just lacking experience.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Leanne Crichton as Scotland manager one day. Seriously.
  11. Hang on. We've got the best left back in the best league in Europe. And a Serie A full back, What did they have? Players who don't always start for West Ham, yet they murdered us We lay down. Simples. Do you think Wales will?
  12. And that effort just proves my point.
  13. And McGinn has not scored for his club and I was told so what?
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