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  1. I'll just say that last night Man City played a 5' 6" winger as a 'centre forward' and it worked brilliantly. If the front three constantly interchange it can work. Mind you, Foden is a better player than Middleton (who, by the way, I think is good).
  2. Been saying this for a while; if we had some good wide players our need for a number nine or ten would not be so great. Good to see Johnston back tonight, but we need Scott Wright and maybe Middleton to develop. Also Kai Kennedy - about time he started to show his potential.
  3. The Matt Holland case is a good example. I don't think anyone thinks Che Adams commitment needs questioned. But I would doubt the likes of Matt Ritchie and Matt Elliott in the past. Let's not get carried away; we only really have a couple of 'eligibles' in the squad at the moment - we're not talking about filling the squad with them.
  4. Agree totally that decision should be binding at 18 but just out of interest, what sort of a team would we have if we had limited ourselves to players born in Scotland of Scottish parents only? Tierney would be out for a start.
  5. You're right - I should know better but I also erroneously assume that they are more in the know than us.
  6. Since we have a thread about Karlan Grant, I'm wondering about this eligible Leicester winger. On Sportsound Dareen Jackson suggested Clarke had been monitoring the situation. Faddy thought he might still be harbouring England ambitions but he is behind a pretty long list: Sterling, Rashford, Foden, Grealish, Saka and Greenwood for starters. He is an EPL quality player, unlike Mr. Grant and Mr Phillips and would definitely add quality and depth in an area where we are lacking - wide attacking left. I fully expect to be met with a volley of abuse because he played for England lower levels and even featured in a first team friendly which doesn't count for WC/Euro puposes.
  7. Tbh he didn't impress me in the recent U21 games. His first touch wasn't great.
  8. At his peak he would be the perfect partner for Dykes.
  9. I think those two belong in this list of players who have at one time or another been used by Clarke: Liam Palmer, David Bates, Andy Considine, Eamonn Brophy, Stuart Findlay and others who I can't think of right now. That list alone just shows you how far we have come in two years. Soon to be joined by Greg Taylor I would guess. Ryan Hardie and Ross Stewart ("The Loch Ness Drogba") have been attracting comment; rather than selecting Shankland as cover, I wouldn't mind seeing either of those called into the pool - now is a good time to start integrating any possible future players, now that we have a settled squad.
  10. Celtic fans will have seen him score from a similar range and distance. At any rate, McTominay has no form whatsoever with free kicks. In fact, I see precious little evidence that we have worked on free kicks or set pieces per se.
  11. Quite. Sometimes having your best team on paper does not always translate into your best performance on the field. For example, last night Engerlund had their fans first eleven out (well, the front six anyway)and they also apparently turned in an abject performance. Biggest disappointment for me was McTom. Can now understand why ManU fans don't take to him. I wojuld prefer Turnbull in his slot v Moldova - at least he is fairly accurate in his long passing and he would probably have scored with that free kick that McTom wasted.
  12. That is just nonsense. Would you say the same about Raheem Sterling who is no longer nailing down a starting position every week? Tavernier is a club captain and if he was Scottish we would be delighted to have him. Patterson will get the gig in time but right now if he's not playing all the time then there is less chance of him missing games for us through injury. It's SOD who will soon be phased out for Ramsay. If you want a nailed down starter, then maybe you would prefer Shaun Rooney?
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