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  1. Why do we think Patterson must play every game? The fewer games he plays the less chance of an injury. He'll get plenty opportunity. In other news John Soutar back and playing in a back three.
  2. I know it should be on Celtic thread but it just seemed opportune as we were discussing their crap performance and I was wondering. Sorry if it offends your OCD.
  3. Can someone explain why Hjelde who was on loan at Ross Co.c cant get a look in?
  4. I can see Wright giving us an alternative to Fraser and Forrest; he just needs to add goals to his game.
  5. Don't know why he would be squirming - he will soon have many more options.
  6. They were raving (the fans on social media) about a young guy (forget name) in the friendlies before they played Preston.
  7. Worry ye not! Patterson as no.1, SOD as a fallback fullback (!), then Rooney as an interim while we wait for Ramsay and maybe Lewis Neilson to develop at U21 level! Two years ago we all worried that we had NO right backs.
  8. Seven Scots now on for Celtic in the Euro qualifying tie.
  9. I remember him being two-footed, very much the modern winger. He was voted most valuable player in the MLS last year.
  10. England would be a certainty to beat Panama; wish we could say the same about us. Time for us to stop obsessing about England and apply all our focus and attention on beating ISRAEL!
  11. Tav played midfield but SG said he never be a number 10 . NP stayed right back.
  12. Rangers v Arsenal today showed Gerrard has a plan for playing both Patterson and Tav; he gave an assurance that neither would be stuck on the bench for long. Also - Kelly, Middleton impressed and Scott Wright looks a player - but don't ask me what his position is.
  13. I switched off when she started equating England and Great Britain.
  14. To be fair I don't think this tournament England were all that great at set pieces either - their one tactic seemed to be to find Maguire at the back post. What we lack are defensive midfielders. Don't know where I read it but one analysis showed that most teams at the Euros lined up with two holding midfielders, whereas we had McGinn and Armstrong in those roles against Croatia and neither of them can hold up their bootlaces in that position. Although McGinn normally plays alongside Douglas in a 2 for his club.
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