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  1. Good game at Fir Park today. Thought Hearts just about deserved something, but keeper (who otherwise had a good game) gifted the points. ‘Well have unearthed a few good young players. Happily pay to watch that every week.
  2. Pool Q

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Truthfully didn't really notice that at the ground and haven't seen highlights. I didn't come away from the ground thinking that the ref had played a major role in shaping the result. Scotland made far too many basic errors, the second half performance was pretty poor. Those players can do a lot better than that.
  3. Pool Q

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    French refs tend to play long advantage. It felt like he called a couple early for Scotland as soon as we crossed the gain line, but let Ireland go well beyond it , through several phases, before going back to an earlier infringement. Over and above that I felt he went with Ireland on countless 50/50s. When a scrum collapsed he pinged us every time. It is a question of ref management, Ireland have been great at it for years. Best was in Pointe's ear at every breakdown, often with no Scot in sight. Not for the first time after Laidlaw went off there were occasions when the ref was looking for the Scotland captain, and it wasn't clear who it was. In the professional era these are basics. This is easily fixable stuff. That said, the errors cost us the game. Jones knock on from a restart gave them the position for their first try, and then their was a clueless feck up between Seymour and Maitland. Handling errors in the second half came close to the comical.
  4. Pool Q

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Started well, and looked good in the first half when game was open, their gifted try aside. They tightened it up in the second half, and the constant errors from Scotland meant Ireland didn't actually have to do very much to secure a fairly comfortable win in the end.
  5. My post was from about a week ago. What are you actually talking about you pish soaked old jakie?
  6. Pool Q

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Thankfully the squad looks stronger overall this week to take on what is likely to be a very fired up Ireland. We faded badly last week when we started to go to the bench. Kinghorn obviously unlucky to be dropped, but having the likes of him, Horne, Brown, Toolis and Harley on the bench looks a lot better.
  7. In the game against Rangers in December Morelos spent the whole game jumping into Berra when high balls were lumped forward by MacGregor. Wasn’t looking at the ball, just jumping into the defender. I’ve genuinely never seen anything like it, he could (and should) have been booked for persistent fouling by about 20 minutes into the game, and then off by HT. Even the BBC mentioned it. Ref did fuck all, apart from comment to a Hearts player that Morelos was ‘a bit silly sometimes.’ Morelos then scored the winning goal from an offside position. Levein complained afterwards, and received a touch line ban for his troubles, despite it being almost word for word identical to a comment made by Lennon for which their was no action taken. On social media fans of other clubs said Levein was whingeing. In many ways, our clubs and fans get the refs they deserve.
  8. The accepted narrative in the media (and elsewhere) is that Lennon is brilliant, while Dempsey and Petrie are fuds.Perhaps. Then again I feel they may be able to identify a manager that (given the same budget) can do a better job than leading a team to 8th in the Scottish Premiership, winning 7 of 23 games played.
  9. Won a few quid on the Newport game (double with them and Brentford). Pulis all but admitted in advance he wanted out of the competition so that Middlesbrough could focus on the Championship. If he could have chucked the tie in advance, or fielded a team made up of the cleaning lady, bus driver and a few jakeys rounded up in the local boozer he would have. Not wanting to take anything away from Newport but I suspect just about anyone could have beaten Middlesbrough last night. Romance of the Cup my hairy arse.
  10. Freezing cold at Killie last night. Not the best of games, but good away win. Couple of good goals, then went into our shell a bit. Penalty looked a bit soft, but I’m told by those watching on TV it probably was even if the player was looking for it. Killie pretty awful, never really felt they were going to score from open play.
  11. Pool Q

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Midfield looks fragile at this level, not least defensively, and Hastings and Harris on the bench is a worry.. Hopefully start on the front foot and with luck Russell will have one of his good days. Forwards look stronger, the Edinburgh tight-five have been outstanding (as has Ritchie), does look like we may be keeping it tight. Again bench not great though. Looking forward to the match, must surely be less cold than Rugby Park last night.
  12. I for one am shocked, shocked at the complete lack of comment on Sportscene re the Huns fans on the pitch.
  13. If Boyd tried to write (and I use that term very loosely) about Livi, St Johnstone and St Mirren every week he wouldn't be working for the rags he does very long. His job is to pander to the Huns; others are employed to do the same job with the Sellick fans.