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  1. I haven’t actually heard or read about what specifically those two said, simply read it was racist abuse. There were a couple of choruses of ‘Stand up if you hate kickback’ but that sounded (to me) like it was coming from towards the back corner of the main stand.
  2. No, spot on. It’s on YouTube.
  3. Regarding the racial abuse incident at Tynecastle, deeply depressing in this day and age, I hope the club ban any and all responsible for life and the police prosecute them too. Few enough in number, but it has been getting worse over the last couple of seasons and the club need to stamp on it as hard as it can. On the pitch, awful game decent result. We are desperately missing Ikpeazu and Naismith, just limping through to the winter break and January transfer window. Never felt like Motherwell would score (haven’t seen replay of the offside ‘goal’ early on), but it was a game we would have had comfortably put to bed had we any sort of option up front
  4. Like pretty much everyone else, hope any team in a final against the OF wins.
  5. OK, I’ll try to rein in the hysterical tone of my posts.
  6. No, you asked how many times has Lennon’s Hibs team been described as the best thing since the Brazil team of the 70s. To which the the answer is none, none whatsoever. Hence you took it too far. But I think I know what you are getting at I think, they are too often overrated. I didn’t mention or suggest insulting.anyone.
  7. Ormond has taken it a bit too far, but I know what it means. Best footballing team in Scotland; fast, free flowing footballing etc. Said after the derby that they were ordinary and had gone backwards since last season, watching them on Alba tonight, 3-0 flattered them. Eighth in the Premership into December. Media pals are distraught, but they aren't very good.
  8. No. What is an ‘unofficial statement?’ They are small in number but these scum balls need chased. A few of the younger, and thicker, fans are falling for this sort of moronic nonsense.
  9. Shameful really that it is needed in this day and age, but a huge ‘well done’ to all involved in this.
  10. Because an ignorant, knuckle dragging cunt threw a coin at the Hibs manager. Up until the moron did this the media would have had little option but to talk about the Zlamal incident, stuff being thrown from both sets of fans, and how physical and ordinary Hibs were. The BBC and Scotsman wouldn't have wanted to, but wouldn't have had much of a choice. And then a coin hit Lennon, and all bets were off. Headline news (front and back pages), all over social media, mentioned on Today on Radio Four, and on Football Focus today. The club's name is now associated across the UK with sectarianism and violence. In large part because of the ignorant actions of one cretin who calls himself a Hearts fan. I hope the club hunt him down and ban him for life, and he ends up in court and jailed. With regard to the bigger picture, I find the events of last Sunday and then Wednesday very depressing. Those involved in sectarian singing and violence are a minority, but taint the name of the club (and those of us who follow it) with their actions. It has been on the increase over the last couple of years in my view. We can all talk about what fans of other clubs get up to, but I don't really give a fuck about them. We should be getting our own house in order. Anyone caught on CCTV or on a camera phone throwing something should be banned for life. Full stop. Same goes for anyone singing about being 'Up the their knees in Fenian blood' or writing 'hang Neil Lennon' on a wall. Any evidence of any of this should be passed to the police who should in turn be encouraged to take the strictest action possible. And the SPFL/SFA should act against any clubs that continue to turn a blind eye (or worse). Any club. Any suggestion that Lennon is partly responsible is plain wrong for me. All manager's have a responsibility not to do anything provocative, but nothing they do then justifies violence from a spectator. We can all probably imagine the abuse Lennon was being subjected to on Wednesday, with police, stewards and club officials standing nearby and doing nothing. I've only seen brief clips of it, but Lennon's 'calm down' gestures hardly struck me as being that provocative anyway. Whatever he did, you have to be a thug and stupid beyond measure to somehow believe that chucking something at him is an appropriate response. The question I don't really see getting answered is why Lennon's experience as a player and manager has been so different in Scotland when compared with England, if it isn't sectarianism. I was impressed by his press conference on Friday when he spoke about his experiences in Scotland. It's well documented how different he is away from football, and he came across as thoughtful and articulate. To me anyway. He really does too often act like a prick on and around the pitch but it isn't just that. Most of us know that, and is high time this was faced up to, and those who continue to practice sectarianism in Scotland need to be dealt with. When they attach it to football they should be named, shamed, banned and (whenever possible) prosecuted.
  11. It’s pretty obvious they can’t service the debt from normal operating revenues, I can understand the auditors comment. So ongoing external investment will be required which, at this stage, would concern me. Still in ‘Sugar Daddy’ territory rather than really fixing the fundamentals.
  12. On the pitch, could have won it but happy enough with a draw in the end. I fully expected to lose three games this week, the team we fielded last night would struggle against just about any team in this league, other than maybe Dundee and St Mirren. First chance this season to see what Hibs have to offer and the answer was a pretty clear not all that much really. Probably more physical than Hearts if anything, and have certainly gone backwards since last season. Off the pitch, too many in both sets of support need to calm down. Coins, pyro, keys etc being thrown by both (onto the pitch and at each other), the whole thing is in danger of getting out of hand. The guy who threw the coin that hit Lennon should be identified and banned for life by the club, and the police should be charging him. Same goes for anyone else caught on film throwing something. After events outside the stadium on Sunday and last night, Hearts as a club need to take action, using stewards, CCTV and self-policing by the fans to get the folk who are throwing things banned. Clubs should be getting fined and/or docked points too. No excuse for what happened to Lennon; no matter what he was up to the villains are those throwing things. He’s a bawbag, just about everyone knows it, but so what? What has happened to him at Tynecastle on more than one occasion now is a disgrace. I don’t think it helps playing these games at night incidentally, drink had clearly been taken by many and everything always seems ramped up under the lights somehow.
  13. Celtic will win it again, and the next three spots will come from Hearts, Hibs and Rangers, although Killie might be in there too.
  14. Pool Q

    Doddie Weir Cup - Wales v Scotland

    That article is quite something. I’d forgotten just how bad the media were during the referendum campaign. Most of those in the picture are from my era, I’ve met most of them. Played intra-mural football against Tukalo at Uni for example, and rugby club games against quite a few of the rest of them too. That they were No voters is hardly a surprise surely? Predominantly public school educated, Edinburgh ‘professionals’ and Border farmers. Entitled to their opinion and to take part in the debate, as pointed out above it wasn’t the SRU, just a bunch of individuals. The quote about Salmond and Sturgeon being childless is directly attributed to Stevie Munro the Ayr winger in the body of the article. He should have been challenged on this, but it is the Mail let’s not forget. He also says something about experiencing hostility walking down Ayr High St. wearing a No badge (although the article seems to link that statement with a photo of Doddie Weir). Probably complete shite, but the Mail laps that up and effectively attributed it to the lot of them. Even including all of that though, the dumbest statement is actually attributed to Andy Nicol (met him umpteen times, bit of a dick) when he ponders how independence would impact the Lions. That’s the British and Irish Lions, a team selected from players from four already separate rugby unions, and two separate countries.
  15. Pool Q

    league cup

    True. Sellick are romping it as usual.