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  1. Celtic will win it again, and the next three spots will come from Hearts, Hibs and Rangers, although Killie might be in there too.
  2. Pool Q

    Doddie Weir Cup - Wales v Scotland

    That article is quite something. I’d forgotten just how bad the media were during the referendum campaign. Most of those in the picture are from my era, I’ve met most of them. Played intra-mural football against Tukalo at Uni for example, and rugby club games against quite a few of the rest of them too. That they were No voters is hardly a surprise surely? Predominantly public school educated, Edinburgh ‘professionals’ and Border farmers. Entitled to their opinion and to take part in the debate, as pointed out above it wasn’t the SRU, just a bunch of individuals. The quote about Salmond and Sturgeon being childless is directly attributed to Stevie Munro the Ayr winger in the body of the article. He should have been challenged on this, but it is the Mail let’s not forget. He also says something about experiencing hostility walking down Ayr High St. wearing a No badge (although the article seems to link that statement with a photo of Doddie Weir). Probably complete shite, but the Mail laps that up and effectively attributed it to the lot of them. Even including all of that though, the dumbest statement is actually attributed to Andy Nicol (met him umpteen times, bit of a dick) when he ponders how independence would impact the Lions. That’s the British and Irish Lions, a team selected from players from four already separate rugby unions, and two separate countries.
  3. Pool Q

    league cup

    True. Sellick are romping it as usual.
  4. Pool Q

    league cup

    I’ve been to every Hearts game this season other than the Killie one, and only (a strangely subdued) Celtic have failed to at least match Hearts in terms of physical
  5. Pool Q

    league cup

    I thought they would draw lots to be honest, wouldn’t have had any sort of issue with that. Maybe the police came down strongly in favour of the option they have gone for as it involves the least travel, I don’t know. The issue for Hearts was never the travel to Glasgow itself and the game being at Hampden, despite what a few wallopers will try to make out. The issue was the late kick off on a Sunday, lack of public transport back from Glasgow that night, and the potential for travel chaos and fan trouble with four sets of fans in the city on the same day. Doncaster should have been sacked by now for this.
  6. Pool Q

    league cup

    If both games must be played on the 28th Aberdeen vs Rangers at Hampden and Hearts vs Celtic at Murrayfield, seems the sensible option to me. But I’m biased. No big deal for me if they go for the toss of the coin option and we end up at Hampden.
  7. Pool Q

    league cup

    How Doncaster is still in a job is beyond all understanding. Had he properly consulted all four clubs, and the relevant authorities, in advance of deciding on the two games being at Hampden on the Sunday this mess could have been avoided. A liar and an incompetent.
  8. Livingston’s last 5 games have been 4 wins (including Hibs and Rangers) and a draw at Tynecastle. Said last week, they’ll take points of any teams that aren’t prepared to earn it.
  9. Pool Q

    league cup

    No they didnt, and no they weren’t. They were at a meeting at which they were told the date and fixtures the had already been decided. Who precisely was in the meeting you outline above is less clear, but Hearts and Aberdeen certainly weren’t.
  10. Pool Q

    league cup

  11. Pool Q

    league cup

    I meant to say ‘on a Sunday’ in my post. In all honesty the actual practicalities of travel aren’t really the issue for me. Fans of Aberdeen and Hearts (not to mention the rent-a-Huns and Tims from all over Scotland) will, in the main, get to the games. Crowds may be a bit smaller than otherwise, but still OK I’d guess. The potential for trouble is clear, but hopefully nothing materialises there. It is the way the solution Doncaster came up with is so brazenly cobbled together to suit the OF and, everyone else can go fuck themselves, that rankles.
  12. Pool Q

    league cup

    There are umpteen trains back later on a Monday night, there are essentially none back late on a Sunday. When, if ever, did a major game with an evening kick-off last take place on a Sunday in Scotland? Public transport on a Sunday is best avoided anyway,.
  13. Pool Q

    league cup

    Have a swatch at the public transport timetables for a Sunday. Entirely possible.
  14. Pool Q

    league cup

    Budge's statement makes it clear that Aberdeen and Hearts were told not consulted. Clearly the interests of the OF had to be looked after, and that is what the SPFL has done.
  15. Pool Q

    league cup

    I don’t think anyone really has an issue with the games being at Hampden. It’s the timings of the games (completely disregarding the interests of the Aberdeen and Hearts support), and the way the ‘solution’ reached at has clearly been engineered to suit the interests of the Glasgow clubs. We all knew this (well most of us did) but it still takes the breath away to see it so starkly illustrated.