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  1. Played OK today, created chances, didn’t take them. Should have won, didn’t. Winner was as good a goal as I’ve seen in a derby for a while.
  2. Because Rangers want Kent available for tonight’s game.
  3. Ikpeazu linked with the OF, I’d forgotten we were playing Rangers tomorrow night.
  4. Compliance Officer will be busy this week. Then again, probably not.
  5. I only ever see McKenna against us or for Scotland. Lets just say I can only assume he plays a lot better against everyone else. Souttar has genuine potential as a ball playing centre back, but also has a tendency to switch off or play a lose pass once or twice a game. Won't get away with that if he does move on to play against better sides at a higher level.
  6. 1-0 about right at HT at Tynecastle yesterday. Aberdeen started a bit better, while Hearts were rotten. Second half we played a lot better, and well worth the win in the end. Ikpeazu missed an absolute sitter, and a couple of decent penalty shouts. Beaton was hopeless, even by the low standards we have come to expect.
  7. Wasn’t imagining it, this place was actually interesting once upon a time.
  8. Backwards, sideways, hoof. Repeat. Levein’s team talks must be truly inspirational.
  9. Back in Edinburgh last night, Wednesday night at Tynecastle sounds lively. The halfwits in both sets of the support having a fun time singing songs they only vaguely understand at each other; made up stories from folk pretending to have been at the game; whataboutery and outrage from both sides. All that shite aside, it sounds like it was actually a half-decent game.
  10. It was a private trip to say goodbye to old teammates. He’s a grown man with a lot of money. Why shouldn’t he be organising it himself?
  11. Can’t be many who have got the Celtic job on the back of taking a team to 8th in the Scottish Premiership.
  12. I’m in London through work so will sadly miss the festivities tomorrow evening. Which is fine by me tbh.
  13. ‘Grass’ is a term used by criminals and morons to protect criminals and morons.
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