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  1. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    how is that then?
  2. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Aye all over with Celtic fans greeting about it. Browns been getting away with being a thug his whole career, about time he got some back. That picture is from years a go haha wasn't the night of the old firm. I can 100% say I'm more intelligent than you.
  3. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Aye exactly why wasn't it brought up in analyse? Because sportscene were too busy with the Morelos witch hunt.
  4. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    What about Browns assault in the match?
  5. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    That offside decision for lafferty was a joke. Lafferty was behind the ball but the muppet of a linesman couldn't keep up with play and guesses he's offside.
  6. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Because he tackled straight on to Candeias ankle with his studs. Clear red. Rangers players get sent off for blowing kisses so I'd say that was one.
  7. Fantastic set of results for Rangers today. Hearts away next weekend should be a good game, win and we go top.
  8. I'll second the comment about Motherwell being hammer throwers. Young lad coming on for last 20 minutes and only plays 10 because of some thug.
  9. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Lennon has had sectarian abuse there's no doubt about it. But calling it racism is wrong.
  10. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Aye because you know me and I'm a bigot.
  11. GRBear

    The Mighty Rangers

    Gerrard is speaking proper racism not what Lennon is claiming to be racism though 😂
  12. GRBear

    league cup

    He barely did anything. That we rat ran at mcgregor and fell over 🤣