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  1. Killie have actually appealed that elbow to the face. Now that's laughable.
  2. Morelos leg had to go somewhere when he came down from a jump. McKenna kung food him from the floor so his leg brushed his groin.
  3. Don't know about anyone else but in my book an elbow to the face is a red card.
  4. Aberdeen fans “WHOS THAT LYING AT PITTODRIE” *Mcgregor tackles Ferguson* Aberdeen fans “fucking disgusting challenge, he should be aff” 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂
  5. Obviously there's going to be questions asked when 4 pelanties are given in a game. If another team got them I'd be the same. The still of the handball one looks to be outside so shouldn't have been given, but the others from my seat looked like fouls but not seen them back. There was a foul on Morelos in the box that wasn't given. The ref likely didn't want to give a 5th right enough 😂.
  6. Celtic are supposed to be Scottish which also makes them British. But they think they're Irish while also flying Palestinian flags.
  7. Aye all over with Celtic fans greeting about it. Browns been getting away with being a thug his whole career, about time he got some back. That picture is from years a go haha wasn't the night of the old firm. I can 100% say I'm more intelligent than you.
  8. Aye exactly why wasn't it brought up in analyse? Because sportscene were too busy with the Morelos witch hunt.
  9. That offside decision for lafferty was a joke. Lafferty was behind the ball but the muppet of a linesman couldn't keep up with play and guesses he's offside.
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