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  1. We play Kilmarnock this Wednesday and the replay is next Wednesday?
  2. Kilmarnock really are an awful footballing team with an awful pitch.
  3. Dundee United were most vocal I recall. Cease to exist didn't quite work out then eh?
  4. Do you think we care about teams below us laughing at us, really? We're still the 2nd best team in the country by a long way. And catching Celtic isn't far away. All rosey for us pal.
  5. No seethe here just laughing like fuck at your club suffering
  6. You seem to be the one getting worked up about the Rangers fans taking pleasure in your clubs demise. Dundee United a club and support who in our time of need showed no sympathy and wished us in to the abyss. Who publicly kicked us when we were down. Who were going on to replace us long term as Scotlands 2nd best team, now find themselves in the championship for a 4th year, with no more parachute payments to help them back up. A team who made us pay for a rearranged fixture after it was called off at half time. Horrible club, and the very definition of karma is hitting them now. As long as they stay in the championship, we'll keep on fecking laughing !!
  7. Yeah mate I agree that Flanagan should probably have seen red for the incident. But feck me the amount of times Broony has got away with similar. Maybe it's a bit of karma??
  8. Who will Killie appoint now? Big boots to fill.
  9. What about the hardman Broony swaggering about the pitch week in week out, clattering in to players and getting away with it?
  10. That time of year for the release of new kits. Rangers effort is a bit different but I think I like it.
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