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  1. they've_been_suckered

    Glenlivet and best whisky

    I bought one. It’s definitely not Glenfarclas. Wasnt impressed, flat, oaky wooden taste that doesn’t stick around. Bottling a 30yo whisky at 40%abv is criminal.
  2. they've_been_suckered

    Glenlivet and best whisky

    Have become a real fan of the Indy bottlers. Have had some great drams from North Star (Vega 21, Spica 20, Bruichladdich, 13yo “mystery” Tennessee Bourbon) Carn Mor (10yo Pulteney, 6yo Knockdhu) cadenhead (23yo Tomatin, 27yo Glenfarclas) 😎🥃
  3. I’ve got a similar issue potentially.... the GMB members at my work are being balloted on industrial action. They make up roughly 1/3rd of the hourly paid workforce. If it goes ahead I’m feeling uneasy about crossing a picket line. I’m a non-member and “salaried” so not directly implicated in the union activity but do support their stance. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
  4. they've_been_suckered

    Thanks Gordon

    Strachan was more a supporter of the English Championship and League 1.
  5. they've_been_suckered

    BBC Sportsound

    It’s worrying listening to Barry Fergushon and Billy Dodds discuss the next steps for Scotland. Scary what they come out with. I wouldn’t trust them to do a 4 piece jigsaw never mind oversee structural changes.
  6. they've_been_suckered

    Thanks Gordon

    ? is this another “you’re not welcome” post? beware the boycott
  7. they've_been_suckered

    Thanks Gordon

    Thanks for being a total b@wbag, gordon.
  8. Yep. Im delighted wales are out, 98% of their fans are glory hunting wee cheerleaders. Bellamy was so arrogant pre match in the coverage and is now taking the huff. Up them.
  9. they've_been_suckered


    Weird.... English CV mercenary doesn’t care about Scotland - Shock. Got a link to Griffiths comment?
  10. they've_been_suckered

    To stay or go?

    I’d gladly cheer every goal Scotland conceded under him. Would be a shameful appointment.
  11. they've_been_suckered

    To stay or go?

    Strachan says “the fans can’t hurt like them (the players)” the man is a classless whank. GTF.
  12. they've_been_suckered

    Play off table

    The lack of understanding on what is actually a reasonably straight forward ranking process is frightening.
  13. they've_been_suckered

    Play off table

    Cool, you’re talking sh!te but whatever keeps you happy.
  14. they've_been_suckered

    How do we approach tomorrows game?

  15. they've_been_suckered

    Play off table

    Fixed that for you