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  1. Summer holiday's.

    I'm not sure yet which ones to play - will be playing Glencruitten in Oban on Friday morning and probably Dunaverty later - then some of the 9 hole courses on way back to Glasgow - so might leave both Macrahanish courses for another visit .
  2. Summer holiday's.

    I went round by car 3rd week in June - did most of the 500 but started from Loch Lomond up to Fort William down to Kyle of Lochalsh then picked up the 500 from Lochcarron - visited Plockton first - probs the most beautiful place Ive seen - went over the mountain/hill to Applecross and right up to Durness - amazing beach right next to golf course - then across to John O Groats and down to Inverness. I stayed in small hotels and did the Youth Hostel in Durness so no camp sites - but the roads weren't busy at that time.
  3. Summer holiday's.

    I did a billy nomates golfing trip round most of North Coast 500 last year. Absolutely fantastic trip. Scenery just stunning. 2 golf trips this year...first one Inverness..wick..dingwall..kyle of lochalsh..oban..campbeltown. Second one round Wales..monmouth..swansea..tenby..pembroke..haverfordwest..fishguard..aberystwyth..carnaervon.
  4. Songs you hate.

    Puppy love by donny osmond ..and like most people gstq is the worst ever.
  5. Wenger

    Thought my ar se wis a bit sore
  6. Wenger

    Stuck in bed with manful today and endured hours of shyte on Wenger with the odious Jim Shyte on talksport. Usually as boring as fook but three hours on Wenger really took the biscuit.
  7. Golfers Forum.

    103 courses in 2016..111 last year ..weather putting paid to any attempt at that figure this year. Only at 8 so far and a shocker on Saturday at Thirsk and Northallerton. Greens and tees were fine..nice layout ..but course was still wet and they hadnt cut fairways for ages so every hole was rough all the way. Doing my billy nomates golf holidays in June round Scotland and July round Wales. Going to Inverness...Wick..Dingwall..Kyle of Lochalsh ..oban and lastly Campbeltown ..play as many corses as poss on the way with 9 holers at Gairloch..Lochcarron..2 on Skye then ferry to Mallaig to play Traigh.
  8. On Saturday night I watched the BBC news - no mention of Israeli attacks but plenty on Corbyn and anti - Semitism. Watched Channel 4 news a wee bit later - completely different. Such a shame that many don't realise the control/propaganda behind the BBC news - either by bias or omission.
  9. Centre Backs.

    There is no place for Mulgrew with a fooking embarrassing man bun - get him tae fuck
  10. russia poisioning

    Hang on pet ..ill just get the door shut ..aw shyte ive dropped the nerve agent all over the step
  11. Can just imagine the same scenario for a cannabis factory - police informing the chaps that they will get a warrant next week to search the loft. Aprt from Channel 4 news - the media once again complicit in this.
  12. Its not Scousers with me - its Essex -I fucking hate that accent and the pricks that speak it
  13. The Government announce pay rises in England and Wales of 6.5 per cent. But hang on this is over THREE years - this equates to less than 2 per cent each year. So why are the BBC News and other government supporting news media outlets reporting it as 6.5 per cent with the THREE year bit as an afterthought. Any independent source would not be compliant in applying the same government spin. To make matters worse BBC news does voxpops with a couple of NHS staff who seem to think they are in for a big pay rise - 2 per cent of poor wages is fuck all. BBC are a fucking state propaganda mouthpiece .
  14. Golfers Forum.

    Played Silloth last November for £30 - its £60 in summer. They still had the full course on - brilliant course - one of my favourites from last year - there's another cracker just down the Cumbrian coast at Seascale. My favourite course of all last year was Golspie - when I was doing a trip round the North Coast 500. For an overall experience - the nine hole (18 tees) course at Durness on top left corner of Scotland was fabulous - views of the beach at one side - go over the hill and mountains on the other - with the last hole a par 3 over the crags and inlet to the green. Honesty box and a kettle in the wee clubhouse at half time.
  15. Anything on the BBC which should either be closed down or any twat that likes BBC can pay by subscription with the licence removed. Any program with any fucker from Essex in it.