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  1. I know fook all about Scottish senior football mate more knowledgeable about the junior game. But if you think McAllister was a Scotland "legend" then you are easily pleased or a wee bit thick or even a Rangers supporter?
  2. I drove up yesterday morning and did the march. Was a bit annoyed at the route - bit like avoiding the city centre and hiding us away. Found it really funny with these neanderthals with their union jacks shouting "square go " and to be honest Ive never been called a Fenian bastard before but always a first even though I'm not religious although I suppose I did attend a catholic wedding once. When I cam away from Glasgow Green the tail end of the march was still arriving and I saw the "Inverness True Blues" bus stuck with them all screaming and giving the vickies. My dad gets the Sunday Post and the Sunday Mail - what a pile of shyte their coverage of the match was - more coverage given to the Dumbarton Arbroath match. So although I enjoyed the march , I really came away from it with a bigger disgust of Rangers and its supporters and everything it stands for. They are by and large Scotland's scum - and I even went to Rangers matches when I was a kid - before I came to my senses with all that sectarian pish.
  3. A few dicks on radio 5 with no knowledge of Scottish football discussing the Gerrard appointment ..mentioning that he has the assistance of Scottish "legend" Gary McAllister with his "vast wealth of knowledge of football in Scotland ". Legend ? Have I missed something ? Or more likely he missed something ..oh aye a fucking penalty.
  4. irnbruman

    Golf trip round Highlands

    Im doing a trip in June staying for a night each in Inverness..Wick..Dingwall..KYLE of Lochalsh and Oban...any recommendations on decent pubs ?
  5. irnbruman

    Amber Rudd resigns

    They couldnt have liked her then lol ..wonder if pressure will turn to May now..not if BBC has anything to do with it.
  6. irnbruman

    Amber Rudd resigns

    Certainly not the civil servants in home office ..they are implementing the policy not creating it.
  7. irnbruman

    Amber Rudd resigns

    She resigned purely for incompetence regarding targets ..for me the true evil is whoever instigated the policy .
  8. 2 buckets of sick walkin down the road when one starts greetin. Whats the matter says the ither one. Oh nuthin.just a bit emotional..its just I was brought up round here.
  9. irnbruman

    Songs you hate.

    If im driving anywhere in the morning..I like the Ken Bruce show
  10. irnbruman

    Summer holiday's.

    I'm not sure yet which ones to play - will be playing Glencruitten in Oban on Friday morning and probably Dunaverty later - then some of the 9 hole courses on way back to Glasgow - so might leave both Macrahanish courses for another visit .
  11. irnbruman

    Summer holiday's.

    I went round by car 3rd week in June - did most of the 500 but started from Loch Lomond up to Fort William down to Kyle of Lochalsh then picked up the 500 from Lochcarron - visited Plockton first - probs the most beautiful place Ive seen - went over the mountain/hill to Applecross and right up to Durness - amazing beach right next to golf course - then across to John O Groats and down to Inverness. I stayed in small hotels and did the Youth Hostel in Durness so no camp sites - but the roads weren't busy at that time.
  12. irnbruman

    Summer holiday's.

    I did a billy nomates golfing trip round most of North Coast 500 last year. Absolutely fantastic trip. Scenery just stunning. 2 golf trips this year...first one Inverness..wick..dingwall..kyle of lochalsh..oban..campbeltown. Second one round Wales..monmouth..swansea..tenby..pembroke..haverfordwest..fishguard..aberystwyth..carnaervon.
  13. irnbruman

    Songs you hate.

    Puppy love by donny osmond ..and like most people gstq is the worst ever.
  14. irnbruman


    Thought my ar se wis a bit sore