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  1. I think he might have been meaning play each other twice then split to play the bottom or top 6 twice.
  2. Bids to replace Hampden

    I don't think we're ever going to agree. If I thought it was financially better long term to play at Murrayfield or around the country then I'd ditch Hampden or put Hampden down as one of the stadiums when moving around.
  3. Bids to replace Hampden

    It's an inferior stadium to Murrayfield I agree but it really isn't that bad a ground. Would be nice to bring the ends behind the goal in but it isn't necessary. Never said they would lose all there money to rent. What I said is financially Ibrox and Parkhead are charging more in rent. Murrayfield is cheaper I believe. Have you sat in the away end at Parkhead. You're stuck behind a pillar blocking the majority of the pitch. You might be stuck a fair distance at Hampden but at least you can see the pitch. You are right the SFA have to pay maintenance which they don't with the other 3 . Difference though is whether the SFA own or rent Hampden they get the money from non football events hosted at Hampden that more than make up for it. Based purely on finance Hampden is the better option.
  4. Bids to replace Hampden

    I disagree. If the decision was to be based on finances then Hampden wins evertime Hampden and Murrayfield were shortlisted ahead of Ibrox or Celtic park because Ibrox and Celtic park were costing far more to rent. Although Murrayfield is cheaper to rent the SFA won't be entitled to any of the money made from Murrayfield hosting concerts which they get from the Hampden deal. In the long term it makes more financial sense to own a stadium than to keep paying rent. Hampden is not dilapidated. It is in a much better state than Ibrox or Parkhead. The only thing it has against it is the views but debatable if Parkhead is any better.
  5. SSC Renewals

    Looks like it. Would have been happy enough with that had they reduced the price of membership a fair bit. Just shows how cheap the gifts were.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I'm not excited about this appointment but anyone who thinks we'd be better off or as well as sticking with Strachan has gone nuts in my opinion. I'd trust McLeish to make us tighter at the back than Strachan has over time which although negative is the only way we'll qualify.
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Levein got the Scotland job. Think it's reasonable for anyone to point to him if they are never considered an option by the SFA
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Hughes isn't a bad manager. The Scotland job is probably a position to far for him but he probably has as good if not a better record than Levein considering what he has achieved with lesser clubs. He is to harshly judged because of the way he speaks. I disagree with you about McLeish. Did reasonable jobs at Motherwell and Hibs to get his crack at Rangers. Did what was expected of him at Rangers. Did well with Scotland in his short spell. Mixed spell with Birmingham getting relegated twice but also got promotion and a league cup. Kept Villa up who are a basket case. Everything since then has been down hill I agree.
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I'd be confused. Gutted at the thought of losing McInnes and worried we'll replace him someone hopeless like we have done so often in the past. Delighted as he would be better choice for Scotland manager than some of the names being mentioned. Probably slightly more gutted than delighted.
  10. Hampden - stay or go?

    This is the bit that people who complain about Hampden forget. Moving isn't just about getting a better stadium to watch football in. You are potentially losing out on lost revenue from Hampden being used for concerts and other events. No chance of the SRU / Rangers / Celtic are going to agree to the SFA getting a decent cut from there stadiums hosting such events. The SFA get a good deal out of Hampden and the only way they could get a better one is to own the stadium rather renting.
  11. Hampden - stay or go?

    This is why it is down to Murrayfield and Hampden. Ground hopping would cost a lot more than paying one venue a fixed fee. Add to that if leaving Hampden you would need to find new offices for the SFA and SPFL which I imagine the SRU have included as part of there bid.
  12. Gigs 2K18

    That is my reaction to most of them as well.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I miss the old days when we could beat Lithuania at home.
  14. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I wouldn't say Smith or McLeish are depressing. Questionable as they've been out of the game for a while.
  15. SSC Renewals

    Agreed. I always have a look at fixtures and try and work out how many I can manage and which ones I have a realistic chance of tickets. Really wanted to go to Dublin but knew there was a chance I'd just miss out so went to Georgia instead. Wasn't sure what the Slovakia ticket situation would be so went to Czech Republic friendly earlier in the year. On occasions I wait till late on to see if I have a chance of tickets before booking things. Can mean the price increases for flight but you can still find reasonable prices usually if you put a bit of effort in. Hotels you can book well in advance and then cancel if you decide you are not going. This year I won't manage Albania or Israel so I'll do the Hungary game. OK there are a few games which you can misjudge. France friendly comes to mind.