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  1. It's a step in the right direction I just don't think it goes far enough. Some of these teams have crazy number of players aged between 18 and 21 playing in development teams. Should have enough in case of injuries and to make up numbers in reserve team. The rest go on loan to get first team football to improve themselves but also improve the quality of sides further down the league.
  2. Fully agree. Screws us with Christie but it is ridiculous. Going off topic but I would love to see a proper restriction on the number of players that can be registered at a club. Could be 33 players 18 and older with maximum of 22 being 21 and older. If you have over the maximum number you have till a certain date to reduce the number by selling or sending players on loan for a season. Any players that have not been moved on after the date are made available for loan with no fees to teams in the division below with the worst team getting first pick (some kind of draft system). Would need to be implemented world wide to work.
  3. I thought it was obvious that he was meaning you couldn't move during the season. I've never understood why we have a transfer window for players but not managers. You can still sack a manager but if you want an immediate replacement you will have to get one that is unemployed. Otherwise wait till the window opens to get him from another club. The idea of a manager not being able to move to another club in the same division sounds a good idea to me. Plenty of other countries do it.
  4. It was perfectly fine as it was during the summer. Craig Brown going from Motherwell to Aberdeen couldn't happen unless Aberdeen were prepared to wait till the end of the season.
  5. SSC Renewals

    This. No point in joining the SSC unless you are planning on going to a few away games as usually easy enough to get home tickets in public sale. I'll renew but I think this will be the last time.
  6. I still think playing both Arnason and McKenna could see us getting caught out for pace. On form it should be Arnason that comes out instead of McKenna but Reynolds isn't the type to talk a young guy through a game which is why McKenna is the unfortunate victim. The other option instead of Rooney is Maynard. Actually think Maynard looks a good player just needs a couple of goals but we don't have the time to wait for him to click so Rooney it is for me.
  7. The moment I saw that Aberdeen line up last night I lost all optimism for the game. McInnes needs to stick to 4-2-3-1 as Considine hasn't the attributes to play wing back leaving us massively exposed down that side. He can't play both Considine, Arnason and McKenna as they are all slow. At least one needs to come out but I'd take 2. Probably take out Considine and McKenna although it would be harsh on McKenna. Really struggling to think what he does out wide with Christie being suspended. I would try Stewart down one wing and Wright the other. I hope he'll play something similar to this on Sunday Lewis Logan Aranson Reynolds Shinnie O'Connor McLean Stewart May Wright Rooney
  8. I'd love to know where that figure of 1 in 4 has come from. It will be a large number but that seems extreme. Only basing it on my personnel experience and people I know. Also those that I know have lost there jobs have managed to find new ones with big paycuts (still above or on the national average) or a few away from Aberdeen Before my time but I've been told even during the success of the 80s we had some poor crowds for run of the mill league games.
  9. That was what I was saying. The role he played yesterday was the one he plays most often and was was signed for but has failed to do well in till yesterday. His best performances have been when he has played a deeper midfield role against weaker teams where he hasn't had to do much defensive work so just picks up the ball sprays passes. As you say there is definitely a player in there. I think it is more brains than lack of heart though. He hasn't figured out how to play with someone like Rooney up front who is just a goal poacher and everything coming from down the wings. We might start to see a bit more from him with May up front as he'll look to link up with players in support.
  10. It wasn't just that McLean played well yesterday but that he played well playing the role he was signed for. When he has put in a performance for Aberdeen it has usually been when he has played as one of the deep midfielders because of injuries and due to the opposition he hasn't had to do much defensive work so he just has to pick up the ball and hit a quality pass. Yesterday he played a more attacking roll where he normally plays but actually offered a threat at goal which he hasn't done enough of. I'm sure when he was signed he was expected to be a 10 goal a season player.
  11. I don't know about last night but he and his center backs especially have made some howlers both in Europe and domestic football. At the back they are no better than under Deila but they get away with it more in domestic matches as the rest of the team has improved and they no longer just rely on Griffiths to score goals.
  12. Scottish Labour

    I don't think his nationality will have anything to do with whether he stands up for "what is best for Scotland". He'll either do what he thinks is best for himself, his party or he might do what he thinks is best for Scotland (what he thinks is best, what we thinks is best and what actually is best could be completely different things). At the moment I don't know which of the 3 he belongs to.
  13. world cup of losers

    I've come across to many of them at Aberdeen away games and concerts. It's not just an issue with the Scotland games. Nothing wrong with having a drink, party and enjoyment win lose or draw but a minority give off the impression they have little interest in the football and just there for a piss up. They can do that if they want as long as they don't obstruct peoples view or become a nuisance which has happened a couple of times.
  14. I'd imagine McInnes will be low on there list because of what you said but also because of the money in the EPL and new foreign owners. Unless Aberdeen win the league the only way McInnes will be going down South is if he takes a Championship job. Premiership sides will prefer to appoint a manager with some success in England or an obscure coach outwith these islands before looking at Scotland.
  15. Hampden - stay or go?

    The only valid criticism of Hampden is the distance behind the goal but other grounds have issues as well. Celtic has bigger issues. Pillars in the old main stand which make the majority of the away end seats useless as you can hardly see any of the game. I think the upper deck of the stand opposite to the main stand also has pillars. At least with Hampden you can see the whole pitch. Can't remember if Ibrox has pillars or not but I can't imagine us playing games at Ibrox but not Parkhead. Murrayfield is good for the Rugby but with the pitch dimensions for football you could have the ends behind the goal similar distance as Hampden. Also due to a proper running track the main stand at Murrayfield is probably further from the pitch than Hampden is.