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  1. That's easy jet cancelled my flight to copenhagen on 30th August.Absolute shit.
  2. I made two different orders,one from me under my number and one for my brother under his number.We share an email.After getting in touch with the supporters club,my brothers order has arrived in the email,but no sign of my order.Fired them off another email,so will see what happens tomorrow.
  3. Bought my tickets 3 hours ago,no sign of them yet.Checked spam as well.Nothing.
  4. Forget it.The discount is activated at checkout.Must stop drinking at lunchtime.Doh.
  5. It seems a bit odd that the tourist industry is jumping up and down celebrating the fact tourists can come to the uk.Surely if they have to self isolate for ten days when they go home,then the amount of people doing that will be pretty small.
  6. Are the tickets for the east and west stands not £15?Only seems to show £20 when i select them.
  7. What's the difference between eu travellers who are double vaccinated going the uk and then go back to the eu,and uk travellers who are double vaccinated going to the eu and then back to the uk?Are they saying their travellers to the uk are safe to travel around the uk and come back to the eu because they are double vaccinated,but people from the uk who are double vaccinated are somehow more of a risk.Surely,the whole point is both those from the uk and those from the eu are double vaccinated.Covid doesn't distinguish between the uk or the eu,only between those who are double vaccinated or aren't.
  8. Surely there will come a time the uk will be taken off the red list.If we are talking of letting in eu double vaccinated travellers,then surely they will recipricate.If they allow their travellers to go to the uk and then come back to the eu,what is the difference if travellers from the uk want to go into the eu?
  9. See in tomorrows papers headlines,that the uk is going to allow travellers from the usa and the eu into the country in the next week or so,if they have been double vaccinated.Surely,it must work both ways,and we should be allowed into the eu if we are double vaccinated.
  10. Probably right,but will be frustrating if when the match comes around,we will be able to travel.
  11. Can't help but think that sports options jumped the gun a bit.Still 10 weeks before the game,and with cases falling in the last 6 days,it could be a lot better by then.Think they have panicked a bit at the thought of losing money.Could they not have waited another 2 or 3 weeks.First time i have used them,and to be honest i am pretty dissapointed with them.
  12. Can't help thinking that sports options have jumped the gun here.I know they have to protect themselves regarding losing money,but i think they have either panicked or been badly advised.The cases of covid have dropped six days in a row,and the match in the Faroes isn't for another 10 weeks.That's a long time if the cases keep dropping.Would have thought they could have waited another 3 or 4 weeks before making a decision.First time i have used them,and must say i am more than dissapointed in them.
  13. Thanks for telling us that.Would never have guessed.
  14. No comparison between playing for a rest of the world select,and playing for a United Kingdom team. The sooner fifa get the four home nations playing as one,the happier they will be.Certain fifa officials have pushed for that in the past.If we were to believe assurances given by fifa,then God help us.A very slippery slope to go down.If any player chose to play for a United Kingdom team,knowing where it could lead us to,then yeah i wouldn't want them to play for us again.I support Scotland and would hope the players would be as commited as i am to Scotland and Scotland alone.
  15. Sort of hoped that a further 10 weeks down the line might have made a difference.This nightmare is neverending.We wont get tickets for Denmark or Austria.Another chance for them to play in front of a totally home support.Bet you when we play Denmark at Hampden,the sfa will be falling over themselves to throw tickets their way
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