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  1. By the way.I really hope the sfa fight our corner on this.
  2. Will be a tad miffed if we dont get 3000 for either game.The home team eg norway or serbia are only at home due to the toss of a coin.The least they can do is acknowledge their luck and give us a fair amount of tickets and not just the bare minimal required.
  3. They haven't included the points for renewing early or the points for being a member for the last three campaigns yet.Maybe they have still to add them.
  4. 😭 Did anybody hear ally mccoist on talk sport this morning.Going on about england cricket team being his favourite sporting team,tha barmy army being the the best fans in sport and what a pleasure it must be to watch the england boys in south africa.I know he has spent his career since football chasing the english shilling and obviously feels the need to ingratiate himself with the english media,but this was truly hoorible.
  5. If it's in good nick.they go for a good £120-£150.on ebay,and from classic football shirts site.
  6. After seeing the new shirt,i 'm not sure i'm really that bothered,but has anybody received an email about the ballot they entered to attend the launch on Sunday at jd sports in Glasgow or Edinburgh.
  7. Yeah.Mine arrived this morning.What was all that carry on about giving passport numbers about.
  8. Just wondering if anybody has received their tickets for the cyprus game from the supporters club yet.
  9. Thanks for all the work you must have put in to organise this.looking forward to it.cheers.
  10. Hello Davy.Can you confirm everything is sorted.George Caldwellx2 paid larnaca bus 7 and 1 ticket for the match(alastair robertson larnaca bus 7)cheers.george.
  11. Hello.I am the saint,and i have booked 2 seats on Larnaca bus 7.I am george caldwell of george caldwell x2 and i have a ticket,but the ticket i require is for my mate,alastair robertson who is booked on bus 7 with me.cheers.
  12. Hello Davy.Have sent passport details and paid for 1 ticket for alastair robertson larnaca bus 7.cheers.george.
  13. Hello.Can you put me down for 2 tickets for the game.I have already paid for 2 for the larnaca bus 7.george caldwell x 2.cheers.
  14. Why bother joining in a thread about the play offs,if you aren,t interested in them?
  15. Is this guy kidding.there aren,t half some strange characters claiming to be supporters these days.if you aren,t even thinking of the play offs,why bother starting a thread about the play offs in the first place.very odd indeed.
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