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  1. Still got to ask the question.Where was his commitment to play for us before we qualified for the euros?He had the chances to commit to us well before we qualified.Obviously wasn't interested until he saw the chance of playing at the euros.
  2. So we did.Who scored our try again.?Oh yeah,Duhan van der Merwe.When did the western cape become part of Scotland.Totally ridiculous and pointless.
  3. It is a slippy slope that you are heading down,when you start wanting guys to get picked that have no commitment to the cause.Would really hate to go down the rugby route.That is a f..king joke.Still makes we want to puke when I see that picture of Adams in the England shirt.Realise,I will just have to accept it,but I certainly don't have to like it.
  4. Keep trying.I'm sure you will get there eventually.
  5. Like Adams got over his lack of interest in playing for us in the time it took Gordon Marshall to save that penalty in Serbia.
  6. All the McBurnie haters will be happy as pigs in shit now The guy must be gutted.Never mind,there is always that English guy,eh!It's a sad day when Scotland fans are happy to see a committed Scotland player injured,and cheer for a chancer who had no interest in playing for us,until we qualified for the euros.
  7. I wasn't even thinking about covid,but more the real chance of trouble between fans.As I'm sure everyone knows,these kind of events can attract a lot of characters who aren't really interested in the match,but are more interested in causing trouble.Seems a bit chancy to me.
  8. See there is going to be a fan zone with 12500 tickets at Trafalgar square for Scotland v England game.Not sure if that's a good idea.Seems like a recipe for disaster.Unless it's for England fans only.If we get an allocation of tickets for the game,there could be the usual gathering of Scotland fans there anyway,before the game.
  9. Just noticed on UEFA site that Amsterdam,Bucharest.Copenhagen and Glasgow have agreed to 25-33% capacity,with the possibility that they can increase the capacity in stadiums if their vaccination programme goes well.The only venue that hasn't agreed to increase the capacity if things go well is Glasgow.How f..king ironic that we are the country out of these four who are miles ahead in the vaccination programme,but the only one who hasn't agreed to increase the capacity.You couldn't make it up.
  10. Can see where you are coming from.However,I am sure there were plenty of people that would have applied for tickets in the ballot,but didn't get any(myself included).So basically it was just down to luck of the draw.At least going by the points system,it rewards the guys that have done the miles .not the guys who were simply lucky in the draw.Admit it is a difficult decision for the sfa.
  11. Aye,but we need to go into games with some sort of belief.If we were being realistic every time we were playing,don't think there would be any Scotland fans at most games.Need to have a little faith in them.I mean look how well Wales,Iceland,Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland did at the last euros with a bit of self belief.No reason why we can't do something similar.Keep the faith.
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