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  1. I couldn't give a fuck what Portugal fans think.I give a fuck.
  2. Horrible.Exactly what is the point of having your national team filled with players who have no connection with your country.The outcome of doing that makes international and club football identical.It's totally ridiculous.
  3. Did the Moldova and Israel home points get added?I suppose if 2 points have dropped off,then the Moldova and Israel home points would just keep you on the same points.
  4. The .answer to it is still in our own hands.Simply don't give these guys a cap for Scotland.It's not rocket science.The guys that have already played for us or are getting quoted are hardly game changers.Pretty average in fact.Adams,Ritchie.Elliot etc.I can't remember any of them doing anything to make us better.
  5. Nothing wrong with that.In fact,it's the way every SCOTLAND supporter should feel.Can't even believe we are having a discussion like this.
  6. It's came to this has it?Truly truly awful.Do you really not want our players to be commited to playing for Scotland,and not just us being a conveinance for guys who can't get a cap for england.Absolutely no self respect.
  7. Nisbet hasn't done anything wrong yet in his Scotland appearances.The whole point of international football,is to have players who are either born in Scotland,or at the very least have a real commitment to Scotland.The route some guys on here are going down,is basically turning national teams into club sides.You either succeed or fail with what talent is available to you.Once you start bringing guys in who are only willing to play for us because england don't want them,you are sending international football down a very slippy slope.Believe will kill it.The commitment to us must be there from the start.We are SCOTLAND.Be proud.
  8. 100% correct.It's all about the commitment.Not chasing after characters who have spent their careers trying to play for england.You can criticise McBurnie for his performances if you want,but never his commitment to play for Scotland.From school right through all the age levels he showed real commitment to the cause.Not some chancer who realises he isn't going to make it with england,and then grudgingly turns to us.
  9. Paltry allocation.Going to be a lot of folk dissapointed with that amount.
  10. Good.hope he stays english from start to finish.Let that be the end of it.
  11. Quashie.Ritchie and Adams.Thank God those three chose us.It may well be within the rules,but it doesn't mean we have to go searching out these f..king english rejects.Have some self respect.
  12. If he decides to play for us.F..k me,i've heard it all now.
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