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  1. Just heard Jayson Leitch on the radio.Seems pretty confident the games at Hampden will go ahead with some sort of crowds.What would be the point of six months of vaccines,if there is no improvement in the situation.Let's look on the brightside.
  2. The day football ends up like rugby,is the day I stop following Scotland.What is the point of international football ifyou end up playing guys that have lived here for five years.The whole point of international football is taking pride in the guys from your country that represent you.If not,it just becomes like club football.A truly horrible idea.
  3. It's not a case of right or wrong.Steve Clarke has worked hard,and succeeded in creating a club mentality among the players.It stood out a mile in their celebrations after the game.The least thing we need is this guy getting fast tracked into the team,because it suits him,because we have reached the euros.We don't want players with no commitment to the cause.Asking him once was enough.If he had any real feeling about playing for Scotland,he would have jumped at the chance.As for all this talk about mcburnie and his commitment to Scotland.I suggest that wearing Scotland strip to secondary schoo
  4. Why is anybody who says this character should play for Scotland even on this site?
  5. fair enough,but if we are still in this situation in 9 months time,considering we have started with the vaccine,I will be astonished.
  6. Just read story that a group of Danish fans have asked their government to make a judgement on whether they should compete in the Quatar world cup because of their human rights record.Now,whether you think that's the correct thing to do or not.(we all know they should never have got it),I want to know why they have waited until the draw has been made,and the group matches arranged.They could have brought this up anytime in the last few years.I am sure I am not the only one who has booked Copenhagen in September.It's becoming almost impossible to plan trips,what with covid,and now this.I have l
  7. Let's cut the team a bit of slack.It ended up being there cup finals in less than a week.I think so much physical and mental effort was expended in the Serbia game,that it was a big ask for them to produce another big performance a few days later.We played really well in the first two games,and even in the Israel game,we created chances.You could see that they looked a bit jaded.Mental more than physical.Their thought process when getting into good positions,and the final pass was poor.I thought we would have won one of the last two games,but let's applaud the boys for what they achieved,and n
  8. You can't blame mcburnie.That's just crazy.He came on as a sub.Where was dykes tonight.Bang average.He played for an hour or more and did nothing.If nothing else,at least be fair.
  9. Just trying to work out who we could play,if we finish in top 3 in Euro group.If we finished 1st,it would be germany,France ,Portugal or Hungary in dublin(3rd from that group).If we finished 2nd it would be probably be Spain or poland(2nd from that group )in copenhagen.If we finished 3rd it would probably be Spain or poland in glasgow(1st from that group.Not ruling out the other teams,but just trying to judge who would be the most likely to finish in the positions that would make them out opponents.Think I would prefer Spain in glasgow.They don't carry a big away support,so all the better fo
  10. thesaint


    Don't think anyone has said he is taking injury.He pulled out of the Newcastle game tonight.Just unbelievable bad luck.,We have no pace in the team without him.Big worry for Thursday. I
  11. thesaint


    Just. heard Ryan Fraser is out of Serbia game.hamstring.think Clarke was placing a lot of Faith in his pace.typical.
  12. He is english.He will never get anywhere near the SCOTLAND squad.End of.
  13. With you 100 per cent.Idiots trying to turn it into club football.The whole point of international football is you represent your country.If the players available aren't good enough,that's hard luck.At least they are Scottish and not good enough.Why would any Scotland fan even suggest going down that f..king avenue.STOP IT now.
  14. Let's be more positive.Serbia lost at home to the mighty Hungary.They are bottom of the league,and very ordinary.Get into tjhem.
  15. thesaint


    Agree with you.Forrest won us the chance to be in the play offs.If producing your club from for Scotland was the only criteria in getting selected,we would be lucky to have enough players to form a 5 aside team.Why pick on Forrest.As stated,he always makes himself available.One of two of the so called big names owe us a performance.A certain so called best left back in Europe for a start.
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