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  1. Didn't you know that Ukraine are expected to win any event that they are involved in?. It's the done thing.
  2. Yes,it was as good as sold out,but that was a euro qualifier.Not sure the Nations league has the same kudos.
  3. Really surprised at the small amount of tickets we received for Dublin. They could have given us 5000,now instead they are going to have plenty of Scotland fans at various parts of the stadium. It 's not as if they will sell 50000 tickets. All things being equal there will be a good crowd, but can' t see it being anywhere near 50000.As for the sfa fighting our corner for more tickets. Forget that, they are useless.
  4. Exactly.Why they think it's ok to be able to load up tickets and possibly have an advantage is unbelievable.Why is there even an option to do that?
  5. Yes. Those on 15 and below were f.. king at it. No question.
  6. Not sure FAIR play would be the words i woild use. Quite the opposite in fact. 😳
  7. And the Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell, Dundee. Utd, St. Johnstone, Dundees of this world. ☺️
  8. Will be interesting to see what their response to that question will be. Obviously they could just say it didn't happen, then you would have to get somebody to say they got one on 13 points to tell them they did. Unfortunately finding somebody who got one on 13 to admit that might be a different story, for obvious reasons.
  9. Any other match that i have applied the faroes showed the exact amount of points that it finished on.I know because i got one of the last tickets and it ended showing the points i had as the lowest points required.
  10. So why does it stop at 13 and not keep going all the way down?
  11. Absolute disgrace.Makes the whole concept of loyalty points worthless.Easy for the sfa to match the ticket sales to the number of points each buyer had.As far as you are concerned anybody getting a ticket under 16 points should have their ticket cancelled,as you were being told they had sold out as you kept trying to buy when it reached 16 points.Only to find out some character on 13 points got one.Shameful performance by the sfa.Keep on at them,as there is no reason they can't find out who got tickets below 16 points and cancel them.If they don't the loyalty system means f..k all.
  12. Me thinks something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
  13. Yep.Easy to check the people who got tickets against their points.Bet they don't though.
  14. There is a post now saying the Wales game went down to 13 points.If that's true they were certainly cheating you on 16 points,and didn't get one.Anybody know for certain the lowest number of points that somebody got a ticket with?
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