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  1. Reckon that will be the starting eleven.I think there is a case for Shankland or Nisbet to start instead of Dykes who hasn't exactly been knocking them in,but think Clarke might stick with Dykes .
  2. He was injured before the season ended. Rather have Nisbet and Shankland as an option anyway.
  3. Just about what was expected. Glad to see Nisbet and Shankland in.
  4. If the last shirt efforts are anything to go by.. tarted up might not be the most appropriate phrase. They were so dull that they were the first shirts since the 70's that i couldn't bring myself to buy.
  5. A lot of people have had their tickets posted already. Usually have a certain amount of pick ups but they obviously tell those selected.
  6. Why are the Scotland supporters club giving us access to a game between man. utd and lyon. What has that match got to do with Scotland?
  7. Don't remember McTominay representing england at any level. If my memory is playing tricks on me i am sure you will let me know. 🙄
  8. Sure. If you can afford £250... feel free.
  9. Obviously. No point going over old ground again. It's allowed. Some agree with it and some don't. Take your pick.
  10. Before you say Adams and Gunn don't bother. I know it has happened before but being happy about it is a different story altogether. 😅😅
  11. Aye. Always nice to see players showing true commitment to us. So we just sit around waiting to see if he makes it with england and if not we are happy with him jumping ship to us. Chase him.
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