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  1. At £2 a ticket, that was 65 people who hoped that they would get 2 points added to their loyalty points without actually travelling. They wont.
  2. Let's hope your wrong about it being a preview of our future.Then probably is.
  3. Is that the same Turkey that drew 3-3 with Luxembourg and lost 2-1 in the Faroes?Those results don't suggest they are a good team to me.
  4. Whether it's a friendly or not,surely we should ask better than that from them?
  5. ABSOLUTE SHITE.Worst Turkley team i can remember.They were garbage and we were absolutely minging.Any half decent team would have scored 3 or 4 against them.Defending was terrible.Only positive from the whole game was McGinn's goal.Only positive thing personally from this game was i never wasted money travelling to watch it.COMPLETE SHIT.The only thing that can be said was it was a friendly.It was that bad that even Tierney played like a TURD.
  6. Yes. Never see much being said about him.... anywhere.
  7. Not trying to be funny but can anybody give me a reason why Jacob Brown is in the squad. Just looked at his stats for this season. 15 games, 2 goals and no assists.Is there something about him i am missing. Quite happy to be put right on him if anybody can put a good arguement forward for him being included.
  8. Only get worked up if i really care about the subject. As far as a kick about in Turkey. Not so much. 😔
  9. You can dislike McBurnie all you like but one thing that he can't be accused of is lack of commitment. He has turned up through under 19,under 21 level(while certain others were wearing a shirt of a different colour) and has turned up everytime he has been selected. His commitment to Scotland is unquestionable. It's such a stupid stick to beat him with regarding him saying international football is shite. An off the cuff bit of banter with a fellow team member. Why exactly would he play under 19,under 21 and turn up for the full squad everytime he was selected if he really felt that way?Would have been simple for him just to say he wasn't interested and concentrate on his club.
  10. Ok, borderline pointless then. I know everybody has their own opinions but i for one ain't going to get worked up about a few Celtic players not playing. Would any of them have started the game?
  11. Can't say i am getting worked up about this. This Turkey game is totally pointless. A kick about. Our euro qualifying campaign isn't going to be influenced in anyway by what happens in this match.
  12. Not ideal but won't lose any sleep over it. Celtic arent releasing any of their players to any country. We know what the Celtic players can do, so as Clarke says it gives other players a chance to show what they can do, which is basically what friendlies are used for. For a match like this i don't have a real problem with it.
  13. Yes,i agree.The guys a Scotland fan and wants to do well for us and he has hit a good bit of form.We all know he hasn't done much yet but that doesn't mean he can't do something now.There has always got to be a scapegoat among the fans and McBurnie seems to be it.As for the first incident McBurnie got involved in,if there was ever anybody who was asking for a smack it was those two turds that followed him about that village shouting abuse at him.Shit themselves big time when McBurnie confronted them.Sweet.
  14. How many does everybody think will travel. I don't think there will be more than about 400 or so, which to be fair would be pretty good for a midweek friendly a good distance away.Hope all those going have a great time. Sometimes the matches where the support isn't as big turn out to be really good trips. Certainly the Austria trip when we won with Dykes penalty was great, and because it was at the height of covid and we didn't get any tickets there were maybe onlly abou 50 Scotland fans there(and that included a group of Italian guys from Genoa who follow Scotland) Good times. Hope you have a ball. 😁
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