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  1. There was circa 1000 left when they went on sale to 0 pointers. Unless there are loads of new members who want to go on their first away trip, most of these will have gone unsold. Even given the general apathy i'm pretty surprised we can't sell 4200 as well.
  2. I am basing it on this. I'm assuming they have stopped sales in order to process and send out tickets prior to the game, but who knows.
  3. 99% certain they didn't sell out, they just stopped selling them.
  4. There will be minimal queues at 5pm for picking up, definitely not longer than half an hour so you should be fine.
  5. McGregor Tierney Devlin McKenna Robertson McGregor McGinn Forrest Armstrong Fraser Fletcher
  6. Don't know if you're joking but i will roll with it... by playing Robertson in holding midfield (a position he has never played, btw) you take away his single greatest attribute. His engine and ability to get up and down the outside and cross the ball would be utterly wasted. If you were to play one of the fullbacks there it would be Tierney, although i would argue that would be pointless as well.
  7. Food: - Mediterranea (laid back tapas/mezze affair as G-Man says sometimes has live music and stuff) - Brea (bit more upmarket but decent value for money) - Green Gates Indian (best in Stirling) Drink: - Settle Inn (wee bit out the way, old fashioned pub...fire on and dogs at your feet type place) - Nicky Tams (live music on a fair bit, plenty locals outwith the summer) - Curly Coo (owner is a bit mental, loads of whiskies though) If all else fails just head to the Fubar.
  8. Go on sale to 5 pointers at 12 today.
  9. The way i read it is that all tickets are now £4?
  10. The lad is 22, has played over 150 games of professional football, has stuck it out in Portugal when it would have been easier to come back to Scotland, has learnt the language, by all accounts loves his life there and still has 2 years left on his deal with Sporting. To say it's "very sad" is a total overreaction. It wasn't long ago that people were writing off John Souttar because he wasn't physical enough for Scottish football. Give the lad a chance...he might not go on to get 100 caps and play for Barcelona but i'll stick my neck out and say he'll still have a very decent career.
  11. Davy, apologies for being a pain but our flight time has been changed meaning we won't be needing to go straight back to the airport after the game. Is it possible to move Hawick TA x3 from bus 18 to a normal one going back to Tirana? Thanks again!
  12. Heads up for anybody flying Blue Express/Panorama from Milan to Tirana that they have changed the flight times going out on the 15th and back on the 18th (Email notifying of the change went into spam). Completely buggers up our return flight from Milan.
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