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  1. hawickta

    DAVY BUS Post Match Airport Drop Off

    Davy, Would it be possible for the HawickTA x 3 to be on the airport bus? Thanks for all your efforts btw. Cheers!
  2. hawickta


    Could argue that they were a huge loss (both qualified for 2 tournaments in the last few years while we stayed at home). Extremely fine margins, hypothetically could have made the difference...(personally wouldn't want either in my team mind you).
  3. hawickta

    Davy Bus

    Davy/Brummie - My 4 on this bus has just become a 3, if that makes it easier to add your extra?
  4. hawickta

    Davy Bus

    Perfect, cheers! Don't worry, i'm a long time out of Hawick
  5. hawickta

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy Any chance of 4 seats? Cheers
  6. hawickta

    Any spare Scotland Tickets

    Just been to the Balna centre to try and get tickets. Asked where we were from and said they have been told not to sell to anybody from Scotland.
  7. hawickta


    They were selling tickets in D4 up until yesterday though, with a handful already sold in there.
  8. hawickta


    Section D4 (closest to the away section) now showing as sold out. Possibly keeping back for Scotland fans?
  9. hawickta


    Aye. Said he was travelling without a ticket etc and would they consider opening another section. That was their response, basically to just buy a ticket in the home end. D4 (or hospitality) looks like the best bet.
  10. hawickta


    Yeah that's the one. Got a reply within a couple of hours. Still waiting for a reply from my email to the SFA 3 days later.
  11. hawickta


    Interesting response from the Hungarian FA...better communication than our own... Dear Sir, Unfortunately, present situation we have no infromation that it will be given more tickets fot the Scottish supporters. But it may may be imaginable, but only you can get information from your Football Federtaion. If you wish tickets in any way, you can buy tickets via the following link: https://meccsjegy.mlsz.hu/eng/Event/57002119/Magyarorszag---Skocia You can purchase voucher, whick you should change tickets at the main box office near the Arena, at the beginning of the match. The VIP gold sector is that sector where you can get hospitality with international „warm” kitchen, wine tasting, and exclusive environment. These tickets are 12.000 and 15.000 HUF. <image001.png> Best regards, <image002.png>Hungarian Football Federation Customer Service Tex Hungary Kft. P: (+36 30) 508 0999 e-mail: mlsz@tex.hu https://www.meccsjegy.mlsz.hu
  12. hawickta

    Home end tickets

    You need a Hungarian membership card to buy home end tickets online...
  13. hawickta

    Pre match Shawlands anything going on

    Pre match party moved next door to Pig and Butterfly, can only be described as tame.
  14. hawickta


    Throughout this campaign, like most others, I have been completely behind him. The odd strange selection (Forsyth and Ritchie in Dublin) aside, he has been extremely consistent and kept us on track to qualify for the first time in umpteen years. Tonight however, we were abjectly abysmal. No fight, desire, no heart. This can be put down to a number of reasons; playing a long way from home, the heat, start of the domestic season, whatever. I can stomach that, What I cannot bare is the post-match nonsense from Strachan, and to a lesser extent Scott Brown. Saying we deserved not to lose this game, saying we weren't too bad. This type of guff typifies why we haven't qualified for so long. Where was the passion? The honesty? FFS tell us like it us, be honest and say how bad we actually were, show a bit of backbone. Fed up...
  15. hawickta

    Georgia Game In Toronto

    Cheers folks!