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  1. Which of our current centre halfs are better? Excluding tierney S he is really a full back
  2. Patterson is too good for burnley. I would expect him at a tottenham/everton/leicester, maybe newcastle
  3. Terrible that this has happened. Soutter would be our best centre half now if we had picked him.
  4. Dykes is our undisputed first choice striker now.
  5. Think it was the Dutch. They played without a centre forward on occasion. I like levein. Thought he was decent and we were robbed in the home game against the Czechs with the dive. I have met him and I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea but speaks a lot of sense. also a brilliant footballer. If it wasn’t for injury would have played at the very top winning the big prizes.
  6. why can’t we defend? Four good chances for Faroes.
  7. Looks like the Hungarians causing trouble.
  8. I like that dykes doesn’t get phased and keeps going for stuff. I would prefer a different kicker though.
  9. If we are comfortable by half time I think we will see a number of changes. Wouldn’t surprise me if we see some anyway.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is a gentleman’s agreement at ibrox that he becomes first pick next season
  11. Let’s hope so… imagine two billy gilmours in the middle of the park
  12. He has a wee brother -is he any good? What position does he play?
  13. if hickey stars in serie A going to be hard not to pick him in the squad at least. He is right footed so don’t see why he couldn’t play right back.
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