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  1. yes, I don’t think that would be problem for Mhairi Black.
  2. The players have chucked it. Don’t see why the fans should turn up. It’s all over for international football at Scotland’s level.
  3. Fuvk that.... watching pish in a half empty Hamden on a random week night. No thanks.
  4. Formations are not the problem.... pish players are
  5. He should go undoubtedly- worst result in our history. If he beats Russia and belgium away that would help restore some credibility
  6. Scotland is an irrelevance now.. I expect more of the same going forward.
  7. Worst ever result by far... only pumpings by England come close 9-3, 5-0 and the Dutch 7-0.
  8. Talksport arguing that Liverpool title challenge is more important than our double header and that Robertson shouldn’t play in either... oh, and we should pack up if we can’t win both games.
  9. This. we should start invoking that rule and see who really wants to play and fuk the rest of them.
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