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  1. her and her husband have certainly made a few quid for themselves, very successful individuals
  2. support Celtic in Europe too! And would also congratulate wales or Northern Ireland!
  3. if England win it then i will say well done and congratulate them. The biggest achievement in football and they will have beaten some great teams to do it. If they beat France then it will only be Morocco between them and the final. I think England have a great chance.
  4. england v France is massive. If they can win that I think England can go all the way. FrAnce and Brazil are probably the best teams, then I would put England alongside argentina and Spain.
  5. they may play five at the back against France with trippier and walker against mbappe.
  6. let’s ban all air travel. All of it. 😊 want to go to Europe?…. of course, get train and the ferry. Want a shopping trip to New York? Set sail and see you in a few weeks… Want to follow Scotland around the world? Better get lots of time off work. one return long haul flight PER PERSON, emits more CO2 than me driving my car all year, yet we are forced to consider this dystopian nightmare. Whether people go to Harvey nicks or primark is irrelevant, you need to be able to travel freely around the city.
  7. The point here is that no council should be restricting you to a zone within city and “allowing” you one hundred journeys a year to other zones. Complete restriction of liberty. I despair for this country. All this to get to net zero and entirely unpractical.
  8. Edinburgh apparently looking at this model…. £70 to leave your deaignated zone. 1984 is here
  9. you are correct, but best of a bad bunch and certainly better than Nicola. Not quite right wing enough for me 😂
  10. the snp and more specifically Nicola, have fucked up entirely with the GRA. Misjudged the electorate. Even yesterday a 22 year old biological male sex offender was being transferred in to cornton vale womens prison. nicola should resign and let Joanna cherry lead the party never mind just Westminster . She was the only one with the balls to stand up to nicola…….. 😊.
  11. w did, plus we looked tired in an end of season game. I worry about the fixture we have in June next year.
  12. Brought back memories, I had forgotten about the daily record bus
  13. you mean after they had won the group by taking maximum points in every game, including where they were two up against us after 15 minutes and threatening to give us a pumping? Denmark are a good side. We are a decent side for our size but 40th in the world is about right and equates to us having the be really on form to make it to a tournament.
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