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  1. Please god no.... he has only just started playing in the spl which is in itself a poor league. Granted he scored a hat trick, but it was against Livingston. If he scores a hat trick against Celtic and Rangers I’m interested but at the moment a mile away from Scotland. Or let me put it this way he should be a mile away but we do have a dearth of centre forward talent.
  2. Late 70s... my mum stitched one on the back of my 1978;world cup shirt
  3. Malcolm

    Closed doors

    Wave 2 coming.... no fans for the foreseeable
  4. he is hot and cold at hearts... still needs to prove himself. He is miles away from a big club yet.i just don’t see the point in disappearing to a big club to be never seen again. The likes of a Ryan Christie moving to a big club then yes he has a chance of getting a game.
  5. totally up for our players playing abroad... souness, Jordan, Archibald. as long as they play first team football...
  6. Much rather he was at hearts playing first team football. Fine if he is going to Bayern to play in their first team.. look all the pish talked on here about Ryan Gauld and that other one, can’t even remember his name, at Real Madrid. Done f all.
  7. 1990... Hansen and maybe Nicol at Liverpool, McClair at Man U ?
  8. Dont think he is good enough for scotland
  9. In reference to moving from hearts to another club. Needs to prove himself there. Clearly not ready for international football.
  10. Not sure Hickey is ready yet... needs a season or two to show what he can do.
  11. I think we would be pushing it playing tierney at centre half in a 2, not so bad in a 3. Dunno ... do you change the system to accommodate the players or change the players to suit the system... that’s why Clarke gets paid the big bucks!
  12. When has Tierney ever played midfield? Ever? I’ve seen him play rb, lb, lwb, ch... never midfield. if we play a 4 at the back. Would have him as a centre back.
  13. patterson would be an option for rwb... he is athletic enough to get up and down, but not a great footballer. Cant defend either so no good at right back. Prefer him or Armstrong to forest at wing back not for right mid.
  14. Plays in a back 3 at arsenal. Don’t like h8m at right back. Just cause he is better than any of our right backs there doesn’t make him good. If we are play8ng both him and Robertson I would go back three and play without a right back and put Armstrong or fraser there.
  15. a controversial option... put tierney on the bench? Great backup if required.
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