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  1. Fair enough and its a bit harsh to judge him after a game…needs to up it to stay in contention i think.
  2. Turnbull very poor… not sure he should make the squad now. Better options in that position
  3. Of course they will be selected. We are not going to drop our best players.
  4. Yeah, from what I have seen of both, hickey looks a better player. Not seen him play for a while though.
  5. Don’t see it with doig myself. Looks decent going forward, but a question for me defencively. Badly beaten in the air at the back post in that cup game against st Johnstone for example. Couple of million would be the most I’d pay.
  6. Some folk were just doing that glaiket screwed up face thing on everyone’s post. Became embarrassing.
  7. i think that’s about the size of it. A couple of fringe players for us, but none of the current Celtic team would get a start in my first 11 just now. They are just not good enough. Mcgregor and turnbull decent enough but we have four better midfielders.
  8. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    I have no interest in supporting team gb, but defend the rights of the players to play if they want. We are all British by definition if we are Scottish.
  9. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    the olympics do.
  10. I would prefer jack and gilmour holding, Mcginn and Mctominay supporting a lone striker
  11. is Ryan jack still injured? A massive lost for us for the Denmark game if he is.
  12. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    Disagree. I have no issue with a any of our men or women playing for team gb.
  13. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    Yeah, I do. Nobody bothered when Jim Baxter and Dennis law were playing for rest of the world selects. Team gb at the olympics is similar one off games. Nobody is going to turn round and say you can’t compete as Scotland. In fact, the last time this was a big issue fifa gave assurances that it would not affect status if there was a men’s team gb in the olympics. on a side note in 1975 with the Copenhagen 5, bremner was past his best and three others fringe players. If Kenny dalglish had been out I doubt he would have been banned forever.
  14. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    look guys I just fundamentally disagree with some of the other views here. It doesn’t make me a unionist, which has no relevance to football anyway. hypothetical question…. Men’s team gb selects Robertson, tierney, and gilmour for a squad and they all go. Who wants them banned sine die for Scotland?
  15. Malcolm

    The Weemin

    Agreed. To ban them would be petty, parochial and small minded. Gains us nothing and makes us look like dicks in my view.
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