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  1. Unionism will definitely not disappear. It will be interesting to see how things pan out wwiith public opinion if independence happens. if there is enough support there may have be a referendum to rejoin the Uk after a few years. I could be like the Hokey Cokey for decades!
  2. One option might be to buy another property over the border in Berwick. Register that as my home address pay Uk tax, spend almost all my time in Edinburgh and let out the property in Berwick. the concept of where you live and where you work is now almost irrelevant.
  3. i think we are heading there now. inflation is the killer, got to get that sorted above all else. Interest rates up, property price crash. Negative equity, keys handed back, etc. difference now is that productivity is falling and we are almost in a recession. Recession combined with high interest rates is going to be very bad news.
  4. glad I amuse you! Football dinosaur, games moved on.. etc
  5. no time for tika tAka pretty football. Get in to them and none shall pass.
  6. A brilliant song by the Jam and coincidentally where we are heading now…. Back to the 1930s soon. Western economies starting to crumble. the cost of brexit, ridiculous amount of furlough and now war. Oh dear, its going to get horrible.
  7. Even when we did have good wingers we rarely played them. Davie cooper for example. you don’t need wingers. I prefer bruisers right across the middle of the park to make us stuffy and difficult to beat. Bring a winger on if you are chasing the game or against minnows.
  8. I don’t think we should bother with friendlies.
  9. ryan jack is an excellent defencive midfielder.
  10. she’s doing a job…. Trying to goad him in to to saying something so she has a story. to be fair I think Mick Lynch speaks very well, and puts his case across clearly.
  11. any particular reason you think that? I quite like watching her on Sky news in the morning.
  12. war is a terrible but unfortunately, in some cases, necessary thing. There is no love for it. Not unhealthy in any way - it’s modern history. I have visited many ww1 battlefields and studied it. In the case of the falklands, how else could they have been retaken?
  13. thats was a consequence not the reason for the war. What would you have done, just given it to the argies?
  14. Lucky for Lithuania that they are part of NATO!
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