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  1. 3-1 Scotland, just like 40 years ago.
  2. if only you could see me now, sitting here, with my bowler hat on and orange sash. Looking up to the picture of the queen on one wall and the painting of gallant William on the other wall, listening to flute band music while I thumb through my season book and old programmes of the might teddy bears. that’s your view of the stereotypical world. It’s a bit like saying everyone from Aberdeen works offshore, is mean, and shag sheep! We all know it’s only half of them that do that 😬
  3. keep your friends close and enemies closer and all that….
  4. I think it’s all over for the SNP. the had their peak in 2014. Kate Forbes would have been far more popular with the electorate and a more formidable political opponent. it will pan out like this is my guess…. The SNP will lose a section of voters and members instantly as they realise the party have are a huge error. Humza will do all the things that appeal to the left… challenge the GRR, etc. he will be unsuccessful and slapped down by the Uk government. the Uk election will happen where the snp will probably drop a few seats. Humza will be dealing with disillusionment in the party blaming Westminster for everything. Momentum will be against him. The next Scottish election will happen and he won’t have a majority even with the greens. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth within the party of “how could this have happened”. we will be left with a hung parliament and the snp will be bigger than it was back in the 80s but a shadow of recent times.
  5. hopefully the deposit return scheme will be such a disaster that Humza and the greens disappear together. I expect further humiliation when they try and challenge the GRR decision. in a strange way I am looking forward to how much of an arse of things they can make between them unfold.
  6. yeah, my tactical vote is Lib Dem. Might consider it to keep the snp out.
  7. insipid and weak. Someone like penny morduant would eat him for breakfast in a head to head debate. when you have policies as extreme as his wing of the snp and the greens it’s imperative to have strong leadership. I suspect he will go after a catastrophic election result with SNP voters defecting to labour.
  8. GB News delighted with the result. They think it’s secured The United Kingdom.
  9. yeah, I have voted SNP since the independence referendum as I fundamentally disagreed with how the unionist parties shafted us with the vow. I am pro independence but right wing. My constituency was Tory for many years but now is straight fight between Lib Dems and snp. I could tactical vote for Lib Dems but Cole hamilton is a nob of the highest order and can’t vote for him. I will look in to Alba, might be tempted to vote there if they can gain momentum.
  10. I think you are right. Closeness of the vote is a real problem, remains to be seen if he can hold the party together. Im hoping that the SNP now disintegrates and we get a substantial defection to a new pro independence centre right party and Humza can look after what’s left.
  11. I’m back to voting Tory. independence not happening anyway.
  12. agreed, the capability of humza in particular is spectacularly low. I’m astonished that someone like that can get anywhere near the First Ministers job. taking party politics aside, compare him to the likes of John Smith, Donald Dewar, Thatcher, Salmond, and you would aghast at the gulf. Humza winning is the best result for the unionist parties as in addition to his lack of capability he will also be least popular with the public.
  13. Malcolm

    Under 21s

    Or maybe he doesn’t have the talent to work with?
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