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  1. Doesn’t matter what’s important to the people of Scotland, it’s all about the money. That’s what will drive decision making. The spfl are walking a tightrope with government and have thrown the lower leagues under a bus to try and protect the spl. If things get worse it will be shut down and doubt it will start again and the season will end with current standings. I think they might try and run the euros in one country but will depend on the scale of pandemic then - no crowds.
  2. Every chance the leagues are called early again and no euros the way thins are going.
  3. needs to be scoring a lot more goals. I don’t see it myself... think dykes, griffiths, Fraser, Christie and even mcburnie all ahead of him.
  4. if we carry on with the current formation with mctominay and tierney in a back three I would like to see them both have licence to attack. Whether that’s mctominay starting attacks through the middle and driving in to the opponents box or tierney overlapping Robertson wide on the left and getting to the bye line. Although not both at the same time. more often than not that will leave two centre half’s against an opposing centre forward with Ryan jack looking after the inside forward.
  5. just because he is playing at the back doesnt mean that he cant dribble up the entire park and put the ball in the top corner. Beckenbaur started attacks very effectively from the back of the pitch.
  6. Its great to have tierney as a quality back up for left back.
  7. yeah, it’s starting to look like it won’t happen at all. A shame but small beer in the overall scheme of things. I think there is a decent chance our leagues will be called too.
  8. I don’t see tierney at right back. Keep him at left centre half or compete with Robertson for left back. Hopefully hickey comes through and makes the right back slot his.
  9. Hickey not able to get in the Bologna team now?
  10. Worried about the future of our goal keeping position... no standouts coming through.
  11. no, goram best ever Scotland keeper in my life time... of the keepers still playing my order would be mcgregor, Gordon Marshall....
  12. McGregor is still our best keeper, I would put him second only to goram in the best goalie in my lifetime. At their peak I would have mcgregor then Gordon then Marshall.
  13. my issue with Mcginn in that position is he takes more risks and makes more mistakes... ok if you are in an attacking position not no so much in front of the defence. My main consideration is someone who can tackle and not give away possession.
  14. Not sure why so many folk here have a downer on Ryan Jack. Alongside Mcginn, I would have him as our most effective player in recent games.
  15. ideally we would have at least one striker or centre forward playing for a top European side, eg Liverpool, Bayern, juventus etc. If we want to be in with a shout of regular tournament qualification and pushing to get out our group once there.
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