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  1. Maybe like the men’s team we don’t have any right backs?
  2. Rumour has it, Ally McLeod thought he was English....
  3. RYan Fraser retired?
  4. Could Robertson be Scotland’s best ever left back..... struggling to think of a better one in my lifetime, assuming we count Danny migraine as a right back.
  5. What irritates me is the constant trying to hunt out which club side you support. I am constantly accused of being a rangers fan... which I am not. If you say anything against players you are immediately accused of being anti the club they play for... I’m all for people chilling out a bit. 😂
  6. Stuart Baxter has to be in with a shout....
  7. Ha ha ha, might have been me as I was all for McLeish being given a chance. Wee bit of a joke about souness. I think you are right in the game has moved on. Old school managers like stein or SAF would struggle as the modern day snowflake player just wouldnt bother turning up for Scotland. They all need loved instead of their arses kicked. Ironically I think strachan was quite good at that... he shouldn’t have been fired.
  8. Souness would be good. Scotland legend and all round good guy!
  9. Malcolm


    Talks random pish? Sounds perfect for the Scotland job.
  10. I think that our teams would finally operate in a competitive league with proper cash
  11. You might be on to something Bonny! Ach, I’m only joking... got to love a bit of sport. having said that, a British league would be good.
  12. On the plus side our fellow UKers, England, are doing rather well!
  13. yes, I don’t think that would be problem for Mhairi Black.
  14. The players have chucked it. Don’t see why the fans should turn up. It’s all over for international football at Scotland’s level.
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