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  1. Langtonian

    Play offs

    Apparently installing a plastic pitch for next season,if so hardly smacks of a club thats pretty much broke Livi are another club of lies and previous for not paying creditors so take what they say with a pinch of salt regarding budgets and being broke
  2. Langtonian

    Play offs

    Arent they.They,d make your eyes bleed
  3. Langtonian

    Play offs

    No,my team never missed out,were not involved in the play offs
  4. Langtonian

    Play offs

    No shit sherlock Second placed team should get promoted automatically instead of having to go into a cup tie scenario playing against teams who finish the length of the country behind them and who over a season were not good enough to get 1st or 2nd place
  5. Langtonian

    Play offs

    Play offs are farcical when the likes of Peterhead finish 22 points ahead of Stenny over a league campaign yet Stenny get another shot at it over two legs and ultimately gain promotion.Much the same in the 1st division where Raith finish 15 points ahead of Alloa yet Alloa find themselves promoted.You then have Cowdenbeath who finish bottom of the league and should be demoted to whatever league yet they get another lick at it and end up staying where they are
  6. Quality stuff 😂 Maybe the phantom chinese club will put another 11 mill offer in for Alfie Morelos
  7. Who are Rangers going to borrow money from this time to finance Honey G,backroom staff and players? His managerial career could be over before its started
  8. This Sales must be slow
  9. Same and I follow a club in the lower divisions
  10. Langtonian

    David Bates

    Good turn of pace ? Watched him at his previous club and thats something he wasnt overly blessed with.
  11. Langtonian

    SSC Renewals

    Surprised its as high as that
  12. Langtonian

    David Bates

    Hes no more than a decent defender and theres a multitude of them around.Were not blessed with exactly outstanding defenders in our national team but Bates touted for Scotland,c,mon
  13. Langtonian

    Bids to replace Hampden

    Well if the Daily Mail is to be believed this is not as cut and dry as it seems.SFA wont bully us on Hampden sale vow QP They met on Wednesday with SFA for preliminary discussions.No fee has been discussed,no date set for next meeting and SFA still talking about the summer to come to a decision.Although transfer of ownership has been agreed in principle it will not go ahead unless terms of transaction is acceptable to QP
  14. Langtonian


    Tries to keep a low profile in an attempt of avoiding the tax man
  15. Langtonian


    Three days after Israel game SFA will use Ronaldo as a sellling point and he,ll end up not playing