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  1. Not one English character with subtle homosexual hints in this film. A sham.
  2. Depressing how food banks get used by American virtue signallers. Food banks exist in Scandinavia, Australia, Ireland, USA. An issue with various factors, demands and causes. (Just think of all those NE oil contractors paying minimal tax sweating about IR35 changes as they proudly deposit £10 of tins at the game.)
  3. Travel chaos at Edinburgh trains for Celtic fans. Murrayfield transport links for football games not up to the level people stated.
  4. Alan

    Worst 90 minutes as a Scotland fan

    Wales 4 - Scotland 0 Robert Earnshaw hat trick The Welsh Ken Eadie Dreadful
  5. Alan

    The Hampden Roar - Podcast

    Soccer FM is a good laugh. Recommend that.
  6. I wouldn't take my own kid there to be honest. Just an old mans pub that gets packed and minging with football fans.
  7. In the past I would have been dead against this but the way football is moving I feel it is needed or big clubs from smaller countries will be nowhere to challenge in European competition. Names like Ajax, PSV, Feyennord, Bruges, Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Benfica etc are 2nd or 3rd rate now.
  8. Alan


    Stewart was challenged. Got emotional. Lost the plot.
  9. If you want a family place I'd recommend White Elephant in Merrylee. Not east but it's a 10 to 15 mins walk to ground. Family friendly and will show football. Easy to park round there if you don't want to walk. The Bank in Muirend. It would be a 4 min train south from Mount Florida and of course back but again good for a 10 year old and has an upstairs that is quieter with tv's.
  10. France at Hampden.... Interesting appointment. Brian Kerr assistant.
  11. Alan

    Tartan Army are getting what they deserve

    There is a good point in this thread from the OP. Limited threads on here about football with more on travel and "who did you meet?". More and more not going to club games and treating internationals like a rugby boys day out. If you act like a joke then you get treated like one.
  12. Alan

    SFA Official Laughing

    I saw it. Well I didn't really and I have no proof. But I like to give little nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Seriously though I know what happened. Off to startba twitter storm #nameofculprit
  13. But you forgot to add in factors of UK spending as a whole including defence, state pension, debt payments, economic policies like bailing out RBS, social security etc. It is shown in GERS figures. It's a reason why Full Fiscal Autonomy was dropped by SNP after a brief 2015 flirtation and why Andrew Wilson's Growth Commission showed years of austerity to balance the books. The same mistruths are repeated by the same people 4 years after the Scottish people rejected nationalist populism before accepting it got trendy around the world.