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  1. The social and cultural ďifferences are very thin whenever social attitude surveys are taken. Politically there is liitle core difference. There is obviously large support for a nationalist party but themes like low tax are common. Indeed the SNP rule as small c conservatives with no real wealth distribution and no radicalism. They tried to win the 2014 referendum by emphasising little would really change. The largest group of Scottish Leave voters were SNP suporters with 1/3 voting Leave. That's a fairly large size. Surely you can't say Scotland has more in common with Hungary, Poland, Italy ruling governments? Germany has a far right party as its main opposition. Former sensible bastions of Denmark and Sweden have growing nativist right wing parties. Europe has a lot of troubling political movements.
  2. It's a shame what happened but £25M spent went up in flames. Another £100M? No thanks. Rebuild with a cheaper building. What's done is done and some of the reaction has been OTT. Still suspicious how the adjoining building of entertainment venues had empty units and then whoosh up in flames.
  3. It's jointly owned by Williams Bros and Tennents so its a smart idea from Tennents as they can get in on the craft beer market without having to use their name that would put people off. I really like William Bros beers too. Food is very good but it's not a "lads" hang out. Nice relaxed place for people who like good beer and food. Sundays are usually busy with a lot of family events on.
  4. The Union is across the road and untouched I understand.
  5. Alan

    Gigs 2K18

    Courtney Barnett at Barrowlands was superb with good atmosphere and as others have said less roasters. They were all at Ed Sheerin.
  6. EFTA/EEA is the next best thing. Has flaws but also benefits. Hoping we move to that. On more local news the SNP City Government has received a donated Rolls Royce for the SNP Lord Provost. £250k gas guzzler fits in with the anti-austerity and green agenda they try and proclaim.
  7. Alan

    Peru - Match Thread

    It's a Scotland B team against a good side who qualified for the World Cup from a tough group.
  8. Alan

    No Flags, No Bagpipes, and no being drunk

    Flags. Carrying around heavy baggage so you can get yourself on tv. Bagpipes. Thank fuck. Couple of solo players screeching out of tune with no spit in their gums. Drink. Enjoy the game without hiding your insecurities by being blotto and pissing off locals.
  9. Currency. The issue they just can't be honest on. I feel "once in a generation" may be a reality now.
  10. @TDYER63Garbage disposal has many historical connections with the mob in the USA
  11. Alan

    Play offs

    Gutted. (The Weirs cleared long term debt and funded youth academy but do not bank roll the running of the club including first team affairs.)
  12. Alan

    Play offs

    Unfortunately correct. Reminds me of seeing Killie a few years ago who were devoid of anything but managed to stay up. However I am doubting we can sneak it. Horrible feeling of just "meh".
  13. Alan

    Play offs

    Cash gates at Firhill for Sunday. Big crowd expected. Thistle need to get their act together and play to their strengths.
  14. Good to see a big "Sìol nan Gàidheal" banner at the march and Tommy Sheridan. Good figureheads of democracy.