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  1. They could afford a full time chauffer 365 days of the yeae for less than a weeks wage.
  2. A fifty something incel who types an aggressive written blog behind his curtains in Bath. The neighbours must warn their kids away from him. He got interviewed in The Times a month or so back where he ordered milk in a pub. He's the most successful of the 2014 alumni to monetise politics. Independence is so important he couldn't even vote for it! What a world we live in.
  3. Sunday 5pm is not that bad. Better than a midweek game.
  4. Training sessions instead of a crap friendly do make sense but as @aaid says UEFA is jamming up those dates and even trying to increase number of Nations League dates. (Guys it worked. We were all surprised. Don't push it).
  5. I've invited the squad for a bevvy in my house. BYOB. No reply back. Hen pecked.
  6. Said 20k in stadium announcement.
  7. Poor David Marshall. He deserves a shut out.
  8. Said 20,000 in the stadium and it looked about right. Fans scattered all.over the place.
  9. For me Robertson is the worst performer. He is not defending, talking the back 4 through the game or leading.
  10. @ceudmilefailte McKenna has been injured.
  11. Marshall; Tierney, McKenna, Souttar, Robertson; McTominay; McGregor Fraser, Armstrong, Forrest. Griffiths If fit and playing regularly. Throw in Bates, Jack, Snodgrass, Naismith, McGinn and things look better.
  12. Agree with OP. Bizarre mob mentality to him.
  13. Marshall O'Donnell, Gallagher, Mulgrew, Robertson MacGregor, McTominay Forrest Christie Fraser Russell
  14. Chris Martin. (Seriously the big man can hold it up. Scored v Slovakia. Won a free kick v England which we scored).
  15. All of the U16 WC final squad
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