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  1. Post Italy 2007 Glasgow was like the worst New Years x10. Anyone who had been at the game were the soberest people in town. Everyone else had been drinking for 7+ hours. Saw a fight in Bath St, a fight in Mosquito bar, A fight in Firewater and fight(s) in Sauchiehall Street. A fittingly dreadful end to the day. The week building up to it was tops and I genuinely thought we were going to win. Hampden full 40 mins before kick off. One of my favourite games bizarrely.
  2. Including from some current and past posters on here!
  3. Armstrong looks from highlights to be playing wide right. He's a clever player, uses space well and drives a team forward. Can play in middle, wide and number 10. Having him fully match fit is a big deal for the team. Could replace McGinn at number 10 or Christie right mid if one/both injured.
  4. Alan

    Play off tickets

    South Stand Upper is a great view.
  5. Alan

    Play off tickets

    Timbies v Sambas
  6. There's some good traditional boozers in town but Iron Horse was shite. It wasn't even traditional. A pub yes. But not old or anything that positive. Alfredos across the road is better. Still a bit jakey but better. The Ingram Bar was shite and Old College Bar on High St which was due for demolition but saved by a campaign iz really shite. Need some perspective in terms of pub logic.
  7. Is this good for him or not? Can't make up my mind. Positives: huge club bankrolled by a country with mind boggling infrastructure, facilities, coaches etc. Negatives. Small fish in an ocean. Could be lost to youth, U23 and loan spells instead of 1st team football while he is hyped up by desperate supporters.
  8. Marshall Palmer ?????, McKenna Tierney Jack McGregor Christie McGinn Forrest Griffiths/Naismith Palmer has won me over and is right footed. Robertson has been poor and cannot change his game from attack attack attack to more defensive minded. CH scares me. A partner for McKenna who also needs to get back to a higher level. Souttar, Cooper, Gallagher etc Choice between Griffiths for goals or Naismith to lead and bring others with him.
  9. The fact that Shed 7 can play 2 nights at The Academy and Ocean Colour Scene 4 nights at Barrowlands destroys the myth that Glasgow are tough audiences. Both dreadful situations for all concerned. In terms of venues Art School - looks to be a temporary closure with gigs scheduled February. It's a great venue with good sound and decent beers available. SWG3 - benefited from ABC demise. The small room is rubbish with big columns blocking view. I'd never go back to that. The bigger room is much better. Not been to an outside gig. Barrowlands - meh. Thought it was amazing. Was away for 10 years. Came back and underwhelmed. It's ok. St Lukes - my fave venue. Good sound, size and bar. Hydro - amazing venue for big shows. Rivals Madison Square Garden.
  10. Alas I agree with the above. We have a core fanbase of 1500 to 2000 which is a small group of potential board reps. Currently 2 fans trusts (?!) although they say they will merge. The article in Nutmeg mag about Dundee fan ownership does not help aid my fears. The previous board had some real business success and experience. A board should be mostly emotionless and for a club of Thistles size real bean counters to ensure we break even at worst every season. To be dependent on Colin Weir with an unsustainable youth academy outwith his patronage and have a thin board bolstered by fans trust reps is not how I want the club run.
  11. I would say it's up to us to contact individual clubs, SPFL, media, Social media to campaign to clear that weekend and to help Steve Clarkes preparations. No one else is going to do it. @Squirrelhumper Even move them to the midweek and get the squad together on the Wednesday morning. Obvs be without the EPL players until the Monday but needs must. From last night we had 8 Scottish based players in starting XI. Only Marshall, Palmer and McGinn would miss out.
  12. I must admit. Enjoying the tactics and formation discussions which is increasing over the "who'd you meet bantz" that used to dominate.
  13. Agree with @weekevie04 and also John McGinn was pretty good. Is Clarke going to get these players before play offs? Imagine even a 2 day session to get shape and tactics into their heads. At the moment we are looking at Marshall GK Tierney/Robertson LB McKenna altho he's still ropey is it down to injury recovery? CH CH up for grabs Souttar/Bates/Mulgrew etc Palmer/Tierney RB Jack/McTominay CM MacGregor CM Forrest LM but he does not deliver like he does for Celtic McGinn #10 Christie RM Griffiths/Naismith CF Weakest areas are in the 2 boxes. Central defence and centre forward.
  14. Nervous about the play off already and i don't even know our opponent yet.
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