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  1. I use Scotrail 6 days a week. It's shite. Expensive. Delayed. Damages the economy. It's hard to atttract staff from Edinburgh to Glasgow and vice versa due to time, cost, delays and congestion on trains and cars. I don't care about performance in England. You need need to get over your English obsession. I don't care if aaid suffers in his daily commute into the city. Any complaint about anything in Scotland SNP supporters see it as an attack on them. Nationalism creates mediocrity.
  2. Scotrail is an utter utter shambles. 40 year old refurbished trains marked as new inter city. Glasgow Edinburgh line planned for 30 mins changed to 42 mins. After all that £ and time the duration will still be slower than 1970's. Delays, cancellations, train delays, lack of train staff. The recent compensation is free travel for a +1 at the weekend. Who wants that?
  3. Alan

    Machu Picchu

    Over 10 years ago I couldn't book the official so went via Salkantay Pass. It was awful. Attitude sickness and pissed it down all the time so much felt like i was hill walking in Scotland. Get the train there and save you hassle.
  4. Alan


    Antwerp is a cracking place to base yourself.
  5. Burke is the freak kid in primary school who hits puberty in primary school first. Dominates the football pitch against smaller boys of same age.
  6. When we cleared the halloween chocs for giant jars of pickles in the warehouse Christmas onslaught had started in my supermarket days.
  7. Supply v Demand unfortunately
  8. Why doesn't Angus live in his London house? Like aaid he's benefited massively from rising London house prices. But Angus bought it with taxpayer £. He's getting double bubble from hotel stays £ and his mortgage paid off from his London house. Win. Win.
  9. BT have Champs League up to 2021. Has someone else got rights after that?
  10. More £ = good Sky Sports production and effort = bad I only have btsport = bad I genuinely think a Scottish football tv channel would be a viable product. League, cups, play offs, U21, men and women internationals plus documentaries, indepth programmes etc.
  11. 3 families suffered burns last week from this. Were looking to open up a tin of beans that were actual rogue flares and set kitchen on fire. Shaneful.
  12. Bought a house in London with expenses. Now rents it out and gets taxpayer to pay his hotels as he played pass the parcel with Stewart Hosie's bew wife. Class act.
  13. Alan

    Scotland v Israel - build up and thread

    I can't see any changes needed versus the players available. Defence is a concern as Paterson is a good player and athlete but RB he says is his weakest position. O'Donnell struggled v Israel awat and I worry that is our weakest area they will target again. McKenna and Bates are inexperienced. Midfield looked great. MacGregor is a superb player and having him as the sitting player replaces Brown and brings more positivity. Fletcher up front playing the Stephane Guivarch (spelling?) role.
  14. Not one English character with subtle homosexual hints in this film. A sham.
  15. Depressing how food banks get used by American virtue signallers. Food banks exist in Scandinavia, Australia, Ireland, USA. An issue with various factors, demands and causes. (Just think of all those NE oil contractors paying minimal tax sweating about IR35 changes as they proudly deposit £10 of tins at the game.)