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  1. If you are a member of the Supporters Club you'd have got an email.
  2. It's family friendly with enough space for them to wander about. No hassle getting to game as you are right at stadium. I'd recommend it.
  3. Love the appointment. He has authority, conducts himself well, teams organised, improves players, challenges teams with greater resources and has experience in handling players far bigger than Scotland has at the moment. Ditch your musty pipers jackets. Its all about the Steve Clarke shirt, tie and jumper combo for real fans. Commiserations to Killie fans though. He challenged the Old Firm and his record with Gerrard and Rodgers was very good.
  4. I was there mid 1990's. I remember you. Big guy. Wearing a kilt. Drinking whisky. Shouting about how you loved Scotland. Wow.
  5. Even though I've bought a season ticket I'm happy for them to lower prices or offer deals via itison to get a crowd in.
  6. Tough luck about your court case v Kez
  7. Try this? https://liftshare.com/uk Or just get a cheap room for night and travel next day.
  8. A superb player. Gained 50+ caps and in Hall of Fame. Qualification Group for Euro 2008 was the most fun I have had as a fan. Walter Smith got us started and McLeish pushed on. Despite failing game v Italy still gives me goose bumps and a lump in my throat. Got us in Nations League Play Offs. Georgia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Albania, Israel home were all amazingly exciting games. France away 2007 "c'est magnifique"
  9. I voted Steve Clarke but he wont make us exciting. We'll be organised, well drilled, more confident and difficult to beat. Lennon speaks well on the game and did well at Hibs. He'd make us more exciting and attacking. But what a weapon. Someone like Walter Smith or Gordon Strachan may not be liked but is respected by many on opposite side of Old Firm. He has a lot of baggage and feel he would divide the support.
  10. Has anyone been involved in raising £ for a footballer? Kris Doolan been 10 years at Thistle, 123 goals, a professional and a gentleman. It's his testimonial year with a few events on but wondering if people had positive experiences of raising cash. https://krisdoolan.com/about
  11. It's still here. Just took my kids to the park. Proud but gone. Like the Young Pretender.
  12. Blaming the SFA is old and tired. It changed a lot internally taking on the recommendations of Henry McLeish. It has placed a lot into youth. SFA does have issues but Scotland suffers more due to *Too many clubs. Resources spread too thin. Lack of identity, brand and excitement in the top league. We'd do better with (throws in grenade) 12 franchised teams. *Bigotry. All the zombies going to the Old Firm especially "fans" outside Glasgow. The media and pundits fostering it. Stay local. Be proud where you are from. *Health. The celebration of bevvy and bad diet is depressing. From Barry Ferguson missing King Rib Suppers to Si Ferry slabbering about "nights out with the boys" in his interviews (which i do largely enjoy). Real athletes like Laura Muir or Andy Murray shame our footballers lifestyles. *Harking back to the old days. People unable to accept African and Central American teams are good. It's not the 1970's any more. *External forces. TV. Top 5 leagues and bigger clubs getting richer as previous big clubs like Celtic, Brugges, PSV etc become historical names on the outside.
  13. A new song about a player should be welcomed. Our songs like much of the support have not really changed for 20+ players.
  14. The 1990's lives on! I'm going with a group of mates. Multiple combos of greying hair, thinning locks, badly fitting shirts with buttons stretched close to popping and mentions of going to The Garage for old times sake (luckily will not happen). Also got Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Peter Perret Lucy Rose The Strokes. Interpol etc Cure. Mogwai. Twilight Sad etc
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