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  1. Bain - GK _______ Shinnie - LB tempted by MacGregor but feel he's our best midfielder Bates - CH due to performance in last 2 games McKenna - CH O'Donnel - RB ________ McTominay - CM MacGregor - CM ________ Forrest McGinn - #10 Armstrong ________ McBurnie - our Stephane Guivarch (the French one not Rangers one) It's pleasingly tough. Armstrong can play more DM and break forward. Can also play #10. Feel we missed him more than Brown in our final 2 WC qualifying games. Russell did well in Nations League. Burke I just don't rate. Had a bizarre career in such a short time.
  2. Any large infrastructure projects like new bridges (possibly existing) and roads should have tolls to help pay for maintenance with surplus used to promote public transport.
  3. thplinth in support for a cunt dictator extraordinaire causing starvation, deaths due to medicine shortages, power cuts lasting days and military and paramilitary oppression of any protest... shocker.
  4. Shame you don't want to honour the 1st international black footballer by having a Pat Kane luvvy strop. £5k v £30M. It's a logical comparison.
  5. A relatively wealthy country with oil reserves run into the ground. Cronies bribed with well paid jobs in areas they have no expertise in. Food and medicines sparce. Inflation. Power blackouts. Up to 20% of population left. Rulers live in heavily guarded area with luxuries and food. But..... America
  6. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/1sthampdenmural
  7. That's exactly what the Leave campaign said. Take Back Control. And it's nuts. The world, life, politics, trade is so much more complicated than right and wrong choices or black and white choices. Scotland inside or outside UK, EU whatever will still be impacted by forces, politicians, economics, social changes which the Scottish electorate will have little influence on. Nationalisms create lies in any country. The White Paper is so dated Andrew Wilson brought out his report which proves financially independence would hit Scotland as Brexit will hit the UK and it's now a bad smell the SNP don't really like to talk about. Exile said we'll get a different deal with an indy Scotland going to the EU. I think i heard Leave say that about brexit and Scotland will have a weak hand to play, even weaker than UK. Fabrication bordering on lies along with the 90% of rules made by Westminster. The thing that genuinely amazes me is UK had a superb deal in the EU. No €uro. No schengen. Rebate. Bigger player than other countries. I donated, campaigned and voted Remain even as a soft eurosceptic. The EU have really disappointed me in their dealings lacking class and diplomacy though and I do worry about EU as they live in a bubble ignoring populism and demands in countries like Italy, Hungary, Poland even Denmark and Sweden with increasing nationalism and anti immigration. At the moment across the world nuance, debate and middle ground is squeezed by nationalism and politics that were historically on the fringes and the rise of social media has been a big part of that. Opponents are denigrated and put down even when if you sit together you'd probably agree on 80% of views. I don't post on here as much because it's an echo chamber and it's obvious who will jump right in straight away but more importantly I have a job, family with 2 kids and very spare time so it's baffling how long people can spend on here. Constantly. And rarely talk about Scottish football.
  8. indyref 2 outside EU. Vote for independence for €uro VAT on childrens clothing Giving powers away including farming and fishing Increased immigration Tens of millions to Brussels £10bn cuts according to Growth Commission What a campaign that will be.
  9. The group least represented in Scottish politics are the 38% who voted Leave in Euro referendum.
  10. It's the same nonsense as "run by Westminster". I'm staggered by the lack of awareness by nationalists. Scotland has been fed this simplified dumbed down grievance politics for decades. The Leavers have repackaged it. They saw the success and used it. FFS Blackford was talking about William Wallace last week, Humza Yousaf was quoting Burns and Leavers are going about World War 2. 6 MEP's Largest block the Conservative/Centre Right EPP Unelected representatives It's all so familiar and tiresome.
  11. Scottish Government has power to create and change local authorities. A Glasgow based fix could be to give Glasgow residents a museum pass and charge all others a fee.
  12. Like other posters have said buy single tickets of the high demand games first. But come on the spending £1000 on a holiday incorporating football is no real defence against a season ticket.
  13. How many offices in Glasgow have big car parks? People park south of the river or offices have reduced fees with private car parks. It would impact places like Edinburgh Park, Eurocentral etc. People drive as the public transport is so poor be it trains from Gourock, Ayrshire or Edinburgh and bus provision.
  14. Race riot https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17376823.dark-history-of-the-red-clydeside-race-riot/
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