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  1. 9 women v 1 man. Textbook result. Rich. White. Powerful. Male. The Gammon Strikes Back.
  2. If anything is incorrect and does not mirror many other western nations experience and planning please point out the inaccuracies. Nicola Sturgeon is better standing atva lectern than Boris Johnson but share the same problems and some failings in dealing with this dreadful disease.
  3. My wife works for NHS Scotland in Glasgow and is part of various teams to get staff tested and setup testing centres for the public. They are looking for minimum 400 temporary staff. From her take We don't have enough protective equipment for frontline staff. We are not testing enough staff to get them back to work. 3:1 ratio of good guys to wanks. Self isolation from people with recorded high levels of absence. Bank nurses signing up for shifts then going off sick with now pay. Wards getting prepared. Lot of staff waiting and preparing for the peak in couple of weeks. Lack of centralised processing for volunteers. You need organisation and staff to process. Full levers of the state slowly turning. Resources and experiences being shared UK wide. Army getting involved in logistics and ready to cover prisons. So after this we need a big review where Scottish Government succeeded and failed.
  4. Gk - Marshall Rb - Palmer CB - Hanley/Findlay CB - Cooper LB - Robertson CM - Mctominey CM - MacGregor RW - Christie LW - Armstrong AM - McGinn (if fit. ) CF - Griffiths
  5. I liked this tweet put out by SSC
  6. I have donated twice so in message board logic I am a bigger fan than you.
  7. I have a suspect. Radicalised from.the internet.
  8. I don't understand the obsession with a pyramid setup in Scotland. We already have more clubs than is sustainable for our population fighting over very limited resources. The clubs at the top are there as they have the most resources. The top teams are the Old Firm which take up almost 50% of supporters in terms of attendances and dominate the next level clubs of Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs. You want to have restricted number of full time clubs to improve the product at the top level and improve the standard to make it more attractive. Then have parallel leagues which people enjoy with local derbies, rivalry and history. I watch Pollok on and off and their ground, setup, sustainable costs and games v teams like Arthurlie, Talbot etc bring in crowds larger than League 2 and League 1 games. I struggle to see any attraction for fans or part time players over climbing the league and playing Peterhead. Expanding the Scottish Cup was a great idea but having more clubs fighting over a tiny slice of a decreasing pie seems unsustainable with limited benefits.
  9. Roy of the Rovers. A decades worth of comics. Superb. Billys Boots, Roy Race with Emelyn Hughes/Spandau Ballet/Hotshot Hamish etc Shoot was decent. Four Four Two in my late teens.
  10. So back to Derek MacKay. There will be more. A dangerous predator. Hopefully stopped in time. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/got-any-naughty-pics-derek-21447119.amp
  11. Am I right in remembering your forthright and loud opinions on the "Westmonster peado scandal" (that was all false)? This sordid episode is another correction on the false moral superiority nationalists (of any country) have. The act. The response. The excuses.
  12. A 42 year old man of power was grooming a 16 year old boy (a child) he did not know via social media hoping to keep it a secret.
  13. Don't worry. Derek MacKay will be getting in contact with the wee man soon.
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