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  1. scotland v israel 8th oct N;L games to be played 10th to 14 th oct so i imagine they may keep czech game on the 11th and play slovakia game on the 14th but hey who knows as that seems the most logic
  2. No 17.20 flight with Ernest at all hope everyone who has booked from Milan has been able to get there’s changed we had to change our 3 flights out as would have been stuck in Milan now going Glasgow Luton Bologna Tirana bonus’ is we arrive nearly 3 hours earlier
  3. Earnest airline yip from Milan to Tirana spoke to our travel agent who said they were looking at alternative flights and would let us know as soon as
  4. Cancelled apparently they gonna email everyone who is on that flight next 48 hours
  5. 1720 flight Milan to Tirana cancelled ☹️
  6. Seriously how can they justify not adding they points
  7. A lot of tickets been sold since i looked last night must be pay day
  8. try puffin web browser or download not elite version but free version to hide your ip address
  9. Flinging personal abuse at people on the internet is the pits no matter who it is i have seen many forms on here and elsewhere grow up and get over it how sad that we are on this earth such a short time and people just cant move on sometimes things go wrong but who are we to be judge and jury i dont know Robert Mc Dermott personally but have seen him about and am sure that he is a good man the only enemy you have is within yourself if you have a conscience..... end of or carry on like little school bullies Best of luck Robert
  10. Me and the daughter left it to her and she picked the city hotel dear as flick and i had to pay for it fri till tues looks like am on bread and water for the next 3 weeks
  11. slovenia v Scotland the number you have will be on the ticket you bought in your orders
  12. I bought ticket after midday number 1616 seen someone put up 1690 not so long ago
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