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  1. The Ray Stewart money paid for the roof on the north terrace. We played them a few times soon after the transfer. We played them at Tannadice preseason that season but this game in London was arranged at short noticed after both clubs were knocked out of their respective cups. The friendlies stopped the next season after their fans caused a lot of bother - smashed up a pub and racially abused one of their own players. This was the time of those square half and half hats and United/West Ham ones were popular. There also used to be a fanzine (United/Utd?) but i don't think it lasted very long. I think the whole thing was only due to us playing them around that time and don't think it lasted much after. T
  2. Israel at home is about as good as we could have got. Serbia/Norway away though... ☹️
  3. Mrniaboc’s defeat list goes back 10 years. You are going back a lot further. Slovenia 2004, Belarus 2005 and the last time we didn’t beat Norway was 2008. I think it does highlight the reason we don’t qualify. As well as having a dodgy away record, our home record against the teams seeded above us is pretty poor. If we are 3rd seeds and finish third, we are not going to qualify for anything.
  4. However poor we have been, we still have a decent home record against teams our level or below in competitive games. I am as confident as I could be that we will win the semi. It’s crucial we are at home for the final. Serbia and Norway are a step up from the semi teams anyway but I really wouldn’t fancy our chances away and would see it as 50/50 for a home tie.
  5. Ta Ta


    I’d be very surprised if 11 points doesn’t get you a ticket.
  6. I was in B3. Three guys in row P stood for the whole game despite having kids and old folk behind them who couldn’t see. Refused to sit despite being asked to by fellow fans and stewards. The one on the end of the aisle was abusive to the steward. They weren’t youngsters either. One of them said ‘I’ve coming been for 40 years and I always stand’ The steward who was just a young lad supposedly escalated it to his supervisor but nothing happened. As I bought the ticket package, I might have those ignorant ****s in front of me for the next 4 games.
  7. Was as expected. A tight, cagey, tense game. Can't really see the second leg being much different. Put your money on extra time and penalties. Not so good for United when we have players that struggle to make it past 70 minutes. I like Robbie but his blind spot for Sow is concerning. Safranko offers so much more.
  8. It is because the EU elections are across the whole EU and other countries vote on different days including Saturday. They are not allowed to start the count until all the countries have voted. Presumably because how the first countries vote could influence later elections.
  9. I have an interest in both a non-league club and a premier club. If you are a non-league club and can get through a few rounds, the prize money makes a massive difference, especially as most of the clubs in the first couple of rounds would normally only get less than 100 people through the gate. I find the whole mentality of not being interested in the cups for the middle placed teams sad. Their fans are being short changed. As a fan, you never forget cup finals even semi finals. A few years back, Birmingham City won the league cup, got relegated then qualified for the Europa league. One of my mates is a Blues fan and I went to the group games with him. In every game, they rested players so they could concentrate on the league (didn’t make any difference, still there). Birmingham will possibly never be in Europe again. As a fan, the constant league struggles tend to blend together. If BC had got through to the knockout stages, maybe the quarters, semis, played against some real big European teams, that would have created memories and experiences that their fans would have had for life. Extra preliminary round winners (184) £2,250 Losers receive £750 Preliminary round winners (160) £2,890 Losers receive £960 First round qualifying winners (116) £6,000 Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £9,000 Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £15,000 Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £25,000 First Round Proper winners (40) £36,000 Second Round Proper winners (20) £54,000 Third Round Proper winners (32) £135,000
  10. Gauld has been in Portugal for 4 1/2 years. I am sure it has been a great experience for him but his career has nosedived. We all had high hopes that Sporting would develop the talent that he had but they seem to have lost interest in him. He has struggled to get games for teams in the Portuguese second division which isn’t a great standard. Sporting will be wanting shot of him as he is clearly not going to be good enough for them. He still has a year and a half left on his contract. If he goes to Hibs permanently, I would be surprised if it is much into 6 figures.
  11. Got curious about Reilly of Wycombe so did some research. Andy Reilly. Born in Luton, played a few games for Wycombe Wanderers but got his contract cancelled to concentrate on his education. Was briefly on the books of Barnet but never played for them then seems to have gone into non-league with Chesham United but not found any details from that or anything afterwards.
  12. Anderson would be Steven Anderson who still plays for St Johnstone. Bell would be Steven Bell who played for a few clubs and is currently at Ayr. Neither got a game for United but both have had decent careers, particularly Anderson.
  13. Ah, my mate who just joined was a zero pointer before Israel and went to Israel but was still a zero pointer for Albania. I don’t think he went to the Portugal game though so that fits. He is going to go straight in as a 5 pointer! 😁
  14. Neither Israel and Portugal points weren't added in time for the Albania ticket sale.
  15. It is a real shame. The owners have been great, not just for the club but the city too. I live locally and went down to the stadium this afternoon. Really sad. No evidence but there’s a lot of speculation locally that it hit a drone. The police have said that they weren’t using a drone at the time which isn’t the same as ‘it wasn’t hit by a drone’.
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