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  1. Ta Ta

    Points Tables

    Ah, my mate who just joined was a zero pointer before Israel and went to Israel but was still a zero pointer for Albania. I don’t think he went to the Portugal game though so that fits. He is going to go straight in as a 5 pointer! 😁
  2. Ta Ta

    Points Tables

    Neither Israel and Portugal points weren't added in time for the Albania ticket sale.
  3. It is a real shame. The owners have been great, not just for the club but the city too. I live locally and went down to the stadium this afternoon. Really sad. No evidence but there’s a lot of speculation locally that it hit a drone. The police have said that they weren’t using a drone at the time which isn’t the same as ‘it wasn’t hit by a drone’.
  4. Ta Ta


    Bought mine no problem. It does say ‘07 points’ as the promo code so seemingly yes.
  5. Ta Ta

    no matchday programmes

    Didn't see any on the night but there are some starting to appear on ebay. It seems to be a joint issue with Albania.
  6. Ta Ta

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, Can I book 1 seat please if possible? Ta Ta
  7. Ta Ta

    Day Tours

    Think I am going to book the sea lion trip on Monday with Ecocruceros (the 11:30 one). Anyone else booked on this and want to share transport to the harbour?
  8. Ta Ta


    Ticket sales are closed. Not sure when the deadline was but I received an email on the 1st saying they were closed and how many had been sold. You could try phoning them but tomorrow is the deadline for sending in your flight and hotel details so they might be busy sorting that out.
  9. Ta Ta

    So, who is going?

    Wasn't interested originally but I am going to go now. Can't get time off before 26th so thinking about: Heathrow To Lima on the 26th Lima to Mexico on either 30th or 31st Few days in Mexico City then flight out to Merida for the rest of the time Fly back on the 10th All with Aeromexico It does mean I miss out on Sheeran at Hampden but this will be better! ☺
  10. Ta Ta

    Costa Rica

    It wasn't my tickets. It was my supporters club card. Still waiting. 😕
  11. Ta Ta

    Costa Rica

    Mine only turned up today.
  12. Ta Ta

    Gigs 2K18

    Seen them a few times. Always thought they were underrated. Great live band. Good to see them having a resurgence.
  13. Ta Ta

    Gigs 2K18

    Managed to get a ticket for one of The The's pre-tour warm up gigs at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. 450 capacity. Should be excellent. ☺ Saw Lewis Capaldi there a couple of weeks ago and have Tom Walker coming up at the same venue. Also get tickets for Pale Waves and Shame in Leicester. Booked tickets for the Y Festival in Derbyshire. Decent line up at a decent price. Actually going to camp at a festival for the first time in about 20 years! Sheeran in the summer. Saw Lady Gaga in Birmingham at the start of the month. Brilliant concert.
  14. Yes, English and Scottish genes. Don't get the hatred for Wales. Because they have one world class player? Ireland are the a brutal football team to watch. And they would quite happily pinch any of our players. I'll certainly be supporting whoever they get in the playoffs
  15. Ta Ta

    Scotland Under 21's

    It's on Youtube.