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  1. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)


    Am getting a lot of buffering for big games, should I install a VPN ?
  2. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Scocha pre match gig

    I thought having a live band on pre match worked really well, it was just a pity that there were only a few thousand in at the time .
  3. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Scocha pre match gig

    Just heard that the Scottish folk rock group Scocha are doing a short pre match gig on the pitch from 7 10pm . Have seen them headline The Ferry 3 times pre match, had the place totally jumping. Well worth leaving the boozer 5 minutes early see the band !
  4. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Squad to play Albania and Israel

    Wasn't impressed with Cairney against the mighty Huddersfield last night , looked one paced ,too many short passes sideways or backwards, also not tracking back. As for McDonald , have to agree with all the negative comments, came on as sub and got subbed off.
  5. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    league cup

    I was pretty impressed with the set up at Murrayfield, a brilliant atmosphere. Really easy to get to the stadium from Haymarket station. I left my seat at 3 05 ,along with 28,000 others ,got the tram,and was in the Heb Bar beside Waverley Station at 3 30 .
  6. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Team for israel

    Neither Cairney or McDonald look the part so far . If big Eck didn't have a flat in Fulham I doubt if either would be considered after their recent abject Scotland performances .
  7. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    League cup semi final scheduling

    You will also have the problem of repairing the vandalised seats and toilets between games, will there be enough time ? This damage seems to be a constant feature of Old Firm visits .
  8. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    league cup

    Neil Doncaster doesn't give a shit about the supporters , time to give the guy his jotters.
  9. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    League cup semi final scheduling

    This shambles is down to Neil Doncaster, I don't know how this incompetent clown is still in a job after all his cock ups over the years. Time for the clubs to get someone in who has the supporters interests at heart .
  10. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)


    20 quid for our tickets for the west stand on Monday night seems OK to me , but I might not be saying that after the game .
  11. Might be worth checking if you have ticked the box on the SSC membership to receive their emails . Was told at the supporters quiz at Dunfermline last night that many supporter yet to allow emails ,so many may be missing out on the chance of a brilliant night. I have never been to a SSC social night before ,this was a cracker , free pie ,pint ,great prizes and a really decent squad there from all over the country . A really well organised quiz, even the Scottish cup was there. The comperes were great. Think they said they were holding similar events round the country . Worth looking out for .
  12. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Toulon Tournament

    Good result, terrible football. MacKay roaring and swearing to clear their lines all the time.
  13. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Toulon Tournament

    It's on BEIN Sport
  14. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Free tour of Murrayfield

    Got 2 spare tickets for the 4pm tour if anyone is local .
  15. Gala Tartan Army (Borders)

    Kilmarnock and Steve Clarke

    Stirllish, why was the OG ruled off, looked OK to me