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  1. Yeah, Anya came on at half time and made huge difference. And Ritchie started only his second game I think and struggled as did Forsyth. Think it was an example of Strachan trying to be too clever when we just needed to play our best side.
  2. Strachan picked wrong team in Dublin. He left Robertson on the bench which is unthinkable now with Forsyth placing in his place. And also didnt start Anya who was on fire at the time.Strachan was more concerned with Ireland and their physicality than playing our best players.
  3. Well done Davy for organising the buses. We struggle to organise one minibus from Gala to home games let alone over 30 in a foreign country! The lack of space in the Plaza in Rimini must have made it difficult but we got there in good time. Thanks again for your hard work.
  4. Sir Alex as a mentor. He would love it as a swansong helping to lead Scotland to Euro 2020 (which is still well within the realms of possibility if we ditch Big Eck). No manager with proven experience at top level and who isnt past it is going to touch the job. So rather than going for another Big Eck go for someone completely different end of scale.
  5. You can be as negative as you want but just cos we are shit doesn't mean you can claim someone deserves to be a raped.
  6. It would be a start - McLeish is demonstrating no passion for the job at the moment. I am not saying Moyes is first choice but he would be better than the current shambles. I would actually like us to do something completely different and put in Darren Fletcher with an experienced No2. He would have respect of players, hugely experienced player himself having worked with some of the best, speaks very well and obviously understands the game. Think he would take the job as well.
  7. Probably right - just looking for some light at the end of the Big Eck tunnel!
  8. I would normally agree as SFA take ages to make a decision and always go for option least likely to cost them money. However there was a strong rumour in media that McLeish was going to leave after the Israel home game regardless of the result which makes me think there is a possibility he could decide to go after this weekend.
  9. I would take Alex Neill definitely but suspect SFA board too set in their ways to go for an upcoming manager like him plus not sure he would take it. I'm not a huge Moyes fan but one thing he would do is get us organised which at moment we are completely lacking. Moyes also a passionate Scot - remember a mate sat near him at France 1-0 game at Hampden and said he was going mental when we won.
  10. Reckon Malky Mackay would get it if McLeish went. Which would cause a whole heap of additional problems. I would ask O'Neill again - he has no chance qualifying with Northern Ireland and may realise he has taken them as far as he can and there is an opportunity to scrap us off the bottom of the barrel and progress.
  11. This is the most frustrating thing about this whole shambles - if everyone is available we have a really decent squad. Of the team which played today, only Armstrong and McGregor and Forrest would probably be still in our strongest starting line up. But for a variety of reasons, I think many relating to the manager, we have loads of guys missing.
  12. Just cos McLeish has been a failure doesn't mean we should have kept Strachan. He had two goes at it and failed twice. The real issue was not securing O'Neill - I'm sure he would have improved results.
  13. Fact he was banned a month ago by SFA for kick out against Aberdeen surely a factor.
  14. Am getting a lot of buffering for big games, should I install a VPN ?
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