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  1. i have been saying this for a while, Rangers dont give youth a chance unless its a loan player from another club. Its very poor for our national game. Who was the last player to come through at Rangers for Scotland?? Ferguson??
  2. we need to stop talking about Hanley coming back, did anyone see the wolves game, every goal the guy is sleeping and out of position. we have been down this road with him, lithuania at home, slovakia away, england away, We might as well just give isreal a 1-0 start if he plays
  3. I know im going to get pelters for this, but for isreal i think a 3-5-2 would be good since they also play that way. I dont think mcginn will be fit btw to start anyway but should be in the squad Marshall McKenna, Coopers, Gallagher Forrest Mctominey Jack Christie Robertson Naismith griffiths. Naismith likes coming deep to link play and only reason id play mctominey over fleck is because his height is useful and he is more defensive
  4. Very worried we dont have any keepers playing. Marshall, bain and gordon not playing Mclaughlin is the only one playing
  5. Lennon said he would be back by the end of the month. Maybe even for the cup game
  6. I think anyone who believe Mctominey should not be starting for us needs a good wake up call, he is miles ahead of Macgregor or jack. a midfield 5 of Mctominey, jack (only because he likes a tackle more) Mcginn, forrest and christie would set us up very nice
  7. any word on his injury? Need him for cyprus away i feel
  8. Worse!! Also no griffiths near the team again... is it time we just admit he will never play for scotland again?
  9. All those who think Mckenna will all of a sudden end our defensive woes... are you watching hte first 20 mins of this game?
  10. what crowd do you think it will be, given its at a stupid time again? if we win in cyprus will that matter also? just wondering.
  11. its amazing the amount of people now saying 3 at the back is the way to go. Big eck was on to something
  12. What chance has cairney had? 45 mins v costa rica out of position or vs canada where he was by far our best player. Based on how mcgregor and co are doing i think he should be one of the first names in the next team sheet
  13. we also actually got to the playoffs,
  14. jamboman


    Since this campaign is done but we still have the playoffs, should we draft in some young guys who may be in the squads for the world cup campaign.. Im thinking Micky johnston, David turnbull, Billy gilmore maybe. Just to get them around the squad, they dont have to be chucked in to play
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