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  1. in better news Armstrong came on at half time and set up the Southampton goal today
  2. Honestly... I truly believe he hates passing on the deck. The goal hearts scored today came from this. He seems to want to limit players passing the ball. He has binned all the wingers in the team, Now Berra can only play passed more than 40 yards and Souttar is going the same way. He needs to go and go now. I also dont understand why hearts cant loan these players out.. I goes back to my point about too many free transfers and english league 1 loan players in the SPL. Must stop
  3. jamboman

    Cyprus Game

    Having bought ma ticket already.. Whats the crowd going to be??? If we appoint Steve Clarke or someone permanent will it get greater?? Will interim scot gemmil add persons? Just asking
  4. Slightly off topic but there was a BBC rumour that Gerrard is going to be looking for more liverpool players to bring on loan...... DANGER! This is not right, and something needs to be done about the amount of players coming to scotland on loan. We are becoming a league to develop players for other countries and clubs and not our own... Maybe this sounds a bit like "make scotland great again" but fook me we need to do something.
  5. Thats very poor. but lots of free transfers and loan players
  6. "This is the job Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has in front of him. This is the core of the side I would keep with Scott McTominay, Diogo Dalot and Paul Pogba." Quote from Robbie savage on BBC. No lukaku, no rashford, no lingard, but also no call to sign John McGinn, if he gets a game ahead of Mctominey he must be a player
  7. jamboman


    So the wave of optimism we had that he might get sacked seems to have gone... Now it seem inevitable he will be in charge for the cyprus and belgium game..
  8. Remind me why John McGinn starts ahead of Scott McTominey. McTominey is playing in the champions league and does not look out of place... McGinn give the ball away every game... I just seen a clip from the semi final..Hibs v aberdeen and reminded me of a goal he costed hibs after 12 seconds. Sometime you need skill, composure and ability and sometime just trying to stick your Ar*e into people wont work and you will lose the ball
  9. Nice goal from McTominey. Yet somehow bombscare mcginn gets a game ahead of him.
  10. Tierney looks to have no issues playing today
  11. I cant believe how much this guy is loving commentating on this game after Thursday.... And the english guy in the studio
  12. I agree with that. We have 3 strikers on the bench and we start a guy who was right back his last 2 games for us.... Aye Really?
  13. 3rd spot... very hopeful there. Cyprus will take points off us and we are taking a big fat 0 from both belgium and russia games. So i am very worried about finishing 3rd
  14. Agree.. They have players who are not afraid of astro pitches... 0-4 now
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