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  1. we also actually got to the playoffs,
  2. jamboman


    Since this campaign is done but we still have the playoffs, should we draft in some young guys who may be in the squads for the world cup campaign.. Im thinking Micky johnston, David turnbull, Billy gilmore maybe. Just to get them around the squad, they dont have to be chucked in to play
  3. Christie Should have started in stead of macgregor , he is not a number 10
  4. McTominey seems to be playing a very composed game for united. won a penalty with a good run
  5. I depends who starts the season. If McTominey does not get game time, he wont play if he does, I would leave McGinn on the bench and allow christie forrest fraser and griffiths to attack
  6. Its a good but very sad point. He was such a mainstay for so long, we need him playing He must be way down the pecking order now, with McGinn, McTominey (hopefully) playing every week as well as Macgregor playing in europe likely for celtic. Also the fact ryan christie cant stop scoring actually makes him my first pick in the central mid role.
  7. Does anyone know the dates for our playoff games?
  8. I started a topic months ago on this clown and its good you all are coming around. Its no coincidence that we have had so much negativity around the national team since this guy started commentating
  9. Keeper - Marshall back 4 - SOD, Souttar, McKenna, Robertson Mid 2 - McTominey, McGregor Mid 3 - Forrest Cairney Fraser Up top - Burke (only because i think he could get a goal and it will bring him on)
  10. To be announced on Tuesday Will be interesting to see who gets the nod. Cairney? Fletcher?
  11. jamboman

    Cyprus Game

    Any chance of it being close to a sell out?
  12. He was dreadful today and based on that he should be nowhere near a scotland squad. I would rate guys like brophy, mcnutly and kris boyd over burke at the moment.
  13. I certainly dont see any pigs in the sky.
  14. Wagner is german. Born and brought up there. Played there. When he could not get a game for Germany the played a couple of times for the states. I never heard him say.."penalty shot" or "upper 90"
  15. Despite his experience and that... American managers will never make it in the UK.... Remember Bob Bradley?
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