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  1. drew

    Scotland Retro gear

    I was hoping someone would do the Euro 92 home and away top.
  2. drew


    £25 (£30 public sale) for a seat in the West Stand for Belgium and Portugal. I'm sure we've paid a lot more than that for qualifiers and a glamour friendly against England. At least the price is coming down
  3. drew


    Probably plays a big part in the price increase. Was there not an issue with the SFA not making a profit out of the Argentina game a couple of years ago. With the fee they had to pay Argentina they needed close to a full house to make it worthwhile.
  4. Just anyone that is flying a flag at a football game. Put it down you're blocking the view of people behind you.
  5. drew

    Best options for those still to book?

    Good luck with that. Pegasus are awful at getting flights on time. We used them for Georgia and every flight to, from and connections (thankfully meant we didn't miss them) was delayed by a couple of hours.
  6. drew

    World Cip 2018 Squad

    If we had qualified then Strachan would still be manager. Unlikely Hendry, McKenna, Cairney or Russell would be in the squad under his management. Hanley, Anya, Morrison and Martin would take there places.
  7. drew


    Wouldn't trust Sky Sports. Up to a week ago it had our games against Peru and Mexico down as 8 or 9pm. They've just put 7.45 down as default.
  8. Your still right though as getting knocked out at the 3rd round is before weans are back at school (I think)
  9. Basing it on Aberdeen getting to the 3rd qualifying round every season under McInnes. I don't see why Rangers can't do the same. Motherwell or Hibs might be a big ask but a lucky draw and getting there recruitment done quickly you never know.
  10. What are the chances of drawing a team like Sevilla. Aberdeen have regularly got to the 3rd qualifying round and I don't see why they shouldn't again unless they get a really bad draw or don't get there recruitment done quick enough. I'd expect Rangers to do the same and possibly Motherwell with a bit of luck. Getting past the 3rd qualifying round is where it can get tough.
  11. I disagree with you on this. I don'y blame people for wanting to compete at the Olympics and sadly they like all other sports have no other option but to represent Team GB. Big question is do people like Kim Little believe it is a low risk (or even know it is a risk) to the Scotland team or do they just not care.
  12. drew

    Bids to replace Hampden

    With the majority of games kicking off at 7.45 or 8pm it make no difference being closer as there won't be any trains at full time to take you back North. Transport to and from Hampden to the city centre shouldn't be an issue with the amount of stations within walking distance but for some reason majority of people only think Mount Florida exists.
  13. Haven't listened to his comments but if that was part of the Sportsound discussion then he is entitled to express his opinion (if he doesn't then they'll just hire someone else to do it). Being linked and discussed with other jobs is just part and parcel of being a semi competent manager. The Rangers link although ridiculous with the way Rangers approached it didn't have to be such a big issue and distraction for McInnes if he handled it correctly and the West Brom approach is the exact same (probably easier to handle).
  14. drew

    One more friendly for 2018?

    Why should they chuck the season tickets? If you know you can make all the games then it makes it easier to book as one bundle. Not keen on them including friendlies as I can't guarantee I can make them but they could make 2 different packages including and excluding the friendlies.
  15. drew

    Costa Rica

    Don't think there is much the SFA could do with the Belgium game. Only available days were the Thursday or the Friday.