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  1. wubbs


    Not sure if SSC have released their info yet, but ticket pick up and getting into the the stadium are two separate issues. Fail to see the problem with carrying a passport though. It was fine for Hungary.
  2. wubbs

    Flight cancelled on Thursday 15th

    They’re not obliged to give you compensation. Best you’re getting is a full refund, or alternative flights.
  3. wubbs


    Just bought my ticket (#1384), so looks like 750+ tickets left.
  4. For anyone who wants to know more about the Albanian regime and dictatorship, head along to the Site of Witness and Memory. I was there last year, and gives an excellent (and brutal) insight into how the Albanians were forced to live their lives. It's a 5 minute walk from the centre, and the entrance fee is £1. http://www.vdkshkoder.com/about.php
  5. wubbs

    Wizz air flight Thursday 15th

    Or maybe just don't book non-refundable rooms?
  6. wubbs

    What currency?

    Think my bank charged me about 10%
  7. wubbs

    Nations League

    Top 6 in Division C (4 gorup winners and the two best second place teams) go to pot three for Euro 2020 qualification, and the other 9 go to pot four.
  8. wubbs

    What currency?

    I'll second this. When I was there last year, withdrawing money from an ATM came with a hefty fee though - not sure if that was down to my bank (which is Slovak) and the Albanian bank. Fortunately many places accepted Euros at a fair rate.
  9. wubbs

    Game is in Shkoder

    We had 3 nights in Shkoder last year - really enjoyed it. If you're looking for a (very) roundabout way to get to Tirana, check the Komani lake ferry. One of the most spectacular ferry journeys I've taken.
  10. wubbs


    Albanian FA have to announce the venue to the UEFA administration on 20th July, so I think we'll hear shortly after that.
  11. Fortunately we never hear of Scotland fans whinging about away allocations.
  12. wubbs


    Kosovo were playing their games in Shkoder.
  13. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    True, although they've only been in government for a few years.
  14. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    Sadly, that's pretty much spot on. Immigration always gets blamed for diluting a county, tradition or culture. However, these things will only survive if the younger generation choose to preserve them.
  15. wubbs

    Hungarian GE

    Many of those who critise immigration in Hungary are more than happy to go work in another EU member state. Same situation in the other 'Visegrád' countries too. Quite frustrating. There aren't any left wing governments in the EU - most are slightly left or right of centre.