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  1. Hi Davy, can i have 3 seats please. Thanks
  2. Most bars close 2-3am.for those looking for a series night of drinking, go to 190 Dizengoff Street. Full bar open to 8am. Great place !
  3. For those looking for metal / heavy rock, I can suggest Rebel Bar Diner. A great underground bar with live music, pizzas and a great owner. Open Mic tonight and they are very good.
  4. Spoke with SSC yesterday and they have confirmed that the seat numbers on the receipt are to be ignored. The seats will be allocated by them manually. So, if you have purchased for yourself and 'friends and family' then they will manually sit you together as long as they are all on the same order.
  5. Hi Davy, Please could I reserve 3 seats please. Thanks
  6. As said above, if the Home tickets are going on sale on Tuesday then surely they must know how much they are giving us. SFA twitter account saying that they are doing a site visit next week. Therefore, i cannot see us being officially told until after they get back.
  7. Having done a trip to Warsaw in March, decided to go to Vilnius via Warsaw. Wed Aug 30th Glasgow - Warsaw (Modlin) with Ryanair and spend the night in Warsaw. First flight in morning from Warsaw (Chopin) to Vilnius with LOT airlines. Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in Vilnius. Fly back to Warsaw on Sunday night for another night out. Return to Glasgow on Monday night.
  8. Bedford Hotel - close to Russell Square - 3 nights - Thurs to Sunday
  9. two of us planning on going to Highlander Scottish Pub to watch the Lithuania game, unless there is anywhere else better. I know they have Sky Sports and would guess they will be showing it.
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