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  1. Mark 

    Just booked . Due to illness did not think i would make it. If you come across a match tik pls let me know.


    Thanks a lot.

    1. Mark frae Crieff

      Mark frae Crieff

      Dave i'm not doing Kazakhstan or San Marino... Have a nerve problem in ma neck... So Crieff TA may next be in Brussels or Russia. 

    2. mariokempes56


      Ah no worries - get better soonest.


      See ye Russia ?

    3. Mark frae Crieff

      Mark frae Crieff


      Go and enjoy.. it's been a while for you.. 

  2. Rumours from Twickenham is that their Janny has been sacked as there was a spider on its web found in the away dressing room...
  3. Ok i dinnae follow. Average speed cameras are an average of the Maximum speed limit over a distance so what freedoms are being lost? If you speed you know this and are basically breaking the law. Changing the drink drive pass rate as that is what it is will have deterred most normal people to drive the morning after a night out. If you do get caught you have nobody to blame bar yourself.
  4. A bit off piste but when the 5p for a bag first came in Asda in Dundee put security tags on their baskets as the locals were fecking of with their stolen goods groceries in them.
  5. Just seen the picture of the new womens kit. At least their pink strip is a bit less loud.
  6. The thing that legislation or whatever has shown is that it's hee haw to do with Europe as we didn't join till 1977 . This is a way for HM Government to polorise those here legally. Hell they have all info from the last census.
  7. If i watch the replay it will be minus the sound.. Who ever thought "The Reluctant Gardener" and Brainiac Craigan are summerisers needs their heads examined. It had the same effect as drawing fingernails over a black board.
  8. Don't know the provenance but if true could be some interesting times ahead.
  9. I see this has hardly been mentioned but there are EU Elections in May... Could be fun and games ....
  10. The BBC is so left wing they are positioned just to the right of Genghis Khan
  11. in the shipping forecast there is still an area called Dogger.. which is of the coast between the border and about Scarborgh it's named after a sand bank.
  12. He needs to change his puss book Cromwell was well deid before Britain was formed .....
  13. What is the definition of live? As terrestrial is faster than Satellite or download. If there is a delay how can it be "Live"?
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