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  1. If the tanker was leaving the area and was hit on the starboard side that would indicate a missile of some description from seaward. With all the warships in that area they would have detected a lauch of a missile and sure as shit if was an Iranian one it would be all over Fox etc.. If i remember the Yanks tried in vain to pin some of the blame on Iran after 9/11 so that they could "liberate" the Iranian population. This could get interesting if Russia decides to "help" the Iranians..
  2. Watching Some strange rock on Netflix very enjoyable ...
  3. Should have took the choo choo and then through the sewer Eurostar.. That was our option..
  4. i see Just Eat have had a Ratners moment and came out (unoficialy) for our noisy neighbours... I cannae beleive that they don't know their customer base as feck we are the country that deep fry our pizzas.. oh if you still want to order fae them use "matchday 10" for a discount.. lol
  5. I agree the timing needs to be spot on. You know that whatever sociopath gets voted into No10 next has the gun pointed at their foot just testing the trigger pressure. The elephant in the room is the trial of A Salmond and when its due to go to the next stage... This could be why they are talking 2021 as in theory his trial should start around Jan 2020 ... but lets see where that date goes..
  6. HDC Home detention Curfew EDL Earliest day of Liberation.
  7. Look at it this way ... her guilty plea will mean her sentence start date should be when the plea was accepted 10th of May i think So she has to do 9 months from then which is 9th Feb. She can apply once all the checks have been done for HDC so could be out in theory within 2 months as that triggers the 6 months prior to EDL. so 9th Aug.. thats if the sentence start date is 10th May as struggling to see it.
  8. Watching "One strange rock" on Netflix.. Very good watching so far.
  9. Sod them voting... Death match is the only true way to find a successor.
  10. What might go against him is his few weeeks as Brexit minister... But with his command of geography i see his as Foreign Sec. I'm hopeful that C Grayling is in charge of the process of selection and with his form it will go to Larry the cat.
  11. If you see the footage it was James Hunt that did it i believe.
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