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  1. Notice he said Your independance A weird use of language from allegedy someone living in Scotland Or maybe a tourist who missed the bus back to Surrey... I love the Unionists saying get on with the day job when they cannot see that in comparisson to other areas we aren't as we are not making a horses arse of it.
  2. If tagged his "Coatbridge" ankle bracelet only needs to be in a Residence from a set time for the receiver to work. Unfortunatly if he fecks of within these times he sets an alarm of with the tagging company which alerts the Prison Authorities and then the police..
  3. Was it? https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2017/05/17/the-brexit-referendum-question-was-flawed-in-its-design/
  4. No as Advisory Referendums it was a pretty big one.. but if you look at the question asked on the ballot paper it should hold as much credance as the paper it was written on.
  5. I see old SNP gain Thomson has announced he has hung up the gloves..
  6. Watched The Laundromat with Meryl Streep on Netflix last night.. A stellar cast and tells a good tale..
  7. If there had been a cross party set up it might not have been.. Remember this would be the easiest negotiations ever etc etc. Oh and thank feck Gina Millar got that High Court Judgement to ensure a Parliament vote as that wasn;t happening to begin with. This has been a set up from day 1 for a hard Brexit so that the real backers of Brexit can make a killing and the side note of not being forced to reveal their secret bank accounts is a wee bonus. Through their more desperate plloys to get this to happen it may be that their arses are twitching..
  8. There will be a general election but it will be after Oct 31st as the Tories goading for one before is one of their attempts to bring a no deal Brexit.. I assume their next tactic will declare a civil emergency to stymie Parliament. The true BoJo was seen on Wednesday in all his glory a bully boy who if not getting his own way lashes out and fecks everyone... The question is do we want someone with that attitude with his pinkies close to the big button?
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