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  1. Mark frae Crieff

    Davy Bus

    Davy can i add 3 names to the list Crieff TA Many thanks
  2. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    I see Didier Deschamps got further than Napoleon... Pity the Russians hadn't waited to 18:12 to give the cup.
  3. It seems Tony Watt has signed for Saints also rumoured that Andy Driver is there as well. Lets hope Tommy Wright can sort out Watt as there was a good player in there.
  4. Mark frae Crieff

    Indy Ref 2

    And there was me thinking they were the same.
  5. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    Thought the Right back fae Frances goal was a peach. Hard skill to get his hip above the ball to hit it so sweetly
  6. Mark frae Crieff

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    Hopefully its a draw bridge..
  7. Mark frae Crieff

    The Weather thread

    probably the wine..
  8. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    I'm sure Boyata at Celtic was mentioned in the first half.
  9. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    there should only be one type of VAR thats vodka and red bull.
  10. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    aye but make it sooner rather than later.
  11. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    Whats it with the Germans and no being able to shoot straight around Moscow?
  12. Who will get the Countdown Conundrum?
  13. Mark frae Crieff


    For those that were on the Westa buses ... Will you ever be involved with anything like that again?? To Jim thanks for one of the most surreal ways to attend a fitba match .. and you will need something special to top it...
  14. Mark frae Crieff

    Well that was fun!

    Amazing place, amazing people and the least said about the driving the better 😎