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  1. Mark frae Crieff

    Indy Ref 2

    There is no such thing as the Scottish Civil Service. They are employed by the Civil Service to work with the Scottish Government. Not the ruling party the infrastructure. The grievance is that allegations have been made but there has been no recourse on defending against these allegations. What i would be more worried about is that someone with intimate knowledge of this case is briefing the MSM and by doing this has blown apart the whole investigation system which is being challenged in court. Most people paying for the crowd funding may or may not know the reason for this judicial review but feel they can give monies to help him get a decision. It must grind the gears of certain people that this will meet and go beyond what was asked for. Also by resigning in public it has removed the almost certain shit storm if he was about when the 2nd Referendum is called.
  2. Lets hope he is as good as the last 2 we signed from Ipswich...
  3. Mark frae Crieff

    What currency?

    Ok what currency can we use over there? As the arse has fallen out of the £ is it a chickens and Levis bartering system?
  4. Mark frae Crieff

    The Brexit Thread

    Aye and what the "experts" fail to say is that all the stuff we import is more expensive. It perplexes me that there are people who now seem to believe everything spouted by MSM. George Orwell was about 30 years out but by feck was he correct!
  5. Mark frae Crieff

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    £££ sent many thanks for doing this herculean task.
  6. Mark frae Crieff

    Davy Bus

    Davy can i add 3 names to the list Crieff TA Many thanks
  7. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    I see Didier Deschamps got further than Napoleon... Pity the Russians hadn't waited to 18:12 to give the cup.
  8. It seems Tony Watt has signed for Saints also rumoured that Andy Driver is there as well. Lets hope Tommy Wright can sort out Watt as there was a good player in there.
  9. Mark frae Crieff

    Indy Ref 2

    And there was me thinking they were the same.
  10. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    Thought the Right back fae Frances goal was a peach. Hard skill to get his hip above the ball to hit it so sweetly
  11. Mark frae Crieff

    Bridge across the Irish Sea?

    Hopefully its a draw bridge..
  12. Mark frae Crieff

    The Weather thread

    probably the wine..
  13. Mark frae Crieff

    Russia 2018

    I'm sure Boyata at Celtic was mentioned in the first half.