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  1. Mark frae Crieff

    BluePanorama to Venice

    Its a belter... Kiwi.com ... how do you know there is no flight at that time? Me:- i have the departure schedule open infront of me. Kiwi. Where did you get that? Me Of the airport website do you want to know any other locations and what time flights depart? Kiwi We will need to contact the airline Me . good luck with that .... And you had better look in to arranging other flights... I think i will be waiting a while... I can see a phone call to visa and my insurance..
  2. Mark frae Crieff

    BluePanorama to Venice

    Its no just Monday ... it looks like the 7.30 am Sunday to Venice is also changed... I contacted my supplier Kiwi.com who basically gave the corporate answer we are looking into this. Will see what transpires today... I have had more grief getting to here than all the other far flung places we have visited...
  3. Mark frae Crieff

    Indy Ref 2

    Not even a Scottish poppy..
  4. he could just fling it in the tumble drier.... There would be enough static electric to power a small town..
  5. Mark frae Crieff

    Spotify or iTunes.

    The better the quality the more memory that is needed. Try downloading your playlists to an SD card .. You should be able to do this on your settings and near the bottom is a storage function press that and you should be able to move your downloaded playlists.
  6. Mark frae Crieff

    Davy Bus as of 24th Oct ....Updated List

    Davy, Daft question how do we know you have details that we sent? Cheers Crieff TA travel exec..
  7. Mark frae Crieff

    Ernest Airlines

    It looks like there are quite a few who have been shafted let down by this mob... i wonder if Davy Bus enterprises have thought of the airline business? I am currently waiting for Kiwi.com ro give an alternative.... if not we are swimming.. 😳
  8. Mark frae Crieff

    Flight cancelled on Thursday 15th

    Has it been cancelled or is the flight full?
  9. Mark frae Crieff

    league cup

    What's the betting there will be roadworks and the trains will be bus replacement service that weekend..
  10. I believe that Glen Turret is under new owners and will have nothing to do with Grouse..
  11. Mark frae Crieff

    Indy Ref 2

    There is no such thing as the Scottish Civil Service. They are employed by the Civil Service to work with the Scottish Government. Not the ruling party the infrastructure. The grievance is that allegations have been made but there has been no recourse on defending against these allegations. What i would be more worried about is that someone with intimate knowledge of this case is briefing the MSM and by doing this has blown apart the whole investigation system which is being challenged in court. Most people paying for the crowd funding may or may not know the reason for this judicial review but feel they can give monies to help him get a decision. It must grind the gears of certain people that this will meet and go beyond what was asked for. Also by resigning in public it has removed the almost certain shit storm if he was about when the 2nd Referendum is called.
  12. Lets hope he is as good as the last 2 we signed from Ipswich...
  13. Mark frae Crieff

    What currency?

    Ok what currency can we use over there? As the arse has fallen out of the £ is it a chickens and Levis bartering system?
  14. Mark frae Crieff

    The Brexit Thread

    Aye and what the "experts" fail to say is that all the stuff we import is more expensive. It perplexes me that there are people who now seem to believe everything spouted by MSM. George Orwell was about 30 years out but by feck was he correct!