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  1. Ultimately cost young Scottish players their chance of coming through the lad Gauld where is he now
  2. Spot on, we've went that far down the rabbit hole that it can't change n for me that's not football 👍
  3. Just to add too my last post met 4 of the nicest Irish lads you'll ever met in a wee pub just down from Parkhead that night n took them to campus on sauchiehall Street, they kept in touch after that night n then they returned the favour in Dublin n took us to the schoolhouse Hotel in BallsBridge walking distance from the aviva, now thats what football is about
  4. The hampden year do you know how many half wits boycotted hampden because it wasnt at the aviva, I was at Parkhead when wee maloney scored, me n the Mrs were just below the corporate in the Jane field street stand, "the old jungle" were I spent my childhood Saturdays n were called orange bastards because we went nuts when scotland scored, please don't associate me with at nonsense I know where I come from. I'm scottish n proud of it,. Celtic fans who've never set a foot in Ireland n Rangers fans who've only ever been to Blackpool n think there English
  5. Are u trying to tell me Donald Trump is fake 😂
  6. Well trust me yous were good, I have nothing against anybody that doesn't talk pish 👍 I remember at the time goin to Parkhead with school mates n wondering what the score would be could we be good enough to beat Aberdeen 🤞
  7. The greatest fans in the world is corporate pish mde up by PR wankers that couldn't kick there own arse never mind a football everything I hate about the modern game
  8. I wasn't trying to be a dick when sayin maybe you don't remember. I'm fortunate, I remember as a young teenager when the league was exciting at the start of the season thinking who's going to win the league, John Hewitt superb sub v real Madrid, Dundee utd with Jim McLean at the helm, he knew how to give his players a kick up the arse, hairdryer treatment your having a laugh, rushing home from school to watch roma v Dundee utd, Scotland being 1 of the favourites to win in Argentina. The shite celtic and rangers produce now its a joke. I was spoiled as a young un, at the time I didn't know it
  9. The recruitment officer(scout) should be told he has no future in football if they think barkas whom I describe as a Greek tragedy n the so called defender Duffy who turns slower than milk, really n don't get me started on ajeti another dud, honestly shocking I could go on but what's the point
  10. It never came back to haunt celtic before with the Kelly's and the whytes, sorry I don't know if your old enough to remember them, that is were the celtic biscuit tin saying came from, 2 families that owned celtic n never spent a penny
  11. Naw no really embarrassed to fuck though, I'm not that stupid to gloat swings n roundabouts mate
  12. All I really meant was he should shut is mouth, everything he says at the moment is embarrassing even before the trip to dubai
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