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  1. I’d like to apologise I’m wrong your right enjoy yer mediocre pish shitebag football , me I’d rather watch my team get beat whilst trying to win
  2. Ok scotty if you think aberdeen get acceptable results against the old firm then fine but that’s not how I see it Celtic have been jaded this season or the league would be all but over n rangers are covering up many cracks with morellos and although he’s a cunt he knows where the goal is . McInnes should be seeing this n going for it at home against them not sitting back hoping for a break. As for yesterday’s prime example we started with no recognised striker we had izaguirre on the left n lustig on the right (both finished in my opinion) still McInnes chose that they sat back, Aberdeen got 2 breaks yesterday agreed 1st was a stonewaller the 2nd well you being all god fearing will know in your heart if it was a penalty n still got nothing McInnes is a shitebag against the big 2
  3. No arguement here I think it’s hilarious is that why the threads been requested to be taken down because you can’t find an arguement? 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. I’d like to thank all the Aberdeen fans who keep posting on this thread keeping it at the top of non TA football threads 😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Remove it cause Aberdeen fans on here are hurting their seasons finished n they know it , the truth is they were coming into the game on a high n it was a kick in the baws, if they want to have a go at anybody they should direct it at McInnes his team gets pumped regularly by both Celtic and Rangers n he sets out his team the same way every time to sit back n take it up the arse every time.
  6. I’m a loser my team won ya halfwit 😂
  7. Are you havin a laugh your team showed no interest in winning that’s why Aberdeen got beat they’re fucking heartless n shinnie is a cheating diving bastard
  8. 3-2 the hoops french Eddie more than deserved
  9. That’s been happenin for years nothing new
  10. jcs


    We’re Looking to go from Amsterdam to Brussels on match day, I’ve got the go Euro app n it’s saying £10 single per head on the bus leaving Amsterdam at 10am getting into Brussels at 1-30pm i know you mentioned the train but it’s another option
  11. jcs


    2 seats please davy
  12. jcs


    We’re flying Glasgow to amsterdam 19th amsterdam-Minsk-Astana 20th astana-Kiev 22nd kiev-Bologna 23rd bologna-Gatwick-edin 26th all good flight times i cant be arsed saving a fiver here n there by getting up at 3am to catch a flight anymore