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  1. When watching the champions league games involving Celtic I imagine a lot of folk including myself looking for 3rd place in the hope of Europa Cup football as getting pumped in the group stages of the champions league is enough with out getting pumped in the knock out round as well
  3. Where’s England’s plan b now Croatia have equalised
  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas mon Croatia
  5. In my wisdom I decided last week that I would book a long weekend in Blackpool for the family ( the kids love it) as it’s glasgow fair weekend , I’m bricking it now I just hope Croatia can do us all a favour tonight, I dont want to be in England if god forbid they were to be lucky enough to win it🙈
  6. The only reference to the waistcoat and King Billy was the Jacobites jovially saluting the moles who killed him when his horses hoof went down a mole hole, no reference to King Billy n Southgate dressing the same in fact what a pile of pish who cares I think you could get a job as a journalist yourself with this non starter Macy
  7. What an appropriate name u have
  8. Yeah pretty much sums it up, it’s been a poor World Cup, the favourites all getting put out early with England cheering on the underdog every game in the hope that they scrape through n win the World Cup it’s a good achievement to win it but it’s been a disappointing World Cup no outstanding team or player , Jim hills love child top goalscorer with 3 penalties 50% of his goals
  9. jcs


    Cheers just found out me n the mrs are currently on 11 but was thinking max must be 15 as those South American friendlies are the only games We’ve missed in recent years iirc , we got the 1 point for buying the membership n 1 point for the last 3 campaign membership really just wanted a nosey as to where we are in the pecking order re tickets for this match
  10. jcs


    Anybody got the away ticket points list since they buggered about with it I don’t know what points I’m on as we went to Hungary but didn’t go to Peru or Mexico
  11. If you were English you would be lovin all the hype about England during the games, these guys are all there for 1 reason to entertain the English as they’re in the World Cup, with all this 3 lions we’ll win it this time shite, we’ve been hearing it for years, as said before it just makes it all the sweeter watching them squirm after the team fall on their arse as they inevitably will, although the route has been made a lot easier this year by the big teams not playin anywhere near there potential/reputation , let’s not forget we almost beat England at hampden I hope nobody takes this the wrong way but does that sound like the team who will be world champions I don’t think so n don’t think I forgot about 67 at Wembley difference being we had better players then
  12. jcs

    Davy Bus

    Just noticed we’ve now been added to the list thanks davy
  13. jcs

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy I asked for 4 seats n I’ve noticed u replied to guys further down the topic to confirm with them but not me I’m sure it’s an oversight anyway still looking for 4 seats please mate