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  1. Hi Davy that's us paid via PayPal JCS X2 from paphos Thanks
  2. Hi Davy, can I get 2 seats from paphos please
  3. Enjoy yer night we'll see who's still top this time next season 😁
  4. Cheers macwomble took your advice although the Luxembourg to Edinburgh flight is now down to £18 and bus down to Luxembourg is now £10.99 also booked 9th June Edinburgh to Eindhoven dep 7-40 Arr 10-20 £29 bus from Eindhoven to Brussels on 11th dep 8-10 Arr 10-30 £7.99 total works out £66 each return edinburgh to Brussels plus a couple of nights in Eindhoven which me n the mrs both like, we’ve been there before visiting a friend of my mrs
  5. When we arrived at Astana airport, on Friday for our flight to Kiev, there was some lassie n young guy waitin on the team coming with a pile of boarding passes in hand, the look we got from them, , shite on their shoes, when we’re the daft cunts who pay for their jolly, I genuinely felt like splitting the passes in 2 and sticking them down their throats . We’re getting taken for mugs , by the way the team where on 8pm flight from Astana straight to Rimini , while shite like me flew to Bologna from all angles of Eastern Europe, the players gave us more respect than they 2 cunts, I actually felt sorry for the guys as they were so sheepish when they seen us , I know rightly so, but at least they looked sorry
  6. jcs

    Alex McLeish

    I was sitting in our hotel the mornin of the Slovenia game thinkin if we win we’re in a playoff but also having read online they hadn’t been beaten at home I think in 3 years, some people had already made up they’re mind STRACHAN IS AN ARSEHOLE HE MUST GO which I felt was unjust and unfair, his only bad game for me was Lithuania at home, we drew in Slovenia that night after being ahead gutted wasn’t the word, Any way all I wanted to say was you reap what you sow, sitting here shattered having been through so many time zones this week that game was awful tonight n we are at all time low in my opinion, roll on Tuesday can’t wait til I’m home really fed up.
  7. In reply to the op, I’m worried now about the overall group as we are now playing catch up, I think we will win today, because I believe that game on Thursday would have hurt the players and I would think they would want to restore some belief in themselves as much as trying to win for Scotland
  8. Eh ? sorry chipper what do you mean “to little to late” that just doesn’t make sense, these academies were set up to help improve the players of the future how can it be to late if it’s the future , yes we played pure shite on Thursday, but that isn’t down to the training Academies, that is down to the current manager, you can point the finger at the players if you like but they didn’t pick the team that specky wank with the burst blood vessels on his coupon did, the guys is an arrogant arsehole, the sooner he’s away the better
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47523468 found this on bbc it gives a list of airlines that have ground there Boeing 737 max8 and those who haven’t
  10. I don’t remember it being on tv, I could have swore it was on the radio but if I’m wrong then so be it. ps. sorry for not getting into an argument about it as is the norm on here 😂
  11. I had a correct score bet on that game still remember it £2 @7/1, went home n listened to the game on the radio no Sky Sports and BT Sports back then
  12. The guy acted like a complete dick ran over kicked the ball away then shat himself when tavernier turned to face him deserves the jail for being a shite bag
  13. Decent price for 4 star that’s what swung it for me, although that being said some countries have their own idea 4 star. we’ll see
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