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  1. I’ve never heard his comments during Scotland matches because I’m at the match but it can’t be any worse than listening to the likes of Mccoist with rangers or Sutton with Celtic both trying to convince me I’m watching something special when its against weaker opposition
  2. Rangers won’t win anything this year, having watched that game yesterday against Hamilton . You would have to be blind or blind drunk to think otherwise
  3. Is anybody in the league that strong other than Celtic, Celtic had a horrendous start to the season by their standards n are still sitting in second, as I said I would like to Steve Clarke rewarded as I think he’s got his team playing well above their capabilities he deserves it, i don’t know who will be 1st,2nd or 3rd if I did I wouldn’t be putting it on here I’d be up the bookies winning a fortune p.s. don’t want to offend any Killin fans , Celtic are in joint 2nd 😀
  4. If Celtic haven’t pulled away by Christmas then expect them to bring in a couple of fresh faces to win it, Kilmarnock have been a revelation since Steve Clarke became manager so I would like to see him/them rewarded for their efforts, I think hearts don’t have a strong enough squad to win it so i’ll go for 1st Celtic 2nd Kilmarnock 3rd hearts
  5. 😂 I’m not going to lie and say it was predictive text I have, doubt gazza has though, he would probably ask you if it was a white or red wine
  6. Yer right it was clever, he couldn’t possibly have wrote it , only called himself Gazza because he couldn’t spell Gascoigne
  7. jcs

    How safe will Israel be

    If your going to spout your propaganda at least learn how to spell TARTAN ARMY safest place in the world apart from a few missiles now n again 😂
  8. jcs

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    That’s what makes it so bad, if Israel can beat us with him as manager can you imagine the style of defeats against decent opposition, i understand we’re all looking for answers and I’m not sayin that Robertson is the man for captaincy but in the same breath I understand why he would be made captain, his pedigree with Liverpool is obvious compared to most of the balloons we have
  9. jcs

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Don’t think a draw would be a terrible thing in Albania as I believe we will beat Israel at Hampden after last night though a draw seems like light years away, I have been to many defeats following Scotland away but I’ve never felt like I did last night coming out, I could have cried if it wasn’t for the fact that other people would have seen me, to look up n see that bastard mcliesh smiling face on the screen when we were pish all night was beyond comprehension, is he trying to bring us to our knees that’s the only reason he would be smiling because from where I was sitting there was fuck all to smile about
  10. jcs

    Airport Security Thread

    We arrived about an hr ago and after 30 min wait in the queue to get to passport controller ( there about 20 odd desks for foreigners). Then it was easy to get through, guy only asked why I’m in Israel and how long that’s it , the public busses are on level 2 if anybody looking for cheap travel, like us Miserable gits 😂
  11. jcs

    Tel Aviv Bars

    I was in a club in Uxbridge back in 2000 all you could drink for a tenner, be warned , I got 1 drink and ended up leaving , there was 3 barmen and what seemed like 1000 punters, complete rip off
  12. Why are you questioning me, I know what I saw at the end of the game, it was fuckin wrong, walk off and take yer medicine that’s what class does, not act like it’s the end of the night in some scheme pub It’s a laugh a minute up here, the official at the game who got the head cut will back you up, all jolly capers,
  13. Its called bad fuckin losers, livingstone players were celebrating the fact they won against the rangers , as this was a big result for Livingston in there hope for survival but naw the rangers players showing their just scum
  14. Tell they to yer players, couldn’t just walk off the park at the end , how are the fans expected to behave when the team they watch can’t