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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47523468 found this on bbc it gives a list of airlines that have ground there Boeing 737 max8 and those who haven’t
  2. I don’t remember it being on tv, I could have swore it was on the radio but if I’m wrong then so be it. ps. sorry for not getting into an argument about it as is the norm on here 😂
  3. I had a correct score bet on that game still remember it £2 @7/1, went home n listened to the game on the radio no Sky Sports and BT Sports back then
  4. The guy acted like a complete dick ran over kicked the ball away then shat himself when tavernier turned to face him deserves the jail for being a shite bag
  5. Decent price for 4 star that’s what swung it for me, although that being said some countries have their own idea 4 star. we’ll see
  6. We to the collect option and still had to send in flight and hotel details which alll were asked for regardless
  7. The offered him a seat on the board his duties being in charge of the Celtic pools , (obviously a job for the Bhoys type offer) the way your talking they offered him a job as a pools agent collecting money at peoples doors , but he wasn’t finished being hands on in football and went to Leeds lasting a month or so before being offered the Scotland managers job , a typical hun trying to put out a distorted version of the truth , at the time you had a board full of catholic haters, while the Celtic board offered a seat to jock stein a Protestant , as I said your a halfwit
  8. Do you mean “but facts are Chiels that winna ding” of rabbis burns 😂 , ok facts being facts rangers never signed a catholic before they got mo Johnstone n the outcry from the rangers at that point was pure poison a thing that springs to mind being the wreath placed outside the main door to Ibrox saying. so many years of tradition now ended RIP. as I said your a halfwit
  9. You the hun want to talk facts about the sectarian board at Celtic , your really are a halfwit
  10. Fuck me is there a trap door in the stands at tynecastle , I’ve never seen stands empty so quickly
  11. So is that Celtic about to implode n lose the league, my arse, fuck all has changed, he did Celtic a right good turn n imo realised he couldn’t do anymore, I know he left when on the brink of a treble treble, fair play to him as far as I’m concerned HH
  12. Are you that constantly pished on glenlivet that you stuck all this shite on the Celtic thread when your the person who started the rangers thread
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