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  1. Do you think Celtic played better than rangers today if not then that makes no sense but I'll play along 👍
  2. Rangers players from back to front sandy Jardine, Derek Johnstone, Tommy Mclean, Partick thistle Alan Hansen Dundee Eric Sinclair Dundee utd. Andy Gray Celtic Kenny Dalglish That's me out Is it just me or does Dalglish look like he hates the Motherwell player sittin in front of him
  3. Is that a Dundee strip in the middle n if so who is it? excuse my ignorance if its not
  4. "BBC’s Prince Philip coverage breaks UK TV complaints record | BBC | The Guardian" https://amp.theguardian.com/media/2021/apr/12/bbcs-prince-philip-coverage-breaks-uk-tv-complaints-record
  5. I wouldn't watch that shite anyway, I've worked away from home for years in digs n the amount of hair arsed builders I've the shared with that watch that shite is scarey, I've had guys say to me I'll catch you after emerdale where will you be, naw you won't I would be to embarrassed to say I'm waiting on my mate he's just watchin emerdale
  6. I knew I had about an alexa box for a reason god R. I. P. the likes if the specials
  7. I was paying £130 with virgin at 1 point n realised I was getting well ripped off get her a firestick n find someone who can get her all the channels through the Internet obviously you need to know someone from work who can download the full package onto your firestick it costs me £40 for a year its illegal but what they done to your mother is also illegal on moral grounds
  8. I've worked 7 days a week since begining of March n 1st w/end off n the telly is gonnae be full of that auld racist beast, sounds about right, I can never catch a break
  9. Lyndon Dykes up front will do me, Che Adams on the bench
  10. Positive from the game for me was seeing James forest pulling on the hoops again, he's been badly missed
  11. Well lest just say you don't know what journeyman means then
  12. We were well ahead n over the last 2 years done nothing to bolster our strangle hold on the league we stood still n had no back up for forest or Julian bought shite like Duffy Ajeti n that Greek fuckin tragedy of a goalkeeper
  13. Fair enough you don't no nothing your just looking for an arguement
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