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  1. That's shit mate, can they not stick you on the Thursday flight, that's the one me n my mate are on.
  2. The guys not the full shilling, thinking he's out with his pals. I'd rather be a paki than a Tim is the best compliment he's getting WTF
  3. The DANISH F.A. have said the match will be restarted at 7-30 as discussed with all parties involved agreeing, surely that's got to be a positive on Christian Eriksen condition 😁
  4. Just seen a photo of eriksen sitting up on a stretcher on his way to hospital, thank god
  5. Here's hoping that's true, heartbreaking to see
  6. Heartbreaking to see, I just hope he pulls through
  7. Oh a cannae wait fuckin waist coat wanker. Nothing against you, I just hate that smug bastard
  8. Released today no 16 in UK charts already
  9. Fuck me mate your auld, hansen Dalglish 😜 only joking mate, I'm actually jealous not so much about hansen as he's an anglofied cunt as far as I'm concerned but to see Dalglish playing must have been brilliant good times then and hopefully good times ahead starting on June 14th 🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  10. Eufa system is shite, we thought we'll use the laptop that will make it so much simpler, my arse, tried to pay with cards both with enough money in the accounts n got declined, ended up using my phone done straight away no card declined, a major tournament n they don't even have a decent system, it sums up eufa as far as I'm concerned
  11. That's not a rumour that's what's happenin
  12. This came to my mind today, I'm in Dumbarton level 2 but Glasgow level 3, we've been told to stay away from glasgow as its on a higher level, so what happens when we get to hampden are we told you shouldn't be in glasgow, to late pal I'm here
  13. Me nthe Mrs have booked the clockwork for after the match
  14. I didn't think so, I know that you guys are talking about as a pub but the tables is where the casinos make money and with the covid thing i can't see casinos opening anytime soon as how can you social distance at a roulette table or card table, chips exchanging between people constantly it's just not possible
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