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  1. If you look throughout history maybe. He doesn't rotate the strike, refuses to take singles and leaves far to much for himself to do in the final few overs and if he gives his wicket away the lower order batsmen have no chance at all. Dhoni is a world class player however even the Indian media have criticised his strike rate and accuse him of playing out to many dot balls. 2019 Dhoni Imo is good to finish off an innings batting first however is no longer the man to single handedly chase down a total in the last 10/15 overs like he used to do.
  2. Listening to the commentator too much, Dhoni is a liability in a run chase nowadays leaves it all for himself to do, cares more about being the hero than helping the team
  3. They enjoy a significant amount of Autonomy but no they are not an independent country
  4. Only 19 so canny remember that far back, however as you say strong nations having multiple teams makes it almost impossible for our sides unless we get lucky and avoid them
  5. Must be a lot going to Wales as well? @Squirrelhumper
  6. Outwith Köln the other season that must be one of the largest away supports to go there in a while. Impressive, lets hope no disasters await in Wales haha!
  7. Was PAOK hools Rangers ran into as opposed to Aris who you could have played, although I get your point not the safest trip Im sure Aris have active fans as well. Belgrade should still be good although the reputation Partizan have might put a few of travelling? Even in the group stages few teams travel well to Belgrade.
  8. Crazy thing the Scottish teams trying to get into the Europa League will likely need to beat tougher opposition than Celtic will trying to get into the Champions League
  9. Apart from Wolves and the Danish mob I would have thought the other destinations would have been more appealing? Not to be Mr negative but a massive gulf in the quality of the Serbian/Croatian leagues compared to others in the Balkans, but never know. However aye definitely a big club, knocking them out would surely give yous a seeded position in the next round should you manage to bet them.
  10. Why? No chance of going through, Belgrades a shitehole and there support is a shambles atm. Might raise the game for Europe mind you but was only about 8k of them for there last derby vs Red Star.
  11. Mcgregor Logan Broadfoot Mckenna? Halliday Jack Brown Mckinnon Naismith Morelos Griffiths/Lafferty
  12. I love him till my heartaches He loves the Tartan Army He turned the English Down Scott McTominnay
  13. A good, different chant with easy lyrics meaning its took off well with our support. You complaining rather we stuck with the same usual depressing shit I assume? Doh a deer or we'll be coming
  14. How you getting there? Booked £88 return flights from Edinburgh day of the game and back on the 13th.
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