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  1. So the UK death toll is growing faster than any other country has at this point barring Spain?
  2. Normally just go with 4 of my mates to every game but 20 of us going to this. As you said we're holding off till the public sale to get them all together im sure that'll be the same in a lot of cases
  3. Albeit I don't spend much of my time on Internet forums, but this board certainly caters for more of that type of poster than the other forums I'm on
  4. Grown men sitting behind screens anonymously calling each other out for scraps or getting into full blown arguments with each other in their free time on a football forum haha how could anybody not find that cringeworthy/embarassing
  5. No, however the more outspoken posters on that topic all happen to share the same perspective
  6. I support Celtic, not Rangers but your kidding yourself on if you believe thats the case on here its obvious on the non ta football section. Doesn't bother me personally although I do find it rather embarrassing and assume thats the main factor in there hardly being any rangers posters on this board.
  7. Agree with most of this, guess the issue is who do you give the armband to if not Robertson? Not many leaders in our team. As a Celtic supporter in regards to McGregor I think he plays best when he has a right number 10 infant of him e.g./ Christie or Rogic. He's a neat and tidy player but as others have mentioned likely not up to elite level. However he is solid and possession and is confident on the ball never shys away. Vital we have someone like Christie infront of him to link up with as he is completely ineffective against better opposition when the other 2 cms are holding players like mctomminay/mclean.
  8. Agreed however fortunately this board isn't an accurate representation of our support and most normal folk don't give a shit who others support when it comes to following Scotland
  9. Enroute to Budapest stopped over in Gothenburg. Connecting Wizzair flight to Hungary got changed to 4 hours after the original time and was told it was a common theme with them, won't be using them again for sure
  10. Aye we're at home second game, long as we score out there should be fine but should be able to nick a draw/win. Cluj have a hopeless away record in Europe, so was surprised they managed to get through out in Israel
  11. Agreed the guy was clearly one of the most annoying posters on here. Those missing his 'banter' jeezo, swearing every second word and typing in slang during his anti rangers posts are my only memories of him, extremely cringeworthy.
  12. If you look throughout history maybe. He doesn't rotate the strike, refuses to take singles and leaves far to much for himself to do in the final few overs and if he gives his wicket away the lower order batsmen have no chance at all. Dhoni is a world class player however even the Indian media have criticised his strike rate and accuse him of playing out to many dot balls. 2019 Dhoni Imo is good to finish off an innings batting first however is no longer the man to single handedly chase down a total in the last 10/15 overs like he used to do.
  13. Listening to the commentator too much, Dhoni is a liability in a run chase nowadays leaves it all for himself to do, cares more about being the hero than helping the team
  14. They enjoy a significant amount of Autonomy but no they are not an independent country
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