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  1. Mcgregor Logan Broadfoot Mckenna? Halliday Jack Brown Mckinnon Naismith Morelos Griffiths/Lafferty
  2. I love him till my heartaches He loves the Tartan Army He turned the English Down Scott McTominnay
  3. A good, different chant with easy lyrics meaning its took off well with our support. You complaining rather we stuck with the same usual depressing shit I assume? Doh a deer or we'll be coming
  4. How you getting there? Booked £88 return flights from Edinburgh day of the game and back on the 13th.
  5. I'm thinking we'll be after a home tie against some sort pf european team, probably scandanavian
  6. Rossy just has that one line of banter where he slags of hibs for not winning the scottish cup. Agree with ianmac i find it funny how in his head everyone hates aberdeen when in reality nobody gives a f*ck
  7. I know haha, my name Eoin and id say 70% of teachers at school pronounce it wrong
  8. 18 year old boy from the motherwell bois given 7 months in prison for letting of a smokebomb away to hamilton, completely unfair punishment when you consider the 'crime' he committed
  9. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I clearly wasnt looking hard enough
  10. Thanks megabus ta, will look into that
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