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  1. Slide tackle


    How you getting there? Booked £88 return flights from Edinburgh day of the game and back on the 13th.
  2. Slide tackle

    Captain For Next Campaign

    Grant hanley a future captain
  3. Slide tackle

    Metz A No Go

    I'm thinking we'll be after a home tie against some sort pf european team, probably scandanavian
  4. Slide tackle

    Aberdeen V Celtic

    Rossy just has that one line of banter where he slags of hibs for not winning the scottish cup. Agree with ianmac i find it funny how in his head everyone hates aberdeen when in reality nobody gives a f*ck
  5. Slide tackle


    I know haha, my name Eoin and id say 70% of teachers at school pronounce it wrong
  6. Slide tackle

    Pyro At The Fitba

    Also a 2 year ban from all british grounds
  7. Slide tackle

    Pyro At The Fitba

    18 year old boy from the motherwell bois given 7 months in prison for letting of a smokebomb away to hamilton, completely unfair punishment when you consider the 'crime' he committed
  8. Slide tackle

    Scotland Players In Action

    Tiernay was good i thought. And god almighty did you not see gms goal, absolute screamer of a goal that no other player in the squad would of been able to score
  9. Slide tackle

    Scotland Players In Action

    Goal GMS, assist griffiths
  10. Slide tackle

    Scotland Players In Action

    Tierney, gordon, gms and armstrong starting for Celtic today
  11. Ok cheers phart and armchair bob, will look into this
  12. again good in theory but how we meant to bring a tent on the plane. And haha flora im liking your idea ill pass it on to the rest of the boys
  13. doesnt seem to be a fimotel in metz, i think our best shot is a youth hostel so hopefully this one gets back to me