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  1. But Killie will still be the oldest professional club, Queens will be the youngest, replacing The Rangers who currently hold the position.
  2. Gunter Netzer, especially in the green away strip. Iconic
  3. All sorted, i hadnt hit the submit button. Fud!
  4. Are there 2 different visa applications online? I filled one in and so did my nephew. He has a place to attach photo but mine doesn't? Any advice welcome.
  5. Just got 3 x 11 pointer tickets. Think the the allocation will be about right for all travelling
  6. I'm on 11 points, by my reckoning i need 445 higher pointers to give Russia a miss , so I'm guaranteed a ticket. Unless this is just an initial allocation with more forthcoming if required?
  7. Any other instances of Scotland squad being announced and player changing clubs before the match is played? And will the records show Greg Taylor as Kilmarnock FC? (as per the initial squad announcement).
  8. On sky debate the other night they said championship clubs are 'operating ' at 110% wages to revenue. And that it was looking like rising this season.
  9. Sky are largely responsible for creating the wealth division, and clubs bought into chasing their Shangri La. Yet they were running stories all day about how this was allowed to happen.
  10. Yes etickets were in use. The problems stemmed from sending copies on phones to friends. So when the barcode was presented to the turnstile, only the first barcode of the ticket was accepted ( if my understanding of this is correct). So in effect a fake could go through if presented before the original, leaving the person who bought the original ticket stuck at the turnstyle, and refusing to move causing a bottleneck of their own doing but trying to make out it was everyone elses fault. Then you had the people with the fakes also refusing to move before realising that their only chance of entry was to commit a criminal act and open a safety gate.
  11. He played in an Ayrshire cup final at Rugby Park, i think 4 kiliie players were sent off, that wee rat was playing for THEM. The ref was Louis Thow from Ayr, (think his father was a direcror at Ayr).I'm 56 years old now and that was the worst and angriest i have ever been at a game.
  12. I think none of the top managers would have touched that job with the transfer embargo. He only got the job cos he is cheap, satisfies the 'hero status' and he knows it is his only chance to get near that level of club.
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