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  1. Been looking at various routes, What's the thoughts on covid protocol at transit airports? namely, Berlin & Charleroi airports. is it gonna be a faff or should I just pay extra to transit in UK?
  2. The rule on that was amended before the start of the season. Now accidental handballs in the build-up to goals are only penalised if it was the goalscorer involved in said accidental handball. Last season VAR would have ruled out that goal, this season not so. David Marshall after the match said the goal would have been disallowed if it had gone straight in the net. It was Gordon making the save that then made the ball second phase for the tap in.
  3. 3700 at killie v them. season ticket holders only. no away fans
  4. and when did Killie start playing in the Stanley Cup?
  5. Back onto proper beer goggles. One of the women from motherland, and Line of Duty. Anna Maxwell Martin. just checked her bio ... she scrubs up well!
  6. How can one country consistently have a favourable draw? They will get to the final and we have to hope whoever gets through from the tougher half of the draw turns up for the final. It wid gie ye the dry boak.
  7. there was definitely a different type of fan in London, loads of youngsters on the bevvy. the close proximity made it very easy for a lot of people who wouldn't normally go.
  8. I am on 6am from berwick going south in the morning so too early to get any info, just worried i get down there and cant get back.
  9. I am on same train 😱 Where do we stand legally if all trains are already full. Do they have a responsibility to try and get us home? Will they pay hotel for extra night?
  10. 3 of us on 6am train from Berwick
  11. Scotland are now taking the knee. What a shambles from the SFA
  12. Not a pundit but ITV news said England play 6 of their 7 games at Wembley.
  13. feck it, I'm gonna start walking to the gemme! take a bow.
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