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  1. News feeds reporting at least 40 dead after shootings at 2 mosques in the city. 4 arrested in connection.
  2. I think they will be creating a rod for their own back if they do this, we all know that the problem lies mostly with 2 clubs and this could backfire if they cherrypick. A bit like overturning Morelos' red card, the SPFL have spent the whole season trying to justify that decision by citing players who ordinarily wouldnt have been cited.
  3. Thursday 21st March 2019 Kazakhstan v Scotland UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier 15:00 Sky Sports Football / Sky Sports Main Event
  4. 3 x tickets bought. Really quick and easy . Is this the new updated system working or was it pot luck?
  5. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. (from the East & Frank Beattie stand)
  6. In all likelihood Premier will show the Rangers/Killie replay on 20th Feb. So probably best to sign up before then, as you would see rangers last match in the competition! On the off chance they managed to beat Killie, you would still be in the free month period for the quarter final. By delaying until the day before the quarter final doesnt really benefit, as the free month would have expired before the semi Final weekend April 2nd. And dont forget to cancel subscription as soon as you sign up!
  7. Aw c'mon, it was as much a foul as McCrories deliberate headbutt on Power!
  8. But no mention of Defoe's dive to try and con the ref into anothe penalty.
  9. When i was last in prague i found Killie russian dolls, Boyd, McGennis and Kiltie.😂
  10. https://prague.tv/en/s72/c210/n4466-10-Places-to-Watch-Live-Sports-in-Prague
  11. Update from Donald Tusk. There will be NO change . The backstop stays. "I hope there is place in hell for the brexiteers who didnt and still dont have a sketch of a plan" EU are ramping it up now and seem raging with UK
  12. We ended up getting an apartment near Santa Lucia Station for easy getaway on the Saturday, and train booked through to Rimini via Bologna 10:42am. So plenty time for a look round venice Friday night.
  13. Boyd got conned by Shinnie and the ref bought it. It shows Shinnie up for what we all know he is, Then you look at Cosgroves blatant elbow on Findlay and his reaction- no histrionics or squealing to the ref, and its one the compliance officer should be looking at. Night and day the way these 2 managers send their teams out.
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