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  1. A snapshot of Scott Brown's career in 5 minutes. club captain get sent on to show leadership and experience. And he just reverts to type. Mind boggling in the situation Celtic are in.
  2. She is a typical Borders Unionist, out of kilter with the rest of the country. The only surprise that she didnt previously jump to Ukip. Horrible woman.
  3. good question, I don't know but somehow 3 full set of fixtures is in my head. might be pure made up pish though.
  4. I live in Kelso and have only seen police on the quiet B road border crossing. never on main trunk roads.
  5. Should hever have been awarded, probably feart that they would have to do it to the Old Firm
  6. Got a couple of gigs to look forward to( but will probably get shunted again). 30th wedding anniversary in Feb (will need to put celebration on hold). The Euros (growing less hopeful every day ). An Away trip in the September/November round of matches. (Maybe, just maybe). So all in all, more of the same i feel, but if thats all i have to fret about then I'll take that.
  7. Dear Sir, please, be informed that timetable for 2021 year is available till 30 of October 2021. For November flights timetable will be available in September 2021. We thank you for addressing and wish you a pleasant day.
  8. She was on the wine when she dressed the tree "it'll feckin dae"
  9. They are biggest towns (roughly 12k pop). the town's centres are quite tired and full of charity shops or lying empty. the smaller town's don't have large supermarkets and therefore seem to do better with local trading. The best schools are Earlston and Peebles.
  10. that's a good business model. "let's just aim to lose less money than Celtic." I would imagine that Celtic have suitable funds to ride out some losses, rangers on the other hand....
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