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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396603943789684/permalink/2627097177407005/
  2. Pish? Tell me what your club has won since its inception in 2012? The Petrofac Cup! Not a bad return for the 2nd biggest budget in Scotland. I would rather Killie were 'pish' and play by fiscal rules than be your kinda pish and waiting for a knock at the door again by Lizzie's henchmen!
  3. It was a hard, fair tackle. Apparently he has some bruising and will be fit for saturday.
  4. But he didn't, he took the ball cleanly. Not allowed to tackle any more. It was so bad that Scott Brown done the square root of feck all about it.
  5. Makes it all the more special that they have managed to avoid relegation and now stabilised in the league. Despite the best efforts of that muppet michael johnston.
  6. Hard to say, but both Norwegian and Serbian FA have a decision to make regarding allocations, the minimum is 5%. But i would imagine the SFA will know in advance from both what would be the likely amount provided (to both Scotland and/or Israel ). I think both will stick at 5% Oslo 1400 Belgrade 2700
  7. We hired a car and found the drive really easy, Pisa/Lucca and down into Chianti. Stayed in a few villages , Panzano, Castellini, Greve, Radda, San Gimignano. We preferred the smaller villages as the tour buses didnt congregate to the same extent. San Gimignano was brutal for crowds until the tour buses left for the day. We also used the local buses for trips into florence and Siena- so we could sample the local wine!
  8. But Killie will still be the oldest professional club, Queens will be the youngest, replacing The Rangers who currently hold the position.
  9. Gunter Netzer, especially in the green away strip. Iconic
  10. All sorted, i hadnt hit the submit button. Fud!
  11. Are there 2 different visa applications online? I filled one in and so did my nephew. He has a place to attach photo but mine doesn't? Any advice welcome.
  12. Just got 3 x 11 pointer tickets. Think the the allocation will be about right for all travelling
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