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  1. I think Slavia knew they were up shit creek, made a big issue of the Roofe challenge to show "what they were up against all night". Flimsy defence, but took the heat off the club.
  2. Got accommodation with free cancellation booked. Still to book travel but prices are getting more expensive by the day. Got 12 points so quite confident of match ticket, still reluctant to pay for train until allocation is confirmed. (got my fingers burnt previously).
  3. Sorry, i mis remembered. I went catholic secondary school in Kilwinning. Our school buses had to occasionally run the gauntlet 😂
  4. The mother orange lodge of Scotland is in Kilwinning. LOL number 0. How can you have number zero?
  5. He took a group of average Killie players to 3rd in the league just by making them hard to beat and every player knowing their job. Killie never blew teams away, but ground out results- and a lot of results depended on making formation and substitution changes to countenance what was happening during the match. You could argue that he is reactive rather than proactive. He seems to still be trying to suss out everyones strenghths and weaknesses. Scotland are a bit like Killie in that they are not superstars, but he will know how to get the best out of the talent pool available.
  6. maybe he went there as he has a better chance of winning trophies!
  7. surely Stephen Kenny can't survive that, coupled with their form in the last year.
  8. Conservatives -Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire. List is 3 x SNP, 1 x Labour and 3 x Tories (1 defected to Reform uk). Both votes SNP for me.
  9. I wonder if he will get 8 hours of questioning?
  10. Shes trying to say they rushed the policy through to include Salmond's behaviour. I think 😂
  11. sad news, he hasn't had it easy health wise.
  12. I live in the Scottish Borders which is Tory led council. I got a leaflet stating the amount of people that had been "offered".
  13. I think he will do a turn, better than those non league haddies Alex Dyer signed
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