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  1. Was visiting family so went to Irvine Meadow 3v1 Cumnock on Saturday. Decent game but Cumnock are dirty bassas.
  2. Seen meat loaf at the Apollo in 1983. Ticket was £6.50 Bought a denim jaikit wae a provvy cheque to look like a cool dude. Had 6 pints of lager and lime and puked on the train home!
  3. Patterson reminds me of Hutton, good going forward but not a very good defender, a bit rash. He is still young and hopefully Everyon sort out his lack of positional sense.
  4. I second this! it's a shitehole, lived there for 6 months. city centre is full of arrogant feckers. Malahide for me, and jump on the Dart on match day.
  5. love how the news channels are saying that Hamilton was robbed rather than Werstappen won it! pleasing.
  6. Got booked in Newport, near the station👍
  7. Cardiff hotels already looking choc- ful or really expensive. any suggestions for nearby town's with good transport and a few pubs. I will be driving down and dumping car match day( if we get through!).
  8. I foolishly thought as it was a 1 legged play off then FiFA would play fair and give us at least 10% 🙄
  9. I think it will be at Uefa's discretion, not the Welsh FA
  10. what's the the play off criteria for away tickets? Cardiff city 33,000 capacity
  11. I think villa could regret the sacking. I would love Stevie to take them to another level... the championship!
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