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  1. stirlish

    Where are you going to stay?

    There are good Rimini hotel deals between the railway station and the beach. It's off season, will this area be quiet or should we opt for Rimini town?
  2. stirlish

    150 years ago today....

    The wee guy second from left holding trophy is Davie Sneddon, scored the winning goal at Tynecastle in 1965, he is also former manager
  3. stirlish

    150 years ago today....

    I'm supposed to be having a dry January, but tonight i will be raising a few nips from an old bottle of johnnie walker blue label. KTID
  4. stirlish

    Somerset Park

    One of the condions of the plans proposed were that there had to be a trophy room, WFAANW.
  5. stirlish


    Payment sent x4 for bus 11
  6. A free pie and a drink at the hamilton match
  7. stirlish


    4 seats please Davy
  8. She's no Irvine, she's Dreggin/Springside.
  9. stirlish

    Where are you going to stay?

    Thinking of staying the Friday night in Venice, looks expensive though! 😳
  10. stirlish

    Pick the top 3 now.

    Even if killie go unbeaten until the end of the season and romp the the league, the Scottish media will be full of "Rangers/Celtic are in the hunt for 'crack' outer mongolian number 10 thought to be the Asian Maradona.
  11. stirlish


    I thought they were looking for stragglers to mug
  12. stirlish

    ATAC Sporran Guide

    Thanks, worst case scenario, another couple of days in Albania. 😁
  13. stirlish

    ATAC Sporran Guide

    Passports have to have a minimum of 3 month left on them! I travel home on 19th Nov- passport expires 19th Feb I presume that will be Ok?
  14. stirlish


    I have purchased tickets for myself yesterday at 12:30 And today for friends at 12:30. Going by the confirmation it's seems that 170 tickets have been sold in that 24 hour period. (If the figures given are a correct running total). It seems that the sales are slowing down, so good news for those still waiting.
  15. stirlish


    Won't let in in to buy for friends on 6 points "Exceeds max group. Max per group is 1."