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  1. As much as it pains me to say it, SFA are in the clear (as long as they meet the release clause on his killie contract?). Torn between this announcement. Feel sick and relatively happy at the same time
  2. My drunken youth was playing tricks with my memory , It would be around the time Davie Sneddon got fired, but the St Mirren game might have been a caretaker manager?
  3. Cos when they get papped out of europe before the kids are back at school they will throw Gerrard under one!
  4. It was 1980, Jim Brown in goals for Killie ( might have been his debut). Think he ended up at Irvine Meadow.
  5. Or Jim Clunie, Davie Sneddon, Gary Locke, Allan Johnston. .....but now we have a leader.......
  6. No such thing as old firm anymore, consigned to history . I was in Earlston yesterdsy and i am pretty sure the news has hit that backwater.
  7. Mate got tickets for the final session tonight (going by the current score there might not be an evening session). If that is the case what happens? He got his tickets from Viagogo
  8. this says all that has to be said about the clown in the middle
  9. Richard Gordon, Willie Miller snd Billy Dodds Very balanced
  10. Even aberdeen biased radio Scotland said Dons could have had 3 sent off in the first half! Shinnie was spoken to by the ref 4 TImes before getting a late booking. McLean lost total control and only half time saved him. I hope Killie lodge an official complaint against McLean, he is an absolute buffoon.
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