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  1. He played in an Ayrshire cup final at Rugby Park, i think 4 kiliie players were sent off, that wee rat was playing for THEM. The ref was Louis Thow from Ayr, (think his father was a direcror at Ayr).I'm 56 years old now and that was the worst and angriest i have ever been at a game.
  2. I think none of the top managers would have touched that job with the transfer embargo. He only got the job cos he is cheap, satisfies the 'hero status' and he knows it is his only chance to get near that level of club.
  3. Priority & 2 Cabin Bags Passengers who have purchased "Priority & 2 Cabin Bags" or Plus/Flexi ticket or connecting flight ticket can bring 1 small cabin bag which must fit under the seat in front of you (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Priority customers can also bring an additional 10kg bag on board which must fit into the baggage sizer (not exceeding 10kg and dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and will be stored in the overhead locker. Duty free bags are also permitted in the cabin along with your cabin baggage.
  4. Found this https://russiable.co.uk/journey-airport-center-moscow/
  5. stirlish

    Big Joe

    Good shout!
  6. stirlish

    Big Joe

    Peter shilton? racking my brains to remember them being team mates?
  7. stirlish


    Just got email from booking.com stating that prices have gone down for my october search dates in St Petersburg. Wonder if this is significant?
  8. "a VAR decision cost England a place in the final".
  9. As much as it pains me to say it, SFA are in the clear (as long as they meet the release clause on his killie contract?). Torn between this announcement. Feel sick and relatively happy at the same time
  10. My drunken youth was playing tricks with my memory , It would be around the time Davie Sneddon got fired, but the St Mirren game might have been a caretaker manager?
  11. Cos when they get papped out of europe before the kids are back at school they will throw Gerrard under one!
  12. It was 1980, Jim Brown in goals for Killie ( might have been his debut). Think he ended up at Irvine Meadow.
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