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  1. Just noticed that as of this week passport renewals will not honour any unused time left on your passport. So anyone travelling to countries that require you to have 6 months on your passport , will have renew early and lose the time left! https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2018/09/passport-applicants-hit-out-after-being-given-shorter-than-expec/
  2. stirlish

    Europa league qualifiers

    That clip didnt show the whole incident. He was booked for kicking the ball away, then wouldn't stop harping at the ref, and finally put his hands on the ref. Radio Scotland said that other players should have stepped in to usher him away. Maybe UEFA will rescind it. 😂😂😂
  3. stirlish

    Davy Bus

    Mother Theresa Square
  4. Leave the pitch alone, it is older than your club!
  5. stirlish

    A Night Out in Luton?

    The night before flying to Slovenia we went out on the razz. I got split from our party and got held up at knife/gun point!!!! (He was pointing something that resembled a gun, the other guy havd a knife. Both had scarves over their faces. I hadn't long left the pub at the end of pedestrianised bit in the centre. I was warned by the airport taxi driver not to walk alone in Luton Lesson learned. It really is a hellhole. Stay together and get taxis to hotel!!
  6. At the old rugby park I met a boy in the same year at school as me. "Did you get a lift over?" "No" says he " I got the bus over" 😂😂😂
  7. stirlish

    Albania v Scotland

    I contacted the hotel direct and they agreed to shift the dates (even though booked and paid through booking.com)
  8. stirlish

    Albania v Scotland

    Normally I would agree, it's the fact that they brought forward by a day (not just a few hours). And that it is a layover airport for me.
  9. stirlish

    Albania v Scotland

    I didn't get notification from Wizzair, I had just gone in to check confirmation to see what money I was owed by the others in our party.
  10. stirlish

    Albania v Scotland

    I phoned Wizzair and was given 3 options. 1). Accept the new flight times with no cost. 2) full refund 3) full refund of 120% as a Wizzair voucher, They were very unhelpful on the phone, won't be using them again.
  11. stirlish

    Albania v Scotland

    Wizzair on Saturday the 17th November from Luton has been changed to the Friday!!! Cost me flight changes from Edinburgh return and I have lost a pre paid hotel room at Luton airport (Ibis) - This room is available if anybody needs a room on the Friday night- (free).
  12. stirlish

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Payment sent. Cheers
  13. Gonna give this a go and start a saving fund. I was thinking of putting it in an account with a notice period for access , this would stop me from "dipping in" from time to time! What are other folk doing?
  14. stirlish

    Davy Bus

    Davy, re: your latest update on bus 13. Stirlish should be x 3. Cheers
  15. stirlish

    Davy Bus

    Hey Davy, you haven't got me down on any of your buses. 😭😭😭