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  1. Checking the website and they domt seem to be shifting. Very disapointing considering the new manager
  2. They wont be able to give them away if Eck still in charge.
  3. All quiet on the Mcleish front. Bet Eck and the SFA are so glad of the weekend Old Firm game.
  4. Struggle to get 10000 now. How many season tickets sold ?
  5. A 3 0 defeat is a real possibility. This is a Macedonia Georgia type game for us with an even weaker team that played them away.
  6. You are correct Alan but still would be awfull result not beating them.
  7. Yes spot on. Unbeaten in 2017 making progress and the SFA get rid of Strachan and probably our chances of qualifying gone.
  8. What about up front McBurnie !!!!!!! We were worried about the defence now up front is as bad. Griffiths has lost his touch and the alternative is errrrr Mc Burnie.
  9. Booked my tickets today but haven't even thought about the Israel game yet as far too early. Is there a deadline for Israel tickets ?
  10. Not received code yet but see I am in the league. Take it no need for the code ?
  11. Totally agree. The main reason being the SFA. They have held us back for years. Totally clueless. We need to clear out the clowns who run our game.
  12. So near to making the TA player of the year Tee shirt. Hard lines Jordan.
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