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  1. You say ‘away’. I am sure I read somewhere that there was a draw next month to determine where the final would be and if so, 50:50 it could be a home game?
  2. The lad McPake certainly has a lot of ability and if he can get the ball in the final third he can certainly cause problems
  3. Then brings great save out of keeper shortly after and then we have goal disallowed
  4. Based on last night’s showing, McPake needs to improve his final ball big time. Not sure how he is doing at Dundee on loan? Don’t think he’s starting
  5. Harry Souttar scores for Australia. I fear he could be a big loss long term when we are playing guys who can’t get a start for Aberdeen. On his international debut and still only 20. Amazing he never got called up to our 21s in last couple of years.
  6. That last cross going behind goal was typical of whole game. Totally controlled the game but 2 bad defensive mistakes and an awful final ball and awful finishing. Some decent footballers on show TBF
  7. Never in the game yet 2 all. Final ball has been poor especially from that lad McPake who is amazing on the ball
  8. Aye not sure how that found its way in but poor goal to lose. Had been totally one way traffic before then and pretty impressive stuff
  9. Only 2,400. Will that be enough for low/zero pointers?
  10. I watched whole of second half and I would agree with the players you mentioned. However defence was very composed. Porteous looks a player and McCrorie would be a better bet at right back than O’Donnell
  11. Think Christie will and should start
  12. Marky. Hope all is well with you. Me, the missus and another couple coming to Jersey this weekend, in our case, mainly to see Deacon Blue on the Saturday. We arrive Friday and with the other lad also being an Arab, we’re looking for a suitable pub in town to watch the Dundee Derby on BT on Friday night. Any recommendations?

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    2. GHfaeGTA


      Ok thanks for the heads up

    3. GHfaeGTA


      BTW are any of these badged as ‘sports bars’? If so surely they will be showing the game even if sound turned down?

    4. Marky


      None of them sports bars in the true sense. Since AllSports shut down and became Wildfire, Jersey doesn’t really have a true sports bar. All of them though are multi TV pubs and known for showing football. You will absolutely get it on one if not all of those pubs with the sound down, but you really want it with sound.

  13. League one but a hat trick for Scott Fraser. A lad with a lot of ability and I am sure he will play at a higher level in due course
  14. You’re not seriously suggesting that Daniel Harvie will reach the heights of Andy Robertson and in any case Robbo was binned at 15 whereas Harvie was already a pro
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