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  1. GHfaeGTA

    Your World Cup memories

    Have lived in Guernsey since 88. Me and a mate drove to 90 WC through France and stayed on camp site outside Genoa. Great time especially day and night of Sweden game. Saw all 3 group games. France 98 a few of us went to the Norway game in Bordeaux. Had a cracking 2 nights in Bordeaux. Best experience ever watching Scotland. Hopefully will get chance to attend another finals at some point. Would like to attend with my two boys who unfortunately have only ever supported ABE at finals
  2. GHfaeGTA


    Bournemouth a “Bigger Club” Behave. gates of what 12k max
  3. GHfaeGTA


    A Harvie just released by Aberdeen. Surely not the same player?
  4. GHfaeGTA

    Gary Neville team of the year

    To think most Liverpool fans were seriously questioning the decision to buy him, mainly because he only played for Hull and being Scottish he must be sh**te
  5. GHfaeGTA

    Gary Neville team of the year

    Le Tiss was actually massive Spurs fan as a kid and did have opportunity to join them but turned it down. Wasn’t quite as much money around then either
  6. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He’s still only 16 so as you say long way to go but getting lots of praise on Twitter ; the fans seem to see him as one youth who could go all the way, and despite them always winning FA youth cup, hardly any get anywhere near 1st team
  7. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Don’t think he played at senior level in Italy. Only youth level
  8. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Cracking goal. One of defenders was Ashley Cole and Zlatan also playing for LA Galaxy
  9. GHfaeGTA

    Under 17s

    U19s currently beating Netherlands
  10. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Yes but not from wing back. Playing (attacking) Centre midfield and obviously pretty effective
  11. GHfaeGTA

    Sam Gallagher

    He can’t get in Birmingham starting line up tonight. Can’t be much too shout home about
  12. GHfaeGTA

    McTominay starting again.

    Did nothing and never got into the game. Saying that not one United player got pass marks
  13. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He’s on the bench
  14. GHfaeGTA

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    On bench.McTominay starts
  15. GHfaeGTA

    SSC Renewals

    Home game tickets willl be first come first served are they not? Not based on points?