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  1. If you finish on same points is it goal difference or head to head that counts?
  2. That used to be The Flying Scotsman. Strip club/pub and a real dive. Some change. Popped in when at the last game at Wembley a few years back.
  3. About 40 possibly more watching the first game in the Doghouse in Guernsey. Usually doesn’t open until 4pm on a Monday but they agreed to open at 1pm if we could guarantee 20. Many taking the whole day off and a few meeting for breakfast at 10.30 in a nearby hotel. Should be a good day. Expecting similar numbers for the England game when there will also be many English (and Guerns supporting England) fans in the same pub.
  4. Correct but that player would no doubt be quickly snapped up by Celtic or Rangers then likely be in Scotland squad shortly thereafter.
  5. I doubt it. He’s got a very big game tonight.
  6. No Gilmour tonight not even on bench
  7. Just been named player of the month in the top league in Portugal. Obviously means he is bang in form and not sure many of our squad would get such an award if they were playing at that level, certainly based on their (lack of) form or inactivity due to injury in recent months
  8. What’s the ‘valid’ argument for Burke? He’s injured anyway. And Considine? Surely we will have more than enough centre halves? We need game changers like Gauld especially when it’s looking like touch and go for Fraser.
  9. It’s my understanding he will name 26 on Wednesday but can name players in a standby list if he wants to
  10. I read somewhere that Belgium had named 11 players on a standby list
  11. He’s worth nothing at present because he’s out of contract so will go on a free
  12. How can he do that? Friendlies bot until after 1 June. My understanding was that it was the final 26 man squad that gets picked on Wed. Alternatively does he pick say 30, go on training camp then reduce to 26 on 1 June?
  13. Not starting at best he will be on the bench
  14. And a surprise to United fans too. Chalmers has actually been back fit for a few weeks now but for some reason he has stayed on the bench to the major surprise of the fans. We look much more threatening with Appere and Chalmers playing. 18 year old Archie Meekison also scored on his first start and looks decent. Promise for next season if Mellon shows more trust in the youth. Motherwell came back for a draw after these 3 had been subbed.
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