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  1. If that’s correct then it’s a crazy rule. If he hadnt blatantly handled it, they wouldn’t have scored
  2. Move to Scotland! Apparently he’s on £2m a year
  3. Injured mainly at Hibs. Certainly not match fit. Re MLS, money talks
  4. GHfaeGTA


    No recognised striker in team?
  5. Agreed. Only reason there is no other left back in squad is because not required with Robertson and Tierney. I doubt we’ll see Taylor again unless lots of injuries. He isnt very good in my opinion and certainly not international standard. Gauld on the other hand is not ‘flavour of the month’. He has been consistent very good last two seasons in Portugal, especially last season and is now getting rave reviews in MLS. In my view he at least deserves a squad place at least to see how he does. With Armstrong not having played all season and Fraser hardly at all, this would have been a good opportunity
  6. What examples do you have of those picked based on being ‘flavour of the month’?
  7. Christie should be playing at a higher level and he may well be next season
  8. If McGregor not fit then likely McTominay plays midfield and with Hanley suspended, and Gallagher dropped, it’s a surprise Souttar is not in the squad. Likewise with Armstrong injured and Fraser too, surprised someone like Gauld not included.
  9. A few of us going to the Autumn International v South Africa at 1pm on Saturday 13 November and have one spare ticket for the West Stand. Will sell for what I paid. I believe the game is already sold out. Any takers?
  10. Unfortunately I think he will be sold long before he reaches Patterson’s current age. Let’s hope he picks the right club to develop in the right way. He certainly has massive potential. 16 but played like a 25 year old. Also Played Right back against Dundee to become youngest ever United player in a Dundee derby but CB is his best position but not many will play CB at Parkhead at 16 and not look out of place.
  11. Nah it was Souness in 1986. Jordan last scored in 1984. He was playing for Southampton in 1986
  12. 3 Scots in CL squads tonight. Without a Scottish club playing can’t have happened often in recent times
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