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  1. Chelsea scored 2 late goals and then won on penalties. Game , (I only saw second half) seemed to pass him by but they are through to the semi to face Barca so another good test to come for Gilmour at this level
  2. Gilmour currently playing in Youth League against Dynamo Zagreb live on BT. Dynamo 2 nil up and looking far better than Chelsea. Has hardly had a look in. He looks a bit lightweight and on this showing nowhere near first team and nowhere near full international standard - yet
  3. Hi Davey what time do the stewards need to arrive? Asking for Stewart , steward on bus 2
  4. Don’t think I would trust McGinn as a defender. Is Shinnie left footed?
  5. Tierney now out. FFS. Who plays left back now?
  6. 9 of us arriving Bologna around 6pm on the Friday and staying the night before heading to Rimini on Saturday so it seems quite a lot of TA out and about in Bologna on the Friday
  7. Is McKenna out? If so Souttar likely to play before Findlay
  8. Russell scores last night. Now a very long trip for him
  9. I think the results of German clubs in champions league recently shows how the top German teams compare to England. On that basis Bundesliga 2 must be pretty poor
  10. I assume you mean those who have been selected for pick up?
  11. Plead with Snodgrass or even Ritchie. Morgan not good enough
  12. Does MCLeish not make proper enquiries? Why is he not in the squad?
  13. Surely with Fraser not able to play and also Snodgrass for whatever reason, Matt Ritchie should be in squad or has he jacked it in too?
  14. Matt Phillips injured? Snodgrass finished with Scotland?
  15. Harry just been nominated for League One player of month and all Fleetwood fans seem to really rate him. A 6ft 7 CF who can play football is potentially a big loss. This suggests that Scotland has shown no recent interest despite him previously playing for U 17a and U 19s.
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