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  1. CAT

    Wizz Air

    Wizz Air currently offer flights from Luton to Moscow £112.00. Outbound Tuesday 08 October then return Saturday 12 October. Now that’s a fantastic price! Cat
  2. CAT

    Russian visa

    We now have our Russian visas and I think that too much effort went into the application. I served in the British military for 22 years and had concerns about my application. Went to the Russian Visa Application Centre on Fountain Street, Manchester last Thursday. It has a grand title, but in reality it is a single office measuring approximately 6m by 3m with 2 Russian gents sitting behind a desk each. There’s seating round the wall to take your turn to see the gents. The application was tedious and the details they checked was that we had transferred our passport details correctly onto their application form. They also inspected that the letter of invitation was correct. He never looked at the last 10 countries visited or previous employment, family details or much else. During our 30 minutes in the office we overheard some of the pit falls of other applicants. One guy never put his middle name on the form and was applying for a 31 day visa not a 30 day visa. He was told to go away and amend the form and return at a later date. Another family had passport photos that had no resemblance to their present day looks. They also got invited to return at a later date. I believe that it’s a money making venture and only certain details have to be correct on your application form. Our passports were returned yesterday, so it only took a week.
  3. It’s my understanding that we’ll play Finland at home during March 2020 for a play off final place. The other semi-final is currently Norway v Serbia. All teams are subject to change, if any of the 4 qualify automatically from their current group. If Scotland qualify for the final and a chance of a Euro 2020 final place, home advantage for that final will be determined by the toss of a coin after the 2 finalists are confirmed. This would give us a few days to organise flights and accommodation, if we won the semi-final and then got drawn away. Have I interpreted the information correctly? Cat
  4. Did you have to present any further documentation like travel insurance when you submitted your visa application? I am heading to Manchester next Thursday to apply for my Russian visa.
  5. CAT


    As mentioned in a previous post. I also believe the game will be played in Astana for the following reasons. Almaty has an old communist style stadium with only a main stand and the other 3 sides open. There’s also a running track and I very much doubt, looking at pictures of the stadium it has underground heating. Their climate would not guarantee them being able to host a game in Almaty. They play the odd game in Almaty but not normal during March or November. The stadium in Astana is new with a retractable roof and an artificial surface. It could stage a game all year round. The hosts wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves with UEFA by having a game called off in Almaty, when they already have an ideal stadium in Astana. This is why I am convinced the game will be in Astana and the have told UEFA them can host a home game during March. Its also the first game of their campaign and will want to give themselves the best opportunity to have a positive start. They play Russia at home 3 days after our game. I have talked myself into believing the game will be in Astana and have booked my flights! Cat
  6. Do any regular visitors to Russia have any top tips regarding visa applications? It appears you have to submit your finger prints as part of the visa application, prior to travelling. Thanks, Cat
  7. All details for the bus have now been confirmed and will leave from Hotel Colosseo at 1100. Final list of passengers as detailed in my post on 31 August. There will be a stop at Tirana airport after the match. Cat
  8. When using an ATM in Albania, do you get the option to withdraw LEK or €?
  9. The Solway Tartan Army bus is now fully booked. 25 x Solway Tartan Army 11 x Rampant Lions (Alex and George) 6 x Diamonddave 4 x Graeme Clark 2 x Steven McD All bookings are confirmed and all payments have been received. Cat
  10. We can stop at the airport on the return journey. There will be no extra cost for the slight detour.
  11. HI, I will check with the bus company if the airport drop off is a possibility. The contract for the bus has already been signed. If they’re happy to do it at no additional cost, then the bus can drop you off at the airport. I will get in touch bus company, to see what they say. Regards, Cat
  12. Updated list for the bus and all payments are confirmed. Solway Tartan Army x 25 Steve McD x 2 Graeme Clark x 3 See original post for full details of the bus. Thanks, Cat
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