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  1. The Solway Tartan Army bus is now fully booked. 25 x Solway Tartan Army 11 x Rampant Lions (Alex and George) 6 x Diamonddave 4 x Graeme Clark 2 x Steven McD All bookings are confirmed and all payments have been received. Cat
  2. We can stop at the airport on the return journey. There will be no extra cost for the slight detour.
  3. HI, I will check with the bus company if the airport drop off is a possibility. The contract for the bus has already been signed. If they’re happy to do it at no additional cost, then the bus can drop you off at the airport. I will get in touch bus company, to see what they say. Regards, Cat
  4. Updated list for the bus and all payments are confirmed. Solway Tartan Army x 25 Steve McD x 2 Graeme Clark x 3 See original post for full details of the bus. Thanks, Cat
  5. The Solway Tartan Army are running a matchday bus with toilet from Tirana to Shkoder then returning back to Tirana immediately after the match. The bus will leave from Hotel Colosseo, Rruga e Durresit, Tirana at 1100. The bus driver will take a rest stop at a service station then we arrive in Shkoder at approximately 1300. The bus will park at the stadium car park then it's a short walk into the city centre. The bus will remain at the stadium for the return journey pick up. There are 24 seats available at a cost of £8.00 each. PM or mikeewilson@hotmail.com for payment details. Regards, Cat
  6. CAT

    Gonna miss this place

    Sad news indeed. Thanks to the MODS and Admin for your efforts over the years. The down turn in traffic has been compounded due to having only 2 away games this year. When we had 6 last year. Over the years the TAMB has saved me a lot of money with good travel advice and it has been nice to see like minded people helping each other out. I for one, would be more than happy to pay an annual subscription to maintain the existing TAMB or contribute to a new project. I would be happy to "spend money to save money" in the long run.
  7. delboy

    Hi mate 

    There is a possibility one of our games might not get in time for bus to game , can o send me your mobile so i can contact you , we may make our own wy down but dinately need bus back 





    1. CAT


      No problem. Can you let me know tomorrow, if you require the seats to Trnava?




  8. Pay via PayPal. See original post for details. Can you let me know when the transfer has taken place. I'll then confirm your booking.



  9. Cat, any more seats going? Just the one ticket please - nae mates!


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    2. CAT


      I see on the TAMB you are still looking for a seat on another bus.

      Do you still require a seat to the game?


    3. neilypiece


      Hey Cat!

      Apologies! Just the one seat! When I messaged you the other night my laptop died on me and I wasn't sure if the message had gotten through as I couldn't find the thread afterwards!

      No, I just need the one seat so please reserve just the one for me and I'll see in Munchies the day of the game!



    4. CAT


      Ok, see you in September.


  10. CAT

    Manchester Aiport

    Be aware there are 3 terminals at Manchester airport. If you need to move between terminals check out the Manchester airport website for the layout of the terminals.