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  1. Willie Miller's tache

    Portugal match thread

    7.45 ko
  2. Willie Miller's tache

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    Only one I could find too - thanks anyway!
  3. Willie Miller's tache

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    All 10 outfield players looked knackered from the off. Mcgregor was calling for water from the bench after only 10 mins. They were so slow in getting up the park - Israel were back in numbers before we even had a single forward in the box. Listless performance - in total contrast to the performance v Albania where the same 11 and same formation played with energy. Shouldn’t be too surprised though - 5 hour flight the day before the game and a 2 hour coach journey is no way for professional players to prepare for an international fixture. Beyond me why they didn’t travel on Tuesday then have a light training session on Wednesday in the same climate as they were due to play in. SFA saving the costs of additional night’s accommodation in Israel?! Can’t be a conincidence that all 10 outfield players played badly. I’m not convinced about mcleish either but bad management had nothing to do with the shabolic defending which led to souttar’s red. Anybody got got an email address for the SFA?
  4. Willie Miller's tache

    FAO The Boycott Israel Brigade

    I thought Tel Aviv was stunning and the locals v hospitable. Jaffa was particularly impressive and the beach & warm sea were amazing. Only downside (apart from the fitba of course!) was that it was on the pricey side but that was only really on the beach front, which I suppose is what you expect when you go anywhere coastal. Will go again and visit Jerusalem next time
  5. Willie Miller's tache

    Transport from Airport to Tel Aviv

    Yes, but there’s a free shuttle service
  6. Willie Miller's tache

    league cup

    Like many others who have already commented, I think the SPFL have cocked this one up. However, I believe the real turd in the hamper here is UEFA with their stupid Thursday night rule for Europa cup matches because Tuesday & Wednesday is reserved for their precious champions league. I notice a few Europa cup games occasionally get played on Tuesday or Wednesday (possibly to avoid 2 Europa cup games taking place in the same city in the same evening). Perhaps Celtic or rangers could arrange, with the sacred UEFA’s permission, to reschedule one or both of their Europa games to Tuesday or Wednesday. I daresay Dynamo Poznan or whoever they’re playing wouldn’t mind. Then we wouldn’t have this debacle of trying to shoehorn in 2 games on a Sunday.
  7. Willie Miller's tache

    Israel tickets on sale

    So, what chances for a zero pointer?
  8. Willie Miller's tache

    St Faddy De Paris 11 years ago today

    Yep, couldn’t use stade de France because of rugby World Cup. Probably just as well - don’t think a march to st Denis would’ve been a goer
  9. Willie Miller's tache

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    What did you see on the 7th occasion? I’ve been to Wembley quite a few times but only for football. Quite impressive due its size but I think that big middle tier for corporates spoils it a bit. I prefer the millennium in Cardiff and that stadium in Dortmund we’ve been to. btw anybody know how I get rid of this fucking annoying Samsung ad taking up the bottom half of my phone screen?
  10. Willie Miller's tache

    Englands Perfect Storm

    Correct. Portsmouth, Brighton and Herne Bay are alll in the south of England too
  11. Willie Miller's tache

    Russia 2018

    Glad to see the English boys have made up. Thought we were going to see England fans square goin each other on the TAMB. Whatever next!
  12. Willie Miller's tache

    Russia 2018

    The difference is that was isolated incident, whereas the English fans consistently cause trouble when there is a big game on, win or lose. Something about them always wanting to antagonise. V weird and uptight behaviour
  13. Willie Miller's tache

    Russia 2018

    Likewise. Massive relief. Had a nightmare they would win the whole thing after they beat Colombia. Will sleep well tonight
  14. Willie Miller's tache

    Russia 2018

    Lovren’s shit at football.
  15. Willie Miller's tache

    Russia 2018

    Surely France will put these lot away? Please