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  1. Boca v river plate, galatasary v fenerbahce and dortmund v Schalke. I understand the krakow derby can be quite intense as well.
  2. That’s exactly what I thought. Psychopathic almost. There’s no doubt he had a v difficult early life but you just wonder if things would have worked out differently for his brother (the one person who had been with him from the start) if he had treated him a bit better
  3. My brother supports for hartlepool for some bizarre reason (ok, when he was about 5 listening to Frank bough reading out the classifieds, he was convinced he was saying “hairy poo United”. Naturally, he found it hilarious and has been an ardent supporter since - ~45 years). Anyway, I’ve been to a fair few away games with him and about 90% of the songbook is about their hatred for darlo, ranging from their dodgy chairman to their botched and embarrassing attempt to sign asprilla. Tbh, I don’t think there’s much, if any, by way of their own past glories for ‘pool fans to sing about. Getting to the giddy heights of the league 1 play off final seems a v long time ago now
  4. Quite a few decent films shown by BT sports recently. Liked the ones about Wimbledon’s rise from non league to FA cup winners in the 80s and Forest being double European cup winners under clough. Will look out for apartheid in South African sport
  5. No. I entered into a contract with an airline to get me from A to B on a specific date and they were unable to fulfil their side of the bargain, albeit due to circumstances outside their control. How the airline uses their income from passengers is a matter for them and nothing to do with the contract. I’m fairly sure I’m due a refund but I’m not a contract lawyer and my question was whether anybody knew anything differently. Some airlines might go bust which makes the offer of a voucher even less attractive. I think the government will provide bail outs though - its not in their interests to allow all the airlines to go bust.
  6. I understand why airlines want to offer vouchers (which will be worthless after they go into administration and then reinvent themselves as “new” airlines) but surely they are legally obliged to refund us in full now. Whilst it may be hard on them at the moment, I cannot see any justification for them keeping our money for flights that they were unable to fulfil, albeit for reasons beyond their control. Anybody know of a reason why that can’t be the case?
  7. Except not everybody’s circumstances are the same. Some clearly have greater cause for concern than others. You either can’t comprehend that or just don’t want to, hence your selfish dismissal of people’s very valid concerns. Grow up and show some compassion.
  8. Someone obscure like that Iranian chap who has scored an absolute rake of goals? Can’t remember his name. Ali something? or Tim Cahill? or someone from the olden days when folk used to play until they were ancient, ie 50s, eg Stanley Matthews
  9. Yes! I had a niggling doubt in the back of my mind when I typed that. Thanks for clarifying and apologies for my gross error. No idea if the GF is still on the go or what happened to WA
  10. Great thread indeed. (Much better than the pish you guys normally bang on about / bicker over 😜) Got Match routinely. League ladders were magic but struggled to keep them up to date by the end of September. Loved the sticker albums. I think the 1986 WC album had weird plastic cards where the corners tucked into slots on the page, rather than stickers. Tried to recreate childhood memories by getting the 2016 Euros sticker album (which was a bit shit because there was no Scotland page) and, to the astonishment of my wife, bought about 500 stickers off amazon then played swaps with a couple of other sad middle aged men at work. Completed the Albania page but hadn’t heard of any of their players. Wasn’t into Roy of the rovers so much but do remember Viz doing a send up of it where Roy is on a night out after winning (of course) and ends up pulling a page 3 girl . “Roy scores for the second time that day”, read the caption. Anyone remember Wee alickie on the back page of the green final? Oor Wullie type character whose mood depended on how Aberdeen got on earlier that day. Great bloke. Remember him being unimpressed when Aberdeen drew 1-1 with 10 man Celtic in the 84 cup final. GF went to press before the dons romped to (yet another) cup final win after extra time. Didn’t like football monthly. IIRC that was the one entirely devoted to English football except for a half page “round up” of Scottish football near the back.
  11. Yep, sorry - I’m another one getting there Euro capitals starting with B mixed up! Good to know we’ve got it narrowed down to just 2 cities
  12. Do we know if the final will definitely be in Oslo / Bucharest? I know we’ve previously played in Molde / Novi sad
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