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  1. The 5th being Steve Clarke? But only half right on the managers..... Thinking it must be another mcleish / miller match near the end of miller’s playing days.
  2. Were the 4 Scotland managers involved Roxburgh, mcleish, strachan and Levein, meaning we’re looking at 1990-92?
  3. He should’ve changed his hairstyle because he got abuse? The bullies win then. Wouldn’t have been my choice of hairstyle but don’t see why he should conform to a so called sensible haircut
  4. That link reminded of that forest player from a few years back, Jason lee
  5. You’re better off finding a pub not showing the game.... Disaster in Astana
  6. Rimini would be the most logical option. Majority of fans are staying there and the SFA’s travel guide suggests they are aware of that. Arranging a pick up in Frankfurt would be pretty daft.
  7. If you have a pick up in an alternative location the day before the game, it reduces the pressure on the matchday pick up by the stadium
  8. Sounds like ticket pick up is outside stadium on matchday only with no option to pick up in Rimini on the Saturday - unless anybody has heard differently?
  9. After an unsuccessful pursuit of a pub showing the big match, Mr Humper slumped back against the wall around the corner from the rangers supporters club, staring at the ground despairingly as he contemplated the rusty nail lying in the gutter......
  10. I thought they would’ve both died on impact with the water and before they had a chance of escaping? Ibbotson’s body presumably dislodged from damaged plane at some point before it sank to the bottom
  11. Hi Davy May I book 3 seats please? Many thanks
  12. I gather Rimini is the nearest airport but hardly any flights go there. Anybody know of other airports which have good connections to SM? And will the game def be in San Marino, rather than somewhere in Italy?
  13. 1-1 v England 1984. McGhee scored for us. Shilton saved the febs’ bacon that day
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