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  1. Doctor: You’ve got to stop masturbating. Patient: But why?? Doctor: Because I’m trying to examine you.
  2. Was that when they ran out and booted the ball away as Brazil were preparing to take a free kick? I gather the Brazilians then fell about laughing at the stupidity of their leopard bearing opponents
  3. Following on from the admiration for Negrete’s goal in 86, I remember Soviet Union scoring a number ridiculously good goals in that World Cup, including a 6-0 routing of Hungary. Igor belanov and vasily rats (great name) amongst the scorers. Can anyone remember an international team having anything on the front of their shirts before the soviets’ “CCCP”? I think wee numbers on the front came in for Euro 92 or WC94
  4. Being deleterious certainly is a reason to ban something, or at least consider banning it. Driving is a necessity of modern life and the vast majority of journeys undertaken do not result in death or injury. The purpose of boxing is to repeatedly hit your opponent in the head until you knock them out. We shouldn’t be surprised at the incidences of brain injury / death. Promote martial arts instead. Far more useful in a ficht anyway. Smoking should be banned too. Only reason it isn’t is that people have been doing it for years and certain people make an awful lot of money out of it (a bit like boxing). If smoking never existed but someone invented it today, no way it would be allowed.
  5. Good man. Only the bookies win in the end and there’s far more important things in life to spend your money on, as you well know
  6. Either way, his name is surely all over the ballon d’or!
  7. Sorry - just seen this. I’m listening to it via the bbc website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/49078351 Seems to work fine. Need to register to prove you’ve got a tv licence. Otherwise, it’s fine
  8. No, he’s a verbal obliterator! And generally too busy to tap out long mundane posts on some stupid internet chat room for football fans, apparently
  9. Absolutely. He was completely tedious and the TAMB is better off without him
  10. The 5th being Steve Clarke? But only half right on the managers..... Thinking it must be another mcleish / miller match near the end of miller’s playing days.
  11. Were the 4 Scotland managers involved Roxburgh, mcleish, strachan and Levein, meaning we’re looking at 1990-92?
  12. He should’ve changed his hairstyle because he got abuse? The bullies win then. Wouldn’t have been my choice of hairstyle but don’t see why he should conform to a so called sensible haircut
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