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  1. Is there a risk of us drawing the unseeded Italy if things stay as they are??!!
  2. The Thai surgeons are the best at this sort of thing, apparently
  3. So no direct response from Ms Sturgeon to my email as of yet but it would seem it has prompted her to effectively delay the passport scheme until after the Israel match: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58721564
  4. I’m very pleased you raised this because I am in exactly the same position (and I daresay plenty of others are too). Recent BBC article says: “The government said it was working to ensure that the system would work for people across the UK, while also considering how to verify the vaccine status of non-UK residents.” So it seems they are working on it. Let’s hope they have successfully done so by 9 October. In the meantime, I have taken the advice of the other responder to your post and asked Nicola: FirstMinister@gov.scot Will let you know what she says….
  5. Totally agree but would add that engurlund fans are almost as bad when they win. A weird, uptight bunch who don’t know how to enjoy themselves.
  6. I know. Takes a good 5 mins these days for it to sink in we’ve actually scored!
  7. A draw against the febs is ordinarily a good result but can’t help think they were there for the taking. Shouldn’t complain I suppose
  8. Need gilmour to put his foot on the ball in the midddle of the park. Mcginn unusually quiet?
  9. Mcginn should’ve got rid of that rather than wait for the foul (that wasn’t given)
  10. I really hope he brings on gilmour rather than mcgregor if the midfield needs changing at some stage.
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