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  1. No. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/#category=nations&map=rate Even by the suspect way the UK govt. count the data: England - 32,979 death. Population 56million = 589 deaths per million Scotland - 2,273 deaths. Population 5.5 million = 418 deaths per million. Still horrific.
  2. The French government have taken the decision away from the football authorities and announced that season 19/20 is over. The league body will however get to decide whether to call or void the season. Not sure how UEFA will like the political involvement.
  3. Unless the new TV deal was signed in the last three weeks, there should be a force majeure clause - rendering the contractual August start unenforceable. Then, legally there can’t be any penalties. I’m involved in renegotiating several contracts at the moment and you also mention ‘other contractual reasons’. What are they? IMO... This season should be concluded - whenever that is.
  4. Even training can’t take place before that date. Mid-July at the earliest before matches.
  5. I suspect you're correct, but using the bizarre logic of all female short lists, should we have all straight short lists in order to address the over-representation of gays?
  6. 22 games then split is probably the best option if we're shortenings the season. The league cup could also be binned for a year if need be. Loads of options domestically. The trickiest bit for me is deciding who the representatives would be for the 20/21 European competitions. The qualifying rounds would likely commence before the current domestic season is completed. I suppose the European qualifying rounds could be single matches - home advantage decided by the toss of a coin - which could delay the point they need to start by a month or so.
  7. Agreed. Finishing the season at some point is a must and with the English, Spanish and Italian leagues are already pushing for that. It's easy to shorten the next domestic season to suit. Transfer windows should cease for a year or so - go back to the old system temporarily.
  8. Who knows if there will even be European competitions next season - at least in the current format. The government advises that peak infection is 10-14 weeks away, suggesting it will be six months before we are back to infection levels as low as they are today. The early qualifying rounds could well be too soon.
  9. You're being way too harsh on AJ. Dodging the best boxers? Out of the current Ring top ten heavyweights AJ has fought four (Ruiz, Povetkin, Parker and Whyte, Wilder has fought two (Ortiz and Fury) and Fury has only fought Wilder. Heavyweights mostly all get knocked down at some point, but it's how they respond that is key. AJ put in a superb, intelligent performance in the re-match against Ruiz - regardless how overweight Ruiz was. You mention the shaky moments against Klitschko and Whyte - fights which AJ won. He's avenged everything in the ring. My money would still be on Fury though.
  10. min

    Play off tickets

    It's already been tested. Rangers inexplicably got the Aberdeen end when we met in last seasons league cup semi...
  11. Now confirmed that a section of Ibrox will have to close. SFA/SPFL take note.
  12. Even the first round (and preliminary round!) CL losers get parachuted in. Crazy! It's about to get worse when Europa League 2 starts in a couple of years. Will then be able to parachute down through the whole system...
  13. The meteorological summer is 1st June - 31st August. It's the astronomers that get fussed about soltices and equinoxes. I prefer the June - August definition.
  14. Just voted - the only voter in the entire hall. Brexit voters will be far more motivated to vote than most others. Scotland prediction: SNP - 33% Brexit - 19% Labour - 16% LD - 11% Tory - 10% Green - 9% Other - 2% Think that would equate to 3 x SNP seats, 1 x Brexit, 1 x Labour and 1 x LD.
  15. A repeat of 2014 then. 108,000 wasted Green votes. SNP limited to two seats and UKIP/Brexit take the final seat.
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