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  1. min

    Play off tickets

    It's already been tested. Rangers inexplicably got the Aberdeen end when we met in last seasons league cup semi...
  2. Now confirmed that a section of Ibrox will have to close. SFA/SPFL take note.
  3. Even the first round (and preliminary round!) CL losers get parachuted in. Crazy! It's about to get worse when Europa League 2 starts in a couple of years. Will then be able to parachute down through the whole system...
  4. The meteorological summer is 1st June - 31st August. It's the astronomers that get fussed about soltices and equinoxes. I prefer the June - August definition.
  5. Just voted - the only voter in the entire hall. Brexit voters will be far more motivated to vote than most others. Scotland prediction: SNP - 33% Brexit - 19% Labour - 16% LD - 11% Tory - 10% Green - 9% Other - 2% Think that would equate to 3 x SNP seats, 1 x Brexit, 1 x Labour and 1 x LD.
  6. A repeat of 2014 then. 108,000 wasted Green votes. SNP limited to two seats and UKIP/Brexit take the final seat.
  7. One from Larnaca please. Cheers.
  8. Pretty sure the Hibs guard of honour at Pittodrie was in 83 - three days after Gothenburg. A crazy day I remember well. Fans and players still buzzing after the midweek, a chance of winning the league that day (albeit slim), a routine 5-0 win and nobody being too bothered when the other results didn't go our way.
  9. Travel will not be a problem. It'll be easier for Cove to get to all League Two grounds than to Wick, Brora or Fort William.
  10. There's also the small matter of £250k difference in prize money between 3rd and 4th. Think Killie deserve it and will get there, but hope not!
  11. He even had a dog race named after him last weekend... http://www.gbgb.org.uk/resultsRace.aspx?id=2195494
  12. The synthetic component of a hybrid pitch is basically all below the surface. The playing surface itself is grass. Celtic Park and Murrayfield certainly have one and for some reason I think Hearts laid one last close season? A hybrid pitch is also currently being installed at the new Aberdeen training facility to exactly replicate the future stadium pitch.
  13. Pretty sure the proposed FieldTurf pitch at Kilmarnock is 100% plastic - not hybrid.
  14. min

    Tennis 2019

    Masterclass from Djokovic. On that performance a calendar slam would be a good bet.
  15. min

    Tennis 2017

    Really gutted for him. He's provided many of my best sporting memories over the last 12 years or so. Lots of late nights / early mornings keeping track. A sad way to end - he's obviously in agony and shouldn't play at all in Australia - but what a legacy to leave!
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