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  1. Basic Scottish booster info. in the dashboard vaccinations tab: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/phs.covid.19/viz/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview 457,915 doses up to yesterday.
  2. I can now only access the TAMB on my work laptop and even then only through Microsoft Edge browser. No access at all on phone (wifi or 4G) and ipad. It's been like that for a few weeks now (apart from a couple of days when even the laptop couldn't connect). I'm sure many now have no access.
  3. Yes, get an instant text and e-mail.
  4. https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result I log 2 LFT's each week. Straightforward enough, once registered just scan the unique QR code on the test kit you've just used and advise of the result.
  5. Got my 2nd AZ jab yesterday - exactly 10 weeks since the 1st. Thankfully not the same reaction this time!
  6. I think the Brexit effect will be small compared to the Anyone but SNP effect. Serious tactical voting in play.
  7. Not sure about a high vote leave? Aberdeen was 61% remain - almost the same as the Scottish average. A 6.2% swing from SNP to Tory in Donside is worrying.
  8. And they will be revised, but a quick look at the strategic framework update document suggests the levels will be tightened if anything. Example - to be in level 1, the case criteria was previously 20-75 weekly cases/100k it will now be <20 weekly cases /100k.
  9. I think there's more than a couple of weeks difference with regard to a pint. All being well, Scotland could move down to level 3 restrictions during the last week in April - no alcohol anywhere in level 3!
  10. Including the Scottish cup. I wouldn't be surprised if the Championship is also suspended as all clubs are now be required to undertake weekly PCR testing to continue.
  11. The feature is about 28:15 in on iPlayer. Unmistakable.
  12. Some truly depressing statistics today. In amongst it all, one figure stands out to me - new infections: https://data.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/detail.html#new_infections With a mean estimate of 12,050 new infections per day against actual positive tests of 1,429 on 14th of October (both figures will have risen since then), how effective can contact tracing be when 7/8 of cases go undetected?
  13. If it’s so easy to understand, how come during the Aberdeen spike I couldn’t travel the 10 miles or so into the city to visit my brother for the whole 3 weeks. Similarly, he couldn’t take to the hills during that period. Neither of those activities sparked the outbreak. Why were those restrictions placed in Aberdeen, but not Glasgow? There’s a real perception of unfairness and inconsistencies and I can understand why.
  14. I hope you're right - particularly with the tie being in Aberdeen! The Portuguese league doesn't start until 20th if September and the Dutch league just a week earlier. Hopefully their not fully up to speed. The Viking game could also go either way.
  15. It'll be worse next season! They'll get pumped out of the champions league qualifiers -> a second bite in the Europa League -> pumped out of Europa League -> a third bite in the Europa Conference League -> …………...
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