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  1. Brilliant!!! Hopefully we can control the game from the start, play our own passing game and not be dragged down to their level.
  2. Need a wee rendition of 'England get battered everywhere they go, England get battered everywhere they go, everywhere they go, 1 2 3 4 etc'
  3. Tierney sat down on the pitch with a few minutes remaining. Was then replaced by Taylor. Seemed to walk off fine and hopefully it was not any type of injury.
  4. Not used the parking sites before. Parking is restricted around a radius of Hampden. Plenty free parking out with these zones but traffic can be a nightmare after the game depending on where you park. I parked around Menock Road area of Kings Park for the Armenia game due to train strikes and took me well over an hour to get back onto M74
  5. Hoping Tierney will be okay for Saturday. Possibly Fraser starts with Armstrong on bench and being more direct, hopefully take the game to Ireland and be on the front foot from the get go.
  6. First half was quite forgettable. We huffed and puffed without creating anything of note but what a difference in the 2nd half. A tackle from Hendry seemed to spark the us in the crowd into life and suddenly we were in their faces, winning everything and taking control. We pressed everything and Ukraine looked less than ordinary due to the shift the boys were putting in. McGinn, once again taking the game by the scruff of the neck with his never give in foraging, typified by his goal. Adams put in a great performance and worthy of a goal. Armstrong could've had a hat trick. Fraser brought a different energy to the game and replaced Christie who was up and down the pitch trying to spark us into life. Dykes doing what he does best. Overall a great team performance and gives Clarke a few decisions to make for Saturday. Perfect confidence builder against a decent side. Bring on the Irish!
  7. First home game since the passing of Andy Goram. Hope he gets a mention prior to kick off. I'd suggest a phone torch/light tribute on 43 minutes (43 caps) if there isn't any from SFA
  8. JD Sports are the exclusive retail partners. It's usually their stall outside West Stand as you approach from Mount Florida
  9. I'll be at Hampden for the game but just noticed it's supposed to be live on ITV4
  10. If England lose away to Italy in their next Nations League game they are relegated.
  11. Glad Adams got a well deserved goal and almost a second if it weren't for a great save from their keeper. Adams has run himself ragged in the last few games, making good runs off the ball but has not been getting the service. Still not getting why Clarke keeps playing McTominay in defence? Back 3 very shaky in the beginning and felt we controlled a lot of the early exchanges but Armenia caused problems with the long ball over the top. Should have won by a bigger margin in the end but won't get greedy.
  12. This sums it up. Worrying that we couldn't muster a performance against an Ireland team struggling for form following on from a very disappointing performance against Ukraine. The players must take the blame but it's the manager who gives the tactics/instructions. That said, I do think Clarke his it within him to bring us better days and cannot think of anyone better placed at this time. Just hard to watch him on the touchline with his hands behind his back when he has the power to change things.
  13. It's not giving the impression that you are happy to accept defeat. As a manager, he has the ability to tweak the formation, tactics and make changes. Today, similar to the Ukraine game there seemed to be nothing to get the players going. I think the players are at fault as they are the ones on the pitch but the buck stops with the manager. Yes, Clarke has been really good but I want too see a bit more leadership and encouragement when we need it.
  14. Same goes for the players, not only the manager. They should be on at each other to get stuck in. Work as a team and not individuals. We seem to hide when the chips are down.
  15. No, not at all. Needs to lead by example. On the outside, displays no passion and seems a bit detached from what we are going through and watching. Lead and others will follow. Where's the buy in? As a player you look across and manager shows nothing? I would want a manager who wears it on his sleeve....whether that be win, lose or draw but go down fighting. Do not stand back and accept a dire, second rate performance.
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