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  1. Now, as much I will like this topic, most of us will be thinking of incidents for the positive, but there would have been numerous gone against us also - we nee dot remember those.
  2. You and I have a far differing view on what is considered stonewall. -
  3. Your absolutely right there, either way cannot be dogmatic and a retake is the fairest option. VAR needs refinement, a valid question - is the temporary time to iron out issues worth what we experienced in years gone by without VAR in any fashion? I think of only a few controversial incidents in previous tournament and here we are not even out of the the group stages and there are half a dozen already. The men's world cup last year had VAR but I don't remembering it being like this. Tennis uses it's video refereeing quite well, I hear Ice Hockey has controversy quite often. I think power needs to be with the ref's and they are given discretion when to call on VAR. And perhaps, a team is given one call per half that don't rollover. Is this getting silly?
  4. Retaking the pen is already happening and yes they stress the rule but a yellow also, seems silly, on the retake you have the keeper in a frame of mind that they must not mess up, if they do and save it, its a 2nd yellow and I am off, PLUS having to deal with the mental state of trying to save a penalty. In the case of France, the first pen wasn't even on target so the keeper coming off the line, could be argued had no bearing on the miss and they get a second chance. I watched Argentina play last night, and their keeper did save the pen and I was eagle eyed on his feet to see how it would be handled by that ref. His strategy seemed to be fall forward and then pounce and he saved it.
  5. I agree with this, it ruins the flow of the game. I am just waiting for the first penalty shootout to see how they will handle it, keepers are likely to screw up twice and get two yellows and be off, what a farce.
  6. I was really gutted at the manner in which it all ended. VAR for me, can be debated and yes the initial save broke the rules, but to get a yellow for it and then to have to try and save the penalty, this really puts goalkeepers at at even greater disadvantage than they already are. We should have done better for sure at 3-0 to make changes, we were pressing forward for more goals, then don't make any changes until the 80th odd minute, the penalty claim for me - 8 minutes of VAR drama - clearly their penalty claim was not clear and obvious, and in my understanding of the rules this would not be a penalty, but that's the referee's call. It seems harsh to me, even before the VAR stuff, that we are making a substitution and the ref allows a free kick to take place when the 4th official hadn't allowed our player on the park, you can see the replay the lassie is running from the other side of the park whilst play is taking place for seconds, then there is the extra time blunder - 8 minutes account for the penalty stuff alone never mind all of the regular stoppages so when the board goes up at 94 minutes of 4 minutes of extra time essentially meaning the game is over - this is travesty. Even for the Argentinians if I put my neutral hat on, they would would be buzzing for a 4th goal and make their destiny certain. It was clear to me the referee did not stamp her authority on the game and after the VAR drama she likely just wanted to be off the park, so blew the whistle far too early. So yes, we could have done better against Eng;land or Japan PERHAPS, but two losses against two better teams setup the last game as our cup final, their first two goals - no complaints or claims of conspiracy but the manner of the 3rd seems hard to take. Plus, the VAR referee's were German I believe, which I am not accusing them of cheating but German are set to be affected by the outcome of that game, I think clearly there are procedural things with VAR that need major work. Perhaps the referee's have a time limit on the decision, if they can't decide after 3 minutes then they go with the info they have gleaned.
  7. Their 2nd goal was fair enough, but the pen - the goalkeepers are already at a disadvantage in pens, they retake, she gets a yellow - its messed up. There should have been 10 minute of extra time, if the game kicked off again it should have went to atleast 112 mins on the clock based on all of the free kicks AND the penalty mess. I am in shock. Seems like a conspiracy to me .
  8. The argies are not fit, and are fading the last 10 mins. I'll feel better we get a 2nd.
  9. The England game has come and gone, no point the coach dwelling on it, she needs to motivate her players that it is still a possibility to progress, but if you say the next two games are must win - then that is an option but the pressure on the players at that point ramps up considerably. Seems a stretch to conclude her quote equates to a strategy going into the tournament not to bother in one or more of the games, you can go ahead and read that but I don't see that at all.
  10. You heard one of the players say this, what was said exactly and by who?
  11. So it looks like we are through with a win unless Cameroon or New Zealand and Chile or Thailand both overcome larger goal difference than ours, we are through to the 2nd round, is that correct? Even Group C does not look settled as better tan us with a win, so we have three groups that could be worse than us IF we beat the Argies.
  12. This is a really interesting thread, Arbroath how did you research this info?
  13. I just went to read the articles at the Daily Record and I am frankly shocked at the negativity surrounding Clarke's appointment. I think there were many positives last night, we had a good solid shape Belgium had to work hard for their win. We wont always play how we did last night, and Clarke had the sense to change the formation and tactics to suit the opposition. Doesn't feel good to loss, but feels good to know it wont be the same team setup the same way every game.
  14. 4 points v Russia, and amazingly 0 points would do it. Russia have to go away to Cyprus yet and as do we.
  15. I am not expecting anything from today, it's the two games v Russia that matter most. We ideally need either to beat Russia twice or get 4 points and a draw at one of the games v Belgium. There isn't any pressure fae me for tonight. Hoping to avoid an embarrassing score line. And realistically, I'm looking ahead to the play offs as I cannot see us doing the business against Russia but at least we will try.
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