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  1. romanticscot

    Scotland Podcast

    Its fantastic, I am glad there are other people who know about it.
  2. romanticscot

    Scottish player transfers

    I felt there was a spell of 1-2 years where Hartley was our best player also. I cant remember exactly, I think it was when McFadden was going through a wasteful spell and in my opinion was playing with a lazy attitude. It is amazing to think that we are talking about events 10-12 years ago, time really has flown by. Our EURO 2008 campaign was remarkable, our squad was really strong then, one thing it shows is the importance of getting our campaign off to go a good start - EURO 2010 we had 4 points in first 4 games.
  3. romanticscot

    2018 MVP

    Sorry man I live in America now so it seems natural for me, but regardless whats wrong with calling it MVP?
  4. Who is our most improved this year or who is the player that has been the find of the year. This can include domestic form.
  5. romanticscot

    2018 MVP

    Who is our MVP for 2018
  6. romanticscot

    2018 year in review

    Can someone else add some more poll - most improved player of 2018 - My nominees are Scott McKenna, James Forrest, Ryan Christie, anyone else we want to add? 2018 MVP - James Forrest, Andy Robertson, Callum McGregor, Allan McGregor, Ryan Fraser
  7. romanticscot

    2018 year in review

    Can we get some polls going
  8. romanticscot

    Scotland away top

    Or...get an imitation from DH Gate I bought the home top, it was made small so I gave it to a mate but I could not tell the difference in quality.
  9. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    What is a new feeling is some enthusiasm and excitement has crept in. I will admit, the last 15 years have been grim, and in more recent times I have found myself looking back, watching highlights of past glory's, collecting old jerseys and listening to podcast with our heroes of yesteryear but there is a definite swing in my mindset to being more positive and excited. I actually beleive we will make 2nd in our group and its not based on a false hope, I think we are the 2nd best team and we will perform well.
  10. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    Those middle home games need to be at capacity. I've looked at the calendar to see if I could make then myself. I am rellishing the thought of this group, and as far as I know there are no dates for any foolish friendlies between now and the end of June - the World Cup qualifying groups are drawn next summer. I wonder what our chances of being a pot 2 team for that draw, does anyone know?
  11. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    That's good. I honestly don't know how coach's prepare for double headers, they have to do prep for both games before either have begun. I also guess it depends on their mindset to the game - some coach's would set up their team regardless of the opposition, and others would respond to the other team.
  12. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    I can't say I agree with holding ourselves back in a competitive game to be fresh against the Russians. In my opinion, we have given opposition teams far too much respect when they were there for the taking - Ireland and Poland are two examples I can think of. I get it, Belgium are part of the elite, but we need to fight in every game and give it our best. Our best MAY involve scraping a draw but so be it, I would rather we gave it our best and had no regrets than the typical IF only we had that one game go our way. I am hoping we are more adventurous and take risks than hold back. Personnel will dictate our approach but with pace on the wing and height at the back we have useful tools that can make us a chore to beat.
  13. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    Wales and perhaps Rep Ireland have beaten Belgium in competitive matches I think. They also have the odd draw. Ideally those draws or losses need to involve Scotland.
  14. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    FYI - The average 3rd place team within groups of 6 was 17.6 pts, so the margin between 2nd and 3rd is usually one game and 3 points. We are going to need to match what Russia do against the Tintin's and then beat them at home and try and scrap a draw. This would require a consistency we have rarely shown, but this is what it takes. The ore I look at the fixtures, the more I like it. Having two big home games in a row could be a huge turning point for us. Match day two, Belgium away to Cyprus - I am predicting a draw. After 4 games Belgium on 10 points, Russia and us on 9 points. Those two games in September - wow.
  15. romanticscot

    2020 Draw Thread

    Well, if the last 18 months is anything to go by, our goal scoring has been better in the games we win - we win usually by 2 or 3 goals. Looking at Russia in the World cup with the exception of Saudi Arabia, they won by 1 goal Egypt included 1 OG - well we do have the covered there unfortunately