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  1. This is all a pipe dream, but between now and a potential draw in November 2020 - there are allot of competitive points for us. If we were in the top 20 teams in Europe - we would be in pot 2.
  2. romanticscot


    I believe there already is a EURO 2020 thread, it would be helpful to fuel that discussion.
  3. If Russia get booted then we might take their spot which I cannot see. I reckon there is next to no chance them getting booted. Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Finland. I know which group I would prefer.
  4. Check out that draw boys, that's the best group ever if we are actually to qualify.
  5. Read other sites about it, the BBC article is lacking allot of detail even on no-football matters
  6. UEFA should postpone their.draw.until.after this WADA hearing.
  7. According to what I've read, WADA did not mention then not taking part in major tournaments. Correction BBC made no.mention, but it's there.
  8. This route may be our best hope to qualify.
  9. Griffiths cant be in anyone's starting 11 TODAY as he has no form, but as we are looking ahead to March I would hope he is playing and match sharp with a good goal scoring record between Jan and March - if he does he is in my 11 - I am assuming also he takes a January loan somewhere.
  10. I reckon Griffiths will move in January, it will be a hard decision, he wants to play but Celtic where great to stand by him and I say that as a Don. If he moves in Jan, he has time to get into contention for March.
  11. I'd rather be preparing for the tournament than play offs.
  12. This could be a blooming mess for UEFA if Russia get booted. Sure it might be auto qualification for us, but then who takes our spot in the ploy off as League C winners - Norway, thankfully that game is home advantage already but then they would a random team's instead of us - but come December, Serbia fans have already bought travel, who reimburses that? Travel insurance MAYBE or your out of pocket, then it likely doesn't just have an impact on League C, but definitely B and maybe even up to A. UEFA would bottle this and really who can blame them, the only thing that can stop this is issue an advisory before Friday and advise fans that fixtures would be reviewed in late December pending a review from WADA, then you might have law suits from Russia saying where is our day in court, they are presumed guilty. I cant see UEFA making any ruling against Russia for EURO 2020 but rather the World Cup campaign if this touched football at all.
  13. That would be great if its resolved before the play offs either way. I cant see them being banned from hosting games, think of the impact to the fans but taking part - even that is a long shot to me. Wada meet on Dec 9th then who knows what happens from there.
  14. Any positive outcome for us assumes we dont lose today....
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