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  1. Lets see what the dialogue is with Steven Fletcher, I'd have him over McBurnie in this squad.
  2. He is back I believe, 2 appearances and 1 goal.
  3. Right but he hasn't started any. I reckon he is not match sharp with all of the distractions going on during pre-season.
  4. Yes he made a money move, but he has not started many games or has anything to resemble good form. If he makes it, I wont be complaining, I do want him to do well.
  5. I cam eon to ask the very same thing. I am not expecting any whole sale changes, we may see Griffiths back along with Steven Naismith and Burke and McBurnie to miss out.
  6. We are currently ranked 28 in UEFA, slip any lower and we are in danger of being a group 4 team if we are not already - oh help!!! Assuming there are 9 groups again- we need to be in the top 27.
  7. I like that the runners up in the groups still earn something - dumping all play off berths to the nations league is not something I wanted. It means that with a favorable group we don't have the heart ache at the initial draw thinking well screw it, nations league is our best hope to get to the play off, we can fight for 2nd. Lets face it, if it was Nations League catered for all Play off spots and if we had Spain and the Netherlands in our group I would not be kidding myself that finishing 1st was anything but pure fantasy.
  8. It is now August, any news on when this World Cup qualifying draw may happen? Seeing the post above about how UEFA will incorporate the Nations Leagues makes me thing it wont be until October.
  9. I predict 2-1 over Russia 3-0 loss to Belgium 1-1 draw with Russia The Belgium game, I am glad is 2nd in the next head to head, we don't come off of a heavy loss with spirits low v Russia. And again, I am glad there is a month to prepare for the Russia away game - providing we beat them next month then we just can't lose, Russia v Belgium is a game which could totally undermine our hard work, if that were to happen, unless we come away with 6 points against Russia then we are screwed and its all about the play off.
  10. What do you consider strict to exclude Robertson from being World Class? Over the summer, I was reading an article on transfer fee's and they were valuing players, they had Robertson valued at about 60-70 million. I am not saying valuation necessarily means world class just pointing out the valuation. He was valued I believe the 3rd most expensive in his position which I found surprising - I bet I could find it if I looked, I'll post it if I do.
  11. What you all upset about @ONeils40yarder?
  12. I think someone competent on distribution and ball retention is an excellent weapon to have in your defence and for our squad and how we play, it would be silly for us not to look at Liam Cooper. Bates I don't have an issue with, his headed clearances have impressed me but having Bates and McKenna when we don't have someone like Charlie Mulgrew barking orders in the squad makes me extremely nervous when we play quality opposition - and being quite frank, I don't want to include Mulgrew just to accommodate a Bates/McKenna starting central pairing. I have advocated for that in past squads once they have been announced though. I feel bad for Souttar to have another injury, these are not re-occurring injuries especially.
  13. 18 months would be getting there, a purple patch for a few games would not be. If you getting at Andy Robertson only having 18 months of great football, I disagree there but I understand the first few months of being at Liverpool he was not a regular starter, but his form at Hull in the Premier League was great also, Championship even also but I cant include that a high enough standard to be considered suitable criteria for discussion. He changed clubs, adapted and has gone on from strength to strength all the while being consistent for us.
  14. By your definition your saying there could only only be one squad of world class players ever? Let's take goal keepers, three keepers max enhances the squad, the 4th best say doesnt enhance unless your dropping from another position. It's just as valid as any other criteria, your saying that pool is extremely small. For arguements sake - Buffon, Schmeichel, Zoff and Khan - not all of these would make it as they dont enhance what you already have. My criteria is similar, the best 2/3 in their era in their position and they must be there for a sustained period of a few years and be consistent in both national and domestic squads. Robertson is world class for me - two back to back CL finals and made his position his own in a squad competing for domestic trophies. Roberto Carlos and Lahm are other two examples- different eras but still hold the phrase world class.
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