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  1. I think what International football is showing us these days is we need to use our squad. Hickey, Patterson, Tierney, Robertson all will feature in double/triple headers. I reckon if we all had to come up with our best 11, we would hardly all agree. Tuesday, a massive game but our players should be used to these now. Ukraine have had three games on the road, us only two and Ukraine have further to travel to Poland than we do.
  2. We have lost McTominay be through suspension. Hickey and Tierney are questionable. Might we see Billy Gilmour on Tuesday? Hendry has been fantastic imo these matches and thankfully McKenna playing well also
  3. I am not sure the head injury rules but I think Tierney is ok, and Hickey was he injured or was that a precaution? McTominay booked and will miss Ukraine sadly.
  4. Christie isn't making an impact as far as I can tell.
  5. Anyone know the status of Craig Gordon's baby? I would love for him/her to be born safely on Wednesday
  6. Ukraine not playing great, resting Mudyrk and just added a second against the run of play. No surprises
  7. I need to spend more time looking at how this years World Cup play offs went. We were seeded and drew Ukraine - a League A team bottom placed team. We wouldn't be seeded if it's the same as this year but a WC play off would appear to secured none the less
  8. Come the World Cup qualifiers potentially. Although I think world cups are seeded based on FIFA rankings and UEFA uses nations league rankings.
  9. I believe you are right. Highest ranked unqualified teams in League A will go into a play off for the World Cup. We might even play league B teams outside of the top 4. Also, as the next world cup in 2026 is larger UEFA will receive 16 spots instead of 13 so it is vitally we get into league A as it will have implications for the next two campaigns.
  10. It totally puts us in a great spot for it to get the play off spot in the bank in the World Cup. Assuming we make it into League A then you are hoping that all the other League A teams auto qualify and we take the scraps which is a play off. If my memory is correct UEFA also get 3 extra spots ( I just confirmed) which is 16 instead of 13 for Qatar.
  11. I was livid with the manner we played against Ukraine in the play off and Ireland in the summer, fairly disappointed with how the EURO's went for us. For the most part, I am happy with how things have gone. One EURO and a WC play off so far and here is hoping the next four years go another EURO and a World Cup in my backyard. So far, I give Clarke a B+. Some of his squad management frustrates me, a long with his tactics at times but he works well with who he calls up. Somewhat out of his control at our choice of goalies, I say somewhat because at some point we are throwing someone who is green into the mix because we have to and Clarke has not given anyone any game time.
  12. Lets dust off this discussion shall we? I was looking last night and Steve Clarke has a win percentage of 47.37, currently three games less than Strachan (47.50 win %). Slightly more than half of the matches managed by Paw Broon (45.07 win %) and currently on par with Willie Ormond in regards to win percentage with the same games managed. I am not comparing him with Managers who handled far less games.
  13. I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't serious when said this new top was bland...I love it.
  14. Let me just throw this out there - next Nations league we could be in League A with England, Wales and Rep of Ireland all in B and Northern Ireland in League C.
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