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  1. I completely agree with you, as I sit here I am resigned to the fact that the play-offs are our only hope. Had we performed well and lost yesterday I might be feeling differently, but the manner of the performance suggests we will be well short. I am being totally naive to think we will get 19 points in the next 9 games, and that I don't think is going to be enough.
  2. I just looked at the upcoming games and after match day 4, likely scenario has us 6 points in 4th spot with Russia or Kazakhstan on either 7 or 10 points. It seems to much for us to take 4 points off Belgium AND 6 points off Russia. To be in the top 2, we needed to take of our own business and I can't see that happening after the way we collapsed yesterday. The true test is Belgium at away in June, by that point the pain of yesterday loss will be long forgotten among the players and staff.
  3. So Ive been talking a pal and thinking logically about the situation, in terms of expectation - McLeish topped the nations league and got the play offs - the suits are happy. We lost yesterday and performed disgracefully, the suits likely dinna care, as far as they would asses things it an isolated performance, we win on Sunday , things are back as they were, We win against Cyprus in June, things are further cemented that the suits don't have to enforce any changes, then comes Belgium away - if we get hammered or embarrass ourselves to the degree that when we play Russia in September, attendances are down, and then again we lose or embarrass ourselves then at that point McLeish would be sacked, further compounded with another loss to the Belgians a few days later. Then we have 4 games at the end of a campaign where its mathematically achievable, where a new manger comes in. As fans at this point, we can only make noise and vote with our wallet's. McLeish will not resign, we have to force the hands of the SFA. Bobby Williamson is available, Paul Lambert at one point I would have liked, I imagine he is close to the sack but he along with Moyes are two coaches that atleast domestically are not ones I would be happy with. I would rather ride things out to the summer with Scot Gemmill and tempt Derek McKinnes, Steve Clarke or Alex Neil. I would give Gemmill the mandate of beat Cyprus, and play ugly and play for a draw v Belgium and there a 200k bonus or something, keep things in contention. Then say to the new coach, under no certain terms can we not be at the Euro's and suffer the national embarrassment of hosting games at Hampden and us not being there.
  4. This my not be directed at the likes of me, but I feel compelled to say a few things - I was positive when he was appointed, and was pleased with the opportunity given to the youth. The things that I have never been on board with was his choice of coaching staff, I know nothing about Peter Grant, being honest whenever I have seen him speak I don't have any issue with what he has said, but McFadden's appointment has puzzled me and being cynical I took that as a vanity appointment to appease us fans. Things that have concerned me are his apparent lack of commitment to the teams formation, inability to make changes during a game - seemingly worse than Strachan was and his inability to project confidence to the press, and my assumption is he is the same way with the players. I was feeling extremely confident up until whenever the squad was announced and then observing how the call off's were handled - Steven Fletcher mismanagement(again assumption) and I don't fully excuse Fletcher especially after hearing Levein talk in the Hampden Roar - it takes a real man to say your sorry and make peace and sitting there saying, nope he can reach out to me is not something that I can respect. So regardless this is about McLeish, after the Nations league and being honest, McGregor got us that top spot with that fantastic save I was feeling hey things are looking good, however there is one thing the coach can't do and that is create players, this week has shown me how fragile our national pool actually is.
  5. He has continental success with Uganda and is available. He's been out of work since 2016, was he interested last time? Actually his wife took ill in the summer of 2017 so perfectly understandable he wasn't interested, regardless of his interest I pray his wife recovered. Maybe it was him - https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3088227/kilmarnock-hibs-bobby-williamson-management/
  6. I bet many of us remember the "Gordon Strachan SOS" banner a few years ago. I think changing the coach is a short term solution, and its time the fans made themselves heard with the bigger picture. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/scotland/9615663/Gordon-Strachan-waits-in-wings-as-SFA-finalises-Craig-Levein-sacking-as-Scotland-manager.html
  7. I want change which is going to serve the development of Scottish Footballers from school boys to seniors for the foreseeable future and ensure the education of preferably Scottish coaching staff also.
  8. I agree 100% with you've said. McLeish seems happy to have a job instead of wanting to make a success of it. The one thing I am supportive of is the young squad, who can become a competent unit if they have a solid leader with good communication skills AND communicating the right stuff. I was prepared to judge McLeish on the competitive games which are now 5, and I think only the Albania game did we look confident. San Marino will get gubbed but I think Cuprus will be another Israel where we graciously come away with a win. What pains me is this seems another group on paper that looks achievable and here we are expecting the worst.
  9. A March to hampden to deliver a manifesto from the fans, which could be in the form of a petition is a great idea. Lots of people have spoken for years that the issues run deep. They may respond with the academy stuff(whatever that is) and say we are taking action and the fruit won't be visible for a number of years, so whatever the voice of the fans communicate, it needs to be comprehensive. You have a couple of thousand people marching to Hampden the media would notice. Any ex-professional sports personalities that could be willing to support it publicly would also help. No reason I would see this as pointless. So what are the things we want to see? Don't worry about the language being flowery. It may need a site to promote it and then us and other groups can help it go viral.
  10. Lets see how this ages when the Russians and the Belgians play on the same surface.
  11. If anyone is traveling on Sunday, please make an effort to be noticed that we don't want Eck.
  12. I have the game on in the background, Belgium are playing 3-5-2 and Russian not giving them any respect in what looks like an even game so far.
  13. Kazakhstan 3 - 0 Scotland Cyprus and San Marino are playing right now and Russia and Belgium play in 2 hours. We might be sitting BOTTOM of the group after match day 1, what a disgrace.
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