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  1. Kenny McLean trains well apparently, but I wouldn't take him for that reason along with the fact he has been injured for months. I trust Clarke knows better than I do so no real complaints.
  2. Newcastle are being very smart, they have built a team. With all their cash, can we name any marquee names they brought in yet here they are in the top three. Newcastle deserve every success coming their way. If Tierney and/or McTominay land there it truly would be an excellent career move.
  3. Tierney not starting today... bizarre. Arteta clearly wants him gone.
  4. Makes no sense, they are pushing for a Euro spot, keep who is working and change who wasn't unless what wasn't working was the formation and then some players just don't fit a certain system. At 2-1, I would have felt a draw for them was achievable.
  5. If you scroll up and see my pics, those are from a fake one. What I want to see is some pics of a real one
  6. Do you have a real and fake anniversary top? Can you post pics, I am curious to see how it compares with mine
  7. My "overseas" delivery came today. I am not only impressed with the build quality, but this is a size I can actually wear. And before you rib me about being a XXXL, that doesn't match reality but I went with the biggest I could get from them as I have been stung in the past
  8. has the 2022 Scotland Home top for $54, probably about 45 quid. Seems a good deal if you don't have it yet.
  9. And we are sitting top of our group with 6 points, by the time our next game comes around we will be unbeaten in 12 months of competitive football - are you saying you would be doing things differently at the risk of losing our position?
  10. Christie and McGinn start today with Robertson on the bench
  11. Your spot on, the Spanish media will smell blood so it's good that should be fired up. Finishing 1st or 2nd for me is irrelevant, what I want is automatic qualification however not comes.
  12. I was just curious as to what these results will do to our FIFA rankings. It looks like we are going to be ranked 36th in FIFA and ranked 19th among UEFA nations. No idea when this matters for 2026 qualification draw but if the draw is anything like 2022 then we want to ranked in the top 20 to be in pot 2. I think we want the draw before the next nations league as we are likely to lose a few of them...unless of course we are drawn with Spain
  13. Strachan came so close for EURO 2016 and a play-off spot for the 2018 World Cup , but you judge the record on the accomplishments. Our trajectory was on the upwards, and then the McLeish years were a big step backwards.
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