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  1. Guys, I think there is a good chance we wont get Bulgaria in the first play off, league B and C teams are likely going to get called up in A and B play off games.
  2. This is strange, I would have had an agreement now with the player that he was retiring, but try and keep the door open until after the playoffs and then announce at the end of the season. You never know what may happen to the squad.
  3. Get to the final. Playoff game and the occasion should see us turn up with determination, and we are not good enough then we cant go home knowing we gave it our best, its 11 v 11. We can go into a run of three wins come March and winning breeds confidence.
  4. If our players were decent, they wouldn't need to be outsourced to an international manager to be coached. If we make it to euro 2020, he will have a long preparation time with the squad so we may not embarrass ourselves. I believe a world cups are harder to qualify for, but Euros are harder to advance, although as that keeps expanding more "lesser capable teams" are qualifying
  5. I'd move out some players long term and I'd move aside players short term because they are apparently and according to Clarke have a fragile mindset. Robertson ,I'm taking the arm band from you. McTominay is a leader on the park but not ready. McGregor,Fraser and Forrest are benched short term. I'm blooding a new keeper. Anyone who has been most of the last four games and lost, I'm questioning in they are toxic, their confidence is shot. Maybe even Robertson , Tierney comes in. You have to be careful either to have, you wont always get a call up and not have a hussy fit, or who responds to not getting a call up and decides ok I need to get my act together. Winning breeds confidence
  6. Its the same old issues, defence is a shambles. We were doing ok for 60 ofd minutes, this should all be character building. We have to be ready for March but one of the other issues is we are pretty much a certain to be a pot 4 team for the World Cup draw now. We should try 3-5-2 but I'd rather try it with some of our better defenders back. Our squad is so fragile and our players are lo lightweight and got muscled off the back too many times.
  7. Silly because you haven't heard of him, or you have and he is "pish", we need a better right back and Clarke is looking. Plus keep in mind this is substantiated right now.
  8. You never know, imagine he feels grateful to Scotland that helped him with his personal issues, would that change peoples opinion? And as stated above, if he eligible and better than what we have, I have no issues with him being called up.
  9. A great post TDK, thanks for taking the time with it, hopefully we can actually discuss tactics and formation - something I admit I don't know much about. Let me ask the group something that I don't know, where did the 4-3-2-1 come from, meaning why is it so fashionable now? I think we are at a stage where we need to focus on our weaknesses - and that is defense and we need to prioritize it. In 6 games we have let in 13 goals. We clearly need to do something different, Clarke is not getting steady group of players each game and I doubt ever will. I think a 3-5-2 is worth a try, as I also think a 5-4-1 is or a 4-5-1 is, we cannot do a McLeish and expect well when it matters we will turn up, we need to make changes, we need to experiment and I also believe we need a period where you draw the line, analyze the experimentation and deploy for the play offs what you have learned - we have 4 games, we need to use them effectively. A game is 90 minutes long, we can make changes to shape a few times. Thursday for me the objective is be difficult to beat, congesting yourself in the middle of the park how I would do that and crowd out their tall attackers, and Burke with his pace can be out out ball - go run self down, we will sub him after 60 or so minutes, just be a thorn in their side.
  10. Now I think about it, 5 at the back might take the shackles off Robertson, plus we have 3 central defenders holding hands to keep each other safe.
  11. Not going to deny it would be controversial, but a brave move if he got called up. I understand where people are coming from regarding his past choices for eligibility and an extreme view someone saying they would not pick him even if it meant missing out on qualification and I cannot agree I do respect that stance. My opinion is the Manager needs to make the team successful within the rules of the game, if you wear the dark blue, you represent the dark blue and you represent my wishes as a fan - to have a decent team who makes it tournaments. I don't know anything about his ability, if he truly is better than what we have currently, then I would support calling him up. Oooh this is my 666th post.............
  12. Looks like our top is in plain sight, they have decided to bring back the Maroon top and its right at the bottom as a cheeky wink to the fans.
  13. What exactly is the issue is he getting treatment for and what is the availability of the medical professional? Dont be so judgemental when you know hardly any of the story you'll go through life easier.
  14. That's not a story I am antiquated with, but I keen to hear it
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