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  1. As the title says, who do you think were players who were called up later than their form or abilities suggest and give us reasons why.
  2. Changing topics, who all are free agents right now? Ryan Fraser Steven Fletcher Jordan Rhodes? I would very much like to see Steven Fletcher back in the squad, we need him at least to the end of the calendar year.
  3. Aston Villa would be a good move for Hickey, a higher standard than Scottish Championship would be great.
  4. Well pointed out Sir. Cooper in the middle and Declan Gallagher on the right of the three, urch just read about his assault charge.
  5. Maybe I am fickle but I don't dislike either suggestion. The one above at-least removes the right back slot and, with the exception of Christie has all of our best players on the park - but does it gel? Only one way to find out.
  6. In the top 50 list, I was very surprised to see Scott Brown and Darren Fletcher higher than Willie Miller. I understand its a democratic vote, and most of the current fans would have gone with what they were most familiar with other than the obvious.
  7. I am leaning towards 3-5-2, however the timing to make the switch is not great, however is there any good time really?
  8. just a thought here, we haven't seen much from Forrest in terms of form, and I reckon our right back could have a factor in it and the orders he has been given to execute. I prefer Christie over Forrest but we should be looking at the opposition, fitness and form, I really don't think there is a strongest Scottish 11 right now , I think we have to field our strongest team available, in a formation to suit the given game - unfortunately for us this makes the team very reactionary which again weakens our ability to play well.
  9. Fraser at right back - I haven't really considered that, his height would be an issue but it gives an attacking threat on that side that we might not get if we move Tierney there.
  10. Saying McBurnie was worth 20 mill but people not willing to pay 2-4 million for Shankland means those in the know believe McBurnie is far better - 5 to 10 times better is not how this works. There probably two dozen factors that go into a transfer fee - length of current contract, age, competition after that same player, league, state of financial of selling club, ambition of selling club, length of transfer window for selling club to get a replacement if needed, reluctance of player to be open to leave and probably a bunch I am not aware of. Shankland has performed consistently for the past three years - if he gets 15 goals in the Scottish Premiership this year, more caps and a few more international goals then there will be offers coming in for him, of that I have no doubt.
  11. Congratulations on the special news.
  12. Really glad to see Tierney back to playing again, and playing in a back three interesting........Truthfully I still can't see him and Robbo playing together in a system with a back three for us. Can he play as a left central defender? We need to get the squad together and experiment in training with formations and moving people around.
  13. I am happy Gordon is going to be playing regular but it will be at a lower level, I can see him getting called up but what we really need is someone in the 24-28 age bracket playing regular at a high level......and actually be a decent keeper.
  14. I am certain this is the strategy, as long as they are fit our guys will get game time even Gilmour.
  15. Savage. ON a related note, Tierney was the highest rated outfield player for Arsenal yesterday via BBC.
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