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  1. Maybe he isnt settled in Italy and its a route back to the UK.
  2. Since 1993, CONMEBOL started to invite national teams from outside South America to participate in the Copa América. The first were the United States and Mexico. In 2016, the Copa América Centenario had exceptionally six invited teams: Costa Rica, the United States (host), Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama. The two recent invited teams were Qatar and Australia who were invited to this summers tournament but with covid fixture congestion they withdrew... I believe that was the reason
  3. For us n League B, we would get a Chile or an Ecuador. Glamour friendlies aside, we don't have space for any friendly unless its pre tournament so I would like to see space for atleast 2 international dates so we can dabble with people and formations in a setting that is low risk.
  4. I don't want it, the concept of a World Cup every 2 years is mental. I don't like the idea of this Nations League change with South American nations added. If South America want to expand themselves, they should have an America's Nations league. Although, if Scotland got invited to a Copa America I would love it but for me the Nations League is not the right way for expansion, UEFA seems to be in a good spot right now. Every match Scotland are playing currently matters and that's great, best not to get greedy UEFA.
  5. I disagree, if these two federations wanted a world cup every two years they would support it publicly.
  6. I believe we need to win our group and be ranked among group B winners in the top 2 out of the 4 to be a pot 2 team for euro 2024 qualifying.
  7. My mistake. I'm happy with thaw draw.
  8. Ukraine, Scotland, Re of Ireland and Albania. A decent draw, lots to fight for here including to be a pot 2 team for EURO 2024 qualifiers.
  9. And now its Ukraine that we are going to be seeing plenty of.
  10. Nations League draw tomorrow, hoping for a good draw as always as we want to be finishing top of this group.
  11. McTominay hasn't played great for us, but he has been playing in defense and the one time I recall him this year in midfield I felt he was trying too hard. He has not to my knowledge ever complained, always willing to play where he is asked and has a ton of ability. Too bad we don't have friendlies to experiment these days.
  12. This year has began and ended on a high. We started 2021 with the excitement of looking forward to the EURO's, which sadly for me seemed anti-climatic. I am going to stick to the premise and chose only one but my choices are - the EURO excitement, the six game unbeaten run, the win over Denmark securing a World Cup pay off - all great moments but for me I am going with the 3-2 win over Israel. It was for me, my favorite match even surpassing the penalty win over Serbia last year. It's a combination of seeing the fans in Hampden, the game was around my birthday, the entire drama of the game with a 94 minute winner - that was just pure magical.
  13. Yes I did, i think your the first to have noticed. I wish I could say I did that in purpose but it was accidental.
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