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  1. Yup I did overlook that.
  2. I've just had an idea regarding McTominay that I'd like to debate. McTominay needs to be our starting 11, he is too good to leave out, having him in defence has positives such as he is athleticism allows him to carry the ball up and give us options further up as his distribution is strong, however we can agree he is not a defender but he is tall, like pretty much the whole squad he makes mistakes but in defence if he makes a mistake it can result in losing goals. So, I was thinking is there anyone else right footed preferably that might be a midfielder who can play in defence and allow Mc
  3. I am in the US and have had similar thoughts, but the factors surrounding Covid make it extremely unlikely.
  4. From 2010 - The score rate of Rhodes was fantastic, sadly our team couldn't accommodate him to his strengths, in my opinion, we could use him now but getting him on the pitch would be difficult when we have players like John McGinn, Ryan Fraser and Ryan Christie who play that attacking midfield spot great for us - and add in Turnbull. We would need to play 2 up front to get the best of Rhodes so if you built the team around him it works but we would be weaker in other places.
  5. You can only have a 23 man match day squad, I'm saying in the call ups, bring in 28 people, just to have some coaching time with some of these maybe's like Gauld and if the impressing in training bring them into the match day squads for the qualifiers - Give yourself the option.
  6. I think you can call up as many as you like but match day squads I believe it is limited to 23. I imagine, Clarke will call up large squads for the remainder of our pre-Euro matches regardless of triple headers and Covid so he can spend as much time with the squad as possible.
  7. Well, if we are just talking about goal scoring, we had Jordan Rhodes, his style didnt work for us as we defend from the front line back, but even in the domestic game, Leigh Griffiths for a spell was pretty prolific, from 2012 to 2017 barring I think a broken leg(?) he was the best we have produced. Someone made a comment above and I believe coaching is to blame, and a unfortunate scenario of being not a great team that we have asked our strikers to do more than concentrate on the core elements of being a striker have contributed to the lack of quality strikers.
  8. Any Robertson - I know I know, its the season of good will so no-one make a fuss.
  9. Sorry with all the titles, adding polls is kinda funky on tis platform
  10. if Gilmour is getting game time, then we need to call him up for the squad in March. We play Israel away, and I truly believe we have seen the best of Israel but they have not seen the best of us. We can beat them but I will settle for a draw in that game. Nisbet, Gilmour, potentially Gauld and Lewis Morgan should be getting a close look for sure in my book. I think Johnny Russell wont ever get a game for us again, he always turned up and was decent but we have better players now.
  11. I completely agree. The second group of three is tougher, but start with 7.
  12. Whatever the fixtures are, it is imperative that we get off to a good start,looking over previous two UEFA World Cup qualification, for automatic qualification 24 points should be our minimum target - win all of our home games, and 3 other away wins at a minimum seems with a draw for good measure. We can only afford two losses tops I reckon. 2018 World Cup - Group winners had an average of 25.5 points 2014 World Cup - Group winners had an average of 24 points
  13. So guys like Matt Smith and fringe players, next Press Conference Clarke has, he should name drop them and say, I read about players X Y Z, and I would tell them to get themselves into great form and make us sit up and take note. A player who is 6ft 6 has physical attributes that are useful, same as Oli Burke's pace is a useful attribute. Would you take height over pace? Potentially, but give them a carrot and then maybe have a look at a few of them in some pre-tournament friendlies or even some World Cup qualifier squads. You can't bring in more than maybe 3 of them, but same with the like
  14. Danbury Mcgrain and Ibrahimović.
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