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  1. I am surprised football leagues does not already have a rule for this already - if the a percentage of a league has been completed and for reasons of war/pandemic/alien invasion then the league standings will count towards the rewards of trophies and pro-rated prize money. Its not rules that are likely going to be used often, once in a 100 years maybe. Pro Boxing has rulings that if a fight is stopped in the first 3 rounds, it is considered a non-contest but if someone is unable to continue because of excessive bleeding - then the fight goes to the judges scorecards. My opinion is any football and rugby leagues who have completed more than 51% of their league fixtures and the season cannot continue, the awards should be distributed at their current standings, where there are uneven fixtures played - maybe we award those teams who have not played all of their games 1 point each, although if I look at the Scottish Championship its clear quite complex. Other alternatives is writing off a season entirely, or put it to a vote on what should happen.
  2. I am not getting what you asking mate, break it down for me. Thank-you
  3. 30 years ago yesterday - https://www.11v11.com/matches/scotland-v-argentina-28-march-1990-242326/
  4. Lets get into some healthy discussion about Scotland's best team and individual performance's of the last 10 years. This may help - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland_national_football_team_2000–19_results
  5. romanticscot


    Norway FA reporting that EURO 2020 is cancelled, long live EURO 2021.
  6. I reckon that's a move to keep Billy happy, similar to Hazard.
  7. We are going off topic, but this is important topic. I am looking at this, trying to figure out what it means in regards to symptomatic transfer - https://www.hopkinsguides.com/hopkins/view/Johns_Hopkins_ABX_Guide/540747/all/Coronavirus_COVID_19__SARS_CoV_2_
  8. What about asystematic carriers that can have it for up to two weeks spreading without any symptoms?
  9. Here's hoping he has another great game.
  10. I wouldn't worry about that, he started Celtic's last game on Wednesday. As far as guaranteed start , I have no idea mate.
  11. A hatrick and an assist for Griffiths, way to go boyo.
  12. And another goal for LG. Perfect time for us.
  13. I was very happy to see that also, although Brophy's form is better right now. For me I would have Griffiths, Brophy, McBurnie and Shankland in my squad. I am leaving Naismith out, who for me I know what I will get, hardworking and dedicated performances but when I have more in form strikers I am going with form and fitness, I am going with them. I am all for defending from the front but for must win games, and the talent behind the front man I need someone who we can count on for goals. I would start with Griffiths against Israel.
  14. That video at least presented a very composed performance, more of that please.
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