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  1. This is a massive blow, he is unique in terms of being no nonsense and helps defense. Might have to bring back Shinnie, I know we have better defenders but in terms to being similar to Jack I can't think of anyone else.
  2. Actually I'm thinking the spot in the squad would go to the likes of Gauld or Turnbull as stated above. I'm not interested in calling up professional footballers just because they are first generation Scots, I want to call up the best players available and this is where you and differ - within the rules of the game as it pertains to eligibility.
  3. If we take 3 or 4 strikers, same as we did this squad it does free up a spot for Turnbull or Gauld IMO
  4. I don't revel in anyone being injured and I do wish him a speedy recovery and nothing negative long term but........ But you know what I'm thinking 🤪
  5. I saw activity on this thread and came on the scene to make sure he wasn't injured, as you were.
  6. I gotcha. Where have our emojis gone?
  7. There isn't a single super spreader event that has been recorded outside so there's that.
  8. Griffiths may get a good season next year and that could be great for us, but right now its a gamble, and I would add him into a pool along with Rhodes, Burke and Him as a wild card option, who impresses before the end of the season. Adams and Dykes are a cert, but other than those to Rhodes is in the best form. Shankland and Nisbet are spotty in terms of goal scoring, in and out of form and neither are gifted in terms of defensive play, sadly as mad as this sounds McBurnie does seem to perform stronger in terms of defending from the front. I wish there were more data here for Nisbet an
  9. I agree but not sure where he fits, as a wing back his defensive ability leaves us exposed against similar or better teams.
  10. Very nice headed goal from Dykes v Sheff Wed. Worth a watch if you can find it.
  11. It's not hard to understand, he was in the job maybe two weeks he had/has other priorities and mandates from the board, letting a player he hadn't spent much time with or the rest of the squad - making a rushed decision wasn't in his best interest, his loyalties are to Chelsea.
  12. Bannan to Paterson for a Rhodes goal.
  13. A great goal by Paterson for Sheff Wed from a great cross by Palmer. Bannan with an assist...who is also losing his hair. I'm still always hoping for a Rhodes resurgence to get him in the squad.
  14. Happy to spend one of my emoji quota on that
  15. Why does every TAMB thread almost always descend into two people squaring up to one another? We really need active mods in here, I love this site and want it to survive.
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