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  1. We gave away a ton on corners with wild back back passing and our corners were extremely poor. Hanley hut the post but their lad at the 89th should have scored. We showed good character, I would rather the pressure be off us but perhaps knowing we need to be at our best to win should keep us mentally sharp. Second half far better than the first today.
  2. I had that thought, is 2nd place gone? Swiss could finish 1st so atleast the will give Germany a match and they cant rest but a draw suits both and they wont want any injuries. However, we go on with a must win against Hungary to progress. This match could have gone either way, but lets have a moment of silence of Tierney, your heart breaks.
  3. We are lifted right now, we need fresh legs but it could go against us.
  4. Predictable sadly for Tierney. Thats likely his tournament
  5. McGinn can come deeper and make a difference. Gilmour is looking for passing options but there aren't many.
  6. What a stupid mistake. That possession as mentioned above is painful
  7. Well good news, the team has turned up. A few wasteful dead balls though
  8. My thinking is Italy are motivated against Croatia. Croatia finish 3rd on 2 points if they draw, or 1 point if they lose. Im over thinking things and getting ahead of myself, thinking about who might get second round but we have 180 minutes of football to make history. Its very unlikely that a team finishing in 3rd on 2 points progresses.
  9. Either way, Croatia not winning today was a fantastic result. Come on Spain take care of Italy.
  10. Its all moot now, but if Albania won today they would be on three and it would take a miracle to beat Spain. End on 3 points Albania winning - Croatia would be on zero and playing to beat Italy to end on three points. If Croatia hold to win, they play Italy and hoping to win. Croatia on 3 points if not. Providing Italy lose against Spain, Italy could end on three points but I would prefer Croatia over Italy. Statistically 4 points always gets you to second round in a 24 team euros. 3 points for us, could even land us second spot in the group providing the three points come today. Im also thinking we have more chance ending 2nd than 3rd.
  11. If Albania hold for a win, it would mean a cracker match for Croatia v Italy however this Croatia side keeps the ball well but doesn't have much of a threat. Saying that, Albania would be a tough match. Whatever happens, I want this 3rd place team whoever it is to be on 3 points so for that to happen lets hope for Albania to win today. We want atleast two groups to have their 3rd placed to end on three points, if not less.
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