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  1. We are currently ranked 25th in Europe and 44th in the World. If memory is correct, the Nations league placement determines your Euro qualification placement and FIFA rankings for World Cup draws. Ten group qualification groups once again, we are Nations League ranked 23rd, we need a good showing in this next Nations league to get us into the top 20 spots to be in a shout of being a pot two team. Iceland (on decline), Finland and Norway are ranked above us - so win our League B or finish the best 2nd place team out of all League B groups and we will be pot 2 for EURO 2024 qualification. We will be drawn with one from each of the following groups. Ukraine, Sweden, 'Bosnia and Herzegovina' or Iceland Russia, ISRAEL, Romania, Serbia or Rep of Ireland Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania or Armenia Right now, I would take Bosnia and Herzegovina , Rep of Ireland and Armenia
  2. I had made a mistake, you are correct. We were the third place team, and got what I believe to have been an easier route over the two top seeds who played on another
  3. I figured Ukraine would be doing far better than they are, 5 draws. I am hoping we add a healthy amount to our GD today but the objectives are finish 2nd and be seeded. Here is a question, when last were we involved in a World Cup play off? I was mistaken and thought the 2003 play-off v Netherlands but that was for Euros. Have we ever had a play-off to get to a World Cup? I had to look this up, Mexico 86, we played Australia via an inter-continental play-off. How on earth did that happen, there were also UEFA play-offs - this I need to look into but anyway I answered my own question. Its been over 30 years since we have been involved in a World Cup play-off.
  4. Thats very decent of you. I reckon Christie will start in place of Adams
  5. Che Adams is injured for tomorrow, Id like to see Nisbet in his place but I reckon Christie will start.
  6. I reckon, but would love for him to play and get a goal or two.
  7. At half time I had not singled anyone out, I felt we were in a fight and my mind was preoccupied with the missed penalty that I felt we didn't deserve.
  8. I am grateful this is only a double header. I stand by my earlier prediction that we would end with 5 wins out if pur final 6 and so far so good with three wins. We picked up a few yellow cards which has some close to a suspension but dont think we've lost anyone yet other than Hankey who is back
  9. I just watched the game, we were amazing. Maybe Im emotional but that was my favorite match Ive ever watched. happy for all of us and a happy birthday to me. Nathan Patterson is amazing, might be my new favorite Scottish player.
  10. If this is true, its likely because of the timing of our renewal I reckon. I like the quality of Adidas but not keen on the price of things these days which i suppose means I am getting older. The Umbro years were my earlier memories so for nostalgia sake I would welcome them. Are there not any Scottish manufacturers who could do our kit and we could support a local employer?
  11. NIce, I don't know much about the lad but it is encouraging that we are not scraping for at least possibilities.
  12. I loved seeing the mockups, plus wasn't there someone who actually worked for Adidas who frequented this board and asked for our views on strip design? I wonder how much money there is in it for the manufacturer handling a small nation like ours?
  13. Anyone know when we are due a new Home jersey? Surely it can't be long. I called this a throwback thread in remembrance of when we were in the tournament wilderness and we had to entertain ourselves with jersey talk, and favorite and first tournament memories etc, ......the dark times.
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