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  1. I wonder is that because it's a safe bet that they will be in the champions league next year regardless of their league position 🤔
  2. todd

    Ryan Gauld

    Nah, just regular dramatic mate
  3. todd

    Ryan Gauld

    I've been following him quite closely and, as big a fan of Clarke as I am, if he doesn't include this genuinely talented boy in our euros squad I will really start to doubt his competence!
  4. McBurnie, sub, subbed, ouch! 😳
  5. I knew that comment would have the Roi lovers out in force!
  6. The question wasn't, a team that were worse at that time, it was who is worse than us. That would suggest now and now they are worse than us ffs
  7. Well in that case an Austria win is nailed on! 😏
  8. Don't start admitting you were wrong, you may start a trend here 😁
  9. Isn't it great that all the naysayers can surely now stop saying 'why can't we be more like Northern Ireland'
  10. Think that's Lyndon Dykes you're thinking of. 😁
  11. todd

    Che Adams

    True that. No such thing as humour anymore, just look at today's 'comedians', vetted to death and only allowed to be controversial if it's about Donald Trump 🥱
  12. todd

    Che Adams

    Doesn't look great but, fuck, is there anyone alive who'd be comfortable getting their phone over analysed? He who casts the first stone and all that 🤔
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