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  1. Its probably just my selective memory but it seems to me that generally decisions go against us far more than for us. Please don't anyone say 'you make your own luck.' Fuckin hate that phrase!🙂
  2. Couldn't agree more but to say so is akin to racism and suggesting that global warming is not being caused by mankind
  3. Non-corporeal! Isn't it great to have chripper back? 😂👍
  4. Yeah he did. Didn't really think that through 🙂
  5. todd

    Crocker - Sky

    Yeah you're probably right, so much so that I didn't even think it was worth me spelling his name correctly 😄👍
  6. todd

    Crocker - Sky

    It's true, I almost feel we're beaten as soon as the studio hand over to that pair of nauseating bellends Crocker and Proven, not sure which one is worse!
  7. Yeah, and in the Georgia and Macedonia examples we most likely would have qualified as a result of a correct decision. Although the Georgia one may have been countered by the France example you gave.
  8. Yeah that's always what it takes for change, one of the big guns being on the receiving end. Maybe it's just my english paranoia but it seemed that goal line technology was hurried after the Frank Lampard goal that never was against Germany.
  9. That's how I seen it too. But ultimately either way we would have still lost the game and failed to qualify. A more critical example is probably the 2-2 draw with the Czechs in euro 2012, VAR would have seen us win that game and almost certainly make the play offs.
  10. McAllisters penalty against England at euro 96 would have been retaken as he struck a moving ball 😁
  11. Even more recently Belgiums second goal would have been ruled offside
  12. Just been wondering if VAR was in use in all our previous internationals would we have perhaps qualified more often or even less often. Or indeed maybe even progressed to the later stages of tournaments. There must be a bucket load of contentious penalties, offsides, etc over the years.
  13. Yeah, no such thing as free speech anymore I'm afraid. It would appear that words have trumped sticks and stones as the new weapon of choice!
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