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  1. todd

    Crocker - Sky

    And if he wasn't saying fantastic he was "alluding" to it!
  2. But wouldn't you rather be in that half? πŸ€”
  3. We're in a quite bizarre situation. If the euros were the same format as last time we'd be going into Tuesday's game needing a draw at home to Khazikstan to reach the playoffs! We'd all be jumping the height of ourselves in excitement. And that would be in a play off with a better team than we're likely to play in our guaranteed Nations league play off. Yet the air of apathy regarding the position we're in and the chance we have to qualify is palpable!
  4. todd


    Norn iron won't be there. Edit: Just found out that they are guaranteed a play off too! Wtf? They got 0 points in the nations league and are still in a play off. What a fuckin farce. They still won't qualify mind.
  5. Flashscores didn't even have him as a sub earlier, I really need to stop relying on that app
  6. Is Robertson injured? Not in Liverpool squad tonight.
  7. Not sure the brain haemorrhage guy would agree 😁
  8. Why shouldn't we not? πŸ˜„The mother of double negatives πŸ˜‰
  9. What the hell are you all talking about? 12 points from the next 4 games and Russia to lose to Belgium and Cyprus and we'll sneak second spot! Jeez the negativity on here 😁
  10. Brilliant reaction from all the players and subs at the winning goal. Oh to have that feeling with the main team!
  11. Hey you, don't be dissing the Highland League πŸ˜‚ But yeah, you're spot on πŸ‘
  12. So that's 3.5 or 4.5 points? 😁
  13. todd


    Yeah, its it's so easy to predict failure, it takes a brave man to predict success. Predict failure, then if it happens you can be all "I told you so" but if success reigns you stay quiet and nobody brings up your negativity because they're too busy being happy at the positive outcome. 😁
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