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  1. Exactly, they need to just drop that 'Clear and obvious error' bullshit as it is almost never the case.
  2. What makes you so certain he'd take it? Is it because he's a big fan? Not having a go, just genuinely asking.
  3. 😆 I'll give it a go mate, anything's better than listening to those wallopers
  4. Agreed, they're definitely winning this thing now 😞
  5. Oh do I? I wasn't aware of that, thanks for the wisdom! You listen to music whilst watching a football match? Sorry but that's just weird to me but each to their own
  6. Yeah, the English pundits are fawning over the quality of the penalties. The same pundits that call penalties a 'lottery' when they're on the losing side of it! Twats
  7. As an aside, has one of the English pundit twats even had the decency to even acknowledge how lucky they've been with the pathway to the semis? I've certainly not heard anything
  8. No need to justify mate, they're cuntz and always will be
  9. The commentators and pundits boil my piss, changed channel straight after they equalised as the spawny outcome was inevitable. I've only just forced myself to check flashscores to confirm the obvious!
  10. It's easy for them to say it was checked now but it certainly didn't come up on the tv screen or the stadium screen that there was a var penalty check, you know, like it has done for every single penalty box incident prior to and since the Armstrong one. I still call bullshit on this
  11. todd

    The autumn

    😄Yeah, even by their jammy standards they've hit the jackpot this time In a way we were quarter finalists at Euro 92 just by qualifying #Straw clutching 😁
  12. todd

    The autumn

    We were that good we went straight into the semis 😳
  13. todd

    The autumn

    You're forgetting our Kirin Cup triumph 😁
  14. Aye and he could maybe apologise to those refs that cost us against Italy and the Czech Republic whilst he's at it 👍
  15. He is when he's slagging England 😄 As an aside, where's Ally McCoist right now? Isn't he ITVs England fluffer? Although he's probably just finished chugging himself off at Bellinghams goal and needs a minute
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