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  1. I'm the same, when I notice the live sky sports game involves Palace I just completely lose interest. Total nonentity of a team!
  2. The arsecheeks, brilliant 🤣🤣
  3. What? Another left back, joy😁
  4. I think you may be confusing the word leg with bell 😁
  5. And why does that wank Souness keep referring to it as a lucky goal!? Yes it had the slightest of deflections but come on, every goal Frank Lampard scored took a 90° deflection on the way in and he was God. It was a pass back he said at half time, Jesus, do you have to welly it before it counts. Twat!
  6. todd

    Closed doors

    And even if a spike was caused by BLM protests they'd find a way of blaming it on old Whitey!
  7. Maybe he just meant to put a comma before 'sadly' instead of a full stop after it? 🤔
  8. todd

    Euro 92

    Pat Nevis, a man mountain 🤭
  9. todd

    Euro 92

    Oh yeah, I forgot there were only 8 teams back then. 24 now and we still can't get there 😒
  10. todd

    Euro 92

    Also, who the fuck gets Holland and Germany in a four team group? Wha's like us?😒
  11. On the plus side, it does give braveheart lynch a shit ton of time to make an epic pre play off montage! 👍🙂
  12. todd

    Signed top

    I've got Barry Drown, Flea Millet and Boof so far
  13. todd

    King Kenny

    Exactly, speak to some youngsters now and say we'd beat Spain 3-1 and they'd be like 'in your dreams'. But, don't know for sure but I bet the bookies had us as favourites to win that game all day long!
  14. Best all round away performance I can recall in my opinion
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