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  1. Nothing justifies a "Really?" It should be consigned to the trash can of irritating overused buzz words and phrases. And it can take fucking "To be fair" and "I'm not gonna lie" with it.😆
  2. The Saltire next to his name will swing it in favour of og no doubt 😆
  3. Flash scores has Mcburnie's goal down as an og. Haven't seen any footage so don't know how it panned out. Obviously a deflection of sorts. You can't get credited with a deflected goal unless you're Frank Lampard! 😁
  4. Lets just hope Moreno doesn't come on to a game 😀
  5. Cheers mate. That's reassuring 👍
  6. Does anyone have any info on the state of Robertsons injury? According to flash scores he's unlikely to start tomorrow.
  7. todd

    Strength in depth

    Your secret's safe with me. 😂
  8. todd

    Strength in depth

    Ok. I never picked up on that 😁
  9. todd

    Strength in depth

    This is specious reasoning. Did the 3 at the back cause Griffiths to bang in two amazing free kicks? If not for that we'd have lost the game!
  10. todd

    2020 Draw Thread

    Well said that man. We need to start believing it's ok to feel this way, you know, the way other nations feel 🖒
  11. I'm not against partisan commentary at all. I actually like the passion, eg Iceland, Brazil, Norway Et al. What irks me is it seems the aforementioned Crocker and Proven (especially) go out of their way not to be biased and end up sounding like they're supporters of whomever is playing against us! No other nations commentators do this that I've noticed. That's just what this cunt thinks anyway 😆
  12. Couldn't agree more. The Epl is the self professed "best league in the world". Financially maybe.
  13. Not sure what's going on but it seems to have turned into really hard work for you mate. Is it really worth the hassle?
  14. Do you do the voice overs at the start and end of Criminal minds? 😂
  15. Provan just can't resist the urge to bum up some "terrific" foreigner 😁
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