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  1. Taylor, in the absence of a response, you're so close to just debating with yourself!
  2. This. The only luck Scotland ever get is when it ultimately amounts to fuck all, ie v France, Liechtenstein etc. What we're talking about is luck that gets you qualified or through to the next round of a tournament or, in Greece's case, winning a tournament!
  3. Why the fuck would they not offer McTominay the penalty for his hatrick? They're already 5-1 up ffs
  4. Seems a bizarre thing to say but does anyone else think Tierney is far too good for Arsenal?
  5. Nothing wrong with the word just a context issue 😄
  6. dirsreabke has to be up there with the best auto correct fails 😄 Or is it just your mutant fingers?😆
  7. Seemed a turning point for Belgium too, in the opposite direction
  8. Oh well, I was part way right 😁
  9. I seem to recall them holding Czech republic to a draw til injury time, only for the Czechs to score from a throw in when they didn't return the ball to the Faroes after they had put the ball out for an injury. Pretty sure it was our group and that result impacted the final outcome. Could be wrong but cba doing the research 🤔
  10. Was about to post the same stats before you did. Jesus we really are a terrible nation for being blinded by nostalgia, quoting fashionable names that ultimately weren't actually that good for Scotland.
  11. Seems like a lifetime ago but we also have Macgregor to thank, if not for his unbelievable save, from virtually the last kick of the ball in the final NL group game, we wouldn't be going to the euros! All in all we've got a lot to thank our keepers for 👍
  12. True dat, football eh? Does any other sport come close? How many other sports can the worst team win? That's what makes it so fuckin brilliant 😁
  13. The stats against Israel are actually quite encouraging, been a while since we dominated any team away from home so much. But like everyone says, if you cant put the ball in the net......
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