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  1. todd


    I actually believe 3 at the back has this effect on you! 😆
  2. 😂 Are you suggesting that this thread's gone a bit off topic?
  3. So you did 😔I really need to start reading things properly 👍
  4. A 19 year old coach? Ballsy 😆
  5. I wish that were the case but unfortunately he's for real! 😩
  6. Nothing justifies a "Really?" It should be consigned to the trash can of irritating overused buzz words and phrases. And it can take fucking "To be fair" and "I'm not gonna lie" with it.😆
  7. The Saltire next to his name will swing it in favour of og no doubt 😆
  8. Flash scores has Mcburnie's goal down as an og. Haven't seen any footage so don't know how it panned out. Obviously a deflection of sorts. You can't get credited with a deflected goal unless you're Frank Lampard! 😁
  9. Lets just hope Moreno doesn't come on to a game 😀
  10. Cheers mate. That's reassuring 👍
  11. Does anyone have any info on the state of Robertsons injury? According to flash scores he's unlikely to start tomorrow.
  12. todd

    Strength in depth

    Your secret's safe with me. 😂
  13. todd

    Strength in depth

    Ok. I never picked up on that 😁
  14. todd

    Strength in depth

    This is specious reasoning. Did the 3 at the back cause Griffiths to bang in two amazing free kicks? If not for that we'd have lost the game!
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