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  1. That's because I'm just a wee daftie I guess 🀷
  2. Bit harsh to suggest the op was touting or scrounging, think he was just bringing something up to discuss πŸ€”
  3. You surely will receive the inevitable volley of abuse πŸ˜„ Bizarrely, probably from people whom are quite happy to support a club side containing, at most, 2 players even from the actual country the club plays in!
  4. Weird to think we could beat Moldova 6-0, make the play offs and not be seeded but could also lose 6-0, still make the play offs and end up seeded!
  5. So pumped and emotional for this game. My dad passed away 3 months ago, a mad keen Scotland fan and it would've been his birthday today. We used to meet up on or around his birthday every year as invariably there was a Scotland game on. Convinced it was his intervention that got us that 94th minute winner on Saturday! If we're struggling again tonight I'm sure he'll be there to lend a hand. Let's fuckin get this done boys🀞
  6. Why was there an empty section in the stadium? Was it because covid and proximity to the benches?
  7. I think we're going to have to win both games against the Faroes and Moldova because unless Austria manage to beat Denmark, they will be unable to reach second if we have beaten the Faroes. This would mean when they play Israel there is nothing to play for and they do already have a playoff in the bag via the nations league anyway. This would mean Israel finishing on 19 points.
  8. Adams shoots like he knows he's not going to score, he's the same at Southampton just now.
  9. How will we manage without his nauseous superlatives about every single thing the opposition does? 'Terrific free kick' Terrific corner' Terrific random punt up the park' Total bellend of a man who, I'm convinced, actively wanted us to fail, good riddance to the dickwad!
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